Breaking Out of My Cereal Rut

Do you guys remember my cereal rut post a couple weeks ago? Well, I think you will be proud of me because I’ve been mixing it up! :)


Not only have I been having yogurt sometimes instead of just milk, but I’ve also been mixing up the toppings!

My mission was helped by the fact that a couple companies came to my rescue and offered to let me try their cereals. First, the lovely peeps at Uncle Sam!


Each serving of Uncle Sam cereal has 10g fiber, 7g protein, and less than 1g sugar. Sounds good to me! Great, short ingredient list too:



About as pure as it gets, eh?! I wouldn’t eat a whole bowl of this on its own since it’s pretty plain, but it’s been awesome for adding in to other cereal mixes to cut the sugar and calories a bit. (I’ve also heard it’s great as a nutritious breading for chicken — must try this asap!)


I’ve been especially enjoying putting it in nonfat plain Greek yogurt with my other new cereal, [me] & goji!



[me] & goji is the first custom cereal & granola company where you can design your own cereal from 60+ ingredients, name your creation, and even upload a picture right to the label! How fun is that?!

The nutritional stats are all calculated for you, too, just like a regular cereal.

A couple of the staff at [me] & goji apparently read my blog, so when they saw my cries for new cereal ideas, they jumped to my rescue and offered to let me create 2 of my own cereal mixes on their website!

(p.s. They totally sign their emails, “sin-cereal-y yours” — love it!!)



I had a blast creating my cereals on their website — there’s SO many options it’s hard to choose!


I ended up with “fANNEtastic-ally cinnamony!” and “Things just got a little crazy”, hahah. They did! I just basically started randomly adding things together that I wanted. Luckily it still came out tasty :)


011 Here are the ingredients lists, respectively:

010 012

YUM! I think fANNEtastic-ally cinnamony is my favorite, but it’s a close call ;)


I have a busy day ahead — I’m going over to an elementary school here in Chapel Hill to teach 3rd graders about the Food Pyramid with two of my MPH classmates! This is part of our “experiential component” for one of our classes.

I’m excited; I miss teaching! As all of you know (if you’ve read my About Me page, anyway!), from October 2008 until June 2009 I was in Prague teaching English at a primary school to 3rd through 9th graders.



Ah, just seeing pictures of Prague makes me miss it. Sniff. I can’t believe I lived in such a cool place for 9 months!


Anyway — it’ll be interesting to teach the kids today because I’ve never taught kids that actually speak my own language! It will be nice to be able to interact with the kids more (although I think it will make me miss all my Czech students!) and the school we’re going to is really cool and progressive, too. 

On Friday, a few of us went over there to help with an after-school gardening program some of the kids are enrolled in, also part of our experiential project for one of my classes.


My group helped the kids plant lettuce and radishes — how fun! One of the mothers told me that last year, the garden grew enough lettuce to feed all 600 kids in the cafeteria — twice! AND, the compost that we used to nourish the soil was apparently all made from composting thrown away cafeteria lunch food! They just started doing that last year. How great is that?!


Before gardening, the kids were given a snack of fresh from the garden tomatoes and cucumber, and whole wheat pita triangles smeared with homemade pesto that one of the mothers made from the garden’s basil! Most of the basil actually goes to a pizza place around the corner — they give 5% of their pizza profits to the school in exchange for the school growing them basil and other veggies! So cool. :) I wish more schools would follow this amazing example!

Now I’m feeling all nostalgic and looking at cute photos of me and my Czech students in Prague — I miss them! Maybe I’ll do a fun post all about my teaching experience there… would you guys want to read about it? :)

Must get ready and head off to the school — have a wonderful day, friends!


  1. 1

    As a current ESL teacher, I think it would be so strange to have all the feedback that speaking the same language allows.

    Good luck! :)

  2. 3

    Great post, Anne. I love your concoction of fannetastic-ally cinnamony, sounds great. I would love for you to do a fun post about your teaching days in Prague. Thanks You are such a talented young woman.

  3. 4

    I happen to think me & goji is THE COOLEST IDEA EVER! I’m definitely going to check them out!

  4. 5
    Jen Robinson says:

    [me] & goji sounds really cool- great packaging also. I sent the website to one of my friends. Also at Under Armour we started one of those neighborhood gardens that we will use to supply 50-80% of the produce for our on campus cafeteria. As one of our team building activities we went and helped build it (like, put together the plant beds and dumped soil!) I’m excited to eat stuff we grow right here!

  5. 7

    your cereal makes me feel very patriotic!!

    i would love to read about it!!

  6. 8

    I’ve been eating Uncle Sam’s, but stir in walnuts, raisins, dried cranberries and then top with a banana. So delicious!

  7. 9

    I feel like I can never find the Uncle Sam’s and now I want it more. I am excited about you breading chicken with it. I can’t wait to read about that. Your breakfast looks great! I love cereal, yogurt and fruit. It is a good stand by. I had it for breakfast too!

  8. 10

    I use to get in the same cereal ruts until I started mixing in greek yogurt and nut butter. Completely changed my cereal loving life. :) Now, I call them “Breakfast Bowls” because its truly an entire meal in a bowl and keeps me full for hours and hours.

    Have fun today! I forgot teaching was something we had in common. :)

  9. 11

    Thanks for introducing me & goji! I love customizable products like this. So cool!

  10. 12

    What is an awesome awesome idea for the kids! I love to read a post about your time abroad :)

  11. 13

    Neat post! Thanks. Great fun. And hope the teaching is equally enjoyable!

  12. 14

    All those cereals look great! I would love to try the [me] & gogi some time.
    I would also love to read a post about your time in Prague. That whole experience sounds amazing!

  13. 15

    Cereal. I wish I could say I love it, but I just haven’t found one I really enjoy. I do like the idea of creating your own cereal mix, but is it expensive? On the flip side of cereals, there is one kind that I do like, but don’t eat it often. 3 Sisters makes Marshmallow Oaties, that I enjoy. It may not be the healthiest, but I feel like a kid picking out the marshmallows. Just them of course.

  14. 16

    Is that Estes Hills school??

  15. 18

    Kashi U is also a new discovery of mine! So yum.

  16. 19

    Yeah, please do write about your experience in Prague! The pics make me miss it too!! :-)

  17. 20

    Such an awesome experience. What program did you go through?

    • 21

      I didn’t go through a program to get my primary school job (just found it on my own). But I did do a 5 week TEFL training course when I first arrived in Prague – through a place called Oxford TEFL! (

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