Busy Day Eats + Exercise

Happy Friday! Short workweeks are the best workweeks, amiright?

It’s been a jam packed one, too, getting back into the swing of things post-holiday madness! First things first – you will notice that on my right sidebar and below my blog posts there’s now an area to sign up for my email newsletter, which has been revamped! I’m offering a free one week meal plan (with gluten free and vegan options) with a grocery list and snack ideas for anyone who signs up for my email list. :) When you sign up, you will automatically be added to my weekly digest, so you’ll get an email on Fridays with a recap of my blog posts from the week. Or, you can switch your subscription to receive my full blog posts daily, as I publish them. I’m really excited about the meal plan – it features a bunch of my favorite recipes from the blog. Obviously there’s no need to follow it exactly – but I hope it will inspire some of you guys to try some fun new recipes this year!

And now, back to the food and fitness! I was up early yesterday for a boot camp with my favorite little workout gang!

urban athletic club workout

Chelsea, Kathleen, and I met up for the 7 a.m. strength class at Urban Athletic Club via ClassPass (<—affiliate link for $30 off). It was awesome, as always! I’m excited to do more classes this year – I had taken my ClassPass membership down to 5 classes/month while I was marathon training and during the holidays (although some months I had to add extra!), but I just switched it back to 10 classes/month moving forward. Hooray!


I showered at the gym and ate a cranberry crunch perfect bar (I’ve decided this is my favorite flavor) while getting ready to tide me over. Putting on makeup while surrounded by kettlebells = totally normal, obviously.

post workout snack ideas

It’s been so gray here lately! Glad the sun decided to come out to play today, because that was not the case yesterday. I enjoyed the walk to my co-working space from the gym, though – always a nice, calming way to start the day.

walking from georgetown to dupont

I didn’t get it together to pack a full breakfast for myself so I had my standard on-the-go fave from Pret a Manger – a quinoa, avocado, tomato, and egg pot + a whole milk latte. This plus the earlier perfect bar was just the right amount. Enjoyed while reading TheSkimm!

easy portable breakfast

I had a mastermind call from 11:30 until 1 and I knew I’d be dying by the time it was over so I hit up Sweetgreen around 11 for a salad, which I ate during the call. Then, I treated myself to a nice walk post-call as my lunch break. :) Not getting hangry = important! Plan ahead, my friends.


The rest of the afternoon was jam packed with some AnneTheRD client calls, a blog-related partnership call, and some computer work.

On the menu for dinner last night was our last Sun Basket (<—affiliate link for 3 free meals) of the week – a soup! I LOVE soup – I could probably eat it every day and never get sick of it. The possibilities are endless! This one had meatballs, squash, and more yumminess. Really good! It reminded me of my Butternut Squash and Turkey Chili, which is an old favorite!

sun basket review coupon code

Plus a KeVita – their apple cider vinegar tonics are delish. Although I’m sad because the kale lemon flavor was my favorite and it seems to have been discontinued – nooo!!! Why does that always happen with the best stuff?!

As for this morning, it was back to being a creature of habit – my flour free breakfast pancake in microwave form (it takes 2.5 minutes) with some berries and almond butter, just to mix it up from the usual seeds. Always hits the spot! The microwave version isn’t quite as delicious as the normal one, but it’s so much easier/faster so I do it often, especially on weekdays.

flour free breakfast pancake microwave

I had an early AnneTheRD client meeting this morning at a coffee shop and am working from here the rest of the day, just to mix things up. Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

What’s your favorite kind of soup? I’m thinking my Creamy Mexican Chicken Chili Soup might need to be on the menu for this weekend – it’s SO GOOD (and easy) and it’s been way too long since we had it!


  1. 1
    Roadrunner says:

    Favorite soup? toss-up between lobster bisque and clam chowder (with lots of clams!)! And both best on a cold day like those of late…

  2. 3

    Your winter boots are really cute, who makes them?

  3. 5

    My favorite is Chicken Tortilla Soup but I’m thinking I need to try this chili! PS. I’ll be in Arlington and then DC for a work conference/vacation next month. I already have sweetgreen on my list to hit up from all your posts and I can hardly wait to jog around the monuments and Roosevelt Island. :)

  4. 7

    I think one of the best parts about freelancing/owning your own business is to mix up where you work from. Although I haven’t explored near as many coffee shops as I would like to around me yet!

  5. 9

    I’m not really into soup because they usually don’t fill me up. I need some crunchiness on my meals so if I”m home I’d make a stir-fry of veggies for lunch! :)

  6. 10
    Christine says:

    What shirt are you wearing in the group photo? I love its cut!

  7. 12

    My favorite soup right now is probably plain, old fashioned chili. Warms you up on a cold night!

    I do have one unrelated question for you. I’ve been reading for a while (and really enjoy it – your posts are my lunch time read) and get the idea that you’re a very positive person. You consistently eat heathfully and exercise and you look great, but I was wondering…do you ever have parts of your body that you try to work on or worry about? Ever worry about your weight? A lot of women go so far as to obsess about being too heavy, or cellulite or not being toned enough, but you never come across that way. Is that actually the case, or is it something you have to work at too? I need to be more like that regardless!!

    • 13

      I love chili too! And of course I have parts of my body that I sometimes worry about or don’t love as much, or days where I feel less body confident – everyone does. The key is just that anytime I feel like that I try to actively remind myself what my body can do for me – like carry me through a marathon! No one is 100% totally in love with their bodies all the time – but we can work every day to respect them, and that goes a long way with loving them more too.

  8. 14

    Favorite soup is such a hard question!! Ignoring my inability to have dairy…I love a really delicious corn chowder! I hope that you have a great weekend!

  9. 15

    Any soup with lentils is usually a favorite for me. Especially lentil + sausage + spinach soup… yum!

  10. 17

    My favorite recent soup has been Italian sausage with butternut squash. It has added peppers and spinach. Sooo good!

  11. 19

    Just made a chicken tortilla soup in the slow cooker. Can’t wait to have it for lunch tomorrow!

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