Back on the Run + Recent Eats

Hey guys! I’m so glad many of you enjoyed my “Adding, Not Subtracting, For a Healthier New Year” post yesterday!

I’m feeling more or less recovered from my cold now and was excited to get back on the run yesterday for my first official workout of the new year!

washington dc running mt vernon trail rain

4.5 miles with friends under gray/drizzly skies. Felt really good to get out there!

view of dc from mt vernon trail

Post-run = whole milk latte at Java Shack in Arlington (so good). Isn’t this foam heart gorgeous? It’s the little things, my friends. :)


foam heart java shack

I was working from home yesterday and threw together an easy lunch – my standard combo of greens (arugula), grains (this time it was farro – I used a 90 second variety I got at Target), veggies (grated carrots and some pickled cauliflower), sauerkraut (duh), tuna salad (avocado + dijon mustard) + balsamic vinaigrette. Matt is so grossed out by these salads and I know they sound weird, but I promise they taste fantastic (fannetastic?).

grain salad for lunch tuna

Zara was also thrilled that we were having tuna for lunch. ;) Btw – have I ever told you guys about her weird morning habit? I think I may have but can’t remember, so I’m sharing it again. Every morning that I get up and leave early and Matt is still in bed, Zara will carry her little felt string toy up to the bedroom door in her mouth, drop it, and then meow loudly. So weird! Is she sad I’m gone? Does she want Matt to get up and play with her? Both? Lol. She only does it when I leave in the morning, not if we both sleep late. Evidence below. Please ignore the carpets that need a vacuum. #reallife

cat meows with toy in morning

Aaaaaaanyway, back to the food. For dinner last night we had kale salads with steak!

kale salad with steak

It was a Sun Basket (<- affiliate link for 3 free meals) meal that I took some liberties with and made my own. I left the carrots raw (roasted carrots = not my fave), left out the pear (there was already so much fiber with the kale the pear seemed a bit aggressive, and I’d rather eat it later as a snack with yogurt), and caramelized the onions (rather than leaving them raw). As for the kale, I massaged it with some olive oil and lemon juice, and then we used the green goddess dressing that was included in the meal as well. Yummy! I forgot how good massaged kale is – such an easy dinner option, and if you aren’t a steak fan you could do shrimp, chicken, beans, tofu, whatever!

Another Sun Basket meal we had earlier this week: a simple seared fish atop cauliflower rice with grapefruit. I’m really loving cauliflower rice lately! I had it with some leftover tonic that Matt made me (apple cider vinegar + turmeric + lemon juice + ginger juice) mixed with ginger kombucha. All the ginger!

sun basket review coupon code

I’m working downtown today and I have a lot on my to do list… better get back to it! Have a fabulous day, my friends!

What fun/creative homemade meals have you had so far this week? Anything I should try?


  1. 1

    Sorry funny about Zara! My cat brings a stuffed animal cat into our bedroom every night then brings it back out in the morning. So weird! What are they thinking?

    • 2

      Too funny!! They love their little rituals. :) Zara also tends to bring the felt toy to the door when we leave the house – when we come home it’s usually by whatever door we left out of.

  2. 3

    Apparently we have similar taste buds cause your salad sounds good to me! I like to try new combinations of things in them or else I get bored with salads.

  3. 5

    I’m also a huge fan of “salads” which are made by dumping all the random things in my fridge on top of whatever green I have and I love that I’m not the only one. I’d never added sauerkraut though until you posted about it and I love the addition! I also usually use sardines instead of tuna in mine.

  4. 7

    That’s so funny about Zara! When our dog wants my husband to get up, she’ll sit at the end of the bed and growl at him (playfully not aggressively) and if that doesn’t work, she uses her head to flip his pillow over. It’s so funny to watch. I wonder how animals come up with the things they do.

  5. 9

    That’s pretty normal for a cat. Our girl cat does it at night, though, and brings the toys into our bed. But not before wandering the apartment with it in her mouth, crying, for 20-30 minutes.

  6. 13

    My hubby is also ALWAYS grossed out by some of the combinations I come up with. P.S. I would try the salad! :)

  7. 15

    this morning was sooo cold, but it feels so great to go out and run, isn’t it?

    I need to try your tuna salad, so intrigued by sauerkraut. where do you get yours?

  8. 17

    I never would have thought of putting sauerkraut in salads, but after you mentioned it a few times I eventually gave it a try – now it’s a must-have for most of my salads! I love it! Actually it’s on my dinner menu tonight – spinach salad with roasted butternut squash, sauerkraut, whatever other veggies I have at home, and pistachios – so easy, yummy & a great vegetarian option! (I’m not vegetarian but it’s good to mix it up)

    Yesterday was such a warm day for a run- I was so overdressed because I’ve gotten in the habit of dressing much colder weather… more like this morning :(

    Wishing you a great (and productive) day at the office!


  9. 19

    That salad is almost exactly what I ate yesterday, ha! Not gross at all! sounds delish :)

  10. 21

    hahaha nice way to add in the “fannetastic” ;-) I made a really good stir fry sauce this week with peanut butter, tamari, sesame oil, garlic, and chili sauce!

  11. 23
    Amanda Lillis says:

    I love texture and taste variety in my food also so I think your salad bowls look great! My husband feels the same way as Matt though! Speaking of bowls….I know you linked to your salad bowls at one time but I can’t find that link (I think it was a link to Amazon…which, btw, I’m addicted to). Would you mind sharing the link again? Thanks!

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