Christmas Eve + Day in Pictures (and a few words)

Hello my friends – I know many of you are probably enjoying the holiday today, but I wanted to pop in and say hello! As you know, we’re in Pittsburgh right now spending the holidays with Matt’s family. I’ll share some of the random food and fitness adventures later this week, but for now, enjoy our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in pictures and a few words. :) Thank you for being here – and have a wonderful week!


Christmas eve = celebrating Hanukkah in honor of my sister-in-law Morgana, who is Jewish! :)


Matzo ball soup (I’d never had this before – it was yummy!):


Dinner was beef + potato latkes + broccoli!



Christmas morning – looks like Santa came!

IMG_0394 (Edited)

Christmas jammies (those are our nephews – so cute!):



Hilarious Pinterest fail (actually, it was an old family recipe for monkey bread, and Matt’s mom took some liberties that didn’t quite work out – lol!) – don’t worry, it still tasted good!

monkey bread pinterest fail

The makings of a delicious egg casserole – eggs got poured on top.



Post-stocking but pre-tree breakfast:

christmas breakfast

Post-present extravaganza run! I love running on Christmas – everything is so quiet and still. We had the streets to ourselves!

christmas day run

All dolled up for Christmas dinner!


The best napkins:

christmas napkins funny

Amuse bouche – beets sandwiched with goat cheese. Delicious!

beets sandwiched with goat cheese

The feast:

christmas dinner

Dessert! I’m not a huge chocolate person but that chocolate fudge pie – omg. Amazing.

christmas dessert

What’s the most delicious thing you ate in the past few days?

Anyone else get in a fun run on Christmas day? :)


  1. 1

    My hubby and I got a fun run in on Christmas day along the quiet, serene Pennsylvania countryside. Looks like you all had a great Christmas!

  2. 3

    I ran on Christmas Day morning too. It was at 7:30, the sun was just rising. The weather was freezing (33 degrees) with snow, but I enjoyed the serenity of the neighborhood, so peaceful and beautiful.

  3. 5

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us! I’m so glad you decided to keep your blog just the way it is! The beet and goat cheese amuse bouche looks amazing!!

    Holiday food. Can we talk about sweets? I made pretzel turtles — a mini pretzel, a caramel cube, a toasted pecan, and half a tsp of milk chocolate. Just one is satisfying and keeps you chewing for a while!

    I also made something called “Christmas Crack” — a “new to me” recipe of saltine crackers covered in bubbling brown sugar and butter, baked, and then topped with chocolate and unsweetened coconut flakes.

    I handed out these two candies and assorted other treats to the neighbors. My husband insisted I call the saltine dessert “Christmas Crackle”. I must admit that telling folks I handed out little plastic bags of Christmas Crack probably did not give the right impression!

    Best part of the all these sweets is that I suddenly get a serious craving for vegetables, even salads. Feels good to eat fresh again!

    Happy Holidays, Anne!

    • 6

      Lol – the “Christmas Crack” comment made me laugh! Those sound delicious! And you are right about the veggie cravings – it’s all about that intuitive eating! Eating some sweets feels good – but then your body starts wanting veggies again, and that’s cool too. :) Happy holidays!

  4. 7

    merry christmas! looks that you had a lot of fun!

    I made porcini risotto on christmas eve for the first time and it turned out amazing. I had 3 servings!!!
    I run 13.6 miles on Christmas day, which was also my 36 years birth day. What a great way to start day 1 on my 36! :)

  5. 9

    I made a peach cheesecake that was pretty good! I went for my weekend run on Christmas Eve day. It was wonderful – perfect weather and only a few people out!

  6. 11

    Banana Cream Pie

  7. 12

    What a cute train! I had similar over 20 years ago. This was a good time. Merry Christmas!

  8. 14

    The most delicious thing I ate was probably Christmas breakfast–cinnamon rolls and bacon. Since I normally eat oatmeal with apples, this was a nice change! But ugh, I feel like I’ve eaten so much sugar the past week that I just feel gross and sluggish. Really looking forward to an end of the celebrating and getting back to a regular routine.

    • 15

      Cinnamon rolls and bacon sounds delicious!! I hear ya on feeling ready to get back to healthier eating though – I’m starting to feel that way too! It’s all about balance. :)

  9. 16

    Most delicious thing – definitely grandma’s cookies! No run on xmas day for me, but got in 6mi on Christmas Eve, and 5mi the (early) morning after!

  10. 18
    Roadrunner says:

    Very nice! Looks like it was nice running weather, too!

  11. 20

    that brunch looks amazing! and you two look so good all dolled up for dinner :) no run on christmas day ( my rest day!) but i’ve beein lifting 5x a week and finally got back to OTF for some cardio motivation, yay! (and it is kicking my butt!! haha)

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