Holiday Week Food + Fitness Fun

Hi friends! Popping in for a few more highlights from this week. We’ve been having really yummy but more indulgent dinners, so I’ve been loving having huge salads for lunch – feels good to get in those veggies!

I had a couple variations of this homemade creation over the past few days:

homemade healthy veggie salad

And one day Matt and I treated ourselves to lunch at Café Des Amis in Sewickley (the town outside Pittsburgh where his parents live). Hi to the blog reader we met there! :)

cafe des amis salad sewickley

Here’s one of those delicious dinners (a meal out at the Edgeworth Club in town) – I didn’t love the collard greens so I skipped those and just ate my beef and potatoes. ;) Yep, intuitive eating goes both ways – don’t make yourself eat veggies if you don’t like them! I ordered a side of some asparagus (their veggie of the day) instead – yum.



As for fitness, on Christmas eve morning I treated myself to a solo hot vinyasa yoga class at Salt Power Yoga in Sewickley – I discovered this place on a visit earlier this year and LOVE it. It’s like a local CorePower with free mats and free towels!

salt power yoga sewickley

I was surprised to find the class was free in honor of Christmas eve – and then when we came out of savasana we all found a candy cane and another little free class pass at the end of our mats – how sweet! :)

IMG_0390 (Edited)

I also loved this idea they had – starting in January, fill a jar with notes about good things that happen, or things you are grateful for – and then read them all on New Years Eve. :)


I treated myself to a post class latte at Adesso Café in town – love this spot too.

adesso cafe

They also have these amazing energy bites there – I bought a bunch to snack on!Apparently they are made locally and the ingredients are pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, almond butter, coconut nectar, dates, chia seeds, hemp seeds, cinnamon, mesquite powder (!), and vanilla. I want to try to recreate these at home! Great combo.


My sister-in-law Morgana loves yoga too (she wasn’t here until later in the day on Christmas eve so she missed the first yoga adventure) so we treated ourselves to a class on the 26th together. Another good, sweaty one! We tried to go to our favorite juice place in town afterwards (Salud Juicery), but sadly it was closed for some updates and wouldn’t be open until a couple days later. Noooo!


Then, we tried to go to Adesso Café instead for some coffee and energy balls – and they were closed too!! Lol – this photo cracks me up. (Obviously, we were glad they were taking some time off for the holiday, though!)


Another time. ;)

What are you guys up to this week? Any fun adventures? We’re driving back to DC tomorrow – this trip has gone by so quickly!


  1. 1

    We have been enjoying way too many dinners and lunches out, we have a few more scheduled, but my body is craving vegetables in the worst way, so hopefully where ever we go has some yummy salad options!
    Hahahaha at that last photo!!

  2. 2

    love the last pic, made me laugh.
    i like the idea of intuitive eating both ways. why eat veggie just for the sake of it when we eat veggies in a daily basis already. right?

  3. 4

    bahahahahah hysterical! Seriously “don’t make yourself eat veggies if you don’t like them” YES! WIN For intuitive eating!

  4. 6

    it’s been forever since i’ve done yoga! as soon as i read this i signed up- yay!!

    oh but, i also had a similar experience haha. my friend was visiting for thanksgiving and (that friday) i took him to my FAVORITE brunch place- it was closed! :( thenn last weekend on the 24th, i wanted to go with my dad and saw they were open til 3. we got there around 1 only to find out that location closed early because it was so slow. just our luck! haha.

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