Back to Basics

Hello my lovely friends! A HUGE thank you for all your kind and supportive comments on yesterday’s blog post about how I’ve been feeling uninspired and overwhelmed lately with regards to blogging. After publishing that post, I decided to treat myself to a solo run (I know, shocking – this extrovert rarely runs alone!) to sort through my thoughts a bit. I left the watch at home and just enjoyed the fresh air, doing some running, some walking, and taking it all in.


Between the time to think on the run and all your wonderful and helpful comments, I got some great insight into why I’ve been feeling so meh lately about blogging. Here’s what I think has been going on, in a nutshell:

1) Read something online about how I need to stop wasting time posting lifestyle/random/unsearchable (on Google) posts and write entirely evergreen/fancy/social media friendly/polished magazine-esque posts that will get more traffic.

2) Decide I need to start doing what the articles say, but don’t feel excited by the thought of writing all evergreen (this term just means posts that can be shared anytime and have more longevity than lifestyle posts – basically tips posts, how to posts, recipe posts, that sort of thing – not personal “here’s what I’m up to” content) posts.


3) Try to give myself more time/space to write evergreen posts (by skipping a day of blogging, or by trying to open up more time in my schedule), but feel so overwhelmed by all that goes with those posts (graphics, perfect content and photos, social media scheduling across all platforms, blah blah) that I don’t want to do it.

4) Write a lifestyle post instead but rather than enjoy it because it’s what I like, I feel guilty because it’s not what everyone says I “should” be doing (in terms of getting more traffic/growing my brand).

5) Rinse and repeat.

So. For awhile I thought I was just burned out on blogging in general, but I’ve realized it was actually just feeling burned out and tired of all the pressure I was putting on myself to make my blog into something that I resisted because it isn’t what I want or enjoy.

Because you know what? I love writing random/fun/entertaining/whatever posts that aren’t going to be shared on social media much or searched for on Google. I love sharing photos that I took in a quick second while actually enjoying life rather than spending 2 hours setting up a perfect shot. And I love inspiring you guys by showing you how I actually balance healthy living with fun/indulgence in a realistic, unpolished way.

I guess this is just a long way of saying that you probably won’t see much of a change in the content here on the blog, since I was never really doing what I was “supposed” to be doing in terms of more polished posts all the time anyway, but I will be enjoying it much more behind the scenes, and hopefully that will come through in my posts. :) I’m sure I’ll still share some more polished/evergreen posts, but I’m just going to do it when I feel like it/am inspired rather than trying to force it or do it all the time, and then feeling guilty when I don’t.

One more thing – I’m going to start sharing whatever I feel like on Instagram, too. That’s another place I’ve felt like I couldn’t share things I wanted to because they weren’t curated or “pretty” enough. Screw that. I started today with my new “post whatever I feel like/think is fun even if it isn’t perfectly shot or curated” and I’m excited about it already – it will be fun to just do what I want again vs. feeling like I have to fit into some mold that isn’t me.

Aaaaaanyway. Thank you guys so much for being here, and for taking the time yesterday to let me know that you’ve been enjoying and connecting with me and this blog. To be honest, that’s all that matters. If traffic continues to go down because I stick with lifestyle blogging vs. fancy magazine-style blogging, so be it. I’ll just be happy if I know that I’m making a difference to you guys, even if there are only a few of you. :)

And now – back to your regularly scheduled random post with less than stellar photos – my favorite. ;)

I was up early this morning to hit a strength class with Chelsea via ClassPass!

madabolic arlington

We’ve been loving Madabolic in Arlington – it’s like CrossFit but minus the Olympic lifting, which is perfect for us. Today’s workout was a circuit featuring lots of weighted lunges and also the cool move I’m doing in the photos above. Starting in a table top position with your knees off the ground, twist one way and lift your top arm straight up and your bottom leg out to the side (don’t let it touch the ground). Such a great core workout, and it feels like break dancing so that’s fun too. ;)

Post-workout breakfast was a banana muffin (more on these in the new year – SO GOOD – I had one pre-workout too – don’t forget to eat before a workout my friends!), and, once I showered, some fried eggs with microwave wilted spinach (throw spinach on a plate, microwave 30 seconds) and half an avocado. Plus a whole milk latte, duh.

gluten free banana muffin

fried eggs with avocado spinach

The rest of the morning was spent packing and wrapping up work because Matt and I are currently on the road to Pittsburgh for the Christmas festivities! We took a break before lunch to take a nice walk because it’s amaaaaazing outside today. The sun felt so good – and so did the warmer temps!

sunshine arlington

Back at the house, Zara supervised while we packed. (Don’t worry, someone is coming to stay with her while we are gone!)


Yep – the entire right side of my bag is workout clothes. #priorities Looking forward to some fun runs with Matt and yoga classes with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law over the next week!

The other big highlight this week was getting to see two of my good friends from high school! I love the holidays because friends are always in town visiting. :) Dinah (in the middle) arrived on Monday and I’m so glad we overlapped a bit! Seeing these ladies makes my heart so happy.


The three of us met up for happy hour and some appetizers on Tuesday night at True Food Kitchen in the Mosaic District. They other ladies stuck with tea but I was really in the mood for a sparkling rose so I went with it. :) Delicious!

true food kitchen mosaic

As you can see, we also shared some appetizers – the tofu and cashew lettuce wraps and the kale avocado dip with pita chips. Both were AMAZING! After lingering over those we decided the next logical step was obviously dessert. :) We shared the squash pie (my fave – like pumpkin pie) and the flourless chocolate cake with ice cream. I’m not huge into chocolate (I know, weird), but the pie is soooo good – I ate basically all of it while Lara and Dinah tackled the choclate. ;)

true food kitchen dessert

By the time I made it home around 8 Matt had just finished making dinner, but I decided to save my portion because I was sufficiently satisfied and full from my meet up with the ladies! I enjoyed it the next day instead – a Sun Basket (<—affiliate link for 3 free meals) meal of a pork chop and a yummy quinoa salad. I threw some spinach underneath it too.

sun basket pork chop

It was just as good the next day! And also massive – I ended up saving half and finishing it off for lunch today, with the addition of avocado. Yum.

And now, I’m going to sign off and relax as we make our way north. I’m taking tomorrow off to enjoy the break but will be back next week to share some of our Pittsburgh holiday adventures! Have a wonderful Christmas/holiday/weekend/whatever you want to celebrate – and thank you again so much for being here! xoxo


  1. 1

    SO excited about the “new” blog and Instagram direction. Those lifestyle and casual posts are why I read! I’ve been so sad to see so many of my favorite blogs lose their relatability and voice in the name of SEO. Bravo!

  2. 3

    This is an awesome post, Anne! I for one love your posts even if they aren’t perfect or evergreen or whatever. So many blogs that I used to love just feel fake and boring as of late. Yours is one that I continue to enjoy daily because whatever the topic it is always engaging. So thanks for keeping it real!

  3. 5

    Love this post so much!! I fully support your decision and think lifestyle/random posts are 100,000 times more interesting anyway. I usually skip the magazine-worthy posts!

  4. 7

    You know I would have been with you on the sparking wine if I could!

  5. 9

    i absolutely love this!! So many of the blogs that I used to follow and enjoy so much are just bombarded with either “evergreen” or sponsored posts. I feel as though many of these posts are things that are really common knowledge or could be googled and understood easily. There’s no need for entire posts about them and they seem inauthentic. I’ve stopped following so many blogs because of this. What I really enjoy are the real life bloggers like yourself that show their struggles and triumphs and are so much more relatable

    • 10

      I totally agree that I miss reading more about my favorite blogger’s everyday lives – the less polished more random lifestyle posts will always be my favorite. :) I don’t mind the sponsored posts much unless they go overboard on quantity (as a blogger myself, I know it’s necessary to share sponsored content when your blog is a big part of your business, and as I personally share sponsored content when it’s a good fit/something I’m excited to write about, I’m happy to support it on other blogs as well), but would definitely love to see a trend towards more lifestyle and less evergreen content across the web in general. Anyway – thank you for reading, Jackie – I appreciate you being here!

      • 11

        Totally want to echo Jackie’s comment. I have stopped reading most healthy living blogs because they post sponsored/evergreen content ALL.THE.TIME. It’s just too much and I feel like I’m being “sold” on some new product every other day or reading about a workout or recipe that I’m not likely to remember or follow. I agree with you, Anne, that everything is okay in moderation, but I feel like a lot of bloggers have lost their way with this. I never thought you crossed the line and I’m so happy to hear that your authentic and relatable voice will continue to shine through this blog!

        All the best to you and yours this holiday season!

        • 12

          Thank you so much, Nina! I strive hard to hit the balance with sharing some but not too much sponsored content and keeping it genuine when I do, and I’m happy to hear you think I’m on the right track!

  6. 13

    Yay!! I love this! Your “everyday” posts are why I read and as a digital marketer I honestly want to get away from perfectly curated, SEO-friendly pieces of content. I just want real life and I am so excited that is the path you’ve decided to go down!

  7. 15

    I found you years ago searching for a lemon zuchinni muffin, however it was your random real life posts that made me a loyal reader. I love your blog and happy you have found a happy place on your side of it. Merry Christmas!

  8. 17

    I’m way more into the lifestyle posts than a lot of the evergreen content! I’ve actually stopped reading a lot of blogs that switched to strictly evergreen because it honestly gets so repetitive and boring, so keep it up with the day to day eats and workout stuff!! :)

  9. 19
    Michelle Antenesse says:

    This seems like a perfect balance to me! Like many others, I most enjoy your lifestyle posts. I enjoy seeing the food you’re eating/making and pictures from your runs are some of my favs! I love DC but live in California, so it’s fun to see it from the perspective of a local! Have a merry Christmas and enjoy Pittsburgh!

  10. 21
    Tara kutlesa says:

    I have been missing lifestyle posts in the blogging scene so I’m so glad you will still be posting them!! I love your blog and some of my favourite posts of yours are simple day in the life posts. They are fun to read and also give me insight into how I can be more intuitive about life, exercise, food etc. Reading your posts about how you decide what to eat, when to exercise etc. is extremely helpful for someone who struggles with this.

    Thank you and happy holidays :)

  11. 23

    Thanks for your honesty. I love the random/lifestyle/personal posts. I find it inspiring to see how other people eat/move/decorate/travel, etc. and I feel like I’m catching up with a friend when I read these types of posts. The evergreen posts (btw thank you for explaining above because I wasn’t really sure what those were!) that a lot of different bloggers now seem to be a gearing their blogs to just seem a little bit forced.

    I’ve gotten so many great recipes from you (the saucy artichoke and chicken is a regular in our meal plan!); I dog-ear travel posts so that when I’m visiting a city or country and I can go back and get some good tips of what to see/do/eat; and I find inspiration in running/workout posts in case I need to switch up my own routine (btw I’m going to be running the Chicago marathon in 2017 so I’ll be regularly referencing some of your training posts :-)).

    Keep up the great, authentic work you’re doing. And Merry Christmas!

  12. 27

    Hi Anne! I’m really sorry you’re in a slump, but I have to say I really enjoy your blog. Personally, the “lifestyle/random/unsearchable” stuff is what I really enjoy. A peek into your (mostly ha!) healthy life makes me sometimes evaluate my own choices, and helps point me in the right direction. I also love all the nutrition education you can throw at us. No matter what you come up with though, I’m sure it will be informative and inspiring. Merry Christmas to you and your husband, and I’m excited to see what the New Year brings you.

  13. 29

    I have been reading a lot of the big healthy living blogs for years and honestly HATE all of the new “evergreen content. Love that you’re taking a stand against it — will continue to be a(n even more) loyal reader moving forward <3

    • 30

      Thank you for being here Lauren! I know a lot of my blogger friends struggle with finding the right balance, too – and especially those with kids get uncomfortable with privacy and stuff, so there’s a lot that goes into it – but good to hear I’m on the right track! :)

  14. 31

    Lifestyle, “here’s what I’m up to” posts are my favorite. I’ve stopped reading a lot of blogs because they’re too polished now and have become unrelatable. I enjoy recipes and how-to posts once in awhile but they become boring if that’s all a blog is; I like getting to know the person behind the blog and their life, especially workout recaps. I’m glad to hear you’re keeping real!

  15. 33

    A note from a new reader who loves your blog just as is! I am local to the DC area and love the little glimpses into life in the area. In fact, last week you inspired me to try a Christmas lights run and to order a few of those compression sleeves for my running buddies. Thanks so much for your authentic and relatable blog.

  16. 35
    A loyal reader says:

    Anne, as always – you are all over it … keep doing what you are doing – following your instincts, being yourself – sharing your passion for life. Your blog is great – just as it is, as it is original, genuine and totally you. Your enthusiasm and passion are infectious – and your community of loyal followers love you for it, and refer others to your site for this very reason! So keep it up! And thank you for a consistently excellent and inspiring dose of optimism, advice and inspiration!

  17. 37

    I love the lifestyle posts you do! I’ve been a longtime reader and enjoy the flow if your blot A LOT! Keep it up! Merry Christmas!!

  18. 39

    Just like your other commenters I also love the lifestyle and random posts! Do what makes you happy! Know that your readers support you.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  19. 41

    Anne, I am so glad to read you are planning to go back to what feels true to yourself, or better, focus on that side of the blog. I am sure many of us read you because we can relate to your lifestyle choices and the need to find a healthy balance between life and work, so bring the randomness on!!

  20. 43

    I love this post too! I usually run by myself (although I’m trying to join some running groups now that I moved to Nashville) and it is the perfect time to clear my head and really get “back to basics” – I have some of my best thoughts/blog post ideas and feel so much better after a good run! I also TOTALLY relate to the IG dilemma – when I first found IG I was so excited because I love pictures and to me, IG was basically Facebook but only pictures – awesome! But then I began blogging and realizing others have “perfect” IG feeds and omg now I can’t post a random photo because it doesn’t look glamorous and ugh it took the fun right out! Now I am trying to find balance there too. And I agree with the day in the life post versus evergreen content. I don’t know if you agree but as a dietitian I feel pressure that if I’m writing a nutrition education post, I feel it needs to be well researched, referenced, and just perfect or people will judge me. Whereas a running or daily life post I can just write and post pictures and I enjoy it so much more!

    • 44

      Ugh I know right?! So hard to find that balance! Totally agree re: the nutrition posts, too… it kind of makes me not want to write those posts because they need to be so perfect or else it’s a huge controversy… and I’m like, “guys, I’m just trying to help/inspire, not start an argument…” Obviously I’m open to other viewpoints but you know what I mean. :) Anyway — thanks for reading!

  21. 45

    Longtime reader, first time commenter. I honestly enjoy your day in the life/random posts the most anyway! I find them interesting, inspiring, and relatable to see how you keep health and fitness a priority despite a busy schedule. Keep doing what you enjoy most…the authenticity shines through!

  22. 47

    Way to go, Anne! I am so inspired by this post and wish you all the best! I have been reading for several years and always look forward to reading about your travel/fitness/life adventures. Enjoy the holidays and I hope you have an amazing 2017!

  23. 49

    Yay! It makes me happy to know you’re happy doing what you do best! Love your blog just the way it is :)

  24. 51

    Love the lifestyle posts!! Those are the ones I look forward to get most and it seems like a lot of people feel that way too. Your blog is one of my favorites Anne so I’m glad hear you won’t be changing it!

  25. 53

    Three cheers for Anne! Yay for doing what YOU want to do!! I’ll always be a loyal follower. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy your time with family.

  26. 55

    Don’t change a thing-you’re part of my every day read during my lunch!

  27. 57

    Yay yay yay. I wish you could hear me cheering because I love this post. I love you write what you want to say rather than what you should for ratings. Enjoy your break, post photos from when you are living in the moment, and most of all know we cherish your blog for you, not the “social media experts”.

  28. 59

    Proud of you! Also, love the San Diego Starbucks mug :)

  29. 61

    There’s so much pressure to be the perfect wife, mother, employee, blogger, etc. Do what makes you happy! I first started reading blogs just for the day to day life posts and stick with the ones that feel authentic. Happy holidays!

    • 62

      There’s SO much pressure! It’s hard not to feel influenced by it, but I’m going to do my best to just do what I want. :) Thank you for being here!

  30. 63

    Sounds like a great plan! :) Happy holidays to you too!! :)

  31. 64

    I’m so glad to hear that you’re sticking with more personal/lifestyle posts! Those are truly the posts I enjoy the most. I take a pass on blogs with non-stop “evergreen” posts. Evergreen posts are uninteresting and skippable 99% of the time. Although I appreciate that some people want recipes/workouts, there are already an endless number of recipes and workouts and “how-to” posts on every topic imaginable just a quick Google search away. The reason I check in with a daily blog every morning is to get a (nosy :)) glimpse into other people’s daily lives — people who I relate to and/or feel like I get to “know” over time. It’s like checking in with a friend, rather than being talked at by a soulless advertising bot. So you keep on doing you! :)

  32. 66

    I have been reading your blog for a few years now and love it! Keep doing what you love! Merry Christmas!

  33. 68
    Alexis Teevens says:

    Your blog is my favorite – especially on days when you just write about what’s going on in your life! Hope you have a great holiday :)

  34. 70

    Anne! I’m so excited to read this blog update! I didn’t comment yesterday but what I would have said is that these types of posts are my favorite of yours and why I read your blog to begin with. I have to be honest, I usually just skim your more polished posts or skip them all together. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a fun trip to Pittsburgh!

  35. 72

    Lifestyle/Random posts are my favorite!

  36. 73

    So glad you’re feeling better! I love your blog and will continue to read and enjoy no matter how “un-magazine’ like it may be. Perfect is boring :D

  37. 75

    I love your blog just the way it is. You’re real. No pretension. No hype to try to “impress.” I look forward to your posts every day because you always encourage me whether through exercise or healthy recipes and always enjoy that you share your adventures. You are funny and creative and smart and unique. That’s why your readers keep coming back.

  38. 77

    I love your balance and I’m glad you’re just doing you and what you want to share! I think that’s what can set bloggers apart, plus it’s more relatable!

  39. 78

    I’m so happy to read this post! And SO happy you’ve decided NOT to go with more of these evergreen posts. I find it odd they are so popular, because they feel so inauthentic and lack personality. The blogs that I have stuck with over the years are the ones that have mostly resisted those types of posts taking over. If I want to read a magazine, I’ll read a magazine. That’s not what blogs are for (or at least, that’s not how it used to be right?). The lifestyle posts are what I want to read. I like to learn by example, plus when you read someone’s blog over long periods of time you start to like them and are interested what they’re up to as opposed to just what they can give me regarding health/fitness. In this day, people find community online through relatable blogs. I feel like we’re starting to lose that a bit, and I’m glad to hear you’re not ready to give that up!
    Happy holidays to you, Anne!

  40. 80

    I took a year off of blogging because I was trying SO hard to post what I “should” post on the blog, Instagram, etc and it wasn’t what I wanted and I was beyond burned out and overwhelmed. I came back just after Thanksgiving and it’s totally different! I post what I want, when I want. My photos aren’t the best, I doubt any of my posts will be googled or repinned a million times, but that’s ok. I’m glad you are going with your heart and sticking with blogging about what you want when you want!!

  41. 82

    I found your blog 6 years or so when I got into reading blogs. Yours is one of 3 that I still love reading. I prefer the lifestyle and realness of your blog! Merry Christmas :)

  42. 84

    Hi Anne. I have read your blog for many years and have enjoyed numerous recipes, your healthy tips on exercise and nutrition, and your honesty. I continually read your blog because you have not made that evergreen switch. Hopefully the numerous positive comments from others will encourage and inspire you as much as you inspire your readers every day. Happy Healthy Holidays.

  43. 86

    I’m SO glad to hear that you’re being true to yourself and posting what you want, when you want. Personally I really only enjoy the lifestyle posts and have stopped reading blogs that have gone in different directions. I totally understand that for many bloggers, their blog is their business and they have to do what they can to make money/grow their business. But, those aren’t the blogs I like to read. So, thank you for continuing to post about your daily life, exercise, eats, etc. And welcome to Pittsburgh (where I live) :) Enjoy the holidays with your family!

    • 87

      Thank you for reading, Amanda! :) It’s a tough balance because my blog is a bit part of my business – but I’ve decided it’s not worth it to get more traffic if it means I don’t enjoy it anymore. Happy holidays – and yay Pittsburgh!

  44. 88

    ohh i’m going to try adding that move into my routine. i’m tryng to get back to doing a bit of PT/core work every day, but especially off days, or doing some in the morning if i’m working out in the evening instead!

  45. 90
    Hope Williams says:

    I agree with all of the above. Keep it real. Also, What brand/ style is your suitcase. Love it!

  46. 92

    I love your blog, just as it is! Thanks for being a great example of healthy living and balance. You and Kath have been so helpful in my (ongoing) journey of health and fitness! Thanks for keeping it real. I just started a new job and am blogging for a small company, and it’s a ton of work!

    You could possibly hire a virtual assistant for some of those tasks as well. Chalene Johnson’s Build Your Tribe podcast is a great resource for entrepreneurs in general, and she’s a huge advocate of outsourcing your time. :-)

    • 93

      Thank you for reading Amy! I definitely agree outsourcing is important, and I’ve started to do that some already – it has been helpful!

  47. 94
    Heather luna says:

    You go girl! You do you and the followers will be there. Xoxo

  48. 96

    Your lifestyle posts are my favorite! You don’t need any evergreen shenanigans!

  49. 98
    Roadrunner says:

    Fully support your decision; frankly, you do enough “evergreen” posts, as it is. And like many of the others, I find the lifestyle posts most enjoyable. So keep on keeepin’ on! And have a great Christmas in Steel City!

  50. 100

    YES! This makes me so happy – thank you for keeping it real :) that’s why I’ve followed you for years and will keep coming back!

  51. 102
    Michelle Landery says:

    I just want you to know I’ve been reading for six years. I don’t comment but I’m always here. Your random posts are my favorite so please keep them coming!

  52. 104

    Yay for no blog change! I have been reading your blog for a few years now and love it just the way it is. :) Totally agree with the other commenters who skip the “magazine worthy stuff.” So boring and fake!! Your sincerity shines through here and that has kept me a long time reader. Look forward to reading about your adventures in 2017! Happy Holidays.

  53. 106

    I read a lot of blogs (and have written my own in the past), but I find I really enjoy the ones that are personal and real. Yay for you realizing that’s the way you want to continue posting. I truly do appreciate looking at the way you live your life, healthfully, and with balance. It’s inspiring! Merry Christmas, and thanks for all you do!

  54. 108

    I usually delete “evergreen” posts without reading them. I love reading your everyday posts and find them way more relatable and interesting no real! Keep doing you!!

  55. 109

    Glad to hear this, Anne! I don’t need help finding products or workouts or anything like that… I read blogs for the personal connection (well, used to…. hard to find these days!). I like that your positivity and friendliness shows through in your posts, and you feel like someone I could trust. Yours and Gena’s blogs are the only ones I read anymore (love her style so much)- totally different styles/voices but both authentic and unique. Glad to hear you will carry on…. I think in five years all the evergreen bloggers will be looking back feeling like fools :)

    • 110

      Thank you so much for reading, Amy! I love Gena’s blog too – especially her musings in the Sunday reading post. Always very insightful and real! I miss having her nearby because she’s lovely in person, too. Phone dates are having to do for us for now. :)

  56. 111

    Hi Anne! Merry Christmas! Your blog is one of my favorites of all those I follow because our interests align (running, working out, eating and living healthy) and I love that you are genuine, so I can easily read your blog and relate and there is nothing “show-boaty” or over the top about it. Please keep doing what you are doing and don’t start writing a different way just because….. There are enough “fake” bloggers out there. You are one of the best! All the best in 2017!

  57. 113

    I really appreciate your authenticity and love your blog because you are candid and credible. I’m not a huge follower of blogs, but I stop by yours often because of your smart advice, solid recipes, fun travel adventures and nice writing style. I love your approach to healthy living and it continually inspires me. Looking forward to your blog in the new year! Thank you for sharing “you”!

  58. 115

    So glad to hear about this decision!
    I’ve been following your blog for a while and love how authentically you write. I never follow magazines because I know their content is “curated”, and most of them lacks authenticity. Also, I know having a group of loyal and engaged audience is far more valuable than having millions of hit but 90% bounce rate (people exit the site on the first page they arrive). So traffic really isn’t everything.

    Keep writing things that you love, readers who are your readers will enjoy them. By the way, I see you have a subscription area on the page, but it’s not very easy to see. If you can make it more obvious, I’m sure more of your readers will want to subscribe. That way, you can start building a relationship with a fixed group of people and not easily lose traffic that you already have through simple but effective emails. It’s way easier than figuring out the SEO and social media stuff…

    • 116

      Thank you Leslie! And very true re: the bounce rate. And I actually am in the process of revamping/updating my email subscription option so that is going to be way more obvious in the new year — thank you! Glad I’m on the right track. :)

  59. 117

    I don’t make a single penny on my blog. I have less than 100 views a day and you know what? I really don’t care. The readers I have come loyally because they enjoy reading (or seeing cute pics of my dog). I always wanted to post more informative “evergreen” tips and such but it just felt like “work” and that made me procrastinate. I freelance so sometimes blogging has to take a backseat when I have paying work to get done. I’m happy you’re taking the pressure off yourself. Enjoy your social media outlets! We’ll be here reading regardless.

  60. 119

    interesting, I think those types of posts will get you more traffic, but what you have been doing and what comes more naturally for you gets you more quality! I would rather read posts like this than social media share 10-things posts that don’t really give me anything special

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