Crepes & A Tempeh Packed Lunch!

Last night, a few of the girls and I went over to our friend Elle’s house for crepes!


Elle is the oldest in our group of friends (which basically consists of all the runners in my grad program!), so we have nicknamed her granny. She is totally living up to being an awesome granny ;)



(My nickname is “mama” since I’m the second oldest! Heh)

Check out the old school Betty Crocker cookbook Elle was using:



Soooo yummy. Yes, even RD’s-to-be eat crepes with nutella sometimes :) It’s all about balance, right?!


Speaking of balance, here’s my packed lunch for school today :) All ready to go in my cute green Target lunchbox!


First up — a tempeh pita sandwich!


I’ve decided tempeh is the most filling sandwich topper, ever. I had a similar lunch on Tuesday and it kept me full for ages!


On a piece of toasted pita bread, I layered a serving of tempeh (raw — yes it’s fine to eat this way), sliced tomato, avocado, ketchup, and mustard. Yum!


I also packed a small apple (which will probably become a midmorning snack), and a clementine, to have with my sandwich:


Afternoon snacks are carrots and celery:


And a Larabar. Love this flavor:


And I’m off! It’s going to be a busy day because after class I have to pack! I’m heading to TEXAS bright and early tomorrow morning for my friend and former roommate Jessica’s wedding! Remember when I visited her in Washington State in January?


Jessica and I actually met on Craigslist, and now I’m a bridesmaid in her wedding! Isn’t that fun? :) My college friend Sarah and I were living together in Arlington outside DC after college and looking for a third roommate — and the rest is history! Sarah is in the wedding, too!


Jess and her fiance live in Washington State now, but they are actually both from Texas — the wedding is outside the Houston area. Yeeeeehaw! I think I might need some cowboy boots… ;)

Catch you guys later from the SOUTH!

~ ~ ~

p.s. Today is the last day to vote for round 4 of Project Food Blog! If you haven’t had a chance to check out my entry post, Cranberry Caramel Date Bars, yet, please do so :) I would be very honored to have one of your votes!


  1. 1

    Mmm I love crepes with Nutella– one of the best snacks ever :)

  2. 2

    Ohhh, the crepes look delish! Anything made with nutella is a win in my book! :)

  3. 3

    Woo hoo!! I live in Houston and the weather has been so great lately :) Have fun

  4. 4

    I’ve never tried tempeh. That sandwich looks scrumptious.I guess that will be the next thing for me to try.
    PS Is your handsome fellow going to Texas with you

  5. 7

    I love crepes! I just had them for the first time last winter. Delicious.

  6. 8

    I could live off crepes with Nutella. Mmm…

  7. 9

    aw, yay for close Craigslist friends! that’s how i met my three roomies when i first moved to DC and they remain some of my closest friends. enjoy the wedding! :)

  8. 10

    1st… looks so yummy! But I have to ask… what’s tempeh?

  9. 11

    Well welcome to Houston! I agree the weather is so much nicer now! Can’t wait to see the pictures. One of the first times I visited I got cowboy boots, but barely wear them – maybe I need to break them out. Congrats to the couple!

  10. 12

    Those crepes look delicious! My Daddy always tells me “Everything in moderation-even indulgence” :)
    I’m sure you’ll have a blast at the wedding. We’re supposed to have some beautiful fall weather this weekend (if the wedding’s in North Texas that is lol)

  11. 14

    I have that Betty Crocker cookbook and I love it! Have fun at the wedding this weekend, I love weddings!

  12. 15

    Hi there -I discovered your blog a few months ago but I am not sure I have commented until today. I love your lunchbox! I actually have been writing a lunchbox series on my blog since Sept 1 and linked up your lunchbox today. I love the idea of raw tempeh on a sandwich.

  13. 16

    I’ve said it before but it’s so great that you have an awesome group of grad school friends! I’ve never had that Larabar flavor – just made a mental note to pick one up next time I’m at the store. Lots of weddings this time of year – I love them!

  14. 17

    nutella crepes are a gfift from God. ESPECIALLY for RDs to be! :)

  15. 18

    I have that book too!! I have yet to make anything out of it. It was actually my husband’s (I have no clue how he ended up with it), and I just found it in one of the boxes that I was unpacking! I will have to look in there now, and see what I can make.

  16. 19

    It’s so fun to look back on how friendships started! Your lunch looks lovely – it’s inspiring to see a lunch prepared to go be so fresh and healthy :)

  17. 20

    I have never tried that kind of Lara Bar! Have fun!

  18. 21

    congratulations on making to round 4!!

  19. 22

    hmmm.. crepes. now I want some for breakfast.. ;)

  20. 23

    I was looking for a new lunchbox so now I know to look at Target! The one I am carrying now is 15 years old. Sheesh – let’s mix it up with something new – and a new lunchbox may even stay cooler longer. Ha ha – have a great wedding trip. Hi from Fredericksburg VA!

  21. 24

    I make that exact Tempeh sandwich for lunch all the time! Super filling (especially when you add hummus) and I love it raw!!

  22. 25

    Have fun at Jessica’s wedding!! Hope it is Texas-fabulous! :) Tell her I said hello!

  23. 26

    These are too awesome — and neat to see Jess. And, yes, I voted! Good luck –

  24. 27

    You are coming to Houston?! I am here :) Tweet/email me if you have some free time.

  25. 29

    Hey there! I am a new reader and I love your page!!! Very inspirational!

    Also, those Nutella crepes look SO good!!! :)

  26. 31

    My mom has the same exact betty crocker cookbook! The apple crisp recipe rules.

  27. 32

    My mom still has the cookbook and I use it often! It has some great cookie and frosting recipes. I also have that lunchbox, but in purple! Have a great trip!!

  28. 33

    Most of our favorite family recipes come from my grandma’s old Betty crocker book from the 50s. She’s cooked with it so much that my grandpa took days to preserve the pages so we could still have it. :)

  29. 35

    I know! They’ve been married for 57 years and still going!

  30. 36

    I’m so glad you are making friends and having fun in grad school. It’s so important to have a good support group!

    Question for ya… and I feel like you’re the perfect person to ask. I know I could Google it, but I want to know, what the heck is tempeh?? Where do you find it?? How do you prepare it?? I think it’s something I’d probably like but like a lot of other foods in this world, I’m lost. :-)

    Just a fun post idea. Have a good night!

  31. 39

    Crepes filled with Nutella…I must be dreaming! Nutella=LOVE for me! :-)

  32. 40

    Nutella should have a warning on the lable! It is super addictive! :-) On a quesadilla – OMG!?!? Must try this!

  33. 41

    whoa, I saw nutella. I really love that choco spread. It gives a soothing taste that other chocos doesn’t have. I like all your photos especially your pack lunches. I am very indulge with the idea you shared to us. Keep it up. I hope there will be more fantastic ideas to come. Oh by the way I noticed that you’re using plastic so I recommend that it’s better to use a stainless steel container because it’s much safer than plastics. It’s also, eco-friendly, durable, dishwasher free and easy to use. ;-)

  34. 42

    I eat tempeh almost everyday…this food is originally from my country Indonesia…

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