CrossFit Cardio & Abs Burnout Workout + Reebok Giveaway!

On Tuesday night, Matt and I made our return to Crossfit! I took last week off from CrossFit since I knew the big half marathon was coming up. No point in burning out my legs before the race, right? It was great to be back at it on Tuesday, though! The workout was a pretty awesome one, so I turned it into a pretty Pinterest-worthy image for you guys to try (at your own risk), too.

crossfit workout

If you love Pinterest workout images, by the way, you can find the ones I’ve made previously over on my Pinterest “fANNEtastic workouts” board. Enjoy!

KB swing stands for kettle bell swings; there are a lot of great video tutorials on YouTube if you aren’t sure what that means! And box jumps are simple – just jump up onto a box! To make it harder, use a higher box. To make it easier, use a shorter box or step, and if it’s too much, you can also step up and back down instead of jumping. I definitely did that a couple times during this workout, especially at the beginning when there were so many in a row!

Here we are in action during class:

crossfit workout

crossfit met con

Whew! It was a hard but fun one. I finished in just under 15 minutes! I love CrossFit because the workouts are hard and give great results (and I get a WAY better workout than I would on my own), but mostly because it’s fun. It feels like you’re at a sports practice or something – a million times better than working out alone at the gym. We’re still new to CrossFit Arlington but now that we’re starting to make some friends and recognize people, that makes it more fun, too.


As for the rest of our workout, the strength portion of CrossFit was bench pressing! I actually really like bench pressing – I’m way better at it than weighted squats and deadlifts, partly because I’m not limited by mobility when bench pressing, and partly because I’m used to doing a lot of pushups and chaturangas in yoga! :) I was able to make it up to 70 pounds – woohoo!

Also, did you notice the shoes I have on in the photos above? Cute, right?


They’re the new Sublite Train 1.0 that Reebok sent me to test out this month. So far, I’m a huge fan! I really love Reebok’s CrossFit shoes in general – they’re so lightweight and comfortable. These trainers remind me of a more flexible (and cheaper!) version of the CrossFit Nanos. I was nice and close to the ground which will be great for strength workouts, and they had a nice grip so I wasn’t slipping around, either. I loved how lightweight they were, especially when jumping up on those boxes. If you’re looking for a good and not crazy pricey CrossFit shoe for lifting, I’d definitely recommend these!

So last time I wrote about Reebok, one of you guys said “Please share the love!” – ask and you shall receive! I asked Reebok if they’d be willing to let me host a gift card giveaway so some of you guys could check out some of my favorite products, too, and they said yes. :)

Here are a few of my very favorite (and Matt’s favorite, should a guy win!) Reebok products that they’ve had me test out so far:

  • The RealFlex Scream 2.0 or the the RealFlex Fusion TR. Both are really cute, really lightweight, and have some nice spring/cushion so they are great for CrossFit workouts that also include some running or lots of jumping around. I love these for outdoor boot camps, too.


  • The Play Dry Jacket. One of my most favorite things ever. :) So cozy and comfortable. And thumbholes!


  • The CrossFit Tri Blend Long Sleeve Top (say that three times fast). Reebok originally sent me the gray version last year, but I’m so obsessed with this shirt that I bought it in two additional colors, the red and teal. It’s so comfortable, the fit is great (love the scoop neck and the longer length), and I wear it all the time, not just for workouts, because it looks like a normal long sleeved shirt! I may or may not actually be wearing it right now. :)


  • My favorite pants from Reebok are the Women’s Midweight Compression Tight. I love that they don’t move around at all when you’re squatting! Worrying about plumber’s crack while working out is not a good thing. They also look pretty hardcore, which is a bonus. :)


As for Matt, I used a gift card Reebok gave me awhile ago to share the love with him, too. He’s currently obsessed with the Sport Essential Running Wind Jacket:


He wears it everywhere, including to work sometimes as a light jacket because it looks good with everything! And of course it’s great for workouts, too. He also loves this jacket and these pants, which he pretty much always has on anytime we’re home and relaxing.

And now it’s your turn to check out some of their gear!

Two fANNEtastic readers will be randomly selected to each win a $100 Reebok gift card. To enter to win, simply leave a comment on this post with the most kick butt workout you’ve done in the past week. To earn an additional entry, you can tweet the following: “I want to win a @Reebok gift card from @fANNEtasticfood ! #livewithfire #fitfluential”. Once you tweet, please come back here and leave another separate comment letting me know you tweeted!

U.S. and Canada residents online, please. I’ll randomly select a winner on Monday. Best of luck!


  1. 1
    Danielle J says

    I took the extra long bike route to work so it was 10 miles each way instead of 7.. with hills!

  2. 2

    I would love to win some Reebok gear! I just did back to back tabata and yoga classes. My butt was sufficiently kicked.

  3. 3

    I hiked up the Manitou Incline with my teenage son. Toughest mile in Colorado! We killed it.

  4. 4

    We did the main site wod on Tuesday at Crossfit which was a 12 min amrap of 4 shoulder press, 8 SDHP & 12 front squats 75/55. Looked so much easier than it was!

  5. 5

    I worked with both my daughters, before their club volleyball tryouts. That was a workout – with my two favorite girls too!

  6. 6

    Oh man, I’m going to have to say my first-ever 90 minute HOT power vinyasa class that I took last night. I sweated more in that (and found it harder!) than I did for my 10 miler on Saturday! I’ve taken power vinyasa a bunch, but never in that level of heat (94*)–it was nuts!

    You should come check out the studio some time! It is out in Falls Church.

  7. 9

    I went on a 5 mile run on Monday night after work – I didn’t think I’d be able to finish it but I did!!

  8. 10

    I’m training for my first 10k and this week I ran 4 miles for the first time EVER!

  9. 11

    I did CrossFit this morning: 3 rounds of 1 min. ME front squats, 1 min. ME HSPU, 1 min. ME KB swings, 1 min. ME pull ups, 1 min. ME burpees; 1 min. rest between rounds. Phew! I’m tired just typing that!

  10. 12

    I just tweeted about the contest, too!

  11. 13

    Hot yoga always kicks my butt! I’ve also been doing a lot of weights recently, and the combination of weights and yoga is a killer in the best way.

  12. 14

    I have been training for my first road race a 10k! One of my 2013 goals!

  13. 15

    Currently recovering from an injury, so my workouts this week have consisted of push-ups and core work when I am not busy icing my hip!

  14. 16

    I picked an exercise for every suit on the card and did the number of reps on the card. I worked through the deck without stopping and did cardio on the suit cards. The workout kicked my butt, in a good way. :)

  15. 18
    Caitlin F. says

    I played tennis with a friend last night for nearly two hours. Such a great/fun workout.

  16. 19

    Running a 1/2 marathon and PRing was my toughest workout of the week!!

  17. 20

    I think the most kick butt workout I’ve done is on Tues I went to our local “Lifeforce Fitness” where we do sort of a bootcamp workout that includes yoga, weights and cardio blasts. It left my arms sore almost immediately with a lot of planks, push ups, pull ups and L stand on the wall.

    Your workout looks tough. Box jumps are my enemy as my runner legs don’t have such strong hammies. I’m working on getting better at them though!

  18. 21
    Doreen G. says

    I haven’t done a hard workout in the past week. That is the problem!
    New gear just might be the encouragement I need get it in gear! ;)

  19. 22

    I had a whole thing written up, but the internet ate it… So I’ll summarize… Crazy workout last Friday that pushed my limits and left me really sore, but made me totally proud to see how awesome I did! :)

    (and thanks for having a giveaway including Canadians!)

  20. 23

    Cardio bootcamp on monday night! i always go home, drink water, and fall right to sleep after!

  21. 24

    I ran hills in the pouring rain on my birthday this week!

  22. 25

    Had an awesome run on Tuesday night – a speedy one for me!

  23. 26

    I did a 3 mile fartlek on Tuesday. I haven’t run fast in years (just started back up running 6 months ago after a long hiatus), and definitely could feel it the next day.

  24. 27

    I ran three miles on Saturday – my first outdoor run in 6 months due to piriformis syndrome! Felt glorious!

  25. 28

    this week my rough workout was a spin class with weights!

  26. 29

    The best workout I’ve done so far this week is yesterday when I did a clean and jerk ladder, then a metcon immediately after!

  27. 30
    Amanda Harper says

    I ran a Backyard Burn a couple weekends ago at Wakefield and ended up with pretty bad shin splints. I didn’t think I was going to be able to run in Virginia Beach this past weekend (Shamrock races – 8k and half marathon) but I managed and felt pretty good at the end of the weekend.

  28. 31

    I did a stack set in my eorkout class that had lots of heavy swings, manmakers, burpees and pushups. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  29. 32

    Too many bulgarian split squats and pistol squats this week. My legs are kiling me.

  30. 33

    I ran 9.3 miles averaging 8:35 pace (fast for me, especially in training) as a training run for my upcoming half marathon.

  31. 34

    I ran 10 miles (-ish) last Saturday… from Arlington to Crystal City, by way of the National Mall. Nothing feels as good as a Saturday-morning Metro ride after a long run!

  32. 35

    A killer arms/back/core workout from The Fitnessista’s Bridal Bootcamp workouts! My arms felt like noodles afterwards! Love it!

  33. 36

    I did hot yoga for the first time yesterday and LOVED it! The heat definitely made me more flexible, so I was able to do stretch deeper than ever before and it hurt so good.

    I would love to win this giveaway because I have to constantly adjust my workout tights when I run, but I’m too broke to buy new ones. This would be perfect!

  34. 37
    Amanda Harper says

    I also tweeted to get a second entry (Handle: _AmandaHarper).

  35. 38

    I tweeted!

  36. 39

    It may not be butt kicking in the traditional sense, but I’m am forever on a quest to become friends with yoga and pushing myself to feel comfortable with exercise that is out of my comfort zone is a mental butt kick.

  37. 40

    My gym offers a class based on the P90X Instanity Workouts. It’s really hard. By the end of the class, everyone was doing their pushups in pools of sweat.

  38. 41

    I did one of Zuzana’s ZWOW workouts on monday and I have been sore for days. It’s crossfit inspired in that you do high intensity exercises for a short amount of time. I love it!

  39. 42

    Mile sprints, with weights in between each mile. Still feeling it a few days later!

  40. 43
  41. 44

    I ran a pretty kickass half this weekend!

  42. 45

    Today’s Open Workout 13.3 – did better than expected but not as well as I’d hoped.

  43. 46
    Meredith B. says

    I took a killer bootcamp class on Tuesday and I’m still sore! I’m also teaching two classes tonight (a spin class and an abs class) that will be really challenging, but I’m looking forward to it!

  44. 47

    Crossfit Tuesday 3 rounds at 5 stations, 1 min per station: AirDyne bike, double unders, pushups, KB swings, rest. And tennis Wednesday night!

  45. 48

    Tweeted (and followed) @kovasp

  46. 49

    I went on a hilly 6 mile run last Saturday. Felt so good!

  47. 50

    My fiance and I did a 5K on Sunday, which only kicked my butt because he is much faster than me and totally pushed me!

  48. 51

    Thanks for sharing the love!!!
    I’m a CPA working 7 days a week as well as training for a 1/2 marathon in June, so that said, I think my 3 miles before 7 am was impressive!

  49. 52
    Elizabeth says

    We’re still having a lot of wind and snow, so I went out for a run thinking it would be slow since the weather was awful. But running fast is always more fun than running slow, so I really pushed myself and did an awesome 6 mile run.

  50. 53

    I ran 3 miles and then did a body pump class where I increased my weight. I was SWEATY by the end!

  51. 54

    Ack everyone has done such intense workouts! I’ve only done moderate workouts this week, with BodyPump probably being the hardest (went up to 50 lbs for the squats!).

  52. 55

    I attempted some jumps in the play park on Saturday while skiing!

  53. 56
    Stephanie says

    I did an hour of cardio split between the stairmill and the elliptical, covering over 3 miles on each machine with a grand total just under 7. Whew holy sweatfest!

  54. 57

    My great kick butt work out was yesterday! Started with a HITT workout and strength training, followed by a hour long vinyasa flow, and then a hour of piloxing. Let’s just say today is my rest day. I’m sore all over!! Happy sore :)

  55. 58

    My bachelorette party is this weekend, so my kickbutt workout of the week was getting up at 5 a.m. today to run 6 miles before work so that I could get my training long run out of the way. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be getting up early on Sunday for any reason, let alone running.

  56. 59

    I did Les Mill’s Combat HIIT plyo dvd today and it KILLED me! Your Reebok gear looks so nice!!

  57. 60

    I’ve been to zumba twice this week and ran twice. Not bad for being 7 weeks post-partum!

  58. 61

    i did Karen this morning as part of the Open WOD 13.3. okay, i didn’t finish Karen, but did 12min worth of wallballs Rx…first time ever!

  59. 62

    I took another spin class at Revolve! So much fun and it almost killed me ;)

  60. 63
    Jennifer P says

    My husband and I just started working out. We are doing strength training mixed with cardio, for weight loss. It’s so hard getting started, but I’ve lost 10lbs so far!!

  61. 65

    I also tweeted!

    P.S. I really like these monster icons that show up as default pictures! Super cute!

    • 66

      The monster icons are an option in WordPress – I thought they were silly and cute. :) Glad you think so, too!

  62. 67

    I did my first Les Mills GRIT workout. Oh man, it was brutal – less than 30 minutes and I’m still sore!

  63. 68
    Alexandra says

    We finally had a bit of warmer weather a couple weeks ago so I went on a run with my two golden doodle puppies and it felt amazing! I am a whimp with cold temps but am so sick of the treadmill.

  64. 69

    I rode a category 3 hill (from mapmyrun) to the entrance of Joshua Tree National Park! A 3 mile hill. Hubby said I did real good. I’ll take it.

  65. 70

    Unfortunately this week, I’ve been battling some morning sickness so I haven’t been able to workout yet, but I will hopefully get back to my prenatal workouts by the weekend.

  66. 71

    I’ve been fighting a cold for most of this week, so my last kick-butt exercise was a full-body strength routine last Saturday (my own design). Tough to motivate sometimes when I’m working out alone, but I still threw in a few unplanned planks at the end.

  67. 72
  68. 73

    I just tried cross fit and it kicked my butt

  69. 74

    I ran 9 miles last Saturday, farthest distance yet!

  70. 75

    I haven’t been able to do a real kick butt workout this week because I’m tapering for my half marathon next weekend, but I did do a 5 mile hill interval on the treadmill that can just kick my booty if I bump up the pace, which I did!

  71. 76

    My best workout is definitely my gym’s “Body Flex” classes! The instructor is amazing and always makes me glad I came. But her class is no joke!

  72. 77

    I take Tabata classes at my gym! 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, 8 times (that’s one set)… cardio and weight training- it’s an AWESOME workout!

  73. 78

    I went to Revolve Fitness for a Barre Ride cycling class the day after St. Patricks day. Needless to say it kicked my butt hardcore

  74. 79

    Hmmm…most kick-butt workout this week? A track workout consisting of 400s and 800s. Plus a 4 mile warm-up and 2 mile cool down!!

  75. 80

    I just tweeted the message!

  76. 81

    Love the awesome gear! I had a tough workout on Tuesday. The WOD was a 15 min AMRAP of:
    20 front squats at 93#,
    20 kettlebell snatches at 35#,
    20 wallballs at 14#,
    20 double unders.

    I got 2 rounds and 27 reps. Whew! It was a burner.

  77. 82

    Unfortunately, my workouts this week have taken a backseat to the virus I’m currently fighting. A gift card to Reebok might just make me feel better though ;)

  78. 83

    I did an hour-long Body Pump class yesterday that nearly killed me and my poor, non-existent post-partum abs. It hurt so good!

  79. 84

    I did a kick butt run this week. I am just starting to run, a baby runner, so every run is kind of kick butt for me. :)

  80. 85

    I tweeted! @MindayyyLord

  81. 86

    My best workout this week was a power yoga class. It was kick ass because it was the 6am class, and just getting myself up and out of bed and on my mat is a challenge. ;)

  82. 87

    I haven’t done it yet, but my hardest workout of the week will occur on Sunday when I run my 2nd ever half marathon!

  83. 88

    I did this workout with my bootcamp class, it was pretty challenging!

  84. 89

    I tweeted! @fitsouffle

  85. 90

    Definitely an intense spinning class earlier this week!

  86. 91

    Fun workout! The best kick butt workout i had this week was one I designed for a new program, it was a 20 minute AMRAP and kicked my tush! I haven’t beeen this sore in a while.

  87. 92

    Ah! I could so use a Reebok gift card. I’ve been needing to buy some good training sneakers!

    The most kick-butt workout I’ve done this week was X-Trainer of the Insanity: The Asylum series. Kicked my butt for sure!

  88. 93

    I just tweeted @sarahecampisi!

  89. 94
    Bridgette says

    I’ve been hitting hot vinyasa flow yoga classes pretty regularly–the hardest one lately had us start in chair pose!! Feel the burn!!

  90. 95

    I went to a Les Mills RPM class that had me hanging on to the handlebars for support a little longer than usual when I finally got off the bike.

  91. 96

    P90x plyo – kills me every time!

  92. 97
    Kristin S. says

    My best workout this week was a speed workout in beautiful weather (finally!) then a gym back workout!

  93. 98

    All that gear looks great! I definitely need new workout pants!

  94. 99

    I swam laps for the first time in a long time and was still able to go a 500 in under 10 minutes!! I was able to swim up to 1500 meters too!

  95. 100

    I did a 6am bikram yoga class, biked 2.5 miles to work, taught swim lessons for 2 hours after work and then swam for another 30 minutes before biking home. If it had been lighter outside when I got back I would have taken a walk with my husband :) Pretty good day – but would have been better in some cool Reebok gear!

  96. 101
    Claire P. says

    The best workout this week was a 4 mile run! Love the sunny weather!

  97. 102

    I have been doing a walking workout on the treadmill varying the incline(level 4-11) kicks my butt! And an added bonus, I have found when I run outside my time is much faster! Who knew a walking work out could help improve your time!

  98. 103
    Heather J says

    I love the look of those sneakers! Please enter me for the gift card.

  99. 104
    Annamaria says

    I have been recovering from a hip injury and just got cleared to start light workouts again! I completed a 30 minute elliptical interval workout plus some light weight training. That was definitely enough for me after a one month leave!

  100. 105

    This week my kick-butt workout was a 30 min spin class with a friend followed by a cross-fit type workout with box jumps, jump rope, push-ups, dips and walking lunges! Great to mix the cardio and the weights :)

  101. 106
    Heather J says

    I also tweeted (@cellophane_star)

  102. 107
    Samantha G says

    I did hill repeats on Tuesday for the first time since training for my half marathon last fall. Later in the evening I did a yoga bootcamp- an amazing combination of power yoga and a bootcamp class!

  103. 108

    My most intense workout this week was at CrossFit: 5 RFT of mountain climbers, DB burpees, DB push press and renegade rows. It was insane!

  104. 109
    Tiffany R says

    I did ‘Murph’ at crossfit this week. That was definitely a challenge at 6am :P But felt so good after!

  105. 110
    Annamaria says

    I also tweeted about your giveaway.

  106. 111
    Tiffany R says

    I also tweeted @Tiff_Ru
    Would love a new pair of crossfit kicks! :)

  107. 112

    My kick butt workouts this week have been running and Pilates. I’m prepping to run the Sandy Hook Run for the Families 5k in honor of those kids who were killed in CT before Christmas.

  108. 113

    My best workout this week was with my trainer, it was a killer leg circuit; I was a nice good sore yesterday that’s for sure!

  109. 114

    Hardest workout this week: Yoga flow after a hard run! My legs did not want to hold me up, especially for Warrior poses!

  110. 115

    I did mile repeats on the treadmill this week as part of my half marathon training. Brutal!

  111. 116


  112. 117

    I did a workout that consisted of 5 circuits of the following: 12 burpees, 12 tricep dips, 12 jumping lunges, 12 triangle sit-ups, 12 push ups, and 12 jump squats. The first time I ever did this it took me 34 minutes, and this time it was 26 minutes. I’ve done the workout a few times since that first one and I think I’ve gotten the hang of everything down and hopefully gotten stronger as reason for a lesser time!

  113. 118

    I did kickboxing on Monday, which definitely made me sore!

  114. 119

    Oh man, earlier this week I did a 30 minute intense ab workout with my trainer. I couldn’t laugh for a couple of days!!! LOL It was awesome though :)

  115. 120

    Had an awesome spin workout last night!

  116. 121

    I ran the Shamrock half this past weekend and finally got my 1:49:02 :) :) kicked my own butt really well

  117. 122

    I took a body pump class for the first time ever and an did it kick my butt!

  118. 123
    Sarah Hurd says

    I did an 8 mile tempo run on Sunday with miles 4, 5, 6 at a 7:10 pace, compared to my usual 8:20 pace. Felt great after though!

  119. 124

    I’ve had a bad cold so I’ve been light on workouts, but I have been packing up my apartment…which probably counts for something. Those boxes are heavy!

  120. 125
    Sarah Hurd says

    I tweeted also :)

  121. 126

    An interval cycle was pretty tough, and I felt the burn – the good burn!

  122. 127

    I tweeted!

  123. 128

    My tuesday night yoga class never disappoints!

  124. 129

    I ran to work this morning.

  125. 130

    Bob Harper: Total Body Transformation DVD on Monday, it definitely the hardest 60 minute work out I ever did…but I still want to do it today….

  126. 131

    I recently had a baby….so my big workout was a brisk, hilly walk to the library pushing my toddler in the stroller and carrying my daughter in the moby wrap. We moved across the country two weeks after I had the baby,so Im on the search for a gym with child care and good classes. I’m going to need some mama time when the hubby deploys soon!

  127. 132

    I tweeted about this giveaway.

  128. 133

    My awesome workout this week was a virtual 5k I did on the treadmill and really really pushed myself to finish in a fast time. I still feel great from it!

  129. 134

    I did a class at my gym on Monday called ultimate conditioning, and my body still hurts from it!

  130. 135

    In addition to my regular gym routine, I’ve been walking to and from work – a nice way to get 4 extra miles of movement in!

  131. 136

    I ran my first half marathon on Saturday, and tried a 90 minute boxing class last night (with gloves and bags!) that kicked my booty and now I can’t lift my arms today. Love it!

  132. 137

    I just started the boot camp classes at my gym this week and love it!

  133. 138

    I did one of Gina’s (fitnessista) monthly workouts- Novemeber 2012 I believe it was.

  134. 139

    My best workout this week was my run on Saturday afternoon!

  135. 140

    YAY great giveaway, I absolutely love that gray jacket,
    Lately I have gotten back into spin class, and I have totally forgotten what an intense workout it can be. I love it!

  136. 141
  137. 142


  138. 143

    I have been going to TRX classes, and, boy, does that kick my butt! It does not feel that horrible while I am doing it, but I am ALWAYS incredibly sore afterwards.

  139. 144

    tweet tweet @hillontherun

  140. 145

    Does this count – I’m running my first half marathon this Saturday and it’s sure to kick my butt!

  141. 146
    Christine says

    I did a great circuit — walking lunges, squats, bicep curls, tricep extensions, crunches and supermans!

  142. 147

    12 HILLY miles. don’t let anyone tell you Kansas City is flat. ;)

  143. 148

    The most kick butt workout I’ve done this week so far was Tuesday’s WOD: I did 75 deadlifts @ 85lbs., over 200 DUs, and 200m sprints – my hamstrings are dead!

  144. 149

    Whats the difference between the Scream and the Fusion? Want to invest in a pair but so many options. They describe the Scream as running shoe?

  145. 152

    I walked up the stairs to the top floor of the hospital where I work for the first time since I broke my ankle (2 years ago) before then it was a daily thing and I did it without stopping to rest or catch my breath.

  146. 153

    I did an awesome cardio circuit at the gym with elliptical, bike, and stair stepper. It definitely kicked my butt!

  147. 154

    I tweeted too! :)

  148. 155

    I just did a half marathon and rocked it

  149. 156
  150. 157

    I recently returned to running after a 4 year hiatus and it has been death. This week I ran the longest without stopping in a long time. It was hard hard hard.

  151. 158

    I ran 10 miles in chilly Boston on Sunday in preparation for the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon in April!

  152. 159

    I did a killer workout at crossfit this morning and finally did my first continuous double unders! It was tough.

  153. 160
    Katherine w says

    Last Friday I ran 13.1 miles just to see if I’ve still got it… Turns out I do!

  154. 161

    I haven’t done anything hardcore lately, but I’m starting a kickboxing boot camp on Saturday and am so exited for it to totally kick my butt! :)

  155. 162

    I had an awesome 5 mi. run this a.m.!

  156. 163

    I did a Buff Ballet Barre class while on vacation in LA – was not expecting the cardio bursts for an hour straight!

  157. 164

    My best workout so far this week was a bosu interval class on Monday; it definitely kicked my butt!

  158. 165

    I did cardio kickboxing. It’s always a killer workout and the instructor is amazing!

  159. 166

    I just tweeted. Thanks for the opportunity!

  160. 167
  161. 168

    Tuesday’s workout – AMRAP 10: 7 strict press, 1 rope climb. Wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t followed 13.2 on Saturday and a crazy kettlebell/pull up workout on Monday. My arms are ready for a break.

  162. 169

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  163. 170

    I do a home circuit work out every other morning – includes jumping rope (hard!), weights and finishing with a little yoga and stretching.

  164. 171

    Hello! I did a tabata KB workout on Tuesday and my hamstrings are still sore. Thank goodness for being able to swim laps in the pool to help with the brutal recovery and soreness!!

  165. 172

    An hour-long yoga session – I haven’t practiced in several weeks, and it seriously kicked my butt!

  166. 173

    I taught a spin class this week and my adrenaline must have been flowing because once I got to my car when it was over I felt like I ran a marathon. So much fun!

  167. 174

    I did the crossfit 13.2- woo hoo! That was a tough workout if I must say so myself!

  168. 175
    Jilisa Chenard says

    Did this one this morning!
    2 min row
    5 pull ups
    8 thrusters
    11 box jumps
    15 back extensions
    For 10 rounds!!!!!!
    I ❤ gift cards!!!!

  169. 176

    I went to a hip hop spin class yesterday that was awesome!

  170. 177
    Rebecca W. says

    I wouldn’t say this was “kick ass” or anything, but I’ve just started running with C25K and finished week 2. To me, that’s quite an accomplishment!

  171. 178
    Rebecca W. says

    Just tweeted about the giveaway, too!

  172. 179

    I used the Nike training club app to do a 45 min Gladiator Workout this morn… major ouch, in a good way!

  173. 180

    I took a spinning class at Soulcycle on Saturday! It was so hard I was shaking when I left.

  174. 181

    I did an amazingly tough running HIIT workout yesterday. Loved the sweat!

  175. 182

    I ran seven miles on Sunday – I was only planning on doing five, but I felt so awesome that I just kept going!

  176. 183

    I did a p90x workout this week and my abs have been sore from it for the past few days. Love to feel the burn!!

  177. 184

    On Tuesday I did a back to back workout with a 30min run and then a 1 hour spin class. It was a good day!

  178. 185
  179. 186

    I am training for my first marathon and I completed a 20 mile run on Saturday! That was tough!

  180. 187

    Thanks Anne! I have been doing insanity religiously this month and love it!

  181. 188
    RachelLynn says

    I went to the most kick butt yoga class (with weights) that I had ever been too! Usually I am sore for maybe a day but this one is going on several days!

  182. 189

    My most hardcore workout was my 10.5 mile long run to get ready for the Tarheel Ten Miler next month!

  183. 190

    Monday finished 10.75 miles with 14 mph winds and 35 degree weather!

  184. 191

    I went to an awesome Zumba class last night – such a fun workout!

  185. 192

    Fast 4 mile run plus upper body/ab weights routine was hard this week for me.

  186. 193

    Tuesday was a killer shoulder day:)
    Push press #65
    Single Arm KB swings #30
    Battle ropes
    Arnold #20
    Pull ups
    Work for 30/rest 25/work for 30

  187. 194

    I took a tabata training class on Tuesday. I am starting to become obsessed with these interval workouts!

  188. 195

    I’m running 9 miles this weekend to train for the Nike Women’s Half marathon!

  189. 196

    Tuesday kicked my legs butt! I focused on my quads doing squats, lunges, wall sits, etc with different weights. After that I got on the stairmaster for an additional 30 minutes! It feels so awesome though.

  190. 197

    The most kick butt workout I did was a simple three mile run today – I’m running my first half on Saturday!!

  191. 198

    150 wall balls for the open was the most challenging workout I have had in quite a while!

  192. 199

    A five mile hike that climbed 2000 feet!

  193. 200
    Nicole @ Fruit 'N' Fitness says

    I went for an early 11 mile run last Saturday morning to prepare for my half marathon next weekend.

  194. 201

    I also tweeted!

  195. 202
    Elizabeth V says

    I ran 14 miles to train for the marathon I’m running in May

  196. 203
    Nicole @ Fruit 'N' Fitness says

    I tweeted @fruitnfitness

  197. 204

    I front squatted 115lbs 5 x 5… PR for me :)

  198. 205

    definitely the spin workout my boyfriend put me through!

  199. 206

    I wish I could say that I’ve had a ‘kick butt’ workout in the past week but at 8+ months pregnant I’m just happy with the 3 incline treadmill workouts I was able to complete! I would love to win the gift card to restock my workout wardrobe so I can hit the gym hard post baby!

  200. 207
  201. 208

    Went to a zumba class. I forgot how much fun I have and how sweaty I get!!

  202. 209


  203. 210

    definitely the Crossfit Games Opens 13.2 workout. it was hard but i loved pushing myself!

  204. 211

    I tried the new Nike Training App for a quick and sweaty at home workout last night. I’m noticing all the squats every time I go to sit down in my chair at work today.

  205. 212

    I’m two weeks into CrossFit, and I’m loving it. The hardest workout this week was probably the WOD from this morning.

    5min to Complete, 3rds, 25 Wallballs (20/14), 10 Burpees, 2min rest (at the end of 5 minutes).

    3min to complete. // 3rds, 10 Push Press (95/65), 30 Grasshoppers (total).

    1min rest (at the end of 3 minutes). // 1min to complete, 1 min max KB swings (24/16).

  206. 213

    I did 13.3 this morning! For sure kicked my boo-tay!

  207. 214

    And I tweeted about the giveaway! :)

  208. 215

    i tweeted! :)

  209. 216

    also, most kick butt – 30 sec. pull ups, 30 sec kettle bell swings (35lbs), 30 sec plank, 30 sec double-unders X3

  210. 217

    An insanity DVD workout!

  211. 218
  212. 219

    I tweeted!

  213. 220

    In the past week, most kick butt workout was the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. I’ve really struggled the rest of the week with getting out and fitting my workouts in – we got a new puppy and he’s taking up all of my time. I did manage to fit in commuting to and from work on my bike today, so about 20 miles, and the bike ride home was pretty much all against the wind…so that was definitely kick butt.

  214. 221

    I’m trying to re-learn how to swim. Talk about hard!

  215. 222

    great giveaway! i would love to have the new shoes! anyway please check out my blog about travel, food and lifestyle at


  216. 223
    Christine S. says

    I ran 9 miles last Thursday as part of my half marathon training but injured my foot so I haven’t had any stellar workouts since then :( just taking it easy and letting my foot heal. Hopefully I’m back in the game soon because my half is only 5 weeks away!

  217. 224

    I tried a “piloxing” style class for the first time this week — loved it!!

  218. 225

    I did a 90 minutes bike workout with lots of power intervals this morning.

  219. 226

    Swimming !

  220. 227

    I started Pilates on the reformers machine this week and it rocks! I have wanted to do it for a long time, so I finally signed up for the private lessons so I can take group classes. Next up is “total tower”, jump boards, and barre fusion. Woohoo – very excited! :)

  221. 228

    I upped my weight in BodyPump this week, so that kicked my butt!

  222. 229

    An hour boot camp class where EVERY exercise included a burpee. I wanted to die.

  223. 230

    I just did the CrossFit 13.3 workout…kicked my but! But I loved it!

  224. 231

    I would love to win a gift card! I did spinning class for an hour on Tuesday…it was a great class!

  225. 232

    I’d have to say that the WOD I did on Monday, 4 rounds 10 OH squat 15 burpees and 20 KB swings, had me sweating the most this week (thought tomorrow’s Open 13.3 will surely be the hardest!) Great to see you enjoying crossfit! I love it when I see other runners joining in!

  226. 233

    I recently moved to a new city and finally found a running group! We only ran 3 miles, but I always push myself more when running with other people!

  227. 234

    A TRX class today.

  228. 235

    I was thinking about trying Crossfit Arlington since I live in the area, but have not yet. I kicked my own booty this week at the gym with a full body circuit + burpees mixed in there. Burpees=love-hate relationship!

  229. 236
    Elisabeth says

    I did an hour on the elliptical yesterday!

  230. 237

    I kicked my butt at the DC Rock N Roll half marathon, averaging an 8:58 min/mile pace!

  231. 238
    Elizabeth E says

    I’ve been kicking it on th stationary bike recently (broken foot = nothing weight bearing). But I get my boot off on Monday and will be rocking tennis shoes for work and for play the next few weeks.

  232. 239

    After a two-week hiatus from running, I made it five miles yesterday! My toughest workouts/runs are after a break, so I try not to take too many of them. :)

  233. 240

    I did spin and a barre workout – great to be back from a stress fracture!

  234. 241

    I tweeted too!

  235. 242
    Marie-Josee says

    I just ran a 10k in the snow yesterday! So hard, but feels great after!

  236. 243

    I did a St. Patrick’s Day 10k race!

  237. 244
    jen uzmann says

    My 1:44 finish at the DC Rock n Roll half! 10 minute PR!

  238. 247

    I doubled up on Saturday with a fast run and hilly bike ride! Whew!

  239. 248

    I did a six mile run and then an hour on the arc trainer yesterday!

  240. 249

    I take an hour long tabata class on Mondays. It never fails to just about kill me!

  241. 250

    I just did WOD 13.3 from the CrossFit Opens! I managed 134 wall balls in 12 minutes, which was brutal. So tough!

  242. 251

    I tweeted as well!

  243. 252

    A cross training group fitness class at the YMCA. It was tough but in a good way.

  244. 253

    Omg love the shoes! I need a pair like that for the gym. Best workout this week was yesterday’s “leg day.” Still. can’t. walk.

  245. 254

    i did 2 awesome bootcamp classes this week, and they were at 6am so it makes it even more badass ;)

  246. 255

    i tweeted about the giveaway too!

  247. 256

    After a long layoff from the gym, I finally made it back for a 40 minute run and some weights.

  248. 257

    I ran my second full marathon ever this past Sunday, the Shamrock Marathon in VA Beach. I PRd by 17 minutes and broke the 5 hour mark! I’m still a fairly slow runner, but I am constantly seeing improvements. I love reading your blog and seeing your running updates, so inspirational! Here’s to a great spring season! Maybe one of these days I’ll be brave enough to try yoga or crossfit!

  249. 258

    I also tweeted! @ekelly80

  250. 259

    I am coming down from meeting the requirements of a Half Fanatic, three half marathons in 84 days. So, I am now working on speed workouts AKA tabata on the track twice a week. It’s killer before stepping in the gym to pump some iron.

  251. 260

    I also tweeted about the gift card.

  252. 261

    I ran 3 miles and followed it up with a killer Pilates class!

  253. 262

    I’ve been recovering from an injury and doing physical therapy, so getting through a 4-mile run felt awesome! Like you, I’m also studying to become a dietitian (going into my internship in the Fall). So, good luck in your career, and thanks for all of the inspirational posts!

  254. 264

    I tweeted! Loved the post!

  255. 265

    I did a kick butt 4 mile run… first two miles at 7:15 pace, third at 7:20 pace, 4th at 7:10 pace. It felt amazing to push myself that hard!

  256. 266

    Spin class…we used weights on the bike at some points!

  257. 267

    A P90X workout with my sister!!! It about killed me. Looooved it!

  258. 268
  259. 269

    A speed workout that had me doing 30 second sprints starting at 9.9mph and working my way down to 8.5mph with 90seconds at 7.5 mph in between.

  260. 270

    I tweeted too. Hope I win!

  261. 271

    I took a spin class for the first time in years and it totally kicked my butt!

  262. 272

    I did a pure barre class this past week. Kicked my butt!

  263. 273

    I ran a 10 miler in Charlottesville, VA – a very hilly course! Thanks for the giveaway!

  264. 274

    My leg workout from the James Wilson program

  265. 275
  266. 276

    Today I lifted upper (chest press, pull ups, lat pull downs, push ups, mac raises, tricep press, dips, bicep curls, and bicep tray lifts) in a free break from class that I wasn’t expecting, which made it all the more exciting! And tonight I did one of my favorite spin classes with the hardest instructor at the studio. Wahoo!

  267. 277

    just tweeted too!

  268. 278

    I would love to win some new Reebok shoes! The toughest workout I’ve done in the past week was bodypump then running 1 mile straight :-)

  269. 279

    I tweeted this giveaway too.

  270. 280

    My kick-butt workout was a tough spin class!

  271. 281

    Since I’m still getting over the last bit of my sickness,today was definitely my best workout of the week. I ran 5.2 miles followed by a total body strength session (including 30 on-my-toes push-ups) and ended with a nice long walk to cool-down. Not my craziest ever, but a nice butt-kicker regardless!

  272. 282

    Did a UXF class this week: 50 40 30 20 of burpees, reverse burpees, mountain climbers, weighted squats, KB swings with 15 pullups after each round. Tough challenge!

  273. 283

    I did a circuit training workout! So awesomely tough!

  274. 284

    I took a spin class for the first time! It kicked my but for sure!

  275. 285
    Michelle M says

    I just downloaded the Nike Training Club app and it was some great (tough) workouts!

  276. 286

    My hardest workout was definitely my first run on Monday since my surgery a few weeks ago. Whew, that kicked my butt!

  277. 287

    I tweeted too :)

  278. 288

    I’ve been boring just riding my stationary bike! I hope to start running outside if it ever stops snowing!

  279. 289
  280. 290

    Wooo girl—I also ran the Rock n Roll half this week! It was my first race since breaking my foot and it felt fab. I’m so lucky to be healthy enough to do it. Have a great night!

  281. 291

    The must kick butt workout I’ve done in the past week is climbing Old Rag! I know you’re a fan of that workout too :)

  282. 292

    Took my first ever spin class and enjoyed it! Was very nervous at first since I have never really rode a bike before.

  283. 293

    also tweeted!

  284. 294

    Tweeting for new shoes!

  285. 295

    We did the cross wod tuesday plus max front squats for legs still haven’t recovered!

  286. 296

    My most kickbutt workout this week was Lauren Brook’s Kettlebell 2 DVD!

  287. 297
  288. 298

    I ran my longest training run yet! Only 6 miles, but I felt GOOD…almost halfway to 13.1!

  289. 299

    My spinning classes this week were tough!

  290. 300

    I love Bar Method!

  291. 301

    I did a crossfit WOD on my own and it kicked my butt!
    25 Double Unders
    10 Push Jerks
    50 Sit-ups
    25 Double Unders
    8 Push Jerks
    40 Sit-ups
    25 Double Unders
    6 Push Jerks
    30 Sit-ups
    25 Double Unders
    4 Push Jerks
    20 Sit-ups
    25 Double Unders
    2 Push Jerks
    10 Sit-ups


  292. 302

    I completed the CrossFit games 13.3 this morning. Those double unders nearly did me in.

  293. 303

    I love a good spin class. There is nothing like a good spin sweat.

  294. 304

    Love a great hot yoga class

  295. 305


  296. 306

    9 miles with my fiancé for our upcoming half! I kept pace!

  297. 307

    Yesterday I woke up at 6 for a 3 mile run, then went to an awesome Zumba class followed up by a great vinyasa flow yoga class! Crazy (but fun) day :)

  298. 308

    I finished the 30-Day Shred

  299. 309

    I have been doing Julie’s work outs from the blog I am a teacher and we are on Spring Break so my work out buddies are out of town and I wanted to mix it up! They are interval style and I turn as red as my hair! :) I am also doing speed work for an upcoming 5k and hiking daily in the Wichita Mountains here in Oklahoma. :)

  300. 310

    I went to Zumba yesterday and it was so amazing! I love workouts that don’t feel like workouts!

  301. 311

    I love a workout where I feel STRONG at the end of the day. This past week I did 6 mile interval sprints, that left me dripping with sweat. Followed that by a defining upper body lift ciruit and hardcore abs. LOVED it all. This will return to my weekly list of workouts!

  302. 312

    On Tues I ran 7 miles. I am training for a 1/2 in April so I’ll be heading out for another long run this weekend. Hoping for some sunshine!

  303. 313

    I tweeted.

  304. 314

    I love yoga sculpt (yoga with weights and sometimes rounds of tabata) at core power yoga!

  305. 315

    This week I tried a second month video from the program Insanity on Tuesday. On Wednesday I did a Julian Michael’s video, and then yesterday I tried a video from Boy was it hard!!! But I felt the burn. Cannot wait for my home town to open a cross fit studio!

  306. 316

    I tweeted! Training for my first 5k. I get discouraged at times, and its great to have your page here to keep me motivated and positive!! Some new gear could really keep me going!!

  307. 317

    Running this week, 9 miles on Wednesday!

  308. 318

    I went walked/ran on the beach. We probably covered 10 miles in total.

  309. 319

    I did my 1/2 marathon pace for 6 miles, it kicked my butt, but I know I am ready for the 1/2 in a few weeks!

  310. 320

    I tweeted!!

  311. 321
  312. 322

    I’m JUST getting into running and doing the couch 2 5K program and I ran for 20 minutes without stopping for the first time this week! I was so proud of myself! I’ve got a long way to go, and I run so slow, but I keep going back and getting a little better every time :)

  313. 323

    and I tweeted your giveaway

  314. 324

    I tweeted.

  315. 325

    My crossfit WOD this morning:
    800 m run
    64 KB swing (@ 35)
    46 KB goblet squats
    400 m run
    42 KB swings
    24 KB goblet squats
    200 m run
    21 KB swings
    12 KB goblet squats

    Sufficiently was a killer – finished in just over 20 minutes!

  316. 326

    Well not counting the 26.2 Sunday: 6:15am BodyPump class and then a 6:15pm spin class! In between was an 8 hr workday all on my feet!

  317. 327
    Tina Hirshland says

    At Pilates, doing something called frog. I felt the smallest muscles in my abdominal working. Thanks for offering a giveaway.

  318. 328

    Unfortunately, I was sick this week so I was only able to hit the gym three times (one day was just to get the blood flowing with some rowing and jump roping). I’m excited to do 13.3 this weekend, which will be intense (AMRAP in 12 of 150 wall balls @ 14#, 90 double unders, 30 muscle ups…I’m going to see if I can get through the wall balls). I also had fun on Monday working on my overhead squat (now up to 60#) and doing some rowing intervals – four rounds of: rowing for two minutes with two minutes of rest between rounds.

  319. 329

    My marathon was the hardest workout I have ever done!

  320. 330

    Boxing! My back and arms are still sore.

  321. 331

    I took a Krav Maga class once and could barely move my arms the next day. It was such a great workout, but what made it even better is it didnt really feel like a work out. Plus I felt pretty hardcore the entire time.

  322. 332

    mmmm……let’s see…I ran a 42 miles trail ultramarathon last saturday. I couldn’t train anything longer than the marathon distance due to some kidney issues in the previous months. Not sure when I have my legs back, but it was oh so worth it!! :D

  323. 333

    Most fun workout of the week- skiing!

  324. 334

    I did a great circuit workout this week that definitely kicked my butt. In a good way :)

  325. 335

    My gym started offering a TRX class and I tried it for the first time this week. It was awesome!

  326. 336

    The crow pose during my yoga session! I’m getting better, but oh man is that pose hard to hold!

  327. 337

    I have been running up and down the stairs all week. My husband had knee surgery and have been playing the role of nurse. So lots of stairs, deadlifts (helping husband up and down) and lots of extra weight on me as I help him walk. I haven’t been able to do my regular workouts, but this will have to do!

  328. 338

    My crossfit workout this morning was pretty killer:
    10 RFT
    5 burpee pull ups
    5 T2B
    5 HSPU
    5 Deadlift

    After round 3 I truly wasn’t sure how I’d make it to 10… but I did! : )

  329. 339

    i did crossfit three times this week…and now it’s awkward because i can’t walk without limping.

  330. 340
    Michelle W says

    I was away in disney for the weekend and when i returned to my spin class after a week of no workouts, I felt like I was sucking wind. I did 19 miles at 23.11MPH.

  331. 341

    i also tweeted! happy friday.

  332. 342

    I’ve been taking classes at a studio called Lithe Method here in Philadelphia. The classes are unlike anything I’ve done before and they totally kick my butt!

  333. 343

    I didn’t do an epic workout for anyone else, but it was epic for me after being restricted for 6 months. I did a three mile bike ride. Felt like I was going to cry. Getting ready to start 5k training, but I am a bit nervous. I don’t have ANY base fitness right now.

  334. 344

    Insanity! I’m starting Phase 1 all over again but it’s still so tough!

  335. 345

    I’ve been sick for a week but getting back to my Crossfit box has helped me get out of my funk! I took it *easy* and did a bootcamp, which was anything but easy. Just no heavy lifting for me this week :)

  336. 346

    6 mile runs with hill the entire way! my feet are definitely hating on me for that! Definitely time for some new sneaks!!

  337. 347

    The most kick butt workout that I did recently was a standing abs/obliques workout that I found on Pinterest from bender Okay, so I guess it didn’t kick my BUTT… but it kicked my ABS/Obliques :) Check it out if you’d like! IT’s quick, but killer!

  338. 348

    Today I did a 4mi walk followed by Boot Camp and then #plankaday for total cal burn of 700 and I’m feelin’ great!!

  339. 349
  340. 350

    I tweeted! @cox_2446

  341. 351

    I did a hill run for marathon training!

  342. 352

    I’m not much of a runner but have been working on increasing my mileage, and on Wednesday I ran 3.1 miles (with a bit of walking interspersed), then walked home from the gym. I ran/walked a total of more than 6 miles that day!

  343. 353

    My tough workout of the has to be the 3.25 mile run I did yesterday… outside… in the 33 degree weather. The sun made it feel a bit warmer, but it was the first time I’ve really braved the cold for a run and boy am I feeling it today!

  344. 354

    Also, I tweeted!

  345. 355

    I am always so jealous of the Reebok items that a bunch of you bloggers get. As a relatively new blogger, I can only hope that they will contact me some day:) This week my best workouts were a 4.5 mile treadmill run followed by teaching Dynamax Boot camp, and then teaching Kickboxing yesterday:)

  346. 356

    On Tuesday I did a brick workout of 30min run and then a 1 hour spin class. Awesome way to start the day!

  347. 357

    I ran 20 miles before work this week! I wanted to get it done so my weekend was free when I traveled back home (to your area, actually!). Felt pretty badass to do it.

  348. 358

    I started running again! After four months of moving/traveling, I have finally settled into my apartment and was able to start bringing running into my routine again! Damn the Bay Area is hilly! Kicked my butt, but felt good!

  349. 359

    I kicked my own butt in my basement with some HIIT and weights. Only 30 minutes but I could barely climb the stairs after!

  350. 360

    I tweeted!

  351. 361

    I did a half marathon!

  352. 362

    Tweeted! @salsapicante33

  353. 363

    I tweeted! I want to win a @Reebok gift card from @fANNEtasticfood ! #livewithfire #fitfluential

  354. 364
    Cassie Vaughn says

    I would love a Reebok gift card! I have been drooling over Tara Stiles’ new line of yoga wear, but I can’t afford it right now. I’ve never really been able to afford workout clothes and end up asking for it for Christmas. So I am always grateful (teacher’s salary) for the workout clothes they are not normally exactly what I would pick for myself.
    My best workout was Tara Stiles and Tia Mowry’s Core Yoga which I did yesterday. I also did Tara Stiles Strong from This is Yoga DVD on last Saturday and that always kicks my butt.
    I’m just now adding cardio back into my workout after a yoga/winter hiatus. :) The yoga actually did help me lose about 5 pounds, but mostly I just like doing it during the cold months. But I’m ready to hit the treadmill tomorrow for a quick HIIT run. :)

  355. 365
    Cassie Vaughn says


  356. 366

    I love your blog! This weeks hardest work out so far was:
    800m run
    100 front squats with 55lbs
    4 rounds:
    10 thrusters 55 pounds
    20 push ups
    4 rounds of:
    20 kb swings 35 lbs
    10 deadlifts 95 lbs
    Then once all the rounds are finished
    100 back squats at 55 lbs
    800m run!

    I got this work out from CrossFit Harlem- it kicked my butt literally and figuratively-it was so worth it. I wanted to give up but I didn’t want the “DNF” and I pushed through. This work out made my body stronger and it made my will power stronger! Thank you for the chance to win!

  357. 367

    I ran nine miles for the first time ever. It was exhilarating!

  358. 368

    My wife and I love spin class, great to workout together

  359. 369
  360. 370

    It’d be awesome to win! I just completed two supersets, 4 rounds of barbell curls, skull crushers and preacher curls, tricep dips. It kicked my butt!

  361. 371

    I do a class called “Rock the Bells” at my gym. LOVE IT. This week

    Part 1:
    25 Box Jumps/25 quick feet
    25 heavy kettlebells alternating swings
    12 kettlebell snatches
    12 jump push presses
    Bench press – 3x half way up 1x all the way up (repeat 4x); last time 12x full presses
    Tri-cep dips (5x down quick/up slow; 5x down slow/up quick; 5x regular)

    repeat part 1 3 more time for a total of 4 times

    Part 2
    12x bicep curls half way up
    12 bicep curls top half
    12x full bicep curls
    12x Arnold presses
    abs – 10x bicycles/10x scrissors – repeat 5 times
    Abs – V sit (30 seconds)
    Abs – with weight in hands alternating sides for 20x

    Repeat Part 2 3 more times for a total of 4x

    STRETCH and done! Phew!

  362. 372
    anissa (an) gooch says

    I did a boot camp at 6 am. My first ever. Loved it. I am really interested in this Cross Fit. Thanks for the article

  363. 373
  364. 374
    Jennifer L says

    I didn’t do any really kick butt workouts. I hurt my knee back in November and am just trying to ease into it now that I don’t feel any pain. So butt-kicking workouts will be happening soon!

  365. 375

    I ran longer than I’ve run since high school! Not going to post the distance since it’s embarrassingly short, but I was so proud of myself!

  366. 376

    And I tweeted. :)

  367. 377

    Workout….Jamie Easons’s live fit leg workout this week added super set plyos. I am still sore!!

  368. 378

    I tweeted the giveaway!

  369. 379

    60 minute spin class, 30 minute weight work out, killer. Love Reebok!

  370. 380

    The 1000 Rep Workout – total body cardio and weights. It’s awesome…when your done!

  371. 381
    nicole schulien says

    I took a spin class, it was awesome, I’ve been intimidated by spinning and never enjoyed it before, I think I’m finally starting to like it, and love the calorie burn!

  372. 382

    I ran a 5k twice this week on the treadmill! It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’ve had so many running injuries in the past that it has been really exciting!

  373. 383

    I did Bodypump last night and went up on all my weights for the first time in awhile. I love Reebok gear and would love to eventually try Crossfit.

  374. 384

    I did Crossfit Open workout 13.3 at Balance in DC! Made to through the double-unders (240 reps!) Those wallsballs… ouch. Can feel it in the quads today!

  375. 385

    Best workout I have done this week was the crossfit open 13.3 WOD! Holy cow, the 150 wallballs were intense!

  376. 386

    The half I just ran last weekend. I left it all out there, toe nail and all:)

  377. 387

    I ran in the Rock ‘n Roll DC half marathon last weekend too! Therefore, my workouts haven’t been too intense this week, but I did go on an awesome morning run with my sister on Wednesday.

  378. 388

    I just tweeted about the giveaway too!

  379. 389

    I did CrossFit Open 13.3 this morning. Oof. Going to be sore tomorrow!

  380. 390

    I did a track workout yesterday filled with lots of 200s and 400s. Any good track/speed workout is always tough.

  381. 391

    After being unable to workout for 3 weeks, yoga completely kicked my butt yesterday. I am so sore!

  382. 392

    My hardest workout this week was running 8 miles…in preparation for a half in May!

  383. 393

    I also tweeted! @lenkakollar

  384. 394

    I create my own lower body workout and then upper body workout then a stretch, it usually takes me 1.5 hours but I love strength training and would do it all day everyday if I could!

  385. 395

    well in 2 hours I’ll be doing 13.3, which i expect to be the most kick butt workout this week! and besides that, I did my own WOD on Wed – font lunges with 85# and then some dumb bell push presses and rowing. I’m happy to report that I was able to create quite an intense workout for myself :)

  386. 396

    My 10-mile marathon training run Sunday was pretty hardcore, especially when I turned around at the halfway mark and had to run the 2nd part while battling a blistering cold wind (weather in Maine).

  387. 397

    I also tweeted

  388. 398
    Stephanie O. says

    I ran my very first 5k! 10 minutes faster than I expected!!!

  389. 399
    Kelsey M. says

    I ran 3.30 miles on Tuesday!! That’s quite the accomplishment for me! :)

  390. 400

    I am STILL sore from the full body circuit workout that I did on Sunday…definitely didn’t think I would still be feeling it today!

  391. 401

    Weight training at the gym for sure!

  392. 402

    My toughest workout this past week was running 18 miles (for the first time in 12 years, 4 kids, and 1 knee surgery later) to prep for my comeback marathon (Country Music Marathon). And I did it in a pace faster than my 12, 14, and 16 mile training runs!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  393. 403

    I tweeted! @apprecfitness

  394. 404
    Kristy H. says

    I am training for a half marathon and I had my long run on Sunday. 9 miles. My longest run to date.

  395. 405

    I did a core workout this week that made it hurt to laugh for three days after!

  396. 406
    Nicole W. says

    I am loving crossfit right now plus I am training for my first 10K.

  397. 407

    I just completed this wokout and loved it! I am a fan of these types of wod bc they can be completed with minimal tools!

  398. 408

    pole fitness

  399. 409
    Anne-Marie says

    At bootcamp at the Y this week we did 5 sets of 20 reps apiece of bootcamp burpees, roll-outs, weighted sit-ups stand-ups, box jumps, and squats. It was killer!

  400. 410

    I ran 10.30 miles a few days ago. Kick butt it was.

  401. 411
  402. 412

    My little brother is an internationally ranked chess master. His grandmaster teacher recently prescribed daily exercise to add to his studies to up his stamina. I took him through a 25 minute “Boot Camp” on Thursday and he was pretty convinced he was going to die afterwards. Nice to know I can still teach my smarty-pants brother a thing or two! Thanks for the giveaway!

  403. 413

    I did a long run and weights on Monday

  404. 414
  405. 415

    I took a tough barre class that left my calves sore 3 days later!

  406. 416

    Mine will come tomorrow (Saturday) when I participate in the city’s 10K. I wouldn’t consider myself a “runner,” but a goal I have set for myself in 2013 is to complete the city’s triple crown (5K, 10K 10M)!!!

  407. 417

    We did some sprints up a hill this week that got me really winded and I definitely felt the burn.

  408. 418

    I did some craaazy intervals on the treadmill yesterday, my quads are screaming still!

  409. 419

    Actually the best workout I have done recently was skiing last Saturday. We went for a full day of skiing. We were there when they opened and stayed until they shut down. My legs were hurting the next day, but in a good way :o)

  410. 420

    Thanks for hosting! Best workout was my “Empty Tank” workout (1 mile, 20 pushups, 1 min elbow plank–repeat 3 times, aiming for negative splits). I did it on an indoor track (well, I moved off the track for the pushups and planks!!) and I was jazzed about my splits:7:58, 7:28, 7:08

  411. 421
  412. 422

    Every Saturday morning, I take back-to-back yoga classes. The first one is an hour long yoga fusion, where we lift weights in yoga poses, flow through poses at a fast pace, and use other equipment like body bars, resistance bands, pilates balls, etc. Last weekend, we did 500 reps of abs alone! Then, 15 minutes later I start an hour-long vinyasa flow class where we do inversions, backbends, etc. Always an awesome workout!

  413. 423
  414. 424
    Cellabella says

    My most kickbutt workout this week was a 6-mile run I did with my dog before work. Fun, (sorta) fast, and done before 7am!

  415. 425

    I did a Body Blast dvd by Jillian Michaels this past weekend, and oh man, did it kick my butt. I was sore for days afterward!

  416. 426
    Samantha C. says

    BodyPump kicked my butt this week!

  417. 427

    My most kick butt workout was running my first 5k! I have run a couple of half marathons, but never a 5k. It was challenging, because I am not used to running so fast in a race.

  418. 428
    Carrie P. says

    I did an hour long Tabata workout, followed by an hour of Zumba, and for the first time felt great afterwards!! Not even sore the next day :)

  419. 429

    this past week I took a class in NYC at “Nalini Method” which uses basic barre concepts but amped up. It sounds like a nice and easy class but it was no joke- I am SO sore!

  420. 430

    I did an arc trainer workout of HIIT for 55 minutes on level 8 of 10. Frick.

  421. 431

    I tweeted!

  422. 432

    I am training for my first 10k and did hill repeats wednesday, I felt like a real runner…. :)

  423. 433

    Earlier this week I did a speed workout at the track followed by tons of deadlifts and squats at the gym. My legs were killing me the next day!

  424. 434

    I took a cycling class this morning at 6:30am before work.. I know! who am i??

    It was amazing. I hadn’t worked out since running the rock n roll half last saturday, so it felt great to finally get my legs moving!

  425. 435

    I did BodyPump yesterday and my thighs are throbbing today!

  426. 436

    I increased my weight on squats and press this week after hitting a plateau for a while — finished it up with a self-made WOD: 21-15-9 kettlebell swings and lunges (holding the kettlebell). Lunges always kill me – especially after squats!

  427. 437
    Stefanie Gladden says

    my kickbutt workout from this week was –
    5 sets of squats 6 squats at 75 lbs
    5 sets of 6 military press at 45 lbs
    5 sets of 5 dumb bell rows at 20 lbs
    30 pull ups

  428. 438
    Stefanie Gladden says
  429. 439

    I’ve kicked my swim workouts up a notch by sprinkling in some sprints.

  430. 440

    Accidentally trekking the Golden Gate Bridge – twice. Fantastic view though!

  431. 443
    Jasmine H. says

    The most kick-butt workout I’ve done this week has been 20-min intervals on the treadmill, alternating between 6.5 and 10.0 speed!

  432. 444

    hiked koko head earlier in the week and plan to hike olomana tomorrow. kinda nervous!

  433. 445

    I would love to win this! I am a fairly new at CrossFit and did a horrible (in a good way!) Chipper the other day. Three days later and I can just begin to lift my arms again :)

  434. 446

    Does running around like a chicken with my head cut off count as a workout? I am a nurse and it has been a crazy week! I have been so exhausted after my shifts this week, I have just gone home and passed out. I would love the gift card to get a new pair of shoes!

  435. 447
    Healthy Eater says

    6-mile run at 7-min-per-mile pace, followed by multiple sets of abs and uppers… (And, great post!)

  436. 448

    My first spin class ever, at 6:30 am… and I am no morning person!

  437. 449

    I did a 10 miles run on Thursday that was particularly challenging due to the gusting winds. I thought I was so fast and awesome the first two miles, but then I turned a corner and realized that the wind was the impetus for my speed. Unfortunately, the last two miles of my run were SLOW, but I felt great to complete the distance.

  438. 450
  439. 451

    I walked 8 miles this AM! :-)

  440. 452

    I did a 30 minute circuit workout with 2 friends. It was tough and fun!

  441. 453

    My latest obsession is Barre Workouts and Body Pump. Though I recently tried a kickboxing class that left me sore for days. I’d love some fun new gear! :)

  442. 454
    Ashley N. says

    I tweeted!

  443. 455

    I’m in love with Pure Barre! I am always amazed at how much I can sweat during a ballet/pilates inspired class :)

  444. 456
    Ashley N. says

    Mine was a run on the treadmill of a hotel! I have traveled to CA for work so it has been hard to make time, but I manage. :)

  445. 457

    This morning’s workout (legs, glutes & abs):
    30 minutes elliptical
    10 minutes stairs

    15 reps each of the following:
    Standing Inner/outer hip rotation with kickbacks
    Step ups with Knee raises (25 lb bar)
    Reverse curtsy lunges (25 lb bar)
    Side & forward lunges onto step (25 lb bar)
    On bench: leg lifts, flutter kicks, roll ups
    Wall sits with 10 lb plate on knees
    Ham/glute back extensions
    Seated hamstring curls
    Repeat all of the above 3 times!!

    End with 6 minute plank challenge from carrots-n-cake!! Killer!

  446. 458

    I tweeted!

  447. 459

    I too ran the half marathon… that was my most kick-ass workout last week I guess ;-)

  448. 460

    ps: has tweeted ;-)

  449. 461

    This week I ran 5 miles, can’t wait to get outside to run longer!

  450. 462

    I did to the max and lower body trisets both by cathe Friedrich this morning.

  451. 463

    I think I have to go with 13.3!
    150 wall balls
    90 double unders
    30 muscle ups

    (I only got through the wall balls and about 15 double unders!)

  452. 464

    I did a 10 mile tempo run on Thursday… what made it kick-ass is I did it before work!

  453. 465
  454. 466

    Since I do all my work outs at home I LOVE pinterest. There are so many great work outs posted. I recently did a HIIT circuit that was full of burpees and totally kicked my butt. But in a good way. Haha. Funny how feeling like you’re almost going to die is so rewarding at the end!

  455. 467

    i tweeted. @AccidentlyDlish

  456. 468

    Definitely spin. It was a speed-focused workout and those always kill me!

  457. 469

    Yesterday I biked 30mi with my hubby. It was my longest ride this year and the course included some hills which totally kicked my butt!

  458. 470

    I’ve been doing Physique 57 videos for a year straight and am always amazed at how difficult they still are especially the 30 minute Advanced version. It burns…in a good way!

  459. 471

    Awesome power yoga at Yoga Del Sol in Georgetown.

  460. 472

    My most hardcore workout was definitely snowboarding for 7 hours, 2 days in a row this weekend! Ouch.

    I’m new here, love the blog & love the workout image! I already loaded it to my phone to take to the gym (when my legs recover..)

  461. 473
    Jennifer S says

    I did a 4 mile interval run with my husband that wiped me out… Still, I can’t wait to get out and run again.

  462. 474

    I ran my first half-marathon on Sunday, the NYC Half-Marathon!

  463. 475

    The most fun workout I did this week was about an hour of booty shaking dancing at a work event!

  464. 476

    I had a great 6.5 mile run following by an awesome yoga session!

  465. 477
    anna maria says

    An advanced yoga seminar on Saturday left me drenched in sweat and yet feeling elated, powerful, and relaxed at the same time.

  466. 478

    Since it’s finally getting a little warmer here in WI, I’ve started my spring running plan. 5 miles done this morning!

  467. 479

    I tweeted as well – @Kmscardino

  468. 480

    I did a really awesome plank workout this week! I LOVE them!

  469. 481


  470. 482

    Just did a spin class at flywheel – so intense! But my most kick ass class I did this week was a mixed martial arts class I did at my kids’ tae Kwan do studio. It’s only 30 minutes and it’s a great high intensity combo of crossfit, kickboxing and sparring intervals.

  471. 483

    the most recent kick-butt workout i did was at bootcamp class at my university’s gym — it was very crossfit-esque with plenty of box jumps!

  472. 484
    Nicole F. says

    I took a bootcamp class that worked my shoulders and biceps to absolute failure, I could barely do the ending round of push-ups. Love those shoes! I’ve been looking for a sneaker specifically for bootcamp that has a lot of traction for box jumps and agility exercises. Great giveaway!

  473. 485

    Did an 8 mile race in the pouring rain yesterday and then went out dancing in high heels ;) don’t know which made my legs mores sore!

  474. 486

    I cycled 24 kilometers (up a mountain) at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning in the freezing cold (it was flurrying!). No clue where the motivation came from… but loved that I did it afterwards!

  475. 487

    My kick butt workout was the 6 mile run I did yesterday because I am training for my 4th half marathon.

  476. 488

    I kicked some yoga butt this morning!

  477. 489

    I did the Heart Thumper HIIT workout paired with Malibooty…Loved it and love Reebok!

  478. 490
    Michelle M. says

    Yesterday I cranked out a 10 mile run…gotta love long run Sundays!

  479. 491

    Love this giveaway! I actually worked out twice this weekend on Saturday – one was a lower body strength workout filled with squats, deadlifts and hamstring exercises. The other was more fun – agility drills with a resistance bungee cord, speed ladder work and slam balls! It was so fun but challenging – I am still sore today!

  480. 492

    10 mile run! Yay!!
    This is gym week for me with lots of weights, stretching, etc. ;-)

  481. 493

    latest workout was:
    2 rounds for time:
    400m run, 25 squats, 400m run, 25 situps, 400m run, 25 high sumos 45/65, 400m run,
    25 pushups, 400m run, 25 burpees


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