D.C. Policy Field Trip

Hi, friends!

My grad school classmates and I are having a very informative week so far for our policy course “field trip.” Yesterday’s sessions included learning about and discussing the government’s role in nutrition education, the impact of budget cuts on nutrition and prevention programs, and what is currently happening in nutrition labeling. It was a very interesting day — we had a great variety of speakers join us from a bunch of DC nutrition-related organizations.

I brought a big group over to see the White House when we were done, since it was only a few blocks away. :)




Today’s sessions are taking place on Capitol Hill — we’ll be chatting about the legislative process, learning about how nutrition fits into the farm bill, and debating whether the government should have a role in food marketing. Interesting stuff! I apologize for the  short post — focusing on the sessions and being a good host to the girls. :)

Happy Thursday!


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    Oh how I love DC. Are you running in the Cherry Blossom this year? I’m coming down that weekend and I would LOVE to meet up if you are around. (I can’t remember when you said you were moving back to DC this year)

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      Sadly not – we’ll be moving back shortly after that and I think I might have a wedding that weekend anyway? Probably next year, though! :)

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    Looks like a fun trip. Common sense can be used greatly to determine nutrition value. I guess you have to have lived life to be able to use some common sense. Really looks like a fun day.

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    This looks like a fun trip. Such a great opportunity to be able to speak with all these organizations! Have a great day!

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    You were so close to my office! Sorry you all had such a chilly day to walk around…

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    I LOVE that your program is doing a poilicy intensive. As an MPHer who works on the Hill it makes me very happy. You all should go down to the Longworth Cafeteria (in one of the House office buildings) and judge our less-than-healthy grub!

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    Wow it looks so cold in DC!! I’m envious of your trip to the white house. When I went on our trip in 8th grade there were so many people out there it was a mad house.

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    Lovely! I’m quickly learning that walking around DC is a blast :)

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    Glad that you are having a great “field trip” :) I think it’s neat that you get to be apart of all of that. :)

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    Despite the fact that you have to do school work over break, I am glad you are having fun!

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    I wish I could have attended this!!! I’m in law school and with my new interest in nutrition, this would be right up my alley!

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    Adventurer says:

    Hope you had an awesome day with the posse! Looks like quite a crew. :-)

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    That sounds so awesome! I used to work on Capitol Hill, and I get nostalgic for when I see things like this. I def. miss being involved in political atmosphere. :) I especially love everything food policy related, such interesting stuff. Sounds like it went well!

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    wow this is so interesting. i would love to hear more!

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