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Well, my birthday weekend didn’t turn out as we hoped! In Friday’s post I mentioned I was sick; fortunately I was feeling much better by that evening and it turned out to be a quick one day thing. But by late on Friday Matt was starting to feel a bit off, and by Saturday morning, my birthday, he was officially sick! Bummer timing, right?! Poor guy. 

We cancelled all our plans and decided we will have a birthday re-do next weekend. Oh well! 

I was feeling well enough to do some cooking on Friday night, so we had a cozy night in and an early bedtime for all. I made a variation of my Butternut Squash + Turkey Chili recipe but minus the rice, with sweet potato instead of the butternut squash, and with different beans. 

turkey sweet potato chili

It came out quite yummy despite this photo not looking super appetizing. ;)

Saturday morning, upon discovering Matt was sick, he got sent back to bed and Riese and I came downstairs and had some oatmeal. I made it on the stovetop and followed my high protein oatmeal recipe with chia seeds + almond butter added. 

Sidenote – I just bought these cool silicone stretch lids on Amazon (affiliate link) last week and they are awesome… wanted to recommend!

I bought them for some tupperware/glass food containers we have that we lost the lids for, but I discovered they are a great alternative to tin foil or plastic wrap for regular bowls of leftovers (like oatmeal), too. Stretchy and they make a really tight seal! 

Riese, Freyja the dog, and I headed out after breakfast for a walk. It was a super nice morning… I was sad Matt couldn’t join us! 

We dropped Freyja back at the house after a bit and then Riese and I continued on for coffee, the farmer’s market, and the playground before coming home for lunch. 

Lunch was some rotisserie chicken, greens, 90 second plain brown rice, feta, and vinaigrette. (Riese had rice, one bite of chicken, and some cheese and fruit.)

If you want more rotisserie chicken ideas, check out this blog post: 11 Things to Do with Rotisserie Chicken.

We all rested while Riese was resting, and then we spent the afternoon and evening hanging around the house.

Canned soup for dinner, and, once Riese and Matt were both asleep, I made some popcorn and binge watched “Younger” (sooo good). 

We were hoping Matt would be feeling better by Sunday morning since my sickness was a one day and done deal, but unfortunately he was still super sick – boo!

So, Riese and I did our same routine from the previous morning, and then we came back and had more soup with Matt for lunch before all taking naps again.

Matt was feeling better by the afternoon, so he encouraged me to stick with my evening plan, which was dinner out with friends! My college friends Sarah, Kathleen, and I hadn’t gotten together in FOREVER – it was such a treat to catch up with these two. 

We went to Birch + Barley in DC; I’ve been there before but it had been a really long time so I was excited to be back! It’s a cool space and atmosphere, and the menu is great, too. 

I started with some Cava and then moved on to a sour beer. Yum!

birch and barley dc dinner

For dinner, we shared a whole slew of small plates, plus one entree – the scallops. Everything was great, but a few standouts were the brussels sprout leaves salad + the watermelon salad… and the mushroom toast and scallops! 

birch and barley dc dinner

We planned the dinner as a normal dinner date, not associated with my birthday, but since it was so close to my birthday this dessert with a candle appeared. So sweet! 

Highly recommend Birch + Barley if you’re looking for a cool spot in DC.

It was a great end to the weekend… and I’m looking forward to my belated birthday celebrations with Matt next weekend. :) 

What’s your most memorable birthday? My favorite was definitely my 30th, because I ran the Clarendon Day 10k (and set a new PR) in the morning, and then the rest of the day was a combined bachelorette wine tour party followed by a 30th birthday after-party with guys included! It was soooo fun. The next day was not so fun, as you can imagine, but it was worth it. ;)


  1. 1

    Happy Birthday to you! Sorry you and Matt were sick, but you have something to look forward to this weekend.🤸🏽‍♂️

    I’m always envious of the variety of food you can get your daughter to eat. I struggle along with my daughter to get my 3-year-old granddaughter to eat anything. I will keep introducing healthy foods to her, but she is stubborn. I honestly don’t know how she survives. Sighhhhh.

    • 2

      It’s pretty hit or miss re: Riese’s food – my best advice is to just continue to offer new foods but don’t push them – just have them there as neutral options on the plate – if you try to push it they will turn it into a battle and say no no matter what just to “win”, so the key is just to keep it as a neutral option, and they will eventually give it a shot!

  2. 3

    I’m so sorry Matt was sick, but extending your birthday celebrations will be lovely! It looks like you still had quite an amazing time with your friends. I hope everyone is back to being well this week!

  3. 5

    Happy Birthday, Anne! I’m sure your Birthday Weekend 2.0 will be just as lovely.

  4. 7

    happiest birthday Anne!! so sorry it wasn’t quite as planned, and glad you and matt are feeling better. next weekend will be lovely! i hope you know how fabulous you are– as a woman, blogger, dietician, wife, mama…all the things <3 you deserve the best day and a great year ahead!

  5. 9
    Courtney Wilton says

    Happy Birthday! And how good is Younger, i binge watched the entire 6 seasons in a week (new mum life!)
    Hope your belated celebrations are fun :)

  6. 12

    HAAAAAAAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!!! Glad you are improvising with an extended birth-week celebration. Must run soon!

  7. 14

    Thanks for the silicon lid recommendation. I’m trying to reduce our use of things like plastic wrap and aluminum foil so I will have to get some of those!

    Bummer that Matt was sick on your birthday. You definitely deserve a ‘redo’ next weekend. Hopefully you are all back to full health (hoping that little Riese doesn’t catch it!).

    My best birthday was also my 30th birthday. My girlfriends hosted a French-themed 30th birthday party. And then that next week I took a solo trip to Paris for a week. I was single at the time so that’s why I went by myself. I didn’t want my relationship status to hold me back from doing something fun/special. I had THE BEST time. I rented an apartment in the Marais area of Paris and had the best trip.

  8. 16

    Sorry your birthday weekend wasn’t all that you hoped it would be. But seemed nice in the end! Congrats!

  9. 17

    Happy Birthday Anne! Here’s to a magical celebration next weekend that’s even better than the one you’d originally planned! I actually just tried Birch & Barley a couple weekends ago. My roommate and I went for boozy brunch, and it was absolutely delightful :D

  10. 19

    Happy Birthday Anne !!!🎂🎊 This grandma in Texas has followed and loved your blog since before you got married and had Riese. Just figured out how to respond,Lol always learning. Also you have the Best photos

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