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Hi guys! I thought I would mix it up and do a day in the life post today… I always love reading these on other blogs and I know you guys enjoy them, too!

This day in the life is from one of my mommy days at home with Riese (I work Mon/Tues/Thurs and get to be home with her Weds/Fri).

Here’s what we were up to all day on Wednesday of this week!

6:30am: Wake up! Can’t fall back asleep (I often get up at 5:45 or 6 for workouts, so I have a hard time sleeping much later on my off days) so I read in bed for a little bit before I hear Riese moving around. 

7am: Riese is up! Matt is about to head out the door for an early meeting, so he goes in to change her and say good morning before passing her off to me. 

7:15am: Nurse Riese, then head downstairs and start making breakfast while Riese clings to my legs. 

7:45am: Breakfast! Terrible photo, but we both have fried eggs (runny yolk for me, cooked yolk for her) and PB toast with some hemp seeds sprinkled on top for extra omega 3s and protein. 

Riese eats most of her toast and a bite or two of the eggs, which I finish off for her. ;)

8:15am: Play + get both of us changed out of PJs and ready for the day.

It’s cold but beautifully sunny after a few days of rain, so I text my mom friend Jen to see if her and her little man want to come take a stroll with us. She’s in – yay!

9-10am: Walk with Riese strapped to me and Freyja (the dog) in tow! Feels great to get some fresh air and to catch up with my friend. 

10:15am: Try to get Riese down for a nap but she’s not super into it… maybe we are getting ready to go back to just one nap a day instead of two? She was doing that for awhile but switched it up on me! 

10:30am: She’s down!

Race around to clean up the kitchen, take a shower, and then sit down to have a quick snack (crackers + hummus) + an unpictured whole milk latte.

11am: Riese is up!

She has always been a really short napper so I’m not surprised, but that was short even for her! I nurse her and then get her changed and ready to go – we are having lunch with her great grandmother!

I snack on some almonds in the car on the way there (OBSESSED with these truffle marcona almonds from TJ’s) because I’m still pretty hungry and need to take the edge off. ;) (Don’t worry, I took this photo while parked!)

12pm: Arrive at great grandma’s!

We have lunch in the cafe in her retirement community building, and Riese is QUITE the hit with the elderly crowd as you can imagine. ;) 

I didn’t get a photo, but I have a Greek salad with salmon on top, and Riese eats a whole banana (she’s obsessed), lots of salmon, and feta cheese. 

1pm: Play upstairs in great grandma’s apartment!

It’s such a gift to be able to bring Riese to spend time with her – I know it makes her day, and it makes me happy to see her so happy.

And I managed to keep Riese from breaking anything so that’s a win!

1:45pm: Pack up and head home – I’m trying to avoid Riese being too tired and falling asleep in the car because once that happens, it’s impossible to transfer her to the crib.

Sidenote for my parent readers – do your kids also rip off their shoes/socks/hats/anything they can while in the car?

Every. Time. Lol.

2:15pm: Arrive home and get Riese down for a nap. 

Time for a snack, I’m hungry again! I want something pretty filling so I decide to make my microwave banana oatmeal, topped with cottage cheese and walnuts. 

2:45pm: Aaaaand she’s awake.

Maybe it really is time for one nap per day again… but who knows because yesterday she slept longer/better and still did 2 naps.

So hard to figure out schedules – once you get in a routine it changes on you!

She is pretty upset when she wakes up and seems hungry, so we come right down and have a snack. She’s flipping out so no photo – apparently I should have given her a snack before her nap!

She snacks on some peas, which she loves, and a mix of Cheerios and Power-Os (like Cheerios but made with beans, which is cool, and nice because Riese won’t eat beans normally), plus some whole milk. 

3:15pm: Play upstairs in the nursery!

4pm: A couple mom friends and I decide to meet up at the park for a quick playdate since it’s still sunny and a bit warmer out, so Riese and I walk over and meet them. She has a blast!

5pm: Back home, and time for Riese’s dinner! 

She has some more leftover peas, plus shredded chicken (what you see x 2) and a quinoa and spinach dish (from Raised Real, which we are still loving – if you want to try them use my affiliate code ANNE3854 at checkout for $25 off).

She eats almost all of the peas and quinoa and crushes the chicken.

We share some Annie’s white cheddar bunnies for “dessert.” ;) She LOVES these things.

5:30pm: Head upstairs to play and start getting Riese slowly ready for bed. 

6:15pm: Riese is really tired and so am I, and Matt is at a work happy hour so I’m not trying to keep her up in time to see him, so I decide it’s going to be an early bedtime night. (She normally goes down around 6:30/45 so it’s not that much earlier than normal.)

We read some books, I nurse her again and then she drinks some extra whole milk (for my readers with kids around Riese’s age, we love this cup if you are looking for a good straw cup for milk to transition away from the bottle), I get her in her PJs and zip up blanket, and then I put her down and say goodnight!

6:30pm: I’m not quite hungry for dinner yet thanks to all the cheddar bunnies and the super filling oatmeal from earlier, so I decide to take an epsom salt bath!

My legs are really sore from a boot camp I went to the morning before with the girls and it feels amaaazing to soak and relax. 

7:15pm: Dinner time!

I was thinking of making a Blue Apron, but I’m not sure if Matt will be hungry when he’s home so I decide to eat leftovers instead – we still have some of the Thai Lemongrass Chicken dish I made over the weekend. I have some atop brown rice. 

7:45pm: Matt is home!

We hang out, catch up, and then decide to make popcorn (still obsessed with putting nutritional yeast on popcorn) and relax on the couch with some Netflix. :) We’ve been watching “Friends From College” – it’s not 100% the best show I’ve ever seen but it’s pretty funny so we’re sticking with it!

9pm: Get ready for bed, then hop in bed and read – I started “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” recently and have been finding it interesting and helpful – highly recommend! 

9:45pm: Lights out!

I’m always exhausted after my mommy days with Riese but they are by far my favorite days of the week. :)

If you’re curious to read previous day in the life posts, you can find them here!

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  1. 1

    My son took really short naps for a while when he was switching to one nap – it is such a tough transition! He did eventually start taking one longish nap a day though, hang in there!

  2. 2

    does she always wake up at 7? and always always at 645? that’s a pretty long night!

    • 3

      Yeah she’s a good nighttime sleeper! She generally goes to bed between 6:30 and 7pm, and wakes up between 6 and 7am. She will often wake up around 6 or 6:30 but just kind of hang out in her crib, not crying or anything, so we don’t usually go get her up until she starts making noise.

  3. 6

    A wonderful post! Thanks for sharing all the details. A very, very full day; in fact, it makes me slightly exhausted just to read it all! You clearly make the most of your days with Riese!

  4. 7

    In your breakfast photo does the bowl Riese is using suction to the table? I’d like to give my 18 mo old bowls and plates but he is a real thrower 😂 If you like it would you share a link? Thank you so much! Riese is beautiful and reminds me a lot of my little guy! ❤️

  5. 9

    I love this post style, and I appreciate your effort to record and share it!

  6. 11

    I recently read that book too! I thought it was great. I had read The One Thing a few years ago (similar concept), but I found Essentialism to be so much better. Now I’m reading the Untethered Soul . . . totally different! It’s fascinating, but challenging some mornings when I’m trying to get my groggy brain to focus at 5:30am (I do a Miracle Morning).

  7. 12

    I read (part) of Essentialism and the biggest thing I got out of it was the idea that if I say “yes” to one thing, then I’m saying “no” to something else. That was so helpful to me. When did you know it was a good idea to start setting your alarm for early morning workouts? Just read your 4-month day in the life and you were doing it then. Would love to know your thought process & how you went about that. I have a 4 month old and wonder if that’d get me going for the day…but the pumping (and less sleep) before makes me not so excited.

    • 13

      That concept resonated with me, too – makes a lot of sense and puts things in perspective.

      In terms of the early workouts, I think around 4 months I was doing one early morning workout per week. It was a lot of logistics and effort to make it happen in terms of the earlier wake up and the pumping, so I didn’t do it every day or anything! I would definitely ease in. Try one day a week and see how it goes – if you feel like the exercise drained you rather than energized you, then that could be an indication to hold off on the super early workouts for a bit longer. Make sure the exercise is reducing rather than adding stress! :)

  8. 16

    Have you guys watched Schitt’s Creek? SO funny.

  9. 18

    Thanks for the great post! If you have not already done so, you need to get a four generation picture with your grandmother! It will be such a keepsake!

  10. 20

    Essentialism is my favorite book of all time! Read it every year.


  11. 21

    Hi Anne! How often are you nursing Reese now? Did you introduce whole milk around a year?

    • 22

      I’m nursing her about 3 times per day now – generally first thing, after her morning nap (generally this is right before lunchtime), and then before bed. I could see the before bed one going soon though because I don’t have much milk around that time of day. In terms of our whole milk introduction, you can read about that in my one year baby update post:

  12. 23

    You’ve probably posted it previously, but what is the placemat/bowl that you have for Reise? That looks so handy!

  13. 25

    Fun to read a day in your life! Makes me miss when my kids were little.

  14. 26

    I feel you on the throwing off shoes/socks in the car! My toddler does that with shoes, socks, ponytails, hair clips and anything else she can. We normally just wait now to put her shoes on and fix her hair until we get to where we are going!

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