All the Burritos + Walks

Morning, guys! I’m officially going to take the time once a month or so to stock my freezer with make-ahead breakfast burritos. It’s so nice to have them to grab as either a snack or a meal! Sometimes on more hectic mornings I’d find I was waiting too long to eat, so it has been really helpful to have something filling and FAST on hand. I’ve been unwrapping them and adding fresh greens and hot sauce after they are warmed up to make them feel more fresh! 

make ahead burrito

Matt loves them too and was already talking about wanting to make more when these are gone – the next round will have more bacon and sausage, per his request. ;)

We did a lot of freezer eating this weekend. Another day I defrosted some leftover Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup that hit the spot for a chilly day lunch. I’ve been really liking making a big batch of something over the weekend, and then after I’ve eaten it a couple times I’ll freeze the rest so that I can enjoy it when I’m no longer sick of it! This also works well because Matt isn’t super into leftovers so it’s mostly just me eating it after the first round. 

chicken tortilla soup

For dinner last night, Matt and I made our first of the ready to cook meals I prepped with friends at the meal prep party last weekend. We decided to start things off with the Thai Lemongrass Chicken (you can find recipe details + all the other recipes that we prepped in my blog post all about the meal prep party). 

It was really easy – once it was thawed, we just tossed it into the Instant Pot. I decided it needed more veggies so I stirred in bok choy + zucchini after it was done cooking. 

thai lemongrass chicken

The Instant Pot tends to kind of pulverize veggies, or at least make them really really soft, and I like more firm veggies, so this worked out perfectly. The broth was hot enough to soften them but they didn’t end up mushy. 

Served over rice!

thai lemongrass chicken

One last food highlight from the weekend: this fun kale (!) cocktail I had on Saturday night! Matt, Riese, and I had an early dinner with friends at Green Pig in Clarendon, and this cocktail was calling my name. It was Ketel One cucumber mint botanical, fresh kale, apple-grape juice, ginger essence, and St. Germain foam. So creative! And not too sweet – I don’t like overly sweet cocktails.

kale cocktail

Dinner was shared fries + a salmon dish I didn’t get a photo of because I was sharing it with Riese who was in my lap. :)

As for fitness this weekend, Matt and I had our usual back to back training sessions with Paul of Capital Energy Training at our place on Saturday morning. This time, we did some more hip mobility work and Paul also spent some time working on arm/shoulder mobility and breaking up tissue in my arms and hands. My hands feel better than they did a few months ago, but I definitely still have a bit of soreness/stiffness from overuse because of holding Riese a lot in a way my hand/arm weren’t used to pre-baby. 

On Sunday, I also got out for a yoga class. My mom friend Jen was teaching as a sub so I was excited to go and support her. It was a lovely flow!

Overall, it was a really chill weekend. We spent a lot of time at home playing with Riese, getting stuff done around the house, and taking family walks, which we all love. 

I hope you guys had nice weekends – see you back here on Wednesday!


  1. 1

    The breakfast burrito idea is a wonderful one. That is a real keeper!

  2. 2

    Freezing meals is a great idea for busy weeks and I love burritos! Sounds like you had a good weekend.

  3. 4

    Just wanted to thank you for the freezer burrito inspiration. We had to travel to a very rural area for a family funeral. My daughter is vegan and we knew there would be no vegan options where we were headed. No problem – I had a stash of frozen vegan burritos (black bean sweet potato and red pepper pinto bean). I just threw some in a cooler and we easily microwaved what we needed at the hotel (and in the church kitchen). I will never be without a stash of freezer to microwave burritos – the perfect portable nutritious comfort food.

    • 5

      I’m so sorry to hear about the family funeral, but thrilled that my burritos made the trip easier logistically for everyone. Sounds like you did a great job planning ahead!

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