Cherry Blossom Running Adventures + Brooks Shoe Giveaway!

You guys – this view was SO worth getting out of bed early to run for.

cherry blossom sunrise dc

Every year, I eagerly look forward to the arrival of the cherry blossoms in DC. Spring is such a fun time to be in this city! Everyone is out running, shedding their winter layers, and reveling in the warmer weather, and as if the arrival of beautiful spring running weather wasn’t enough, we also get a week of these gorgeous blossoms.

jefferson memorial cherry blossom sunrise

One of my favorite things to do when the cherry blossoms are out is to do a morning run date with friends to see them. Not only do we get amazing sunrise views, but we also get to see the cherry blossoms without the hordes that show up later in the day and on the weekends. There were more people out this morning than there have been in years past (the row of photographers lined up with huge cameras to get the sunrise shot I included above was kind of comical – see below), but it was still awesome.

cherry blossom dc photographers

I really hope these are still out by next weekend for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler – we’ll see! They peaked a little earlier than usual this year thanks to the warmer weather.

dc cherry blossom photography 2016

I was joined on this fun running adventure by friends Kathleen, Sarah, and Chelsea! Quite the crew this morning – made it feel like a very early party. :)

cherry blossom dc running

running the cherry blossom tidal basin

We met up at 6:30 in Georgetown since it’s easy to park there in the morning and ran to the tidal basin from there. The Georgetown waterfront was looking lovely as the sun rose!

georgetown running sunrise

And how cool is that moon?!

georgetown waterfront running

From Georgetown, we ran along the water and over to the tidal basin via our old friend Lincoln.

reflecting pool dc sunrise

sunrise view from lincoln memorial

As you can see, we did a little running and a LOT of photo taking this morning. ;)

cherry blossom runner

Tank is my new fave c/o Brooks: Brooks Ghost Racerback Running Tank

There were a bunch of people doing engagement photos out there, although this little dude was my favorite model. ;) How CUTE is he?!

dog on bike cherry blossoms dc

5 miles done! Ended up being a solid workout in addition to a fun adventure. :)


I was wearing a shiny new pair of Ravenna 7’s on this morning’s run, courtesy of my friends at Brooks! Cute, right?


I’ve been wearing the Ravennas for years and years now and always love them! These are no exception – they felt great right out of the box. These shoes are especially good for long runs since they are more supportive than my other favorite Brooks shoes (the PureConnect 4, which I wear mostly for the track/speed/races). Highly recommend!

Another pair of Brooks shoes I had the chance to try lately was the Neuro – crazy looking, huh? Also, apparently Brooks is all about the teal this year – love it! The Neuro is built for speed – those are propulsion pods on the outsole. They are relatively lightweight, too (not quite as lightweight as the Pure line but lighter than my Ravennas). They also have a cool hammock system in the shoe under the sock liner that eliminates extra volume and improves foot alignment.

brooks neuro review

You guys know I’m always honest with my reviews so I’ll say that these weren’t my fave – they didn’t fit my foot shape very well and I had problems with one of the tongues sticking into my ankle a bit. But, my foot is not the same as everyone else’s and what doesn’t work for me might work for others so I still wanted to share this cool new product with you guys!

Also worth mentioning: if you are looking for a basic, well fitting shirt, their Steady State LS which I was sent recently to try gets a big thumbs up. Love the airy mesh back and the DriLayer fabric wicking! It comes in a basic short sleeve and sleeveless version, too.

Brooks Running Shoe Giveaway!

And now – for a giveaway! As part of my Brooks Run Happy Blogger Ambassadorship and to help you guys join me in celebrating spring running season, Brooks has offered to send one lucky blog reader the running shoe of their choice. They have a cool new “Shoe Finder” quiz on their site that can help you to find the best shoe for you, so to enter to win the giveaway, try out the Shoe Finder and then follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below! U.S. residents only, please. Good luck and run happy, my friends!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note that there are affiliate links in this post.


  1. 1

    I am so envious of the cherry blossom trees and your running route! All I get is plain and boring oak trees!

    • 2

      I forgot to tell you my results! I do a lot of trail running so I got the PureGrit 4.

      The most “run happy” run I’ve done lately was last Sunday when I did my long run of 13.1 miles. The weather was perfect and while I may have been slow, my pace was steady and challenging. When I was done I felt like I could have gone another 5 miles!

  2. 3

    no way, i literally just left DC yesterday and the cherry blossoms already look so much better! BUT i was still happy i got to see some, and it wasn’t too crowded!
    AND it’s time for me to get new running shoes! I was going to start my search in May but i’d LOVE some Brooks! I’d have to go to my local running company to find my fit though :D

  3. 4

    I took the quiz and got Women’s Glycerin 13 SUPER SOFT as my result. Runs over the last few weeks have been super happy with the change in the weather! I feel myself more energized even before my run starts because of the birds chirping and fresh air.

  4. 5

    What a gorgeous view this morning! I got the Glycerin 13 from the shoe finder – can’t wait to try them!

  5. 6

    I got the glycerin! And I got up early yesterday to run the tidal basin. Love love love this time of year.

  6. 7

    I wish I could make it back for the Cherry Blossom race this year, it is such a great race! I ran in the Ravennas for several years but recently switched to the Launch 3 and am in love. It is such a lightweight, but sturdy, shoe and the sweet new kaleidoscope pattern is great.

  7. 8

    Took the quiz and got the Ravenna 7 and I actually already have a pair of these and love them! Would love to have another in a different color :)

  8. 9
    Stephanie K says

    I got the Glycerin 13! That’s actually what I wear right now too, so apparently the tool works well :)

    I had an awesome run on Monday. Nothing particularly special, but it was the perfect combination of sun and warm (but not too warm) weather, sunshine, and movement after a very antsy day of work. I was in need of that!

  9. 10

    I got the transcend 3! I live right by the water in Portland, ME, so running along there is alwaya a happy place :)

  10. 11

    I hope to win the giveaway! In the market for new shoes – the quiz says I should try the Transcend 3’s!

  11. 12

    Pure cadence. I ran in Colorado this morning after our huge snowstorm yesterday. Kind of ridiculous but the moon and flatirons were beautiful as sun rose

  12. 13
    Stacie Smith says

    I have worn Brooks for years. The shoe that was recommended for me was the women’s Glycerin 13. It has a lot of cushion and glides pretty well.

  13. 14

    glycerin 13s–cool pics!

  14. 15

    Sooo nice! My results gave me the Women’s PureFlow 5 SOFT & FLEXIBLE shoe and they look AMAZING!

  15. 16

    I would love the new Ravenna 7s! My favorite shoe and just what the shoe finder ordered!

  16. 17

    Racer ST 5! Also did a woman’s day run with all the women in my running club and was definitely a run happy moment.

  17. 18

    Glycerin 13 is my shoe! We are having a few chilly days here in IA but hope to get out and run tomorrow!

  18. 19

    They recommended the pureflow 5 which I own! Nice. My happy moment was getting speedy on the treadmill this morning!

  19. 20
    Kylie Falk says

    I got the Women’s Launch 3! Would be perfect for my half marathon I’m training for come May – The Famous Potato run in Boise Idaho!

  20. 21

    I got the pure flow!

  21. 22

    I wanted to try the PureFlows… I

  22. 23

    I’ve worn Brooks for the past few years and love them. Adrenaline’s all the way :)

  23. 24

    I got the Transcend 3 from the shoe finder! I have only tried this shoe in the store and would love to own a pair! The weather in the New England area is just getting warmer and I am looking forward to running outside rather than a treadmill indoor!

  24. 25

    I took the quiz and got the new Ravenna 7s!

  25. 26

    My quiz results are for the Energize Me Launch 3 Running Shoe. My run happy moment is when I get in a run early in the morning while it’s still quiet and peaceful outside.

  26. 27

    I got the Ravenna 7s :)

  27. 28

    I took the quiz and received Women’s PureFlow 5 as my best fit. Would love to try them out!

    I recently ran in Arizona- very pretty mix of mountains and desert!

  28. 29
    Stephanie says

    Launch 3 for me!

  29. 30

    I got the Ravenna 7! Sounds like a great shoe that I would really like to try out. I have worn the Adrenaline’s before, but they were a tad too clunky or heavy for me. I am very anxious to try out another Brooks shoe! I have worn Mizuno’s for years before I tried Brooks, but had so many knee issues that I thought it was worth trying out another line. Brooks proved to be a great shoe, but I think the Ravennas would be more my style.

  30. 31

    I was out there this morning too! It was gorgeous, despite the crowds. Great pics!

  31. 32
    Stephanie Hansbury says

    I got the Glycerin’s which is one of my go-to pairs of sneakers!

  32. 33

    I took the quiz and got the PureFlow 5! My most recent “run happy” run was only a few miles over to a local park and back, but it was the first real run since the weathers started to turn (still pretty cold in upstate ny), so it just felt amazing to be outside.

  33. 34

    The quiz brought me to the Transcend 3 running shoe! Looks like a great shoe! I just started running and surprised the heck out of myself by being about to run/jog 6.5 miles! Once I learned to slow down my pace so I could breath well it started to click for me.

  34. 36
    caylin Overfield says

    Pure connects please!
    Love the brooks line of shoes!!

  35. 37

    Adrenaline GT13!

  36. 38

    These pictures are beautiful! Makes me want to go running in DC. Thanks for sharing.

  37. 39

    The shoe finder is so neat! I got the Women’s Launch 3!

  38. 40

    Pure flow 5! Awesome giveaway!

  39. 41

    I got the Pure Flow – love them!

  40. 42

    The Glycerin was recommended for me, which is good, because that’s what I wear!

  41. 43

    I got the connect me shoes which I love. I’ve challenged myself to run every day in March and have been loving our current weather. I don’t run far everyday. Some days even just 1 or 2 miles. Through this challenge I am really learning to love running again!

  42. 44

    Glycerin 13! I wear Ravennas so that was a surprise. Great pics btw!

  43. 45
    Tara Chavanne says

    I <3 Brooks Ghost!!

  44. 46

    Brooks pure cadence! I’ve gone between brooks pure flow and pure cadence in the past so i’m glad to know I was in the right shoes all along!

  45. 47

    Women’s Launch 3, love the color choices! I’ve been running outside by the east river early in the morning and its beautiful.

  46. 48

    I got the new Glycerins! Such a great giveaway!

  47. 49

    I love Brooks shoes and the Ravenas! I got the limited animal print ones though, and the upper doesn’t allow as much movement for some reason 😢

  48. 50

    Brooks tells me what I already knew: I’m a Ravenna girl! Recently, ran my first Disney race…lots of happy miles!

  49. 51

    The PureFlow running shoes. Love! My favorite run lately was the Warrior Dash race I did with a great friend

  50. 52

    I got the Glycerin 13. My run on Sunday was the best one I’ve had in weeks, I felt great and there were lots of pups out and about.

  51. 53

    Women’s launch 3 is the shoe for me! I am nearing the end of my marathon training cycle in preparation for the Boston Marathon. I have been all about getting a group together for my long runs! It is always so much easier to tackle those long runs with friends to chat away with!!

  52. 54

    Pureflow 5!

  53. 55
    Angela Bartz says

    I got the Adrenaline ASR 12! I have been looking for a trail shoe to try out, since I am running much more on trails than roads these days.

  54. 56

    The quiz recommended the Launch. Neat! My best run involved a sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial.

  55. 57

    Those views should convert us all to morning runners.

  56. 58

    Those pictures are SO gorgeous!! I took the quiz and got the PureFlow 5. The flowers in Nashville just started blooming too, which make runs even prettier!

  57. 59
    Jessica C says

    Women’s Trascend 3!

  58. 60

    Adrenaline all the way! I have always wanted to see the blossoms! Awesome giveaway!

  59. 61

    Those pics are simply beautiful!

    The quiz recommended Pure Flow 5 for me and they’re super cute! :)

  60. 62

    The shoe picker chose the Women’s Glycerin, but the switcher picked the Defyiance to be the most similar to what I’m wearing now.

  61. 63

    I took the quiz and got the Unisex Racer ST 5. Can’t say I love the color selection but if they really work for me I’d get over it. :)

  62. 64

    I got the Ravenna 7’s. I’ve been wanting to try Brooks. I’ve ran in Mizuno Inspires for the past several years and I’m not really happy with the changes they’ve made to the design.

    I really just the spring weather. My recent run happy moment is running with my husband to the gorgeous park we have downtown. The waterfall in the spring is such a wonderful sight.

  63. 65
    Lauren Plowman says

    I got the Ravena 7!

  64. 66
    TrackBuddy says

    Missed you at the track this morning – but your view definitely takes the prize! Fun times doing the speed workout with major jetlag after my return from London last night. :-)

  65. 68

    The quiz said I should try the Women’s Glycerin 13 shoes. I haven’t ran outside recently, so I don’t have a story.

  66. 69

    Pure Flow 5!

  67. 70
    Melanie H says

    I got the Ravenna! My last run happy run was in San Juan Del Sur Puerto Rico, on the beach.

  68. 71

    Your pictures make me want to visit DC! I have never visited the area! I have tried Brooks shoes before but really like their clothing! I took the quiz and it said I needed the Transcend.

  69. 72

    Brooks Adrenaline!

  70. 73

    Gorgeous photos!!! :D

  71. 74

    The shoe finder recommended the Glycerin, but I’m interested in trying the Transcend 3. My run happy moment was just a few days ago, when I finally got to return to running after a long injury. It was nice to be back out there!

  72. 75

    I got the Pureflow 5! I’ve never tried Brooks shoes before, but they seem to have a large selection of running shoes. Cool!!

  73. 76

    Yay, pure flow – that is what I actually do wear :)

    I had a great run yesterday. Just 3 miles, but with my toddler in the jogging stroller… so that equals like a half marathon at least!

  74. 77

    Beautiful pictures! I am so jealous, I would love to see the cherry blossoms!

  75. 78

    Women’s Launch 3

  76. 79

    Stunning pictures!!!

  77. 80

    I got the Women’s Adrenaline ASR 12!!! Brooks are my favorite running shoe too!

  78. 81

    Women’s PureFlow 5 and my best run recently was the Big 12 5K. It was my first run post-concussion and I had the joy of running with my dad for his first 5K!

  79. 82

    I would love to try Brooks running shoes as I have always had Asics shoes. I am also looking to getting back into running after having a baby.

  80. 83
    Candace Young says

    What I would kill to have that view this morning! I received the Unisex Racer ST 5 as my Brooks finder! I only run with Brooks so this is awesome!

  81. 84

    I got the Launch!

  82. 85

    The shoe finder told me to wear the Glycerin. :)

  83. 86

    I got the Women’s Glycerin 13 SUPER SOFT. I’ve always used the Ghost, but it’s fun to try something different.

  84. 87

    I was paired with the Glycerin. I would love to have a pair for my sports inspired agility and plyometric heavy favorite fitness class!

  85. 88

    Love your photos! My recommended shoe was Women’s Transcend 3

  86. 89
    Kristina Dorsey says

    I got the Women’s Glycerin 13! I have always been a perfect match with this shoe. Love Brooks!

  87. 90

    I love the cherry blossoms! I miss not being at home in D.C. to see them :(

    On the bright side, I actually ended up with the Neuro on the shoe finder quiz. I’d love to try them out!

  88. 91

    I got the Women’s Glycerin 13 super soft as my result.

  89. 92

    I used to run in Ravennas but now usually wear shoes that are a little lighter/more neutral. Shoefinder recommended the Launch 3s and I would LOVE to try them!

  90. 93

    I got the Transcend 3.

    My most beautiful runs are always in the morning, right when the sun comes up. I don’t get a chance to do them very often (since I leave for work before the sun comes up most of the year) so I enjoy them when they happen!

  91. 94

    Women’s PureGrit 4

  92. 95

    I got the Glycerin 13! I usually wear the Ghost for long runs and PureFlow for track workouts and Orangetheory. The Brooks Shoe Finder quiz had some really interesting, thorough questions, so I trust its recommendation. : )

  93. 96

    Glycerin! I need a new pair of running shoes, was just scoping out which to get next. :)

  94. 97

    I am in desperate need of some new running shoes. I normally wear ghost but got the launch 3 with the survey

  95. 98

    Pure Flow 5 – not a surprise since I loved the Pure Flow 4!

  96. 99

    I got the Women’s Cascadia 11.

    I love the woods. Put me on a trail in the middle of them and I am a happy girl!

  97. 100

    I got neutral, cushion me shoes. I just like to see all the flowers that are blooming now!

  98. 101

    I got the Launch 3!

  99. 102

    I got the Launch 3! I’ve never worn Brooks and would be interested to give them a try!

  100. 103

    Gorgeous pictures!!! My best run this week was the one mile I got to run alone! :) helped me clear my head!

  101. 104
    Kelly Leighton says

    I love Brooks! I wear the Glycerin, but this recommended the Ghost!

  102. 105

    I got the Launch 3. I’m usually an Asiscs girl but have been toying with the idea of switching over after hearing such great things!

  103. 106

    women’s ravenna 7

  104. 107

    I took the survey and got Women’s Glycerin 13 Super Soft. I usually go with Brooks Ghost but am always willing to try a different shoe.

  105. 108

    Glycerin 13 and Ghost 8 were the top two choices given me. Brooks have been my go-to shoes for several years now, though I’d have to go home to see specifically which brooks I have. Also, when I typed my email in the rafflecopter, I left out a digit! Oops!

  106. 109

    Glycerin 13 and that is what I’m currently wearing….yea. About 3 weeks ago I had a nice happy little run along the river with the perfect temperature, no wind and beautiful sunrise…felt like I could run forever but I knew I better not and headed home after about 8miles… was glorious.

  107. 110


  108. 111

    PureGrit 4!

  109. 112
    Taylor Ray says

    Ravenna 7s

  110. 113

    All of the beautiful spring blooms have really motivated me to run more the last couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics! I normally am a Mizuno wearer but would love to try the Brooks Ghost.

  111. 114
    Michelle H. says

    I got the women’s Ravenna 7. I’m doing the cherry blossom too and had a wonderful 9 mile run the other week running in NYC to the Hamilton soundtrack!

  112. 115

    pure flow 5’s for me. been wearing the pure cadence and pure flows…. pretty right on :) love me some new shoes!

  113. 116

    I got the Pure Flow which is exactly the shoe I use for tempos and track workouts! For regular runs I’m a fan of the Pure Cadence!

  114. 117

    Gorgeous pics! We got hit with a massive spring blizzardso i’m jealous! I got the Glycerin 13.

  115. 118

    I actually got the women’s neuro model! These shoes all look amazing! :)
    The last beautiful run I did was yesterday afternoon when it was 60 degrees out and I ran 5 miles down a beautiful boulevard in my neighborhood!

  116. 119

    I got the Glycerins but I’ve run in the Ravennas since day 1.

  117. 120

    It recommended Glycerin 13.

  118. 121

    I got the Women’s Glycerin 13 Super Soft. I recently ran 4 miles on a treadmill – never thought I’d be able to run more than one! I’d love to feel more comfortable running outside though. Treadmills can be so boring. And the cherry blossoms are gorgeous! I’m on Capitol Hill right now!

  119. 123

    I got the pure flow! I had never heard of them before so was excited to find out they existed!

  120. 124
    Sarah Evans says

    I love the Brooks Cascadia for trail running and would love to try the Pure Connects!

  121. 125

    Revenna! I’ve had the last 4 versions! Love them!

  122. 126

    I love the Glycerin and Pure Flow shoes. I want to see the Cherry blossoms!

  123. 127

    Beautiful Cherry blossom photos! I am currently wearing Brooks Glycerine and I really like them! First time wearing Brooks and I think I’m a convert! :)

  124. 128

    Yay!! Loved our run this morning :)

  125. 130

    I have to go with the Ravennas given your rave reviews!

  126. 131
    Alison H. says

    I got the Women’s PureFlow 5 Soft & Flexible. We have a river trail in our neighborhood and that’s where I do my running.

  127. 132
    Jennifer A. says

    I have been wanting to try the PureConnects.

  128. 133

    I got the glycerins, which I’ve been fitted for at running stores.

  129. 134

    Love the cherry blossoms an dyour sunrise pictures are beautiful. I took quiz and came up with Women’s Transcend 3.

  130. 135

    The shoe finder picked the Glycerin 13 for me.

    Your pics are beautiful, definitely worth an early wake up call!

  131. 136
    Maris Mokey says

    I’m a huge Brooks fan and have been running in them for while (Adrenalines), but this time I got the Ravenna 7. Would be very interested to see how they differ! Also, beautiful cherry blossom pictures!

  132. 137

    I’ve been running in Brooks for 9 years (with one year of a failed attempt at Newtons). Love them. I was happy to see that the result of the Finder came back with shoe I’ve been using, the Glycerin! Hooray for technology!

  133. 138

    It picked the PureFlow5 for me! That’s a shoe I’ve not yet tried, but now I want to!

    I ran a 50K last weekend, and it was amazing. The sun was shining, the views were beautiful, and my Brooks Cascadia’s got me all the way to the finish line! I was running happy indeed!

  134. 140

    I got the Ravenna 7 on the quiz. I loved the Tinkerbell Half at Disneyland that I did last May. So much fun!!!

  135. 141
    Taylor Closet says

    Took the test, they recommend me the Men’s Neuro Running Shoe

  136. 142

    My results say: Women’s PureFlow 5! I prefer lightweight shoes. I have very small feet, so I like sneakers that are comfortable but give me that boost of energy when I run in them. The lighter the shoe, the faster I feel I can go!.

  137. 143

    I got the Launch 3 and would love to try them!!

  138. 144

    I got the pure flows and the glycerines- which is good news since I
    Already wear both!

  139. 145


  140. 146
    Kaitlyn E says

    The new Brooks shoes look pretty cool, too bad they didn’t feel right for you.

  141. 147

    I got the Women’s PureFlow 5. The most recent “run happy” run I’ve had recently was on the greenway in my town. So nice to enjoy the warm weather after the cold winter months!

  142. 148

    I was matched with the ghosts, which is what I run in now! My best runs are always OUTSIDE early in the morning with the sunrise!

  143. 149

    I got the Women’s Glycerin 13!

  144. 150

    I got the Glycerin 13.
    My #runhappy was with my dad this past week. We went for a 6 mile run together like the old days.

  145. 151

    The Cherry Blossom 10 miler is on my Bucket List! I took the survey and they recommend the launch 3! Love to try it…

  146. 152

    I got the Launch 3s. I currently am wearing the 2s and love them! Right on cue!

  147. 153

    The show finder recommended Brooks Ghost for me- same as the running store fitted me for! We recently have had our dogwoods blooming here in southwest VA and they are just gorgeous on our runs!

  148. 154

    Beautiful pictures! A dream of mine was to see them at their peak, and I got to do so two years ago during my senior year of college. It is one of my favorite memories! I can’t wait to be back to see them next year. I hope I can run the 10 miler!
    The test recommended me Ghost 8’s!

  149. 155

    That quiz was cool! I recently got my first pair of Brooks (PureGrits for trail running), so I asked for road shoes on this quiz and got the PureFlow and Launch as recommendations.

  150. 156

    I got the adrenaline GTS 16! My run happy run was that i ran 7 miles this past weekend to get ready for the Cherry Blossom Run. I just recently moved to DC and it’s my first time running the race. Super pumped for it! :)

  151. 158
    Sharon Atcheson says

    Love the quiz. It is very helpful and comforting having the recommendation for my specific needs. Brooks has always been my shoe of choice! The quiz recommended the Pure Flow 5. Good to know!

  152. 159

    I got the Ravenna 7 and would love to try. I’ve never tried brooks so would be curious how they might effect my running!

  153. 160

    I took the quiz and got the Ravenna 7! I’ve actually been running in them for a few years now! Love them. My run happy run was one this morning! Even though all my weekday runs are on the treadmill, I had a great run this morning and felt really strong!

  154. 161

    I got the Transcend but I’ve been wearing the Adrenalines for years! I’m coming back from an injury (maybe it is time for a shoe change?) and had my first run that felt good in a very long time. After a stressful day at work, it was the perfect stress reliever!

  155. 162

    I got Women’s Ariel ’14 super soft with maximum support. I live by mountains, so my runs always have a gorgeous view!

  156. 163

    I got the transcend 3. As for my running story… I just had my first post parties run today. It was a little slow, by felt SO good!

  157. 164

    I got the Pure Flow 5s! :)

  158. 165

    Your pictures are amazing!

    I’m a Brooks Adrenaline girl all the way!

  159. 166

    Glycerin 13! These would be great while I’m enjoying the weather on these spring runs!

  160. 167
    Kristina N. says

    The quiz gave me the Racer ST 5 – which is kind of funny because those gave me an injury ha. Maybe it’s time to go to the running store for a fitting!

    Today was one of my favorite runs in a long time. The weather was perfect and I had a nice break yesterday so my legs felt amazing!

  161. 168

    I was recommended Women’s Launch 3. I live in Hoboken and have a similar feeling about early morning runs overlooking the Hudson where I get to see the sunrise across Manhattan. There’s nothing better!!

  162. 169

    The Launch 3’s were recommended for me! A recent RunHappy run for me was a few weeks ago when I was in FL for a long weekend (respite from MN winter). I did a 20 mi run as part of my marathon training plan, and while very warm, it was wonderful to run in a tank top and shorts with palm trees and ocean in my view.

  163. 171

    I love to run in Brooks Pure Flows but have been wanting to try the Launch 3s and the Pure Cadences for a little more stability.

  164. 172

    I took the quiz and I got the Women’s Transcend 3. I’ve never run in Brooks before but the sneaker looks very cool on their website!!

  165. 173
    Jennifer B says

    It tells me Glycerin is my shoe of choice, and the story checks out- I’ve used them before and loved them!

    I ran over lunch to see the cherry blossoms today- so many people! But so pretty.

  166. 174

    Glycerin all the way!

  167. 175

    i got adrenaline! I love brooks

  168. 176

    I got the Glycerins! I wish I could remember what my current ones are … I think they’re Ravennas, though.

  169. 177

    Women’s Glycerin 13 (although I want to try the Flow 5s)

    Anything without the jogging stroller! I feel like I’m flying without it!

  170. 178

    Pureflow 5! I’m in need of a new pair of good shoes!

  171. 179
    Natalie S. says

    I got the Glycerin 13 (which I have been wanting to try)! I did a 5k a few weeks ago after coming off of an injury, and ended up getting a PR!

  172. 180

    I took the quiz twice, because on the very, very last question I was torn. So for one answer, I got Adrenaline and the other I got Ravenna. Both will support me well enough, so I think that’s all that matters! I love Brooks – they are such a burst of happiness on my feet.

  173. 182

    Your pictures make me miss living in DC so much!! Beautiful. I got the PureFlow shoes which is what I already wear. I’m due for another pair so this would be perfect. My most recent happy run was just a regular easy run with my pup!

  174. 183

    I’m loving the cherry blossoms too! :) My happiest running moment recently was finishing my first half marathon about 2 weeks ago (the RNR DC half). I’m definitely looking forward to running more races in the future!

    The Brooks shoe that I got was the Glycerin 13. I have Glycerin 12 and Launch 2 now so I don’t think it’s a coincidence! ;) I love Brooks, the only shoes I’ve found that fit well right out of the box.

  175. 185
    Joy Burrow says

    I got the Pure Flow 5!! Would love to try them! My best run was running across the Golden Gate bridge for my 40th birthday!

  176. 187

    Gorgeous views of DC! I’d love to try the Brooks Transcend – especially since I’m recovering from an ankle injury and need extra stability in running shoes.

  177. 188

    I got Ravenna 7. Really need new shoes.

  178. 189

    The quiz gave me the Glycerins, which I’ve wanted to try for awhile now!

  179. 190

    i’m a ravenna!

  180. 191

    Great pics of the cherry blossoms!! The wife wants to see them in Japan. Always wanted to try out some Brooks shoes!

  181. 193
    Whitney H says

    I am coming to DC in two weeks!
    and I got the Ravenna 7 ;)

  182. 195

    The cherry blossoms are beautiful, I’m hoping to visit DC during cherry blossom season one year! My brooks quiz came up as the Glycerin 13! Love the teal!

  183. 196

    Glycerin 13. I need new sneakers!!!

  184. 197
    Emma Killion says

    The Shoe Finder matched me with the Glycerin 13! I haven’t been able to enjoy any typical beautiful out “run happy” runs lately due to a metatarsal stress fracture. Butttt, I recently got out of the walking boot and am able to use the arc trainer and bike at the gym again. One step close to being back on the roads is beautiful to me! :)

  185. 199

    I’m a Brooks gal. Love the Ghost 7 and 8. And I need new shoes! The shoe finder recommended the Launch 3 and I’d love to get the black/grey pair. Or any color, really.

  186. 200
    Dana Longwell says

    I’ve been wearing the Brooks Pureflow for years and that’s also what my shoe finder results were – Pureflow 5. Haven’t tried the 5 yet but sure would love too!

  187. 201

    Men’s Glycerin 13 Running Shoe super soft was my result.

    Running anywhere around the mall works for me!

  188. 202

    Ravenna 7’s just like you! Favorite run happy lately is finally getting off the treadmill and into the streets with warmer weather!

  189. 203

    PureFlow5! I’ve heard great things about these shoes!

  190. 204

    This comes at the perfect time as my Glycerin 12’s need to be retired and it is always difficult to convince my husband of this!

  191. 205
    Jessica D says

    Women’s Launch 3 –

    My RunHappy moment is probably a little different than most. I haven’t been running lately, but have been itching to get into it, so I finally signed up for my very first 10K! It’s isn’t for a while so I have some time to train, but I’m really excited!

  192. 207

    Oh my these photos are gorgeous. Nothing quite compares to the cherry blossoms in bloom and a morning run. The Ghost 8’s GTX !

  193. 208

    I got the Ravenna 7s! No surprise there, I’ve been running in the Ravenna’s for years.

  194. 209

    My shoefinder result is Women’s Launch 3

  195. 210
    Kaitlin G says

    Awesome pictures!!! I got the Launch 3s

  196. 211

    Those pictures are gorgeous! I came across your blog a couple months ago through Kath’s blog and am making my way through your archive of posts – you are such an inspiration! Reading through your training and race recaps has me excited to start running after a long break from having babies. I’ve never been properly fitted for running shoes but have been intrigued by your love of the Brooks brand. Winning a pair would be awesome! Thanks for keeping me inspired!!

  197. 213

    My results were the Launch 3s! I am currently in the Ravenna 5 but feel it is a little too bulky for me, so this may be a good chance to switch things up! Loving the cherry blossom photos! I haven’t made it down there yet for fear of the masses but think I’ll take your advice and get a morning run in to see them!

  198. 215

    beautiful photos! i ran in the ravenna 4 and 5 but did not care for the ravenna 6. hope the ravenna 7 are better!

  199. 216
    Claire Gilmore says

    One of the best DC routes at the prettiest time of year! My Brooks result was the Women’s Ghost 8. I love Brooks but the pair I have now irritate my heels so I’d love the chance to snag a more comfortable pair.

  200. 217

    I got the Women’s Glycerin 13! They look super awesome too :)

  201. 218

    I got the Pure Flow 5s….I always go for more of a stability shoe but have had a lot of injuries in the past. Maybe a neutral shoe would be better for me?!

  202. 219

    I love your pictures of DC! They’re so beautiful. Makes me want to take another weekend trip there (we try to do 1-2 per year to DC since it’s so close), especially so I can go to Keren Restaurant : )

  203. 223

    I got the Pureflow and Ghost. I love the Pureflows and have been running in them for a few years now but picked up the Ghosts for more support while running through pregnancy so it’s nice to know I’m running in the right shoes! I ran a 5k at the beach two weeks ago that was just lovely (and at 29 weeks pregnant).

  204. 225

    I got the Launch 3! I am a devoted Brooks fan and would love to win these!

  205. 226
    Jacqueline T. says

    Anne! If it wasn’t for you I would never have tried Brooks! I’ve left this comment before (ha!) but it makes me SO happy to run happy- see what I did there? :) I STRUGGLED to find the best running shoe for so long. Countless times I had tried those running store techy things where they analzye your stride and whatnot but always ended up in the wrong sneakers. I’m currently hooked on the GHOSTs and have not tried any other ones but I’m curious :) Long comment – whew :) :) Thank you again though because Brooks have seriously changed my running life.

  206. 228


  207. 229

    Love Brooks! My result was the Glycerin 13. I already have a couple pairs of (older) Brooks shoes and am in the market for a new pair.

  208. 230

    Brooks recommended the Adrenaline GTS for me! I have been running in Brooks for the past 3 years and have only ever worn the Ghost model; might be worth trying out another model? I’m also interested in trying their race sneakers like you mentioned.

    My latest run happy moment was racing the NYC Half Marathon last weekend! I’ve run it the past 3 years and it’s still my favorite race :)

  209. 231
    Erin Ellis says

    The Shoe Finder recommended theUnisex Racer ST 5
    RACE READY for me. My favorite place to run is through the palm tree groves. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  210. 232

    I got the Brooks Glycerin! I love a super cushiony shoe. Last Sunday, I did a 9 mile run (my longest yet!) and it was great to see everyone in the neighborhood outside enjoying the start of spring. Thanks for the giveaway!

  211. 233
    Jennifer L. says

    I took the Shoe Finder quiz and the result is:
    CushionMe Running Shoes
    Women’s Transcend 3

    I purchased my first pair of Brooks recently…I have the Adrenaline GTS and am training in them for my upcoming half. I would love to try the Cushion Me shoeline.

  212. 234

    Women’s Neuro.
    I went for a run in my local park and saw all the flowers begin to bloom.

  213. 235

    I got the PureFlow5, which is similar to an older pair of Brooks that I loved.

    The cherry blossoms look lovely!

  214. 236
    Meghann Richardson says

    I was matched with the Women’s Glycerin 13. (Even though I’m curious what a bendy finger has to do with running.)
    But Monday we had our first bit of sunshine in western Kentucky in weeks, so me and my pup hit the road for an easy 3 mile run. So perfect!

  215. 237
    Gina Portnowitz says

    I got one the Pure Flows!

  216. 238

    I was matched with the Adrenaline which is what I’ve been wearing. Love them!

  217. 239

    i got the ravenna 7s, I have never run in brooks but would love to try them out!

  218. 240
    Whitney S. says

    Glycerin – all the way.

    I usually run before the sun comes up, but I got to go a little later this morning. That makes a world of difference! I’m 30.5 weeks pregnant and hoping to hold out running as long as I can – so I appreciate every run!

  219. 242
    Shannon M says

    Loved all the Cherry Blossom pictures, and love the chance to win a new pair of Brooks (my go to running shoes).

  220. 243

    I got the Pure Flow 5…I need a new pair of running shoes!

  221. 244

    I got the Glycerin 13! I’ve been a Mizuno wearer for the past 4 years and have been wanting to branch out for a while now!

  222. 245

    Woulf love to try some different brooks! Especially the launch 3!

  223. 246

    The Ghost line has been my running shoe for 6 years. I LOVE them.

    Also, I need to remember to sign up for either the DC half or 10 miler next spring. Running through the cherry blossoms is on my bucket list. Can’t complain about being about to run the Reservoir in Central Park every morning, though.

  224. 247
    Karrie Millheim says

    Women’s Ariel ’14

  225. 248
    Alexis Teevens says

    I got the Pure Flow 5. I’m hoping my run tomorrow will be beautiful – the Eastern States 20 miler to prepare for Boston. So excited!

  226. 250
    Sandra Freitas says

    Such a beautiful view! You are so lucky to be able to run in such a gorgeous place. :) as for my Brooks shoe, the shoe finder suggested the Cushion Me Glycerin 13.

    And my “run happy” run was with my cousin Teresa. She is my workout buddy and it makes exercise and life so much more fun!

  227. 252

    I got the transcend 3’s which is interesting because I got a pair of these when they first came out and didn’t love running in them, though Brooks shoes are the only shoes I run in.

  228. 253

    I got Pure Cadence 5!

  229. 254

    I got the Ravenna 7s, which is perfect since that’s what I’ve been wearing for years! I just got the 7s a few weeks ago, loving the blue/purple color combo :)

  230. 255

    The quiz chose PureCadence for me. I ran a 24 miler last week that felt really good, it gave me quite the confidence boost I needed in preparation for my upcoming marathon. I’m on the taper right now and its never felt so good, usually I get real antsy leading up to the race. I think my body just needs a break!

  231. 257

    I got the PureGrit4 – I’m not crazy about the color but they look like they’d be great to run in. :)

    After taking a few days off I ran this morning pain free! it felt great – I’ve had some ankle/foot issues in the past few weeks but I think I just needed some rest time…it’s great to be back!

  232. 258
    Jen Robinson says

    The quiz gave me the Women’s Launch 3 “Responsive and Springy” hehe. I just finished running the Publix Half Marathon- and I PR’d it so I would say that was a very big Run Happy moment!

  233. 260
    Austin Baroudi says

    Got Men’s Glycerin 13 Running Shoe on the quiz.

  234. 261
    Marybeth I says

    CushionMe Running Shoes CUSHIONME
    Women’s Glycerin 13

    Will have to check this out

  235. 262

    glycerin 13

  236. 263

    I got Women’s PureFlow 5 shoes. These sound awesome!

  237. 264

    I took the quiz and got the Ravenna 7! These actually look like a great pair of shoes for me as I train for my 2nd half marathon.

  238. 265
    Debra Gray says

    My best match is the Ravenna 7’s.

  239. 266

    I live in Baltimore and have never seen the cherry blossoms!! For shame!! ;) I am obsessed with my PureCadence. Those better not be discontinued!

  240. 267

    I got Ravenna 7. All of my runs have been happy lately as I’m finally able to run since having a baby and it’s so exciting to get back into it. Also the weather has been amazing!

  241. 268

    I took the brooks shoe finder quiz and one of my recommended shoes is the pure flow, which I have actually worn!
    My run happy moment is that I have continued to run 25+ miles a week, despite being pregnant :)

  242. 269
    Erica Sch says

    Your cherry blossom photos look fantastic!! The Brooks Shoe Finder recommended the Women’s PureFlow 5! I am all about the light fit shoes!

  243. 270

    Love the cherry blossom pics! I only wear Brooks sneakers when running, usually the Ravenna or Adrenaline models, but the Brooks Shoe Finder recommended the Women’s Glycerin 13…maybe I’ll give them a try :)

  244. 271

    I love Brooks! The shoe finder recommended the PureFlow 5!

  245. 272

    Those cherry blossoms are beautiful!!

  246. 273

    I got Glycerin shoes.

  247. 274

    The Brooks Shoe Finder told me the Glycerin 13s are good for me. I am curious about them, though I tend to purchase the Adrenalines, as I have poor arches. In-store evaluations have told me the Adrenalines work well for me, and I’ve enjoyed running in them for the past few years!

    As for a run happy experience, my boyfriend and I have been slowly getting back into running after taking much of the winter off from it, and we had a nice little run recently where the weather was just right and we felt strong and speedy!

  248. 275

    Glycerine 13. Any workout with my friend Tammy makes me happy☺️

  249. 276
    Lee mckeon says

    Took and loved the quiz I got women’s PureFlow 5 and they look and sound amazing!

  250. 277

    The shoe finder told me to try the Glycerin 13 super soft. I have run in the ghost for the past few years and been very happy with them, but it would be fun to try something new.
    I’m currently expecting and was put on restricted exercise several weeks ago so unfortunately I haven’t had a run happy moment in awhile. I do look forward to many of them though after the arrival of our little one!

  251. 279

    Beautiful sunrise and cherry blossom shots. Every spring I enjoy seeing your photos of your cherry blossom outings!

    Looking forward to getting a Brooks fitting!

  252. 280
    Christine R says

    I got the Pure Connect. I used to wear the Pure Flows, they were my favorite for a few years.

  253. 281

    Shoe Finder told me to try the PureFlow5. Lately I’ve been running in Asics but a friend recommended Brooks, so I’m curious to try them, esp with the personalized recommendation!

    The weather is just starting to warm up and I felt so good and almost hopeful on a quick shakeout run last weekend. I have not been running this winter so it felt good to stretch my legs and enjoy some sun-hopefully the weather is here to stay!

  254. 282

    Glycerin 13!

  255. 283

    I missed the cherry blossoms by a few days…bummer. Ravennas all the way for me!

  256. 284

    I got the Women’s PureFlow 5 SOFT & FLEXIBLE! I’d love to try them out — neat tool too.

  257. 285

    I’d love to try the Glycerin 13’s! Your run looked beautiful by the way :)

  258. 286

    i got glycerin or launch! wooooo <3 shoes!!!

  259. 287

    I’ve never tried Brooks before, but would love to give them a shot. I ended up with the PureFlow 5 using the quiz – that’s a pretty comprehensive shoe finder tool!

  260. 288
    Charlsie N says

    I got Pure Cadance! I want to start running more after I have my baby and know I need to get the right shoe. I keep looking at Brooks cause you and a couple other blogs I follow recommend them.

  261. 289

    The Glycerin! Which is a relief, because that’s what I wear and love already!

  262. 290
    jessica m says


  263. 291

    I got the Glycerin 13. My run happy moment was yesterday. Last long run before coming to DC for the Cherry a Blossom 10 miler. Fastest training run this cycle!

  264. 292

    The cherry blossoms are beautiful!! I love Ravennas! They are all I run in!

  265. 293

    What pretty pictures!


  1. […] cherry blossom run every year since 2012 or 2013… I think the best year photography-wise was our 2016 cherry blossom early morning run date… we had THE most epic sunrise backdrop for our photos. I had fun looking at that post again just […]

  2. […] run every year since 2012 or 2013… I think the best year photography-wise was our 2016 cherry blossom early morning run date… we had THE most epic sunrise backdrop for our […]

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