Diving Back into Swim Training

Good morning from my perch! Don’t pretend you don’t love the pun in my post title today, hehehe ;)

Last night, I decided that this morning was the perfect time to get back into the pool. It had been WAY too long since I’d gotten a good swim workout in!


In the winter and spring I was going swimming at the indoor UNC pool pretty consistently about once per week. But over the past month, sadly, I’ve hardly swam at all! First, some idiotic drunk college girls were walking on the glass roof of the pool at night and one of them fell through into the deep end; the girl was fine (very lucky she fell into the pool and not onto the concrete), but it resulted in needing to close the pool for a few weeks to drain and clean it. Then final exams happened and the pool was either shut or on a weird schedule.

But I’m happy to say that the outdoor pool is now open and the water is warm enough to comfortably go swimming in the early mornings again :) I really love swimming in the morning — it’s so relaxing! Being outside is an extra bonus, too. And it’s early enough that no sunscreen is required!


I set my alarm for 5:50 a.m. this morning, threw on my suit, and was at school and in the water by 6:30 a.m. Success!


I swam for about 45 minutes with my friend Jill, who met me at the pool. I’m excited to have swimming back in my rotation again — I missed it! Such great cross-training. Plus, I really need to work on my swimming endurance for my upcoming sprint triathlon! July is approaching quickly :)

And speaking of swimming — does anyone have any goggle recommendations? Mine are not the best and fog up really quickly… I want to invest in a new pair but don’t know which ones are good!

In other news, last night was the “From Garden to Pantry” class at my dietetic internship site! As you guys know, I’m interning with the NC Cooperative Extension this summer. They host a lot of community nutrition, health, and cooking classes; we have a whole bunch lined up this summer and this was the first one that my co-intern Diana and I were involved in. I even got to help demonstrate! :)


Intensely focused on not spilling boiling water all over myself…

photo (1)

Yay! I am now a green bean canning at home professional. :) We are holding the same class next Tuesday at one of the other extension locations, and Diana and I will get to help give part of the presentation. Should be fun! I’ll be sure to bring my camera and share some photos :)

I’m off to pack lunch and catch up on some emails before heading to work — we don’t have to be in until 11 today since we were out until like 10 p.m. last night for the presentation. Yay!

Have a great day — and stay tuned tomorrow for an awesome giveaway! :)


  1. 1
    Michelle says

    Congrats on getting back into the pool!! To stop your goggles from fogging – put a couple drops of baby shampoo in each lens, wipe it around and rinse (well). You may have to repeat this a couple of times during your practice but it makes a huge difference!!! Good luck.

  2. 3

    Yay, canning! I’ve never tried pressure cooker canning. Was it very different than the big pot of water method? (I have the same one that’s in the foreground of your pictures!)

  3. 4

    I love these goggles. They don’t fog or leak.
    Speedo Vanquisher Goggle, I got mine on swim outlet for like 10bucks.

    I need to get back into the pool. Hopefully seeing you swim all the time will give me that push! good luck and have fun!

  4. 5

    What a fun event – Cooperative Extension has a lot of great programs. My dad used to be an Extension Educator (on the agriculture side), so I love hearing about your internship! :)

  5. 7

    Sounds gross, but having been on a swim team my whole childhood, I learned that spitting in your goggles and rubbing it around then rinsing with the pool water works well. I haven’t heard of the baby shampoo, but sounds like a good option. But if that doesn’t work, and you need a quick fix, your own free spit will work just fine! I swim with Speedo goggles without a rubber rim around the eyes, they have been the best goggles I have ever swam with, I can even dive in with them! Unfortunately I just don’t know the name of them since I’ve had them forever! Good luck!

    • 8

      My dad is a swimmer and he actually taught me that spit in your goggles trick – sadly with these goggles it doesn’t work!! Worst goggles ever, haha.

  6. 9

    I really need to work on my swimming again — since it is summer and all :) I am doing an internship this summer with the Cornell Cooperative Extension, I am so excited!!

  7. 11

    Speedo vanquishers have treated me well for several years plus they come in all sorts of fun colors and lens tints. I highly recommend them!

    I’m jealous of the outdoor pool- I need to get myself away from my dungeon of an indoor pool and out to some of DC’s outdoor pools this summer! I loveee swimming outside!

  8. 12

    I use Aquasphere goggles and they are wonderful. I have deep set eyes so goggles have always been a problem for me. I can wear the Aquaspheres and swim my mile nonstop and never have to stop to empty, adjust or defog my goggles (which with the 10+ pairs of older goggles I had to do nearly every turn!). Can’t say enough good things about those goggles! Happy swimming!

  9. 13

    Man, young college kids can do some of the most stupid things putting their lives and others at risk.
    Isn’t canning fun. We have or I should say, I have a veggie garden and I can almost every week. I learned from my mom and grandmom years ago. Nothing like home canned green beans and stewed tomatoes.
    Glad you are enjoying yourself.

    • 14

      I’m glad we decided to have a pool. It is a large in ground pool 3 feet to 9 feet. We live on 5 acres of wooded land and it took me a week and a half to get the pool ready for Memorial Day. Any time a leaf would get into the pool on a windy day it would cause the Ph level to get out of wack. After a lot of waiting, our salt water pool was A OK for the holiday’s. If you are ever in town let me know and come for a swim.

      • 15

        I’m jealous! I always begged my parents for a pool when I was little. They are so much work, though!

        • 16

          Not that much trouble. We close the pool after Labor Day, drain some of the water but not all, put the cover over it. Strong cover, looked out one morning and saw a deer walking across it. We have a barracuda that sweeps the pool and cleans the bottom. Run that at night, clean the filters and check ph balance. The salt water does not require a lot of chemicals. No trouble.

  10. 17

    I am motivated to get out my old one-piece and hit up my neighborhood pool tomorrow morning! I need to get some goggles though…maybe I’ll look at Target or Dick’s.

    The story about the girl falling through the glass roof is scary. I’m glad she didn’t get more seriously injured or killed!

  11. 19

    Oooh gosh I heard about that UNC student, what a FOOL! I did some silly stuff at school, but never quite that ridiculous.

    As far as anti-fogging goggles, I actually had the most success (when I was a swimmer) with the anti-fog spray that I could spray into any goggles. That way, if someone snagged my goggles on accident, I could just spray a new pair, and whenever I needed a touchup, a little spray did the trick!

  12. 21

    Speedo Vanquisher! I have used them for the 5 triathlons I have done and all of my open water and pool sessions. I have never had any problems with them coming off (thankfully b/c I need my contacts to see on the bike!), even in the frenzy of a tri open water swim! They aren’t expensive and they have been great so far. Happy training!

  13. 22

    As a competitive swimmer for a lot of my younger life, I can officially say that swimming must be the un-sexiest sport — goggles + swim cap = hawt.

    Must be glorious to swim outside though!

  14. 23

    I love swimming! It wants me to go right now, except that is midnight. Anyway. I cant believe the falling through the GLASS roof story! Its amazing sometimes what others do

  15. 24

    As a swimmer myself, “spit is it!”
    (kinds gross, but really works!)

    However, if isn’t working on your goggles….it’s really time to get new ones!

    The pool looks awesome, makes me want to race ;-)

    Btw Please remind me the date of the triathlon?
    I’m so excited for you; keep up the great training!

  16. 26

    I like either tyr or speedo goggle. Make sure that you rinse the goggles after every swim. The chlorine EATS away at the special antifog coating on your goggles. I had to learn the hard way with this owning my last pair for only 3 weeks before they started fogging up on me. $30 down the drain!! I have been pretty good with my new pair, and they have been antifog for about a month now!

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