A Relaxing Day

Good morning!

Did anyone else watch the live coverage of the Boston Marathon yesterday morning (or watch it in person)? Pretty exciting stuff! I’ve been to Boston twice for Marathon Monday and it’s a blast; watching it on my laptop wasn’t quite as awesome but it was nice to be able to see who was winning and watch them finish! I enjoyed lunch while watching the first male and female cross the finish line. I can’t even imagine how it would feel to WIN the Boston Marathon and break that tape. Crazy!


It’s also so insane that they finished in practically the same time it takes me to run a half marathon!

While watching them sprint to the finish, I enjoyed a big salad of mixed greens, topped with some chickpeas, avocado, sprouts, and a brown rice/quinoa mix leftover in the fridge. I topped it with some lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper — perfect!


And on the side, I enjoyed some orange slices.



I spent the morning getting some work done and getting unpacked, laundry done and folded, etc., and then — it was time to play! Class was cancelled yesterday, so a few of the girls and I decided to take advantage by spending the afternoon at the pool. We have been so crazy busy lately and it was such a luxury to be out relaxing by the pool on a beautiful Monday, catching up with my friends. The perfect treat to celebrate finishing comprehensive exams on Friday. :)


Alas, today it’s back to the grind. We have two more weeks of classes (plus one week of final exams) and they are jam packed with assignments, presentations, and meetings — not to mention starting to pack and get organized to move back to DC! I knocked out a workout early this morning (40 minutes of running/sprinting/lunges/squats/abs/etc. outside in my neighborhood), and now I’m off to school — hope you’re having a nice Tuesday, friends!


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    I watched it for the first time this year! Check out my recap – I saw some pretty amazing support from both the runners and spectators this year.

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    I’m glad you had a relaxing day! And I actually watched while I was in classes… haha good thing i can have my laptop to take notes. I cannot believe how fast they run for that long! It’s crazy and amazing!

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    Adventurer says:

    Great to see a “down day” for you. Good stuff – and good that you made the most of it – and got a great workout in, too! Well done – and good luck with the sprint to the finish!

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    Color me stupid, I had no idea you could watch it online! Dang it!!

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    Yes, I agree that it’s wonderful you had a chance to relax! By a POOL! It’s just not right… for you to be laying around by a pool, though, while we’re expecting possible overnight snow. Just not right.

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    Newbie reader here…HI!

    Anyway, I gotta ask. When you work out outside, do you just bust out strength moves wherever your heart desires or do you live in a neighborhood that has those awesome station things? I’ve always been interested in this because I’ve never seen anyone actually do this but hear about it all this time!

    Yes totally random…also thank you for inspiring dinner. That salad looks DIVINE and my body need alkaline goodness after last night’s celebrations… :D

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