Dupont Circle Yoga & A Quaker/Jamba Juice Giveaway!

Hello, hello! You know what I’m still loving? The free outdoor yoga that Lululemon offers in the summer in Dupont Circle on Wednesday nights.

I haven’t been writing about it every week, but I’ve been going almost every week! My friends and I have a sort of “yoga gang” and we’ve turned Wednesday nights into a fun yoga + dinner date girls night. Last night, we weren’t able to do dinner, but the yoga date was still a nice treat. I’m pictured below with friends Chrissy and Heather!


It was a beautiful night for yoga – cool enough to wear cropped pants (I’m rocking my fave gray Reebok fitted capris) instead of shorts, and though I had a tank top on for most of the class, I brought a cozy zip up for afterwards. (The teal zip up is from Old Navy last year!)

The class last night wasn’t my favorite – it was pretty low key and nothing too creative pose-wise, but it still felt nice to stretch and enjoy the fresh air. Oh, pigeon pose – you are so nice for my tight marathon training runner’s hips.


dupont circle free yoga

And yes, I creepily took a photo while everyone was in pigeon pose with their heads down. #Awkward

I also snagged a photo of my friend Heather showing off her mad headstand skills. :) I was impressed!


I’ve been working on my forearm balance handstand – getting better but no photo to share just yet. :)

Sadly, last night was my last of the free outdoor summer yoga sessions! I’m pretty sure it ends with September and I’m out of town next week. Bummer! Until next year, free outdoor yoga!


I arrived downtown for yoga class earlier than usual yesterday because I had a mission in mind: hit up Jamba Juice in Dupont to try out the new Quaker whole grains boost!


The Quaker/Jamba Juice PR team reached out to me recently about checking out the new boost, and considering you guys know I already love both those companies I was more than happy to comply.

The new Quaker whole grains boost is available at Jamba Juices nationwide and is 25 cents. It’s an easy way to add some fiber, staying power, and whole grains to your smoothies. Each boost delivers 16g, or one full serving, of whole grains – sweet!


After much debate (I <3 Jamba Juice!), I finally decided on the “Apple ‘n’ Greens” fruit & veggie smoothie, with the addition of the whole grains boost. YUM!

I didn’t notice anything different texture-wise from the addition of the whole grains boost, which was a good thing, and I do think it helped keep me full a little longer. It was the perfect pre-yoga late afternoon snack! I would absolutely get the whole grains boost again next time – such a simple and convenient way to get a little extra whole grains in. Did you know that less than 15 percent of people get the 3-5 minimum daily recommended servings of whole grains? Yikes. Aside from fiber, whole grains also provide a number of essential vitamins and nutrients, and complex (vs. simple/refined) carbohydrates will be digested more slowly in the body, slowing the blood sugar response and keeping you full longer.


Apparently the Quaker whole grains Jamba Juice boost is just the first of many offerings in the partnership between the two companies – I’m excited to see what other healthy on-the-go snacks they come up with in the future! (If you want to read more about their partnership & the whole grains boost, here’s the press release announcing it.)

And now, for a giveaway! The Jamba Juice/Quaker PR team provided me with a gift card to check out the new smoothie, and I asked if they would share one to giveaway to you guys, too.

One fANNEtastic reader will win a $20 gift card to Jamba Juice so they can try the new whole grains boost, too!

To enter to win, simply leave a comment on this post sharing your favorite way to get in whole grains. Want extra optional entries? Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and “’like” me on Facebook, then come back and leave one overall comment letting me know you did so!

U.S. residents only, please. I’ll draw and announce the winner tomorrow (Friday, September 20). Good luck, and thank you to Jamba Juice & Quaker for sponsoring this post and the giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed – thank you for entering and congratulations to the winner, comment #50, Kristina! Kristina – please email me ([email protected]) your full name and mailing address so we can send you the prize! :)



  1. 1

    I love making overnight oats!

  2. 2

    I have finally convinced my fiancé to stop buying sugary cereal and start eating oatmeal for breakfast. It helps us have energy and stay full until lunchtime!

  3. 4

    Love oatmeal

  4. 5

    I follow you on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook – I love all the DC sunrise photos!

  5. 6

    I make sure to pair a whole grain with my salad for lunch every day! Super easy and I know it’s important.

  6. 7

    I eat oatmeal everyday for breakfast. It is such a habit and makes me feel good.

  7. 8

    (Gluten free) big bowl of oats! :D

  8. 9

    For breakfast in spring/summer I enjoy whole grain Quaker Oats with yogurt and berries. In the fall/winter like cooked Oats with almond milk pumpkin puree or sauteed cinnamon spiced apple in summer. For a savory option I add veggie stock, cooked oats, nutritional yeast, steamed carrots/broccoli topped with a steamed egg and scallions.

  9. 10

    Facebook liker

  10. 11

    I blend Quaker Oats into my pre-run shakes for my marathon training runs.

  11. 12

    Excited to try out the whole grains boost! There’s a Jamba Juice right by my office that I don’t get to often enough :)

  12. 13

    had my first oatmeal of the season this morning! would love to mix some oats with jamba juice too. i followed you on twitter and instagram @lndsyhllnd

  13. 14

    I recently tried a salad with wheatberries and fell in love. I now include wheatberries in almost every salad dish I make!

  14. 15

    Oatmeal and wholegrain homemade bread. I follow you on twitter!

  15. 16

    I have Quaker Oatmeal almost every single day for breakfast. EVEN in the summer! (its SO cold in my office). It keeps me full all morning!

  16. 17

    I am learning to love oatmeal!

  17. 18

    I follow you on Twitter and Pinterest, and liked your page on Facebook.

  18. 19

    I also follow you on twitter, instagram, facebook etc ;)

  19. 20

    I eat your (perfect) microwave banana oatmeal almost every single day. BTW, I think you mean that you will announce the winner on Friday September 20 (not the 19).

  20. 22

    I followed you on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

  21. 23

    I would love to try one of the whole grain boosts. It’d be the perfect snack before going into a closing shift at my retail job.

  22. 24

    I also follow you on twitter and instagram!

  23. 25

    Love getting some whole grains from oatmeal in the morning!

  24. 26

    Favorite way to get a serving of whole grains in? Whole grain bread or your banana oatmeal! It’s my favorite way to make oats :)

  25. 27
    Meredith B. says:

    I follow you on instagram!

  26. 28

    My favorite way to get my grains is with my steel cut oats in the morning! I usually get them with a whole grain bread at lunch and rice at dinner. Bums me out how popular the paleo diet is becoming because I love grains and hate the idea of them getting a bad rap :(

  27. 29
    Meredith B. says:

    I get my whole grains in with oatmeal, cereal, or whole grain wraps!

  28. 30

    I liked you on FB!

  29. 31

    Ha, didn’t even realize there was a Jamba Juice in Dupont! Thanks Anne!

  30. 32

    Also, followed you on the Twitters, Instagrams, Facebook, AND Pinterest!

  31. 33

    I love a big bowl of oat bran with some chia seeds and protein powder!

  32. 34

    I love tearing up a whole grain wrap, sprinkling with cinnamon, and baking into cinnamon chips!

  33. 35

    I liked you on fb. I follow you on twitter and pinterest :)

  34. 36

    My favorite way is through oatmeal! I like making banana oatmeal cookies and steel-cut oats for breakfast with some brown sugar!

  35. 37

    I substitute whole wheat flour for white flour in many baking recipes. Not to brag, but I make a mean whole wheat banana bread! :) I also eat lots of whole grain/wheat pasta and brown rice.

  36. 38

    My favorite way to eat whole grains is in a banana oat cookie, which I make with Quaker rolled oats!!

  37. 39

    I also like/follow you on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!

  38. 40

    I like adding quinoa to salads. I know that’s not technically a grain, but it’s still a nice healthy boost. Clearly, I need to do better about getting more grains.

  39. 41

    I love stovetop popcorn as a snack, especially when I’m marathon training and need something easy, healthy, and filling!

  40. 42

    I like to eat kashi for some easy morning grains! I like you on FB and follow you on Twitter.

  41. 43
    Jennifer L. says:

    Oatmeal every morning!

  42. 44

    I eat oatmeal for breakfast almost every morning!

  43. 45

    Popcorn kernels, popped in a brown paper bag in the microwave!

  44. 46

    Overnight oats!

  45. 47

    I usually like whole grain breads – I try to get different varieties so I can try them all out.

  46. 48
    Jennifer L. says:

    I like you on Facebook and follow you on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram.

  47. 49

    I follow you on Twitter, Instagram, and FB!

  48. 50

    My favorite way to get in whole grains is steel cut oats in the morning. My hubby loves it too so its a win-win in my house. :)

  49. 51

    I follow you on Instagram and twitter!

  50. 52

    Quinoa salads and rice wrapper wraps with brown rice and veggies!

  51. 53

    I choose whole grain bread!

  52. 54

    I eat oatmeal everyday! Yum!

  53. 55

    whole grain bread and nut butter as a post-workout snack!

  54. 56
    Emma Swainston says:

    I love eating whole grain bread and oatmeal for breakfast!

  55. 57
    Emma Swainston says:

    I’m also following you on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

  56. 58

    I love to sneak in whole grains by eating granola or oatmeal or oat muffins for breakfast. Whole grain breads are a must and I also try to go for whole grain pasta when I indulge!

  57. 59

    I also follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! :-)

  58. 60

    I have oatmeal for breakfast almost every single day – love it!!

  59. 61

    Oh I love Jamba Juice too. I always have trouble deciding on a flavor to get. I would be most worried about the texture with the boost, but sounds like it isn’t detectable. I’ll have to try it out next time I go. My favorite way to get whole grains is through homemade bread or brown rice.

  60. 62

    I eat overnight oats every weekday morning for breakfast! I follow you on twitter :)

  61. 63

    Oatmeal!!! The best way to get in any whole grains.

  62. 64

    I like to make healthy oatmeal cookies!

  63. 65

    Love oatmeal!

  64. 66

    I love making grain salads with whole grains, such as quinoa, kamut, barley, and wheat berries.

  65. 67

    I’m following you on Twitter and FB!

  66. 68

    My favorite whole grain boost is Quaker oatmeal. I have tried numerous other generic brands, but nothing beats quaker for being chewy without being dry. :)

  67. 69

    I like having whole grain bread!

  68. 70
    Miranda Kibler-Simon says:

    I love to make clean no-bake cookies for pre-run fuel and now that it’s fall, I’ve been enjoying pumpkin oatmeal to get my carb kick!

  69. 71

    I love having oatmeal for breakfast!

  70. 72

    High fiber oatmeal!

  71. 73

    My favorite way to get in whole grains is through oatmeal and bulgar wheat!

  72. 74
    Danielle Johnson says:

    I’m digging overnight oats and oatmeal/protein pancakes lately! ;)

  73. 75

    Oatmeal cookies, with chocolate chips instead of raisins :)

  74. 76

    Love oatmeal, quinoa (if you consider that a grain), brown rice, and the occasional whole grain bread (the really dense, seedy kind is my favorite!).

  75. 77

    And I follow/ like you on all the social networks you listed!

  76. 78

    I stir all bran and fruit into my plain yogurt for breakfast.

  77. 79

    I love whole grain bread!

  78. 80

    Hi Anne,

    I am now following you on all the social networks. I start my morning with a an ‘oatmeal pancake’ that includes oatmeal, egg whites and PB2.

    My friend and I have our weekly girls night and we went to the Dupont yoga and had some SweetGreen afterwards. We are trying to make are girls nights healthy and fun!

  79. 81

    Definitely loving oatmeal these days!

  80. 82

    Can’t wait till we re open up the fresh juice bar in work….nothing beats fresh juice, especially with a boost! I’ll definitely suggest an oat boost to add to the new menu!!!

  81. 83
    Charlotte Brown says:

    I love overnight oats and all oatmeal things!

  82. 84

    anything oatmeal thnaks for the giveaway

  83. 85

    like u on fb Julie A Scott Laws

  84. 86

    I enjoy pb&j oatmeal for breakfast–peanut butter and strawberry jelly though now I’m moving on to apple butter. Mmm, apple butter. I went to the Georgetown Lululemon for their free yoga, Sundays at 12 indoors since they have a studio space upstairs. It’s not bad for a free class year round, but you have to get there early–it always fills up and people park themselves in bathroom!

  85. 87

    Oats! I’ll eat them cooked, raw as “cereal”, in granola bars, overnight oats, etc.

  86. 88

    I follow you on pinterest

  87. 89

    and “like” you on facebook

  88. 90

    Nothing is better than a dense, but soft piece of 100% whole grain bread! Homemade makes it even better. Hey, Quaker oats ain’t too shabby either! Thanks Anne!

  89. 91

    I eat whole grain pasta, granola and oatmeal in the winter months

  90. 92

    follow on twitter

  91. 93

    I love oatmeal!

  92. 94

    liked on FB

  93. 95

    I follow on instagram

  94. 96

    And I follow on pinterest!

  95. 97

    I also follow on twitter!

  96. 98

    My morning oatmeal is a no-brainer!

  97. 99

    I follow you on Twitter!

  98. 100

    I follow you on instagram too :)

  99. 101

    i LOVE homemade granola!!!

  100. 102

    I’ve tried to Apples N Greens smoothie and thought it had zero taste. Maybe I just had the wrong person make it? Willing to give it a try again :)

  101. 104

    Great post – love outdoor yoga here in NYC :)

    I always start my day with a bowl of Quaker Old Fashioned Oats — using your perfect banana oatmeal recipe, yum!

  102. 105

    I love oatmeal for breakfast – especially with PB and bananas.

  103. 106

    I love adding oats to smoothies! And love overnight oats for quick breakfasts.

  104. 107

    I love getting whole grains into breakfast with oatmeal, overnight, oats, or mixed with yogurt, fruit, and nut butter!

  105. 108

    My favorite way to get in whole grains is to have oatmeal for breakfast

  106. 109

    I blend oatmeal into my green smoothies! I make them the night before and the oatmeal helps to maintain the smoothie texture.

  107. 110

    I am in LOVE with oatmeal! I eat it almost every morning.

  108. 111

    I follow you on all social media! lol!

  109. 112

    I loooooove oatmeal with banana and peanut butter. Sometimes with cocoa powder. Oatmeal is the best!

  110. 113

    Following on twitter, IG, facebook, and pinterest!

  111. 114

    I like to get extra whole grains in my diet by starting off oats or whole wheat bread in my breakfast.

  112. 115

    I like you on Facebook and follow you on pinterest.

  113. 116

    I could eat different oatmeal experiments everyday for breakfast!! So yummy and versitile!

  114. 117

    I love eating oatmeal in the morning–with either eggs or protein powder as a protein boost! I also love whole wheat toast with peanut butter and bananas before exercise or for a snack.

  115. 118

    Stir fry with quinoa!

  116. 119

    Man, there are a lot of people who eat oatmeal in the morning! I am not a big oatmeal fan myself, I usually eat eggs in the morning. One think I like to do is make extra brown rice or barley and add it to scrambled eggs along with some vegetables.

  117. 120

    I eat quinoa often. It’s often found in my salads & soups.
    I also put oats in my homemade “snacks”.

  118. 121

    I follow you on FB, Twitter & Instagram!

  119. 122

    I like getting whole grains through my homemade granola!

  120. 123

    Oatmeal, for sure!

  121. 124

    My favorite way is with my breakfast cookies every morning….mix some Quaker oats, banana, almond milk, pb (a must), fruit, and a touch of cinnamon yummmm!

  122. 125

    Already follow you on twitter, Instagram, pintrest and Facebook!

  123. 126

    I follow you on Twitter!

  124. 127

    I’m going to be super original and say: a big bowl o’ oats in the morning! :P Especially during the fall and winter months.
    I also love to put those oats in a banana smoothie with some cinnamon and vanilla. It tastes almost like an oatmeal cookie!

  125. 128

    I love oatmeal. I can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Add some fruit and almond butter and it is perfect!

  126. 129

    I usually get whole grains from my bread but I’m pretty sure it’s in the various kashi things I eat like my cereal :)

  127. 130

    Ps you know I follow you on all the social media outlets :)

  128. 131

    I try to eat oatmeal or a whole grain cereal in the morning, and then use whole-grain bread for sandwiches!

  129. 132

    I’ve been buying different grains to try out for dinner, like bulgur, farro, wheatberries, and quinoa.

  130. 133

    Quaker Oat Squares! Yum!

  131. 134

    Crockpot oats!

  132. 135

    Oatmeal for breakfast!

  133. 136

    I am loving oatmeal again thanks to the overnight oats recipe I learned from you. So easy and so delicious! Thank you!!

  134. 137

    I love having oatmeal or overnight oats!

  135. 138

    Oatmeal is definitely my favorite way!

  136. 139

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  137. 140

    Breakfast for me is always oatmeal or a high fiber cereal.

  138. 141


  139. 142

    My favorite way to get in whole grains is definitely by making sure every meal has some type of whole grain paired with it. For breakfast I love having oatmeal or yogurt with fruit and granola. Then for lunch I love to add a multigrain roll with a salad filled with veggies and a protein. Finally for dinner I try to make sure I incorporate a grain such as quinoa, bulgur wheat, or brown rice with more veggies and some type of protein!

  140. 143

    I follow you on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook! I just love your blog and look forward to reading your posts daily! :)

  141. 145

    Usually start my day with whole grains with GF oats.

  142. 146

    Generally oats, but a smoothie is a close second.

  143. 147

    I get mine in my whole grain bread and my oatmeal.

  144. 148

    I follow you on all those social media sites!

  145. 149

    homemade granola!

  146. 150

    I like oatmeal with bananas and applesauce in it. I love Jamba Juice, but haven’t tried the new boost yet.

  147. 151

    I follow on Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook.

  148. 152

    I eat oatmeal for breakfast every day! And lately I make an oatmeal cookie/patty each night covered with peanut butter!

  149. 153

    I have oatmeal every morñing!

  150. 154
    Mary Matheson says:

    My family eat bread that has 5 grams of fiber in it and is whole grain. We also eat oatmeal with greek yogurt in the mornings. Yummy!

  151. 155

    I love cereal that has whole grains :D

  152. 156

    I love oatmeal, cereal, whole grain bread, and whole grain pasta!

  153. 157

    I like making a big batch of healthy whole grain muffins with fruit and nuts on the weekends so that I have nutritious snacks to eat on the go during the week!

  154. 158

    My favorite is oatmeal in the morning

  155. 159

    I LOVE bread…especially thick dense bread from Great Harvest (no, I don’t work for them!)

  156. 160

    Oatmeal! Recently I started to have a bowl of your recipe of banana oats every morning for breakfast and it’s delicious :)

  157. 161

    Cereal, although I do try to opt for whole grain when I can, like with pasta or even Cheez-Its! May not be the best example, but I’m trying!

  158. 162

    Homemade bread is my fav way to get whole grains.

  159. 163

    I like /follow you on all your social media outlets.

  160. 164

    Jamba Juice just stole my idea…I’ve been getting my grains by adding oats to my daily smoothie for the past several years…lol…one of my favorite ways to get my grains. But I do love the occasional JJ when I am out and about, so I would love to win the gift card. I follow on Pinterest and liked on FB. :)

  161. 166

    I love muesli

  162. 167

    Facebook follower

  163. 168

    I love oats! The overnight variety topped with nut butter and also mixed in with my scrambled eggs!

  164. 169

    I start my day with oatmeal everyday!

  165. 170

    I love overnight oats as a way to get my grains in…thinking of trying/creating a pumpkin spice mix this weekend!

  166. 171

    Like on FB and twitter

  167. 172

    I liked your FB page.

  168. 173

    I follow you on Twitter

  169. 174
    Katy Rogers says:

    I love overnight oats!!
    I followed you on FB and IG!!

  170. 175

    Your pumpkin pie oatmeal! Tried it yesterday (it’s the first recipe to pop up when you google pumpkin pie oatmeal) and it was so good!

  171. 177

    I love the Lululemon outdoor yoga! Our store moved it to an out of the way location this year and changed it to Saturday mornings. Hopefully it’s back to a weeknight next year! I miss going.

    My favorite way to get whole grains is oatmeal in the AM. I put some fresh fruit and some PB in there and I’m full all morning. I follow you on Twitter, Facebook and IG!

  172. 178

    I eat oatmeal twice a day, for breakfast and for an afternoon snack. I absolutely love everything about oatmeal!

  173. 179

    I follow on facebook

  174. 180

    I start my day with whole grain toast

  175. 181

    I love the whole line of veggie smoothies from Jamba Juice! The carrot one is my favorite. I like that they’re a little tart…not too sweet!

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