Elle & Rob’s Italian Wedding Weekend!

Hello, my friends – welcome to the first of many Italian adventures recaps! I thought I’d start with the end of our trip and the reason that we were in Italy in the first place – my grad school friend Elle’s wedding!


Elle and Rob’s wedding was held in Morruzze, a tiny Italian town in the Umbrian countryside about 2 hours from Rome. Rob’s father was a diplomat and he spent many years living overseas; he has a couple friends who own a place in Morruzze and Elle and Rob first visited it together a few years ago. It’s beautiful – set high in the hills with beautiful views of the Italian countryside.


About 50 people were in attendance for the wedding so it was nice and intimate, and Elle and Rob did a great job making all of us feel very welcome and special. I was so happy we were able to be there for them!


One of the big perks of attending such a small wedding – and one so far away – was that we got to see a lot of the bride and groom! They had all sorts of activities planned for those of us that were able to make it over for the big weekend.

First up was a welcome dinner and drinks on Thursday night at Rob and Elle’s friend’s house. My grad school girlfriends Libby and Lauren also made it to the wedding – it was so great to see them!



The bride and groom:


On Friday, there was a wine tasting, which Matt, Lauren, Rob’s friend Felix, and I missed most of because we set out for what was supposed to be a 4 mile run, got totally lost, and ended up being gone for 4 hours! It was actually really fun – more on that later. :)

On Friday night, we were all invited to the rehearsal dinner, which was a wonderful multi-course Italian feast held at a local restaurant.


rehearsal dinner

The food was amazing!


On Saturday morning, the girls and I continued the tradition of running together on the morning of our weddings that I started back in October! Lauren and I had the pleasure of meeting Elle for a casual early morning 4ish mile run through the beautiful Italian countryside.


morning run


After the run, we helped Elle set up the reception table!

reception table

I discovered I’m randomly really good at tying burlap fabric around napkins. New career calling? ;)


And then it was time to get ready! After showering, the girls and I headed over to Elle’s villa to hang out while she got ready. Check out this dress – gorgeous, right? I loved the texture!



And then it was time! Elle and Rob’s wedding was held in an adorable, tiny church in the small town square in Morruzze. Unfortunately I took the sunny photo below on Thursday night – on Saturday, the skies had clouded over and rain started just before the ceremony began. Big bummer.



Luckily, the skies cleared just before the ceremony was over and we were all able to toast the newlyweds (and throw confetti on them as they emerged!) out in the square. Congratulations, Elle and Rob! :)


elle and rob

Elle and Rob headed off to get photos taken and the girls and I and Matt had our own photoshoot!

photo shoot

Fun fact – the dress I’m wearing is actually an old bridesmaid dress from my college BFF Turner’s wedding! I had the sash removed and shortened it to above the knee and voila! Perfect. :)

The reception was held at an adorable country home called Monte Volparo, which was also where a bunch of us stayed. It was super cute – stunning views, too! Again – I took these photos on a sunny day – sadly the wedding day was cold and gray!


But that didn’t stop us from having a great time! I hardly took any photos so that’s probably a good indication that it was a great party. Awesome food, awesome high energy Italian band. So fun!

elle and rob 2

There was even a guy making homemade mozzarella cheese. :)


Congratulations again, Elle & Rob! I’m so glad Matt and I were able to share in your special weekend. :)


Have you ever attended a destination wedding?


  1. 1

    I have been waiting for this recap! :) What an absolutely beautiful wedding! It sounds like a moment that the bride, groom and all of their guests will never forget. I can’t get over the views and how perfect the tiny Italian church was! So so pretty!

  2. 2

    WOW, what an amazing wedding. I can’t even imagine. Beautiful.

  3. 3

    Oh my gosh! What a perfect wedding!!!

  4. 4

    What incredible views!

  5. 5

    Beautiful wedding!!

  6. 6

    What a beautiful setting! You did amazing justice with your fantastic photography skills lady! Love the brides dress and the blue is gorgeous on you!

  7. 7

    I’ve always heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck!

  8. 9

    Beautiful wedding, scenery and food! Looks like y’all had a great time.

    Can’t wait to hear about your 4 miler that turned into 4 hours. Yeesh!

  9. 10

    What a beautiful recap! Your photos are so gorgeous and it looks like it was a wonderful event. I’ve never been to a destination wedding, but my husband and I had our wedding reception in Hawaii! It was super intimate with only 20 attendees so we were able to spend a lot of time with our guests and families that weekend. Something I will never forget!

  10. 12

    What a gorgeous wedding! I’m so glad you all had a great time. I can’t wait for more pictures of your trip!

  11. 13

    Absolutely beautiful – as I imagined it would be. Congrats to Elle! Can’t wait to hear more about your Italian adventures – especially that story about the 4 hour run.

  12. 14

    That looks absolutely lovely! Yes, I was able to attend a destination wedding last summer, actually, in Kenmare, Ireland. There were about 80 of us and I agree with you that it was fun being part of a small wedding since you get to really see and hang out with the bride and groom for a couple of days! They had events planned for 3 days and it was SO much fun!

  13. 16

    I’ve heard it said that in many traditions rain on a wedding day is considered to be a blessing. . . it may seem specially noticeable when it happens in the midst of otherwise lovely weather. Yay for Elle & Rob. And delighted that you were all in such a beautiful place & time together! (I’m also waiting for the story of the four hour run!)

  14. 17

    Friends of ours got married in Florida. Not exactly an “exotic” destination wedding, but it had many of the same characteristics of intimacy and a really fun shared group experience. Love your tradition of a wedding-morning run…and glad to hear that the 4-hour debacle didn’t happen on the wedding day!

    • 18

      Omg I KNOW!! We were saying that, too! Thankfully on the wedding morning we just stuck to a simple out and back on the roads – no room for getting lost. :)

  15. 19

    OMG – I want some homemade mozzarella cheese! I hope you took some home with you :)

  16. 20

    I got married last Sept. in Maui and wore the exact same wedding dress as your friend! Too funny. She looked beautiful and what a gorgeous venue!

  17. 26

    yay!!!! such an amazing time!!!

  18. 27

    I am all about the destination wedding! What a great excuse to travel! I’ve been to ones in Hawaii, Anguilla, Nevis, and London. So fun! Italy looks amazing…would love to go there some day. Looking forward to more of your trip recaps. :-)

  19. 28
    Claudia S. says

    Wow, Anne! It’s looks amazing!!
    I don’t know if it was a destination wedding per se (I live in Lima), but I got to be at my friend’s wedding at the Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru.

  20. 29

    The first photos I’ve seen of our big day – and gorgeous shots! Thanks for doing such a great recap and for coming all this way to celebrate with us! Hope you had a safe trip back -talk soon when we get back! XOXO

  21. 31

    What an amazing wedding! I’ve been married nearly 15 years, and I’m all of sudden jealous :)

    Welcome back!

  22. 32

    Gorgeous, gorgeous wedding weekend! I love the Italian countryside, and it’s so neat the Elle got married there. Glad you guys had such a great trip!

  23. 33

    What a great place for a wedding! I’m so jealous of the spectacular scenery and amazing food! Homemade mozzarella, oh my.

    I’m am deciding whether to attend a friend’s wedding in August. It’s in Wisconsin, so not exactly a destination wedding. I’ve never been, though!

  24. 34

    What a beautiful wedding and such a great venue! I love all the photography too, you took some really beautiful photos :)

  25. 35

    What a beautiful wedding! So lucky you were able to go. Italy is on my travel bucket list for sure!

  26. 36

    Wow, everything is absolutely stunning! Such a beautiful couple and an amazing location!

  27. 37

    The wedding looks so beautiful! That stinks that the weather didn’t cooperate, but it looks like you guys definitely made the most of it and didn’t let it stop you from having a wonderful time!

  28. 38

    What fun!! And one of your grad school friends looks a lot like Ellie Kemper.

  29. 39

    I am in a beach wedding next weekend! The bride,Brandi, and I plan on doing a beach run to catch up and visit before the special day begins!

  30. 41

    I’m glad you had such a wonderful time! I’ve never set foot in Europe so I’m super jealous right now. Hopefully, a trip to Italy is in my near future ;). I’m going to make Tim read this post haha. Elle looks so gorgeous and happy! Brides always have this unmistakeable glow. I can’t wait to read all about your adventure on Friday ;)

  31. 42

    When I was in Rome last summer, my boyfriend and I made friends with an Italian couple who wound up inviting us to their wedding! We explained we couldn’t possibly attend since we were only visiting Rome for a few days, but they told us it was the very next afternoon and that we were welcome to come! We wound up attending the ceremony (it was beautiful) but felt bad about joining the reception since it was so last minute. It was an incredible experience!

  32. 44
    Lauren K says

    Wish we could just live that week over and over again!

  33. 45
    Paula Sparkle says

    What an exquisite wedding and venue! Thank you so much for the beautiful story and photos – they bring us right to Italy!

    BTW, this Monte Volparo Inn looks gorgeous -( checked out their photo gallery ) how about that pool!


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