Hey friends! I’m glad many of you enjoyed my 10 year blogging anniversary trip down memory lane/Q&A blog post! I had fun writing that and reminiscing… it’s hard to believe it has been so long but it also feels like a bazillion years ago when I had just started my blog and was writing those early posts! Lots has changed since then. :)

Anyway – I don’t know if it’s the cooler weather or what, but I’ve been feeling energized over here! I had another great run early on Monday morning – this time with my buddy Sokphal.

Funny story: the above photo was taken by a young Asian tourist who spoke very little English and was extremely confused by what we were trying to do. Luckily he eventually nailed it and all of us were really excited. ;) 

Anyway – we started early in hopes of catching an awesome sunrise, but it was mostly cloudy… oh well! Still beautiful. 

reflecting pool sunrise run washington dc

We kept it casual and did 3 miles as usual, but I felt way better than I have on our other recent runs, which was evident in our pace as well. Slowly inching that pace per mile back down again!

I had a fun workout date with my buddy Chelsea earlier this week, too, here in Del Ray – I’m loving the Mind the Mat pilates boot camp class. Super tough but in a good way. :) 

mind the mat del ray

Chelsea didn’t get the memo that everyone wears shoes for the class since it’s a lot of boot camp stuff – whoops! 

As for the food this week, one of the highlights was making my Easiest Baked Salmon recipe on Monday night – my mom came over for dinner with me and Riese since Matt was out playing soccer. 

easy baked salmon

We had it with an orzo, broccoli, sun dried tomato, pine nut, and pesto concoction with some goat cheese. Riese really liked it!

easy baked salmon mediterranean

Another food highlight was shrimp tacos with slaw; Riese got a mini rolled up tortilla with some guac and cut up pieces of shrimp – she loved the tortilla and guac and left the shrimp.

shrimp tacos

And now, I will leave you with some Halloween photos – our new town, Del Ray, apparently goes all out for Halloween because really elaborate Halloween decorations are popping up all over the place! Riese and I have been admiring them on our dog walks every morning. 

This one takes the cake – soooo creepy:

Although this house is crushing it, too. 

Apparently Matt and I need to step up our game! 

Do you decorate for Halloween? Matt and I used to before Riese was born – we did a little “graveyard” with tomb stones, cobwebs on the porch, a creepy looking lit up figure in the window, etc. – but the past few years we’ve been a little lazy. Must get back into the spirit of it!

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  1. 1

    Fellow Alexandrian here and that Handmaid’s Tale-esque decoration is…terrifying. I may need to avoid that block haha!

    Off-topic, but the Del Ray Music Together class is great if you’re ever looking for one within walking distance (it’s on Windsor at the Methodist Church). Over and out :)

    • 2

      I know right?! And thank you for the rec – we actually already do Music Together and really like it (especially how walkable it is). :) Any other tips, happy to hear them!

  2. 3

    OMG a 2:49 marathon. Incredible!

    We do not decorate for fall or Halloween. But once we move into our new house, I’d like to get better about decorating a little bit for holidays – like getting some holiday-themed wreaths, buying pumpkins during the fall, etc. We have window boxes so I want to swap those out for each season. I admire others decorations but just have not put the effort into it yet!

  3. 5

    Alexandria definitely goes all out for Halloween! If you don’t have trick-or-treating plans already, you might consider checking out the scene on South Lee in Old Town. The street closes to traffic and the residents go absolutely overboard with decorations, costumes, and everything – it’s a crazy scene! We have been trick-or-treating there the past few years and it’s something to experience for sure.

  4. 7

    YES to Halloween decorations!! Holden LOVES Halloween, so we let him pick out a new decoration every year. Our house is officially the tackiest – but he’s happy so whatever! DO IT!

  5. 9

    Those Halloween decorations are amazing!! I don’t ever decorate, but fall is my favorite season without a doubt. I decorate for fall in general, just not Halloween. One day I will, though. Your food and fitness all look and sound fabulous! Enjoy your anniversary weekend!

  6. 10
    Roadrunner says

    Glad the weather is helping you get your times back down. Well done! And bring on the salmon. Let us know/see how you up your Halloween game!

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