Family Run Date + Lunch

Hi guys! 

We had a low key weekend over here – I didn’t take many photos because we didn’t do too much of note, which felt nice after last weekend’s busy travel! 

The main highlight was a fun family run date yesterday. 

(I swear Riese had more fun than it looks in this photo!)

After taking the week off from exercise since I was sick, I was itching to get out and move a bit. 

With the weather finally a bit warmer, Matt and I decided it was a good opportunity to take Riese on a running adventure!

It had been WAY too long since we did a family run. 

We headed down to Old Town Alexandria to do a run along the water – so pretty down there. 

We headed down along the Mt. Vernon Trail and did a simple 2 mile out and back for a total of 4.

Matt was nice and pushed the stroller the whole time – he said he had forgotten how hard it is to run pushing a stroller, especially on the uphills! 

Props to those of you who run with strollers – you are hardcore. :)

We probably ran 3 miles and walked 1, which felt about right! This was the first time I noticed Riese was really watching me (running next to her while Matt pushed the stroller) and looking super curious about what I was doing. I hope that by doing more of these family run dates (and hikes!) we can instill in her a love of outdoor adventures and movement, too! 

Post-run we headed to our usual fave, Virtue Feed and Grain, for a late lunch.

We started with salads – yummy crunchy romaine with a creamy dressing that was delicious and tasted like a mix of Ranch and Caesar. Riese loves cucumber so she was into it too. 

And then a burger and fries hit the spot for lunch!

At one point Matt and I looked down and were like… “Um, we are eating burgers and fries and our daughter is eating salmon and broccoli… lol.”

Don’t worry, Riese loves both broccoli and salmon – they are ultimate faves of hers! – and she got some bites of burger and some of our fries, too. :) #balance

And that’s all I have for you today!

I’m off to tackle my to do list because I’ve got a busy week ahead.

I officially started work with my blog re-designer last week, so I’m starting to do some brainstorming and logistics with her and am really excited to see what she comes up with!

I’m also honored to be giving (with 2 others) the keynote presentation at the DCMAND (DC metro area chapter of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) annual meeting this spring – I’ll share more details once they have their sign up page live – so I need to get going on that as well because the slides are due soon. 

I’m also going to be taking a break this afternoon to tour a daycare! 

Our nanny very sadly has to leave the area for awhile and isn’t sure when she’ll be back. She leaves in 2 weeks and we are super bummed because we love her, but figure this might be a good time to mix it up and explore part time daycares since Riese is almost 16 months now and loves being around other kids.

So… I’m researching daycares and we are talking to a couple potential sitters as well. The search feels a little overwhelming but I am reminding myself it will all work out!

(By the way — if you happen to be local and either a) love your daycare and know they have part time openings, or b) know a nanny/sitter looking for extra hours… I’d love to hear from you!)

Have a great day guys, and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday with a fun St. Patrick’s themed recipe!


  1. 1

    Love it! Sorry to hear about your nanny and wishing you luck in the daycare search.

  2. 2
    Roadrunner says

    Nice to see the family run. Good luck on the nanny front! Can understand the stress of that.

  3. 3

    I love the idea of a family run! Good luck in your search for daycares!

  4. 4

    Look up Creative Play School in Alexandria (N howard st location)! My son goes there, loves it, and there may be an opening.

  5. 6

    You may want to post about your daycare search on the blog Corporette. Lots of professional DC women with kids participate in the daily conversations there.

  6. 8

    I haven’t used it before but follow Pouch Daycare on Instagram and they’re based in Arlington. I think they offer more flexible time slots. Looks like a great weekend!

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