fANNEtastic food Gets a Mini-Makeover!

Good morning!

Some of you may have noticed yesterday that things look a little bit different over here! fANNEtastic food went through a mini-redesign over the weekend courtesy of my blogger friend (and computer expert extraordinaire) Ryan. If you’re reading this via my email subscription or a feed reader — please click through to see the new look! :) Ryan also switched me over to my new host a few months ago — if you’re in need of some website help, hit him up! His rates are reasonable and very worth the peace of mind — I know if I tried to do any of this on my own my blog would probably explode within 5 seconds. :)

Anyway! The blog colors and style are very similar, but Ryan switched me over to a new theme that’s more customizable so I’ve been able to make some changes I’ve wanted to make for awhile now.

Some of the main changes:

The main text area is a little wider now and, on the main homepage, instead of two full posts, I now have one full post with 5 partial posts underneath. I like this look on other blogs and I hope you all find it helpful! I think it’s easier to check out recent posts this way.


Having 6 posts on the main homepage also means that now when you search for something on my blog, 6 posts come up per page, instead of the 2 posts that used to come up before. This used to drive me crazy because you had to keep clicking “previous posts” since it would only show 2 per page!


Ryan also found me a new social media plugin that’s much prettier on the eyes than what I had before (which was basically a disorganized assortment of different icons, haha). Yay! These are all at the end of every post.


I also added a new tab on the main menu — “Wedding” — which, when you click on it, will bring up all posts related to wedding planning — basically any posts that I’ve tagged in the “wedding” category.


I also cleaned up the right sidebars a ton so they are less crowded and hopefully easier to navigate.

In addition to the new look, I also spent some time yesterday updating my pages. First and foremost on the list to update was my “Health Tips & Favorite Posts” page, which is now “Health Tips & Motivation,” although I haven’t figured out how to change the actual tab name yet… hopefully Ryan can help with that today. ;) (More general/personal topic General Favorite Posts are now located on my right sidebar.) I organized everything in better categories so it’s easier to navigate — check it out and let me know what you think! This is basically where all of my previous most “useful” posts live.


I’m also going to update my Fitness & Training tab — I want to turn it into two separate tabs: Strength & Ab Exercises and Running, since I think it makes more sense to break them out. I’m going to create a drop down menu for the Running page tab which will include Race Recaps and Training Plans & Tips. The Strength & Ab Exercises tab will just go straight to my current page — no changes there. Good times!

So, what do you guys think? Anything else you’d like to see updated/improved? Or anything you noticed that’s wonky or messed up since the change? Please let me know. Thanks for reading, as always!

And thanks to Ryan for putting up with my 29340820394832092834 questions per second. :)


  1. 1

    Hey Anne!

    I’m loving the new simpler design. It’s definitely easier to navigate through your blog and view previous posts.

  2. 2

    Blog design can be sooo confusing – looks great though!

  3. 3

    Love the redesign!

  4. 4

    Looks great! I really like the previous posts layout. One thing that irks me on mine is that I can’t figure out how to get them like yours (one underneath the other) in the thesis theme. I’ve seen others with thesis have it set up this way but just can’t figure it out!

  5. 6

    Lookin’ good! Thanks sharing Ryan’s info! I love the little changes!

  6. 7

    Awesome! I love it!! :)

  7. 8
    Pat Elsberry says:

    Love the new look Anne!!

  8. 9

    It’s a lot cleaner! Ryan is awesome :)

  9. 10

    Looks awesome Anne!

  10. 11

    everything looks great! very easy to navigate!

  11. 12

    Neat! It’s always fun to get a little blog makeover. :)

  12. 13

    I love it! Haha I’m always a fan of new tabs to make things easier to find!

  13. 14

    Love the update. I really enjoy your blog, read it every day. I made your Vegan Mexican Quinoa Salad yesterday and it is great. I’ll be making it again.

  14. 16

    Love the new updates. Looks great and very user friendly.

  15. 17

    I’ve been meaning to tell you this for almost a year now…must be a conglomeration of senior moments. Anyway, I bought “I run for bacon” and “I run for beer” T-shirts for my son-in-law last year for his birthday, and he just LOVES them! He’s a runner, cyclist and gym afficionado, so for those reasons, the shirts are very comfortable. But he really likes them for the sentiments expressed. Thanks for making them available! :)

  16. 19
    Jennifer says:

    The makeover is lovely! I liked your blog before, but now it seems even more ready to start fresh for spring! :) But…I have to say: Mad Men? Boring?! Then again, I think I *really* just like watching it for the clothes. :)

    Congrats again on the makeover! It looks super!

  17. 21

    I think it looks great! I’m getting a lot better at redesigning my blog when I need to but it always is soo much easier if you know someone who can help you out!

  18. 22

    Love it Anne

  19. 23

    what’s the name of the new social media plug in? i like it a lot.

  20. 26

    I really like the new layout and design!

  21. 27

    Congrats Anne!! I like this design, is different or I have to say….”Fannetastic”?

  22. 28

    & it looks fANNEtastic!

  23. 29

    Love the makeover. Seeing more than one post on the homepage is convenient and reminds me to re-read posts that I missed. :)

  24. 30

    Great new look Anne! :) I really like the Health/Motivation Tips page :)

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