Farewell, Cherry Blossoms!

Good afternoon! I hope you’re all having a nice day – it’s rainy and dreary here so I’ve been hunkered down getting things done, though I did give myself a lunchtime yoga break over at Edge Yoga. I was feeling strong and balanced today so I attempted headstand with the help of the instructor, and I did it! Proud. :) Now to work on balancing in it on my own!

As for yesterday’s workout, I spent one last morning with the beautiful Cherry Blossoms. They are sadly on their way out and are probably all gone by today, especially with the rain. Too short!



My friend Kathleen and I met up early at the Smithsonian metro for the adventure. It was so pretty out!


From the mall, we headed over to the tidal basin and ran two laps around it, enjoying our last views of the flowering trees until next year.



Great way to start the day – beautiful views and great company. :)



We ended up covering about 5 miles!

On the food front, today my day began with a Flour Free Breakfast Pancake. This breakfast never fails. So delicious!


Lunch was a ginormous vegan Mexican-ish salad: greens + black beans + cilantro + salsa + green pepper + avocado + 90 second brown rice. Hit the spot!


On the snack front, I’m planning to bust out our juicer a little bit later – I’ve been loving fresh juice lately as a snack, paired with something that has some healthy fat and protein like one of my Nutty Protein Granola Bars or just some plain nuts. Last week I whipped up a few variations of my favorite concoction – carrots + apple + greens + celery. I need to buy some fresh ginger to toss in there, too! Eat the rainbow. :)


And now, it’s back to work! I’m catching up on emails and some AnneTheRD client work + some client meetings, and also putting together some discussion prompts for Thursday morning’s class at GW. I had my students watch the documentary “Food, Inc.” and we’re going to discuss it on Thursday! Should be interesting. :)

Have a good one, my friends!


  1. 1

    That salad looks delish!

  2. 2

    I cover the “pancake” with aluminium foil or a large lid and steam it to speed up the cooking time. Adding a tbsp of coconut cream makes it little more luxurious! Can’t have one without dripping almond and hazelnut butter!

  3. 3

    That salad looks great! For some reason I always forget to put black beans on salad and then I see someone else’s food and I’m reminded how delicious it is!

  4. 4

    I am loving smoothies right now for a snack, get in some healthy fasts and some veggies! So sad that the cherry blossoms are done already!

  5. 5

    So glad I got to see cherry blossoms this weekend. Twice!

  6. 6

    Thanks for the great run and even better company. :) Pancakes sound delicious!

  7. 8

    AGH- they are so beautiful! I haven’t seen them since 2003 and I would LOVE to see them again!

  8. 9

    Way to go on the headstand! I watched Food, Inc. a couple of years ago and really liked it – the documentary definitely opened my eyes. Hope it goes over well with your students!

  9. 10

    Thank you for reminding me about those delicious gluten free pancakes. I’ve been trying to avoid eating gluten and I’m searching for new recipes. The salad looks yummy as well :-)

  10. 11

    You take such beautiful pictures! I swear I feel the need to inhale all the colorful veggies in the world after reading a post.

  11. 13

    meanwhile this morning we had snow on the grass/cars….poor cherry blossoms got cheated out of a longer bloom!

  12. 15

    Spring is my favorite season for running, nature looks so beautiful at this time.
    I make juices myself as well, mainly vegetable juice, it’s very healthy and gives you energy for the whole day :-) Great pictures by the way!

  13. 16

    The salad looks awesome!

  14. 17

    Those cherry blossoms are gorgeous! That’s the thing I think that makes them even more beautiful to us–they’re so incredible looking, but only last a short time.
    I can’t believe how many positive reviews there are for that juicer! How long have you had it? Does it get heavy or moderate use? Been wanting to try juicing, but have been wary because of the steep price for most of them!

  15. 20
    Roadrunner says

    Awesome looking salad — and great pics of the cherry blossoms. Thanks!

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