Father’s Day, A Water Park & A Dinner Date

Late last week, I asked my dad what he wanted to do on Sunday for Father’s Day, and he replied: “Go paddle boarding again!” Sweeeeet. Clearly I was on board! Matt was out of town for the weekend on an epic guy’s weekend camping/canoeing trip, so it was just me and my dad this time. We had a blast and after about an hour of paddle boarding, we were ready for lunch. He said he was in the mood for a salad so I decided it was the perfect time to introduce him to Sweetgreen. :)


Still loving Instagram — my username is fANNEtasticfood

He LOVED it! He created his own special salad and I ordered the Spicy Sabzi, which is a vegan salad with tofu, quinoa, beets, mint, carrots, etc. My fave! I added avocado as well, and got an Honest Tea on the side. We enjoyed our salads (plus an unpictured side of bread) in the sunshine and then he headed on home and I biked back home.

Shortly after I got home, I headed back out again to meet up with my high school friend Hilary! We had big plans for Sunday: visit Splashdown Water Park in Manassas, VA!

water park2

Yessss!! You guys know that I’m a big fan of all things adventure and water related, and water parks are no exception. You’re never too old to act like a kid again, as I’ve said before. :)


water park1

Hilary and I have been coming to this water park together since we were like 19… it’s awesome and only about 30 minutes away, too! And since it’s a small, local water park, it’s only $15 to get in. :)

I <3 water slides!

water park3

We had gorgeous weather for our adventure and spent about 4 hours at the park enjoying the slides, sunshine, and, of course, the lazy river. It was actually a pretty non-lazy river — it was FAST!

water park4

It was such a fun day — made even better because I got to spend some quality time with an old friend. :) We were reminiscing about summer back when we were kids — man, wasn’t that the best? We remember summer feeling so endless! There were a ton of teenagers working as life guards at the park — I never worked as a lifeguard, but I did work at my local pool for a summer in high school as the front desk attendant. It was insanely boring and hot (no a/c in the front desk area) — I remember drinking gallons of lemonade with mass amounts of ice in it.

What was your summer job when you were in high school? In early college, I also spent a summer working for Aeropostale — using the register was pretty fun, and a lot of my friends worked in the mall, too, so we’d all visit each other on our breaks!

After the waterpark, I raced home to shower and then headed right back out again, this time to meet up with my blog buddy Lauren!


Isn’t she adorable? Lauren is seriously one of the sweetest people ever — she was in town from PA for a conference so we made plans to meet up for dinner while she was here. It was a pleasure to see her, as always, and we had a blast catching up and talking a mile a minute. :)


We met at Boulevard Woodgrill in Clarendon, which is one of my local favorites — great seafood in particular. After spending all day outside running around in the sun, all I was craving was something salty and meaty. A burger sounded delicious and that’s exactly what I got!


It was so good — just what I wanted and I ate pretty much every last bite. As I’ve said before, being healthy = not ALWAYS being healthy, in my opinion. Sometimes, you just need a burger and fries in your life!

I also enjoyed a glass of Chardonnay. Yum!


Thanks for the fun night, Lauren!

Whew — just reading this and it’s no wonder I was exhausted on Monday morning (worth it!). Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. 1

    Sounds like the perfect day! I love water parks…our climate doesn’t really allow for them in Ireland! The ones in Florida were amazing though :) Totally agree on the being healthy front…sometimes you just need…a big slice of chocolate cake! Must check out Lauren’s blog!

  2. 2

    What a busy busy day… but sometimes those are just perfect! My Sunday was spent doing an early morning run, hosting a book club and brunch at my house, taking the train to Amsterdam and then having dinner with a girlfriend. I was exhausted Monday morning but it was sooo fun.

  3. 4

    No froyo? Idk who you are anymore!

  4. 6

    I worked as a lifeguard in the summers during both high school and college. It wasn’t at a place as cool as a water park (just the local pool) but it was pretty much the perfect summer job.

    That water park looks so fun! My boyfriend has been begging to go to the one near us (apparently it’s one of the largest in the country) and I’ve been a little resistant. Maybe I just need to give in after all!

  5. 8

    Mmm, that burger looks great.. I haven’t tried that place for anything other than brunch so far!

  6. 9

    I used to LOVE waterparks as a kid. Looks like a fun day!

  7. 10

    The thought of denying yourself of something you enjoy is so counterproductive! Love your view on being healthy :) After all when u work out hard, u need to play hard too! And nothing beats a burger and fries.

  8. 12

    Looks like such a great day! I love water parks, too. We used to go to one in Atlanta, GA all the time when I was a kid. My all time favorite is Typhoon Lagoon at Disney. I even got to go there a couple years ago, and it was just as fun as I remembered. Except that super tall slide that goes almost straight down terrified me. Oh the fun of getting old. lol

  9. 14
    Lauren T says:

    I just had a burger last night too and it absolutely hit the spot! When I was in high school/early college I worked at Subway for a couple years. Ours had a drive through and I loved to take the orders. I also worked as a kennel assistant at my dad’s vet clinic…not the most glamorous job especially in the summer when it’s unbearably hot and the dogs need to be walked!

  10. 15
    Danielle says:

    Oh, man! I used to work at Aeropostale, too, after I graduated high school! The people I worked with were awesome sauce, and the employee discount was incredible. It took a lot of willpower to not buy clothes all the dang time. :P Being on register was my favorite thing, and being the greeter was the WORST!

  11. 17

    What a fun weekend!! So glad you got to spend Father’s Day with your dad.

  12. 18

    Love Boulevard Woodgrill. The salad with goat cheese and prosciutto is delicous!

  13. 19

    Such a fun time!! Next stop: Water Country USA ;) And I’m so glad you got your burger!!!

  14. 21

    Wow what a weekend! Looks like a great time :-) My high school job was a retail bakery clerk at Dean & Deluca, back when they made everything from scratch in house. I ate so much bread and broken cookies! If I hadn’t had a teenager metabolism I’d probably still be carrying around extra pounds from that job lol

    • 22

      That sounds delicious :) I had some friends that worked at Starbucks and we’d always get all the leftover food – so awesome!

  15. 23

    What an awesome Father’s Day! Yay!!!

    Paddle boarding sounds so fun!
    I’ve never tried it, but would do well since I have great core strength :-)
    (I’m not big on water parks after taking Medical Micro -my professor ruined it for me! Ugh! :-)

    Before College I worked as a pharmacist assistant (since I knew I could use the Pharma knowledge in Med School)
    But the Pharamcist liked me so much, that he went home on his shift, so I had to crash learn Pharmacology, and read all the prescriptions (Dr’s writing is an art within itslef) and fill all the pills correctly…..
    (or else!)

    I did a great job -never messed up or let him down…and learned a ton on what meds are best for what diseases
    (but it was lots of pressure for an 18y/o pre-med student!)

  16. 25

    It was so great to see you!! Please keep my offer in mind to come back to PA and visit soon. :) Hope to see you again soon Anne.

  17. 26
    Pat Elsberry says:

    Sounds like an awesome Father’s Day/Sunday!! I have never done paddle boarding, but I did take a paddle boat out onto the Potomac one time with a guy I was dating up in DC! :) It was fun and seemed romantic at the time! :)

    My summer job during high school was spent working in the Admissions office at a local hospital in the Boston area. I learned tons of stuff and felt as thought I made a small difference as many of them were afraid due to their circumstances of having to be hospitalized.

  18. 27

    Action-packed weekend! Between you and Gena, I want to try Sweetgreen. I also love your bit about being BALANCED as part of being healthy!

    I worked for 9 summers at this crazy ice cream/mini golf/bumper boats/food place grilling for corporate outings held there. My brother, sister, and cousin all worked there too, which was nice since we worked about 75h a week and wouldn’t have had time to see each other if we weren’t all in the same place!

  19. 29

    Oh my gosh. I went to the water park this weekend too.
    Great minds.

  20. 31

    I would love to see Papa P. on a paddle board. <3

  21. 33

    Now I really want to go to a water park. I wish I knew of one near here!

  22. 34

    What a fun busy weekend! That water park looks like an awesome time!

  23. 35

    I used to love that water part in Manassas as a kid and had been thinking of trying to go back — I’m glad to hear it’s as much fun as I remember it being!

  24. 36

    Wow I haven’t been to a waterpark since I was in summer camp as a kid! Good times :)

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