Festive Weekend

Well, my friends, I don’t have a race recap for you guys today because unfortunately I didn’t end up doing the race! :(

In my 15+ years of running races, I don’t believe I’ve ever actually bailed on a race the day of – but I woke up sick on Sunday morning and as much as I wanted to still run, I knew it wouldn’t be smart. I’m still feeling pretty rough today so it was definitely the right call. Such a bummer, but I’m hoping to find another fun race to do this month in DC instead – or maybe next month depending what’s available. Womp, womp. 

We spent most of Sunday close to home, but I did rally enough for us to get our Christmas decorations up!

It was really fun – Riese loved helping us with the ornaments! Seeing the tree and all our ornaments makes me think of Riese’s first month of life – we didn’t decorate for Christmas last year since we were in Pittsburgh for the actual holiday, so the year she was born was the last time we had a Christmas tree and all our decorations out!

I have a lot of memories of nursing her in the middle of the night in the glow of the Christmas tree lights…

Anyway! Let’s rewind to the not-sick part of the weekend. On Friday night, Matt made us cedar plank salmon on the grill and it was delicious! Plus some Happy Camper cider, which is my recent fave.

Riese enjoyed helping him with the salmon glaze. :) It was leftover from the honey miso glaze I put on the brussels sprouts – that recipe will be coming to the blog on Wednesday, so stay tuned!

On Saturday morning, we got a ton of work done around the house – listed some stuff on Craigslist, tidied up, etc., and then we headed off to have brunch at our friend’s Heather and Mike’s!

We brought some cheese and crackers to add to the mix…

brunch appetizer spread

Plus this spinach, chickpea, feta, and veggie salad with a homemade vinaigrette. 

brunch salad

Everything was delicious and the kids had fun playing, too. :)

We also had an unpictured egg bake and some bacon! My favorite was those cinnamon sugar pretzels – sooo good. 

brunch spread

On our way home, we knew we’d be driving by an area where a charity sells Christmas trees, so we stopped and grabbed our tree! 

Me: “This tree is definitely going to be too big.”

Matt: “This tree definitely won’t be too big.”

I win this round. ;)

Luckily Matt has a saw and was able to trim it down a bit for us! 

I did a bunch of work during naptime on Saturday while Matt ran some errands, and for dinner we went out for pizza with a few friends. Hit the spot!

del ray pizzeria pizza

Plus this awesome stuffed avocado:

del ray pizzeria stuffed avocado

I was feeling a bit stuffed up during the day on Saturday but mostly normal until the evening, when things started to go south. 

By Sunday morning, I was definitely for real sick. Nothing serious – no fever – but a bad cold that felt like it had started to make its way down into my chest. No 15k race for me. :( 

We spent Sunday close to home – I rested most of the morning, and then when I felt a little better we had fun getting our tree decorated and the rest of the decorations up. 

Chicken soup for lunch:

Dinner was some random snacks (lots of cheese leftover from a little blog work I was doing during naptime), plus leftover salad, quinoa, and salmon. I was in bed before Riese! 

I’m trying to get some work done today because I have a lot to tackle while our sitter is here, but I’m definitely going to take some time to rest, too… I need to kick this thing fast because I’ll be solo mom-ing the rest of the week!

See you guys back here on Wednesday for the Honey Miso Brussels Sprouts recipe!


  1. 1

    I’m sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well and weren’t able to run the race. But your Christmas tree looks great! I hope you feel much better very soon.

  2. 3

    Love seeing that we are not the only ones who bought a tree that was taller than the height of our ceiling – though not this year, at least! And sorry to hear you had to miss the race. Surely there is another Jingle Bell race somewhere in the area there!

  3. 4

    Anne, I’m so sorry you became sick and could not participate! I hate to hear that. You really made the most of it and your weekend, though. Kudos to you for taking care of yourself and not pushing as your body certainly needed rest. Best wishes that you feel 100% soon!

  4. 6

    I’m so sorry you’re sick. You made the right call, there will always be another race. I did run a half last month with a cold – my symptoms were all above the neck and I wasn’t too fatigued – and though I don’t regret it, it also wasn’t my best racing experience.

    • 7

      If I hadn’t felt like it was in my chest I think I would have still done it… it was a beautiful day for running! Oh well… always more races. :)

  5. 8

    Sorry to hear you got sick and had to skip the race. That is such a bummer but the smart decision. I hope you rally quickly, especially since you’ll be solo parenting! My husband and I have been taking turns being sick for the last 3-4 weeks. Gotta love daycare germs. One of us always seems to be sick! And now our son has strep throat so it’s been a rough week for us.

    We didn’t put a tree up last year since Paul was crawling and getting into everything. It’s nice to have one us this year, though. Makes the house feel warm and festive. I put kid-friendly ornaments on the lower branches and he played with them the first couple of days but now he pretty much ignores the tree, although he does still occasionally look at it and say “wow” which is super cute!

  6. 10

    Feel better Anne!! Good on ya for listening to your body <3

  7. 12

    I am sure you are feeling better by now – at least, I hope so! I am always so behind on blog posts…
    I was wondering what was in the 8×8 pan in the picture from your brunch. It looks like a coffee cake… ? Anyway – if you see this comment and can share, I’d love to know what it is!

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