First Legit Halloween + Easy Eats

Hi friends! We had fun last night for Riese’s first legit Halloween – I mean, we had Halloween with her last year but she slept through most of it and definitely didn’t walk around in a costume, so this felt like the first!

Weirdly she didn’t find the whole thing that weird and just kind of went along with walking up to people’s doors and putting candy into her bucket!

We had a cute sparkly pumpkin dress for Riese to wear but being a toddler she refused to put it on, so we stuck with her cozy Halloween-themed day clothes instead. Oh well! She also randomly wanted to carry this black cat decoration around with her – whatever works, girl. 

Matt and I didn’t plan costumes this year so about 5 minutes before we left the house we randomly grabbed a few things out of our old box of Halloween stuff – Matt grabbed a cape and a wig and went with “hipster Lord of Darkness” (due to the man bun). Lol. 

How was your Halloween? What was your costume?

As for food highlights this week, let’s start with this delicious shrimp pasta dish!

easy shrimp pasta with veggies

Have you tried any of my mix + match easy pasta recipes yet?

This dish had zucchini, squash, arugula (put in at the last minute just so it wilted), and a simple garlic fresh tomato sauce. 

I cooked the zucchini and squash first, then stirred in the (already cooked) pasta and the arugula. I cooked the shrimp separately, too – just pan seared in a little oil with salt and pepper. 

shrimp pasta easy recipe

Hot tip: give your kids raw veggies to snack on before dinner when they are hungry. ;)

Riese took down a ton of raw red pepper strips (not in the meal, I just got it out because I know it would keep Riese busy because she loves peppers), and to my surprise Riese liked the raw zucchini and squash, too. She didn’t like them cooked (or maybe by then she was just too distracted by the pasta?), so glad I tried raw!

I’ve also been continuing with my mission to pack more meal-ish mid-morning snacks for both myself and Riese this week, and it has been working out well! 

One morning at the playground this week we had a chickpea, feta, cucumber, and broccoli salad with some olive oil and lots of lemon juice, plus some sweet potato with coconut butter, ground pumpkin seeds, cardamom, and mashed raspberries (this was a Raised Real meal – we still looove Raised Real – if you want to try it, use my affiliate code ANNE3854 for $20 off). 

2 year old healthy snack ideas

Another day I packed her a fried egg and some un-pictured freeze-dried peas (<- she’s so obsessed, these things are amazing and nice and portable). 

2 year old healthy snack ideas

And that’s all I have for you this week! Fitness was low key – I hit a yoga class yesterday morning and that was that. Looking forward to another yoga class + hopefully a run date this weekend! 

I’m excited because my college friend Kris will be staying with us tonight – she’s speaking at a conference nearby today and is sticking around for an extra day to see us! We are going out for a girls dinner tonight – woo!

Have a nice weekend and I’ll see you guys back here Monday! 


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    How funny that Riese toted around the cat decoration! The mind of a toddler is a mysterious thing. Glad she had fun!

  2. 2

    I know what you mean about the will of a toddler. Mine decided that she didn’t want to wear her Yoda hoodie or carry her light saber even though she had been talking about it all week. Luckily I had a backup Star Trek onesie under the hoodie that she wore instead. Have a great weekend!

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