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Hey friends! Before I get into today’s post, a HUGE congratulations to everyone who ran Boston yesterday! I loved watching all the coverage from home – and seeing USA’s Galen Rupp come in 2nd and Jordan Hasay place 3rd among women! I also really loved seeing that Katherine Switzer, the first woman to ever run the Boston Marathon, returned 50 years later to run the race again. She’s an inspiration to female runners everywhere. :)

Anyway! After watching all the Boston excitement and finishing work for the day, Matt and I took advantage of the nice weather and did a little grilling at our place for dinner. On the menu: BBQ chicken + baked beans + string beans! All the beans.

bbq chicken with baked beans

We took a nice stroll after dinner, too. Gotta take advantage of these beautiful humidity-free days while they last! ;)

As for this morning, I was up and out the door early to hit up a boot camp class with Chelsea and her fiance Fabio via ClassPass (<- affiliate link for $30 off). We hit up a new-to-us place in Arlington called Bodymass Gym.


bodymass gym arlington review

The space was really nice, the staff were all friendly and welcoming, and the workout was awesome! We hit up their “Bodymass Blast” class, which is an hour long boot camp/circuit workout. Great variety and challenging moves! We all liked the instructor, Chaz, too. We will be back!

bodymass gym arlington review

After the workout, I made a microwave version (just microwave it 3 minutes in a shallow, wide bowl) of my Flour Free Breakfast Pancake, which I topped with some plain Greek yogurt, berries, and slivered almonds. Plus an unpictured latte, and a pictured furry creeper. :) She’s always gotta keep an eye on me!

breakfast with a cat

I’m working from home until this afternoon, when I’ll be hitting the road for a quick overnight blog trip! You can see what I’m up to on Instagram, and I’ll be back here on Thursday to share a recap, too. I may or may not pop in tomorrow to say hello – we’ll see how crazy the schedule is!

Have a fabulous day, my friends!

What’s your ideal type of workout class? Mine is definitely circuit workouts – I get bored if we do the same move(s) over and over!


  1. 1

    ooo i’ve driven past that gym! glad to hear it’s good!

  2. 2

    Great music always helps in a workout class! Nothing like doing something really hard to great motivational tunes ;) My bootcamp instructor started playing “I will survive” the other day and I was loving it ;) Also “The Greatest” by Sia is a fav of mine.. doing burpees like “Yeah I AM the Greatest!” ;) ;) ;)

  3. 4

    I love a good circuit workout! Have a fun trip!

  4. 5

    I’m not a big workout class person! I love working out on my own, in my own time! That bbq chicken looks amazing!

  5. 6

    Move the body and clear the mind!

  6. 7

    I don’t mind following a DVD style workout and I do body balance classes over the road at my local sports centre.

  7. 8

    I love circuit workouts as well. I feel like I can give 100% to each portion of the workout because it feels like a “new” workout each time I switch. It’s just a mental thing, but it definitely helps!

  8. 10

    Does Zara try to eat your food? My cat is I swear is worse than my dog when it comes to begging for food!

  9. 12

    I used to do step classes all the time, but now running is my cardio. I like strength training classes, because honestly, if it’s not a class I probably won’t get it done.

    • 13

      Exactly, same here. I’ll do a lot of cardio outside of classes so I don’t really need heavily cardio focused classes – but the strength, I won’t do on my own!

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