Friday Faves

Hey friends! Popping in with some Friday Faves to wrap up the week. 

Feel free to play along in the comments – what are some of your recent faves/things you are loving lately?

1) Networking with fellow RDs. 

On Wednesday night, I co-hosted a happy hour for local dietitians!

shilling canning company restaurant

My friend (and fellow RD) Amaris and I have been co-hosting this happy hour group for… 7 years now, I think?!

We host every few months or whenever we remember to organize it, and it’s a casual networking/social meet up where we can talk nutrition, careers, and everything in between. (Sidenote – if you’re a DC area RD and you want to get on the email list to know when the next happy hour is, feel free to email me – happy to add you!)

We met up at Shilling Canning Company this time, which is a new restaurant by Yards Park in DC that one of our happy hour member’s husbands owns! We have been hearing about the build up to opening the restaurant for a couple years now so when Sara told us the restaurant was finally open, we knew we wanted to do the next happy hour there. So fun! The food was delicious, too – especially the catfish toast! Check it out if you’re in the area. :) 

2) This Watermelon Beet Smoothie(sponsored)

As you may know from a couple recent recipes (like my Watermelon Mojito Sorbet + Sesame Shrimp & Watermelon Salad), I’m continuing my partnership with The Watermelon Board this year, and I’ve been enjoying having the excuse to eat lots of watermelon. ;)

I’ve been on a smoothie kick lately – they are such a great snack, especially post-workout, and Riese loves them too – so this week I decided a watermelon smoothie needed to happen. 

I was intrigued by The Watermelon Board’s Watermelon Beet Smoothie recipe because it had some interesting ingredients, including kefir (kefir is an awesome source of probiotics – even more so than yogurt! – but I never think to buy it for some reason), beets, coconut water, and of course watermelon! 

Smoothies are great for hydrating and packing in nutrients, especially after lots of sweaty hot weather activity. Watermelon is an especially great addition to smoothies because it contains potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and antioxidants, all of which are great for post-workout recovery, or just for general life. :)

Riese gave this smoothie two thumbs up, and I’m excited to make it again because we still have all the ingredients on hand! We sampled it in the morning when I made it, and then enjoyed the rest together after a sweaty stroller jog + some playground romping. 

If you want another recipe to try that also makes a great post-run treat, check out my Watermelon Rosemary Popsicles.

And speaking of running – I’m getting really excited for the Marine Corps 10k, which Matt and I are running on behalf of The Watermelon Board next month! 

3) This TimeHop photo my friend Jess sent to me that popped up on her phone on my birthday – don’t Matt and I look like babies?!

This was from one of my wine tour birthday parties, hence the tiara. ;)

4) Reusable silicone Stasher bags

I bought a few of these recently and love not throwing out/wasting a bunch of plastic bags each week when bringing snacks out for me and Riese! They are easy to wash and nice and sturdy. 

That’s my flour free protein pancake in the bag – it takes awhile to make so I can’t usually get it ready in time for breakfast (because Riese WANTS TO EAT RIGHT NOW AHHH when she wakes up ha), but I’ve started making it while bumbling around at home after eating breakfast and then I just bring it out with us later as a snack.

Riese and I both love it!

And that’s all I have for you today!

Matt was out of town for work all week so I was solo mom-ing – we are very happy to have him back as of late last night! Riese and I did a lot of leftovers for meals because I didn’t feel like making full/fancy dinners, and we also went out to dinner one night earlier in the week with a mom friend and her kids for Lebanese food – hummus and pita are always a win for everyone, and my salmon Greek salad was awesome, too.

Time to have some breakfast and then get ready for another stroller jog – my workout buddy Chelsea is out of town so no Friday workout date this week… and sleeping in sounded better than a 6 a.m. solo class. ;)

Have a great weekend! I will leave you with some posts of interest from around the web:

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  1. 1

    You and Matt are too cute in that throwback photo!
    My Friday fave is starting to see fall decorations on front porches and thinking about how I’ll decorate mine. Love this time of year! 🍂🍁

  2. 2

    Yes, you two can only be described as adorable! And glad to see your RD group still gets together!

  3. 3

    Anne, What kind of stroller do you use for jogging? I’m due in December and deep in the throes of stroller research. I checked out your pregnancy posts and read the comments on stroller recommendations (so many good recs!) but I’m wondering where you ended up?!

    • 4

      I have the chicco activ3! I like it, and it’s not super expensive :) We use it as our daily longer walk stroller, and then have a small umbrella stroller we keep in the car and use for restaurants and smaller areas, because the running stroller is pretty big. Congrats on your soon to be new addition!

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