Ma! Meatloaf!

Name that movie (from the blog title)! ;)

It has been a lovely weather week over here – makes my morning dog/stroller walk routine a lot nicer to not be sweating buckets the whole time. :)

I took advantage of the nice weather yesterday morning and met a friend and her baby for a park play date.

We combined forces to make lunch – I brought some arugula, feta, string beans, and grapes, and she had some rice, cherry tomatoes, and chickpeas – perfect! I threw a simple vinaigrette on top et voila. 

picnic lunch grain salad

In other news, raise your hand if you also love meatloaf! 

Meatloaf is one of the few 80’s/90’s dinner staples that I really love. Sooo delicious, especially with lots of extra ketchup. We had some this week with garlic sauteed kale + roasted potatoes and it hit the spot. 

If you want a meatloaf alternative recipe idea, try my Turkey Dijon Mini Meatloaf Muffins – toddler approved too (well, she ate them once… you know how fickle they are so no promises haha). 

Another night this week we had a yummy BBQ chicken situation on mini slider buns with lots of apple cabbage slaw. This was a Sun Basket meal, but it was just basic BBQ chicken (you could even get a rotisserie chicken and just toss it in BBQ sauce), and the slaw was very similar to my Slaw with Apple Cider Vinaigrette just minus the beans. Yummy combo!

We’ve been doing lots of smoothies this week for snacks – I hadn’t made a smoothie in a little while so it has been a nice mix up! I usually use my Mix + Match Healthy Smoothie Recipes Formula – this variation had wild blueberries, a little banana, spinach, plain yogurt, milk, chia seeds, and peanut butter.

Riese really liked it, which was good because she hasn’t been into eating much this week – “no, no, no” to everything! 

easy wild blueberry smoothie

Unfortunately I woke up this morning with a random fever and feeling achy and blah – super bummed because Fridays are my favorite days with Riese because we have a toddler gymnastics class we go to that she LOVES. So sad to miss it, and the park play date I had planned for after in this nice weather.

Tomorrow is my birthday so I’m hoping I feel better ASAP so we can stick with some fun plans we made… we will see. We are staying in town which will be nice after lots of back to back weekends of travel! 

Catch you guys back here on Monday – have a good one!


  1. 1

    Hahaha! Wedding Crashers!

  2. 3

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope it’s an awesome day and you feel all better.

  3. 5
    Rochelle Boyd says

    I was going to say ” While You Were Sleeping” ;-)

    Happy Birthday!!

  4. 6

    There is nothing quite like meat loaf! Best wishes for a swift recovery…

  5. 7

    Happy Birthday! Hope you feel better tomorrow and can enjoy it!

  6. 9

    Happy happy happy birthday tomorrow. Hope you’re better so you can enjoy the celebration.

  7. 11

    Happy belated birthday!! I hope you felt well enough to enjoy your special day! I also really like meatloaf. We had some last Sunday and it was so good. Our son won’t eat it, though. He is just not a fan of meat! I will have to try your turkey dijon meatloaf recipe. I LOVE dijon mustard so it sounds right up my alley.

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