Goodbye, Biochem!

Guess what, friends? Today I have my very last exam of graduate school! Woohoo!!! Our biochem final exam is at noon. We had a review session at school yesterday, after which my classmate Maria and I stayed for a bit more studying, although we weren’t feeling very motivated. All of us are feeling rather wiped out at this point and tired of school, especially after comprehensive exams a few weeks ago.


Maria was sweet and packed lunch for the two of us! As I mentioned, she had our whole class over for dinner last night and she had a bunch of leftovers, so she texted me this morning to see if I’d already packed lunch and if not, if I wanted her to bring me some leftovers, too. I responded immediately with: “YES PLEASE!!!” :)


We had quite the lunch feast — leftover salad plus leftover Mexican lasagna — basically a chicken, bean, cheese, veggie, salsa, etc. casserole with layers of tortillas. It was amazing and I’ll be making a variation and sharing the recipe soon because it was the perfect make a big batch and eat it all week type of meal!


Maria and I burned out on studying around 2:30 and I spent the afternoon getting some things done around the house before hitting up Franklin Street Yoga with my friend Lauren. It was exactly what I needed. :)


Dinner last night was fun/sad — Matt and I met up with our friends Tim and Lindsey for a goodbye dinner. We’re going to miss these two! :(



Their little man, Hayes, joined us as well. What a cutie. :)


We went to one of our favorites, Pazzo, for dinner. Half priced wine night?! Don’t mind if we do!


Matt and I shared an unpictured Caesar salad to start, and for my entrée I had the “Roasted N.C. Rainbow Trout over a Hash of Local Sweet Potatoes, Crispy Pancetta, Grilled Red Onions and Shiitake Mushrooms in a Walnut Brown Butter Sauce” — AMAZING.


We may or may not have also gotten frozen yogurt after dinner. :)

I just went for a run with the girls and now it’s time to buckle down and focus on studying before the exam. Can’t wait until this is over!!

Happy Tuesday!


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    congrats! I so remember that feeling, a nice accomplishment to be proud of!

  2. 2

    Congrats on being so close to done and good luck on your test!

  3. 3

    Where’d you get those charts of the vitamins? (Or did you make them?) They look awesome!!

  4. 5

    Yay! No more biochem!

  5. 6

    Good luck! So exciting to be almost done and your last exam!

  6. 7

    Ugh, Biochem. Good luck!

  7. 8

    Good luck on your last biochem final! I totally understand the all day (or all week) studying biochem exams require, although, I actually have learned to really enjoy the material…most of the time.

    • 9

      Yeah, I did too, surprisingly, minus just the act of studying. :) It got interesting once I understood it better, though!

  8. 10

    Good luck on your exam! It feels amazing to finally be done!:)

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    Kris S says:


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    I’m in the middle of law school finals – second year almost over! I can’t wait until next year when I’m feeling what you’re feeling, no more exams! Hope your exam is going well, since I assume you’re taking it right now! (2pm eastern!)

  11. 14

    Congrats and good luck! I actually JUST graduated from my graduate program (in Counseling) this past weekend! Tonight is officially the FIRST Tuesday night in two years that I don’t have class from 6 until 10 pm!!!

  12. 16

    That’s so exciting! Yay congrats.

  13. 17

    You’ve put a lot of effort into your studies. I know you will do just fine. Eager to hear, though, and I feel your relief at being done with most of the hoops that you’ve had to jump through(not counting those in the mud), having been through both a masters and PhD program recently myself. The absolute best feeling you will have is when you’ve reached that final destination of the program, knowing that you’ve done the very best you could, putting in the most effort that you could, and having your degree in your hand. Knowing you have really EARNED it, and are deserving of it! Congratulations on a terrific job – and especially taking care of yourself along the journey! [email protected]

  14. 19

    Bravo! You did it!!!
    I’m so proud of you.
    Can’t wait to celebrate!

  15. 20

    I cannot wait to say goodbye to Biochem! Yay for you!

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