One Last Chapel Hill Bike Ride

Good morning!

Matt and I had a wonderful last weekend here in Chapel Hill. If you’re just tuning in — I’m finishing up the coursework portion of my Masters of Public Health in Nutrition here at UNC-Chapel Hill (our last final exam is tomorrow — biochem!) and Matt and I are moving back up to DC on Thursday! I’ll be doing summer and fall dietetic internships up there (while also writing my masters paper) and will officially graduate in December.

This week is going to be a whirlwind of studying, packing, and saying goodbye to some wonderful friends we’ve made here along the way, so Matt and I made sure to enjoy our Sunday in a more relaxing manner.


I’m really going to miss all the beautiful country roads we go biking on down here.  The weather was gorgeous yesterday so it was the perfect day to give them one last hurrah.


I love this loop because it goes right over a pretty lake. :)



We ended up biking about 14 miles total, with a pit stop in Chapel Hill for a place we heard we simply must go to for milkshakes before leaving the area. Suttons!


This place is an old school drug store on Franklin Street (the main drag in Chapel Hill) that doubles as a diner — it’s a Chapel Hill institution and has been here for decades, so we knew we had to hit it up before leaving.

Coffee milkshake for me, chocolate with peanut butter cups mixed in for him!


The milkshakes were amazing — nice and thick. We locked up our bikes and decided to take a stroll around campus while enjoying them.


This is the same spot that Matt and I came to two years ago (blast from the past!) when we were in Chapel Hill for a whirlwind day trying to find a place to live. It seemed only fitting we visit it one last time in our last week, too. :)

Check it out — people getting graduation photos by the Old Well!


It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Before going biking, we continued on our mission to eat up everything in the fridge. For lunch, I threw together some tuna wraps for us.


Every time I make tuna salad it’s a little different! This time, I mixed the tuna with guacamole, plus a little greek yogurt and dijon mustard. Amazing combo! Topped with some tomato and kale.

We also had leftover “everything but the kitchen sink” salads on the side that Matt whipped up for us the night before.


Yum. This hit the spot.



Matt and I spent yesterday evening at my friend and classmate Maria’s house — she invited our whole grad school class (there’s only about 20 of us) over for a little goodbye dinner. I’m starting to get very sad about all these goodbyes — it’s really setting in that we are leaving in a few days!

Time to head off to school — we have a biochem review session from 10 to 12 and then Maria and I are going to hang out and do some more studying for as long as we can stand it. ;)

Happy Monday! And if you missed it, check out our Primal Mud Run Race Recap from Saturday — such a blast. Between the mud run and the biking and walking yesterday, I seriously collapsed into bed last night!


  1. 1

    I can’t believe you’re already done in Chapel Hill–I remember you were just about to move there the first time we met! DC is closer to NYC, though, so good call on moving. :)

  2. 3

    You have made NC look like so much fun!

  3. 4

    Ahh it’s so hard to leave, isn’t it? At least you aren’t going too far away! I went to the College of Charleston in SC and then moved to Chicago! So far I’ve made it back once a year to visit!

  4. 5

    How bittersweet!! I’m excited to here about northern VA bike rides!!

  5. 6

    I’m sure you will miss Chapel Hill but so pumped for you to come to DC. I’ve been dying to plan a trip to DC since I missed the Cherry Blossom Race this year so it sounds like the perfect excuse to come and see you when you get settled in!
    Hope all is well and good luck with the move girl!

  6. 8

    You will miss Chapel Hill but just from reading your blog, I’m thinking your true love is around the DC area, where your family will be close by. Your friends in Chapel Hill will continue to read your blog as will the rest of us, to keep up with your internship, etc. Please post pics of your new apartment. Looking forward to your move and new adventures.Good luck on your exam tomorrow. I am out of breath with all you have to do this week.

  7. 9

    Sounds like the perfect weekend for a bike ride :)Can’t believe you are moving already. So many exciting things happending for you!

  8. 10

    I’m really going to miss all your posts from Chapel Hill. I lived there for a couple months last spring and really miss it. Thank you for all your amazing posts and good luck in DC!

  9. 12

    Good call with the milkshake at Sutton’s! Glad you made it there before moving! xoxo

  10. 13

    You bike ride looks so refreshing, a good exercise and so fun! Very inspiring. I’ve been wanting to bike around SF for a while. Hope I can this weekend.

    Also, great idea to mix tuna salad with guacamole. I mixed mine with sweet relish, snow peas (the flat one?), carrots, a touch of mayo, mustard, and a touch of hot sauce. Eaten with kale in a pita pocket or on whole wheat bread = yay! Though guacamole would = yeaaa!

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