Happy Halloween!

Good morning and Happy Halloween!

Any of you guys dressing up for work or school today? I’m not, but I’m hoping to see some fun costumes around campus. :)

I started my Halloween on campus bright and early at the pool with my friend Jill!


We both swam for about 35 minutes and then water jogged and chatted for the last 10 minutes. It was COLD outside this morning — there was a layer of ice on my windshield! But luckily it was nice and warm in the pool building. :) I <3 swimming — such nice cross training. I’ve been going just about every Monday this fall. Good times!

I have biochem class this morning followed by some review sessions for our second exam on Wednesday. I’m determined not to bomb this one! I’ve been studying once per week, every week, with a classmate to keep up with the material and it’s really helped both of us to feel more confident, so here’s hoping.


I just threw together a quick packed lunch for the road:


A container of leftover homemade minestrone soup:


I put it in my screw top Attune Foods container since it’s the best sealing container I have — here’s hoping it won’t leak all over me!


Plus a kiwi for some juicy fruit power (yes, I eat it like an apple with the skin on — try it!):


And a Chobani black cherry yogurt for a little more protein.


I will leave you with some fun Halloween-y neighborhood photos. I love all the fun decorations everyone has up this year!


A light in the window below is set up to flash at night so you can see the skeleton — so creepy!!


This guy looks ready for revenge:


I love Halloween — I’m hoping to get some cute trick or treat-ers tonight! I’m all stocked up on candy and ready to rock. Yes, even as a future RD I still bought candy to give out. I mean, it’s once per year. And if you give out raisins or something lame they will get thrown away, let’s be honest.

What do you guys think — should people going into or already in health professions still give out candy on Halloween? I think it’s important to give kids a balance — meaning, don’t keep candy in the house normally, but for something like Halloween — let them live a little. :)


  1. 1

    I think everything in moderation is fine! Halloween is only once a year :)

  2. 2

    Anne, what time did you go swimming? Your dedication is so amazing! Would you write a bit more about how you still get out the door to swim on a cold morning? I love swimming but find it really hard to go when it’s cold. Something about cold water submersion on a cold morning….ugh. Yet, I’d really like to go swimming year round. Help! I’d also love to hear about your favorite workout gear for cold weather outdoor exercise.

    Thanks! K.

    • 3

      I was in the pool by 6:30 a.m. My #1 approach to swimming (or working out) in the a.m. is to have someone to meet! I’ll try to set a date to meet someone so that way I won’t be tempted to bail. And if I can’t find anyone, my other approach is just to remind myself that I’ll be more annoyed to have to work out later in the day once I’ve already showered, etc. Going to bed with the mindset that I WILL work out in the a.m., no questions asked, also helps. If I go to bed thinking “maybe I’ll get up, we’ll see how I feel”… it will never happen. And regarding the cold water submersion thing – the pool room is nice and toasty usually so it’s not a big deal once you’re inside :)

  3. 4

    I agree, if you hand out “healthy” food like apples, raisins or even popcorn I guarantee it’s getting thrown away! I sure as heck did as a kid. I think even as a RD to be, it’s ok once a year :)

  4. 5

    I completely agree with your candy giving. You don’t want to be to be that neighbor that everyone avoids:) my mom did find some really cute chocolate covered pretzels this year. I know most kids didn’t like the healthy options… But I was the weird kid who loved the mini raisin and pretzel bag. And chocolate covered pretzels seem like a healthy compromise.

  5. 6

    I love all the decorations in your neighborhood!!!

    You should definitely give out candy if you want to! Halloween candy is not the reason for the obesity epidemic in the US. Everyone deserves a (trick) or treat! :)

  6. 8

    Agreed! On one blog, I read she was going to hand out PopChips to trick-o-treaters. Needless to say I was horrified! Candy is good for mental health :D

  7. 9

    I love Halloween decorations! And I think allowing candy on Halloween is fine! When it is restricted, it becomes desired. I never had “candy rules” and I Have never had the urge to go overboard with it(okay, Not WAY overboard;] ).

  8. 11

    I like that your keeping moderation and balance in mind! I think not giving candy out would go angainst tradition-the whole point of Halloween is costumes and candy! :D
    I love the neighborhood photos! One of them reminds me of the zombie coming out of the ground in Hocus Pocus!

  9. 12

    Great decorations! One of my dogs had an appt with her veterinary opthamologist (he’s so cute, best name ever too…Dr. Gift)! I dressed Lily in her red coat (she’s very thin and it was cool this morning), I decorated her coat with black polka dots and she was a Ladybug (well, Lilybug)! Everyone loved her in the office!

    Definitely go for candy on Halloween! As a child I always threw out the fruit (of course I don’t like raisins anytime of the year)! Big fan of Reese’s cups but I can’t bear to hand them out!

  10. 13

    Those decorations are awesome. I like to make brownies, cupcakes, fudge, etc to hand out to the little goblins. We live kind of out in the country and on a very short street with a cul-de-sac, so all we have are neighbor kids that we know and feel comfortable in handing out home made goods. I dress up as a good witch.

    • 14

      Aw that’s cute you make your own stuff! It’s sad that in most places we couldn’t do that because people would be scared to take it.

      • 15

        That’s so true, Halloween has really changed from when I was a little kid. We know all our trick or treaters and they know us. Makes a difference.

  11. 16

    That is such an interesting question – my dad is a dentist, and when we were kids my parents rarely handed out candy. I didn’t understand why but now I wonder if it was because he felt conflicted?! I will have to ask!! And now that I’m an RD, I still haven’t lived in a place where kids come trick-or-treating, but I will definitely hand out candy when I do. Today I wrote on my blog about why you SHOULD indulge a little on Halloween, and I think most RDs would agree with that :)

  12. 18

    My roomie in college was a dental student. We gave out mini chocolate bars tied with ribbons to toothbrushes. Fun idea.

  13. 20

    I’m all about living a little for special occasions! I have such great memories of halloween as a kid and I think as long as the candy is a special treat rather than an everyday event, then that’s perfectly fine!

  14. 22

    Happy Halloween :)

  15. 23

    Chapel Hill on Halloween brings back so many fun college memories! I wish I had a pool near me to use as cross training.

  16. 24

    My husband is a dentist, and he buys candy each year to pass out. Halloween is all about the CANDY!

  17. 25

    We give out goldfish crackers each year. Not the healthiest, but I know kids still love them even though they’re not packed with sugar.

  18. 27

    Halloween is about candy.

    That pool is SUPER nice.

    • 28

      It really is. Sometimes I feel like it’s “free” and then I remember how much debt I’m in from tuition loans… womp womp.

      • 29

        You’d be paying the same tuition whether you swam or not, so it’s kind of free? More like a perk. But think of all the people who are paying what you’re paying and *not* taking advantage of it.

  19. 31

    Hi Anne! You’re like the only local blogger that I read so I wanted to tell you to watch out if you run on the American Tobacco Trail (which I believe I’ve read before that you do) because there is a guy that has been flashing women. You’ve probably already heard about it but I just wanted to let you know in case you hadn’t!

    • 32

      Ew that is SO CREEPY!!!! Thanks for the heads up – I hadn’t heard about it, and you’re right, I do run there a lot! Will avoid until they catch him. Gross.

  20. 33

    Love those decorations! I think it is perfectly acceptable to hand out candy on Halloween, even if you work in the health field. Like you said, kids need to live a little :) It is all about the moderation!

  21. 34

    Compromise… Give out chocolate covered raisins! Delicious!

  22. 36

    I think that going into the health profession makes me torn about Halloween; I love the tradition but I hate to add anything to the growing obesity epidemic. When I own a home I will hopefully find a better alternative to the standard bag candies; maybe give out more natural candies and dark chocolate :)

  23. 37

    Glad you hit the pool again – and nice discussion on whether or not to hand out candy. Hope you had lots of trick or treaters!

  24. 38

    I think candy should be given out no matter what! It’s the one day a year kids are supposed to have candy (in a sense)…live a little, I say!

  25. 39

    Anne – as an RD student with a lot of RD friends, this has been a topic of conversation lately! We’re kind of torn – I’ve heard of people refusing to give out candy – but for me, I think it’s so important that Hallowe’en focuses on the “special occasion” aspect of candy. Having so much candy from trick or treating can also provide an excellent lesson on how to eat it in moderation – as long as there’s someone (i.e. a parent) who is keeping an eye on things. Hallowe’en existed before the current unhealthy state of affiars, so obviously it’s not the culprit – I kind of think we need to divert our efforts and focus on the bigger picture!

  26. 41

    I love how festive your house is!

    Agree- candy is fine once a year- and its up to the parents to moderate how much the kids have. A lot of candy freezes pretty well – so I am all for collecting a nice little stash and savoring it.

    Plus- apples will clearly get thrown away (they might have razors in them)! I don’t think the popchip idea is too bad though.

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