Adventures in Compression Sleeves (+ Halloween Costume Fun!)

Good morning! I just realized how weird the first part of that title must sound to anyone who’s not a runner/doesn’t know about compression sleeves. It will make more sense a little later in the post, I promise. :)

As part of my mission to stop being lazy when it comes to making dinners lately, I threw together a delicious stir fry for myself last night!


I mean, not that stir fry is all that complicated, but it was delicious. :) And ready in 5 minutes flat, too! Win.

I added shrimp, green beans, broccoli, and a dash each of sesame oil, fish sauce, and soy sauce to the wok. Plus this delicious sticky brown rice that I added in after cooking it in the microwave.


The Annie Chun’s peeps sent this to me to review and it was AWESOME. 2 minutes in the microwave to delicious sticky brown rice. Definitely buying this next time I see it. Love that their products don’t have any weird additives or preservatives, either!

Anyway! Thanks for all the great advice re: my calf/shin issues — I decided I’m going to do a shorter run (instead of my 10 mile training run) this weekend and I also went out and purchased a compression sleeve at the recommendation of many of you!


Any of you guys have experience with compression sleeves? The sales clerk at Fleet Feet where I picked it up said to wear it for a couple hours every day, and also during my runs if I want. I decided to test it out today on my standard Thursday early morning running date with Elle:


We ran our usual 4.4 mile hilly loop. As for the running sleeve — I really like it! I also wore it yesterday for a few hours and my calf actually feels a lot better right now. Apparently compression sleeves help improve blood circulation and can speed recovery/help with random pain? It seems to be working, so I’m all for it! The only thing that still feels really sore is my inner ankle area. I think the problem with all of this is that my hips/lateral leg muscles are weak so everything else is overcompensating, so I’m going to start doing some hip strengthening moves that blog reader Kira recommended, too! I’ll keep you guys updated. :)

In other news, I made it back to Franklin Street Yoga last night after missing last week due to fall break! I went to my favorite class — “Rock Your Asana” — which is a hard 1.5 hour power yoga class with fun, upbeat music. Last night’s music theme was Halloween — they played Ghostbusters, Thriller, the Harry Potter theme song, and, during the end of class when we were holding a hip opening pose for awhile, she played a hilarious Seinfeld Halloween stand up! We were all laughing up a storm. So fun. I freaking love that yoga studio.

While I was there, I also bought a ticket to the yoga studio’s Eve Ball this Friday! The Eve Ball is a charity Halloween costume party bash held here in Chapel Hill every year to raise money for the Eve Carson Scholarship Fund.

The Eve Ball Oct 28 2011

Fun for a great cause? Sign me up! If you’re in the area, you should consider going — I hear it’s fun. Now all I need to do is figure out a costume — any ideas?! What are you guys being this year?

Just for a fun trip down memory lane, here are some costumes from previous years. Here I am in 2006 with my friend Kristen, both of us rocking the standard young 20-something scantily clad _______ costume:


And below in 2007 with Matt — I was Britney Spears (remember when she wore that pink wig around? And note I’m holding Starbucks, obvi), and Matt was a rock star. ;)


Yep, I’m marrying this guy. That’s pretty awesome. And yes, those are white platform shoes he’s wearing.


On that note… I’m off to class. Have a good one. :) What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever had? I used to always be a cat or a witch when I was little!


  1. 1

    hahaha Matt’s white platform shoes are amazing!

    I’ve always been curious about compression sleeves. Good to know they seem to be working for you!

  2. 2

    Hahaha great pics! Best costume was when I was like 12 and went as a flamingo…classic :)

  3. 3

    I’ve been looking for a good brown rice for sushi. Now I know a product to check out! You should check out the Halloween Pandora stations. They play all those songs you heard in yoga.

  4. 4

    I am pretty simple when it comes to costumes….last year I was a pumpkin. ‘nough said :D

  5. 5

    Such a fun post, I love Halloween costumes! Oh and I thought I’d let you know that compression sleeves do actually work! They’re intended for people like me (I have Factor V Leiden — a blood clotting disorder), to improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of developing clots. Runners are now taking them up to keep the blood moving, to in turn reduce pain and increase healing time :)

  6. 7

    is the pain right behind your inside ankle bone? It could be posterior tibial tendinitis.. orthotics and supportive shoes usally help to stop your foot from over pronating.

    • 8

      Yeah – I already wear shoes with separate arch insert insoles, though! So I don’t know if anything else like that would really help. I think strengthening the rest of my legs will hopefully be the key…

  7. 9

    I have been Britney four times for Halloween! She’s my fave—obviously. :)

  8. 11

    My best Halloween costumes:
    1. A Twister Board! Made a dress out of the game mat and a purse out of the spinner. Have to be careful of “Right hand greens” though! ;)
    2. The Flinstones – group costume!
    3. Nerds – couple costume!

    This year we’ll see how the Clue Characters group costume comes out!

  9. 13

    Oh geez, I was never a fan of those costume-store costumes, they were just too short for me! Last year I was Mickey Mouse, I made ears, had the white gloves, and I even covered my birkenstocks in yellow plastic to look like his shoes!

  10. 15

    Awesome outfits. I always dress up at Halloween and hand out treats and the kids love it. We go all out for every special day.

  11. 16

    Haha…you guys have the best costumes. Love the rocker/britney spears look. :D

  12. 17

    This year my fiance and I are going as Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta) from Pulp Fiction. We’re even going to try to learn the dance from the movie for our Halloween party tomorrow night: Have a Happy Halloween!

  13. 19

    If you borrow Matt’s white platforms and dye your pink wig in blocks of color, you can go as Nicki Minaj this year. :)

  14. 21

    Best Halloween costume I’ve ever worn…and the best Halloween costume EVER…all my friends and I were the cast of Zoolander! The entire cast! It was amazing! I was a “derlicte” model and my entire outfit was made of 2 trash bags and duct tape. Epic!

  15. 23

    Best costume I ever did… my tiny (4’9”) friend and I (5’1”) went as Oompa Loompas! I wish I had digital photos of it! We went all out and the costumes turned out fantastic. I love Halloween :)

  16. 25

    I was a cat in kindergarten…and then used the costume again as a junior in college!

  17. 26

    I am 6′ tall, my husband is shorter and chinese, we went as long duk dong and the jock girl from 16 candles.

  18. 29

    Once in college I went as a bunch of grapes–green leotard and tights and purple balloons pinned all over my body. Another Halloween in college I (woman) dressed up as a man and went out with a male friend dressed as a woman; at that time (1983 or 1984) this was a bit shocking for small-town America. People weren’t nasty, but they were surprised and fascinated by it.

  19. 31

    Love the photos from past years, Anne. Wonderful! And look fwd to this year’s!

    How’s the mileage, by the way? Got another race or tri on the horizon? ANd pls keep us posted on the compression sleeves!

  20. 33

    Had to share Anne. Last night my Sunday School class, which consist of people in their 60’s,70’s80’s and even 90’s, I am the youngest at 61, had a Halloween party and the menu was chili, salads, and desserts. Well, I made one of your healthy chili’s, Sweet Potato Lentil Chili. It was gone in 10 minutes and I made it in a 6 quart crock pot. This was amusing to me because these folks do not eat healthy chili, or anything else for that matter. When I told them what was in it, they were shocked. They all wanted the recipe. I love this. I copy all you recipe’s now so the ladies can give them a try. I also told them where they could find the recipe’s. I am spreading the healthy word. (If I knew how to make a smiley face, I would.)

    • 34

      You are so sweet! I love that you are spreading the word. Thanks for sharing, this makes me happy. I love that everyone loved the healthy chili! :)

  21. 35

    The stir fry looks great! I’ll have to check out the rice, I don’t usually like packaged pre-cooked foods (too salty and way too many added chemicals). I just cook a big batch of brown or wild rice during the weekend to use during the week.

    As for Halloween costumes…my best one ever was a homemade (by my babysitter who was an awesome seamstress) Rainbow Brite outfit, I think I was 5. She also made me a She-Ra costume the next year (Princess of Power), I still have the gold cape!

    This year, I went back to my homemade roots (for the past 2-3 years I dressed as a vampire in a nurse’s uniform…from the Red Cross, collecting blood donations…shockingly only 2 people got the joke)! This year, I used some beautiful peacock feathers left over from my birthday celebration to make a tail, a beaded turquoise corset and a handmade black tutu and dressed as a peacock (with fishnets and boots). Had a party last weekend and everyone raved–will definitely rock it again this weekend.

    Good luck finding the perfect costume.

    • 36

      Totally agree re: packaged foods – I love that this one didn’t have any additives! They have it at Whole Foods – just bought some more.

      I LOVE Rainbow Brite – that’s so cute!! Love the vampire in the nurse’s uniform, too – hilarious. Your peacock outfit sounds gorgeous!

      • 37

        Hmmm…no Whole Foods here until next March. However, I am working in Raleigh 2 days a week so I’ll scope it out up there if no where local carries it. Thanks for the heads up! And yes, Rainbown Brite ROCKS!

  22. 38

    I just bought a CEP knee brace compression and it is AWESOME! I love all of their stuff!

  23. 39

    Oh man! You’ve officially inspired me to get some Compression sleeves. I think they’ll help TREMENDOUSLY with my long runs. Fleet Feet, here I come!

  24. 40

    I just saw a pic of my friend on FB dressed as a “Gold Digger” for her office party today! LOL! She wore a glittery gold blazer w/ wide gold belt (& black leggings), and she spray painted (w/ Martha Stewart glittery gold spray paint) a cheap hardhat & small shovel! She always wins awards for “Most Original” and “Most Creative” costume for office parties!

  25. 42

    Thanks for the shout-out! Hope your shin starts feeling better soon.

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