How Are You Fitting in Exercise Today?

Goooooood morning! I’m back in D.C. and continuing to enjoy my vacation! If you’re just tuning in, I’m getting my Masters of Public Health in Nutrition at UNC-Chapel Hill to become a Registered Dietitian; we just finished up a crazy busy summer filled with class and our first dietetic internship. I’m on break for a couple weeks now before starting up year #2 of class! It’s very nice to have a breather :)

This morning started with a fantastic early a.m. 5 mile run with my dad and some friends.


This is why I love running with other people — there’s no way I would have done that on my own, especially since my running has fallen off this summer due to the crazy heat. It feels nice to get back into it and push myself again with speed and distance :) I can’t wait for fall running weather!


  • Mile 1: 8:27
  • Mile 2: 9:15
  • Mile 3: 9:12
  • Mile 4: 9:10
  • Mile 5: 9:02
  • 0.1 nub: 8:32 pace

Our overall average pace was 9:01. Not too shabby! My dad is a really fast runner; I stuck with him for the first mile and then quickly got left in the dust when he kicked it into overdrive, hehe. Considering I ran 6 miles on Sunday and 4 miles yesterday, I was pretty impressed with myself! Definitely taking the day off from running tomorrow :)


I ran in the t-shirt I got from my first triathlon — isn’t it cute? It’s one of the nice wicking technical shirts.


The proceeds apparently went to a local church, hence the bible quote.

I also tried out a new sports bra from Lululemon! I love the back:


I got a black one, too. It’s SUPER comfy and fits really well, too! Just what I was looking for. My other sports bras are starting to get pretty gross, which makes sense considering they’re all from like 2005. It was definitely time for some new ones ;)

I’m off to meet Matt for lunch down near his office — have a wonderful day, friends!

How are you fitting in exercise today?


  1. 1

    Great run! I love the detail on the back of the sports bra!

  2. 2

    I love the back of that bra! I may have to check that out! :)

  3. 3

    They say to toss sports bras after two years. I need to follow this. That LuLu bra is hott hott hott.

  4. 5

    I love my LuLu sports bra! The material is so comfy! I like to plan early morning work outs, that way I know they will get done!! Have a fabulous day!

  5. 7

    I ran with my Dad this morning, too! He has been running for 53 years, and he does awesome! I love meeting him a few days a week…we chat about all sorts of things.

  6. 8

    I love the back of that bra! I’m partial to the ta-ta tamer from lululemon ( i have like 6) for the support but, it’s not the best looking thing around.
    And, I totally still have a pathetically stretched out sports bra from high school still! I don’t really use it for working out but its super comfy for around the house :)

  7. 10

    Cute bra!! I fit in exercise today by getting my butt out of bed and to a 6am hot yoga class. I knew I wanted to meet up with friends for dinner/drinks tonight, so that’s what time worked for me! I’m big on planning ahead :)

  8. 12
    Anna Marie says:

    Great job with your run! I am suffering from crazy blisters on my feet from running so my running has hit a stand still this week. =/ However I have been doing shoeless work outs such as pilates. This morning I did a kettlebell work out from an old Women’s Health magazine that I had saved and then did push-ups and crunches with the use of a bender ball. All of which I could do barefooted! =)

  9. 14

    LOVE that sports bra! So cute, as only lulu can do. ;)

    I fit in an amaaazing hour of Anusara this morning, was just what these legs needed. Enjoy DC! (D’s actually there for the week, maybe you two will run into each other, heh)

  10. 16

    I rode my bike to work and am running after work!

  11. 17

    super cute back on that sports bra! Great looking back too! I went to UNC undergrad and loved it! To fit in exercise, I packed up my clothes today and left them in my car…I’m hittin up Zumba right after work…no excuses and no going home first!

    • 18

      Good plan! When I worked full time and missed a morning workout, I used to pack my clothes, too. If I went home after work first it was all over!

  12. 19

    I woke up early and hit the gym before work (I also teach a spin class after work today, but I needed to get my own “therapy” session in). LOVE that bra!

  13. 20

    I love that bra but I can’t find cute bras because I am very well endowed.(36C) I exercised this morning by going on a five mile walk as I do every day, only this time I had company with some of my ladies at my church. I usually like to walk alone because others slow me down. I’m impressed that you took the picture of the back of your bra yourself. Good job.

  14. 24

    Woke up at 5 AM to ride for 90 minutes before work. Does that count?

  15. 26

    I work out with a personal trainer every Tuesday after work. We’ve been together for years, so it’s completely automatic at this point. No matter how crazy my schedule is, or how lazy I am about everything else, twice a week, every week, I work out with him.

    I love the back of that bra!

  16. 27
    Jen Robinson says:

    I took the puppy out for a small walk… that’s about it so far :)
    ps check out Under Armour’s new sportbras!

  17. 29

    I live in my lululemon clothes; I’m wearing them right now! Lululemon is from Vancouver, so we have tons of stores and everyone wears their gear. I’m loving your sports bra: hot, comfy, and practical!

    I workout first thing in the morning: I go to a yoga class. If it’s any later in the day, forget about it. Even if I miss my 9am class, I’m still hard pressed to get another class. I like routine and this routine has been the only one I’ve been able to stick with.

  18. 31

    Wow … I love that bra. I had a bootcamp this afternoon that I squeezed in before I took my twins to their class. So happy I did … now its downpouring in NYC and all I want to do is curl up with a blanket and a movie!!

  19. 33

    I got up early and walked 3 miles; then at lunchtime I went to the local mountain park and hiked another 3! That’s it for me for today…I did another 6.5 yesterday, so tonight I’m taking it easy and giving my feet some TLC with a home pedicure!

    Going to look into LuLu Lemon…LOVE the straps on the sports bra.

  20. 35

    Nice run! :) I need to get some Lulu stuff. That bra is adorable! Today I fit in exercise with a 3 mile run and a Body Pump class!

  21. 36

    I fit in a 40 minute strength training session this morning & I might go to a vinyasa class tonight…and I might not! Staying home to drink a skinny pina colada sounds nice too!

  22. 37

    That is a GORGEOUS sports bra!!! I need to hit up Lulu’s. I went to Yoga with the Madre today…chickayeah!

  23. 38

    I’m so with you! I can not wait for fall running!

  24. 39

    Great run!! love the back of that bra too :)

  25. 40

    I am so impressed that you took that pic! Hahaha. That looks comfortable, is it supportive? I saw that one on their site and was skeptical.

    • 41

      It was perfect for me, but I don’t need much support, haha :) It claims to be for lower impact stuff like hot yoga… but running in it was perfect for me! I probably wouldn’t recommend it for running if you’re a C or D cup?

  26. 42

    I love that lulu bra! It looks like it would be comfy; even with the complicated straps.

  27. 43

    lulu makes me so happy! i’ve been holding out on getting one of their sports bras but you almost convinced me to do it!

  28. 44

    Lulu seems to have the best stuff…I’ve never purchased any of their running equipment, but I’m told that I’ll never go back once I do. ;)

    I’m fitting in a 3-4 mile run this morning and a quickie yoga session tonight. It feels great to be active! :D

  29. 46

    I HEART cute workout bra’s!

    Renie, a blogger above said she’s too big for cute sport bras?
    -not true! I’m the same size on top…and they’re definitely out there!
    (or, I bought them all!? ;-)

    Cute workout outfits make working out fun!
    I Run 10miles at Noon everyday, then do a half our of sit-ups, push-ups, etc etc
    In addition, I have my Trainor 2 days a week to make me go places I wouldn’t alone….. ;-)

    Nice run with Dad, Anne…

  30. 48

    I HEART cute workout bra’s!

    Renie, a blogger above said she’s too big for cute sport bras?
    -not true! I’m the same size on top…and they’re definitely out there!
    (or, I just bought them all!? ;-)

    Cute workout outfits make working out so fun!
    Everyday I Run 10miles at Noon, followed by a half hour of sit-ups, push-ups, etc etc, etc, etc….
    In addition, I have my Trainor 2 days a week to make me go places I wouldn’t alone….. ;-)

    Nice run with Dad, Anne….

  31. 49

    Is that the sports bra we looked at in lulu that night?! It looks so cute/comfy! :)

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