How to Enjoy a Weekend Breakfast on a Weekday

Check out this awesome breakfast. Doesn’t it look like something you’d make on a lazy Sunday morning, not a harried Wednesday morning before rushing off to class/work?


So, how does one enjoy a weekend-style breakfast on a busy weekday? Make the batter beforehand. On Sunday, Matt and I made pancakes for breakfast… and I had some batter left over. Enough for one more portion (2 pancakes), to be exact.


Instead of just throwing it away, I decided to cover it and pop it in the fridge. Wednesday morning, after an elliptical and weights session at my apartment gym, I came back to make a quick breakfast before school. And I saw my little bowl of batter. Pancakes it was!


This was awesome because it was all the deliciousness of a leisurely weekend breakfast… without nearly as much work. No cracking eggs, no measuring flour, no nothing. Just pour the batter into a pan and that’s that!

The original batter was made using this great recipe on the side of the Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat Pastry Flour bag:


Yep — the pancakes are whole grain and oil-free, made with yogurt! :) I added in a few shakes of cinnamon, too.


I made one blueberry, and one banana:



And within 5 minutes flat, I had this.


Yes, please! Two perfect pancakes topped with some extra fresh berries (organic and on sale at the store the other day!), a drizzle of maple syrup, and a touch of butter.


Because every once in awhile you just need a little butter. And this was one of those times.

I enjoyed my pancakes with a small glass of milk for a little extra protein:


And with a gorgeous view of the beautiful trees pretending it’s spring and blooming outside my porch.


Seriously, is this not paradise? My patio is basically the happiest place ever right now. We are surrounded by pink blossoms!


Love that Carolina blue sky :)


What are your tips for enjoying a special breakfast on a weekday? I’m definitely going to start making double the batter anytime I make pancakes from now on! :)

I just went for a 3.5 mile-ish solo run around my neighborhood — it always feels so nice to start my day outside, get some fresh air, and have some time to think. Now it’s off to class! Have a wonderful day :)


  1. 1

    Oh my gosh! I am so jealous of your lovely patio setup! And of your delicious breakfast.

  2. 2

    Holy cow, that is one bee-ah-oo-tee-ful view from your balcony, Miss Anne! Kinda preps you for the cherry blossoms up here this year, eh? Are you running the 10 miler with Jenny and Lara? I forget. Either way, hopefully this year there will actually still BE some cherry blossoms around for the race! :)

    • 3

      Nope I’m not running it this year! The sign ups were so early and I just didn’t know if I’d be free that weekend or not with school, etc. Oh well :)

  3. 4

    Wow that really does look like a weekend breakfast. What a cool idea to save the leftover batter!

    My go-to weekday breakfasts involve a little prep work on the weekends – I make a big batch of wheatberries. The night before, I add wheatberries, greek yogurt, some frozen fruit, and a little vanilla extract to the tupperware, and its SO good and filling. The fruit melts in the fridge overnight and sweetens up the yogurt. Yum!

  4. 6

    That tree is so gorgeous! I can’t wait till things start looking like that around here. Yummy breakfast! I think I feel like pancakes this morning… haha :)

  5. 7

    Your patio is so pretty!!! It’s so soo frigid here in DC so that would be lovely! And pancakes for breakfast on a weekday?? Who knew!

  6. 8

    Your patio scenery is absolutely gorgeous. I love the pancakes with blueberries and we like to have breakfast food sometimes at supper time.Sense one daughter in law and three grandkids are staying with us at the present, I am up at 4:30 am to get things started for the day. They insist on their oatmeal or bacon,eggs,grits,tomatoes and biscuits. I have recently told them they will get what I fix for them, I am not running a restaurant. I don’t think that is too harsh, do you??
    And you have a wonderful day too.

    • 9

      I can’t believe you get up at 4:30 a.m. to cook for them! I’d be like… um, I’ll make you something simple, but I won’t make you a feast every day and I sure as hell won’t be getting up that early to do so! :)

  7. 10

    I just got some whole wheat pastry flour and this is the 2nd time I’ve seen pancakes using it. I think I will have some this weekend!

  8. 11

    I want pancakes now! :-)

  9. 12

    I definitely have to try pancakes with whole wheat pastry flour this weekend! Those look absolutely amazing! (Show me any type of pancake and I’ll probably say that :D)

  10. 13

    Pancakes on a Wednesday? Sunshine? Gorgeous warm weather? Morning workouts? Can I be your roomie during the week while Matt’s gone?

  11. 15

    Those look delicious, I’m definitely going to have to make some pancake batter ahead of time so I can do that some day! Also, I’m SO jealous of the gorgeous weather and the blooming trees, they are beautiful!!! I can’t wait until Spring!!

  12. 16

    Those pink blossoms are gorgeous! And against that blue sky – so pretty!!

  13. 17

    Those trees are amazing! They make me think of spring! It’s like 20 degrees in Boston today!

    I also enjoyed a weekend breakfast this morning: eggs and bacon! I basically did it because I didn’t care what time I got to work today :)

  14. 18

    Two items to note: 1. your porch looks gorgeous. 2. It is currently 22 degrees F in Boston and there is still snow/ice on the ground from January. You win.

  15. 19

    Those blossoms are so beautiful!!!

    I definitely need to double my batter the next time I make pancakes. Sometimes I make extra and freeze them too!

  16. 20

    those trees are beautiful and makes me hopefully for spring!

  17. 21
    Erika MC says

    A lot of the time I make a big batch of pancakes on Sunday. Then I freeze them so I can have them whenever I want. Just pop them in the toaster or microwave (even less time then heating up a skillet).

  18. 23

    I want your trees.

    The pancakes look great. I’m always hesitent to make changes in a recipe. I hate and can’t afford to waste food. I guess I need to add a little adventure to my cooking.

  19. 24

    I love that trick! My mom used to finish making all the batter and then just store the extras in a ziplock bag in the fridge. You can then toast or microwave them later on in the week.

    And I’m so jealous of your beautiful spring weather! It’s still pretty cold and dreary here in MT.

  20. 25

    I like special dinners more than breakfast, so it’s usually not an issue by the time dinner comes around. I’ve never been a huge breakfast-foods person, maybe that’s why?

    I love that little maple syrup cabin. They’re so cute!

  21. 26

    Nice breakfast and lovely view from the patio, too!

    And, on your last post: I don’t think eating anything is needed during a half-marathon. Just drink water. Avoid sugar highs, etc., as the subsequent sugar low is tough…

  22. 27

    Gorgeous breakfast, gorgeous view! I love that you were able to enjoy such a fancy breakfast on a weekday. That’s such a great way to start the day. :D

    Sometimes I’ll make steel cut oats in large batches during the weekend and then “fry” them in a pat of butter in a nonstick pan the next day (they come out as thick, 1 inch slabs). I then top them with a mixture of caramelized apples, raisins and brown sugar that I made the day before and serve with milk. It feels so indulgent and fancy, but it’s super fast and easy. :D

  23. 28

    Your patio looks like heaven!

    I like to make waffles in advance and freeze them! just a quick toast & I have waffles (homemade) for breakfast any day of the week!

  24. 29

    Wow, I would be on that porch all the time!! I’m so craving your pancake breakfast. It looks wonderful! I love how you laid the blueberries and bananas in the batter so perfectly. I make pancakes with banana, but my bananas are always little chunks in the batter. I’ve just discovered Kodiak cakes after being a pancake hater my whole life!

  25. 30

    Oh-My-God, I want to move in and live on your porch. Spring……..!!!!!
    Great pancake idea. Love it. Didn’t know you could do that.

  26. 31

    I’m so jealous of all those blossoms! Your picture reminds me of why outdoor space is a MUST HAVE in my next place. What fat level yogurt did you use in the pancakes. It seems like it would need a little fat to help carry the flavor and for texture, but I’m sure that the yummy butter on top helps with the former. :-)

  27. 33

    what a wonderful breakfast! Looks amazing!

  28. 34

    You could take it a step further…I make enough pancakes on the weekend for my M-F breakfast. I freeze them, and just pop them in the microwave for a warming and TADA – homemade breakfast for those on-the-go types. Pancakes do GREAT with freezing and reheating!

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