Humidity Returns

Good morning!

Man, is it humid outside this morning here in NC! I feel like I’m back in Florida or something. It’s been gray and humid all week and I just want to wear cute jeans and boots and have crisp fall weather, dangit!


The good news: the weekend is supposed to be gorgeous. :)

I met my friends Elle and Lauren for a run this morning — it was a rough one due to the humidity and the kick-ass Franklin Street yoga class that Elle and I went to last night! Our legs were a bit tired. ;) We ended up running 3 hilly miles and then collectively deciding to walk the last mile. Better than nothing, right?! Not every day is a good running day — it’s all good.


So true, right?

In honor of the warm weather, I busted out a summer-y breakfast this morning post-run.



Fresh kiwi, strawberries, raw oats, and Erewhon Rice Twice cereal (love this stuff — so crunchy and light and not too sweet) — all on top of some plain nonfat Greek yogurt and cottage cheese.


I love the combo of plain yogurt and cottage cheese — so good together!

I’m off to another busy day — class and then must plow through the rest of all this crazy work we have due so I can play this weekend! Matt and I are going to Charlottesville Saturday and hiking in the Shenandoahs on Sunday. :) I’m excited!

How’s the weather where you guys are? Are you battling humidity, too?


  1. 1

    Haha I love the saying! So true :)

  2. 2

    The humidity in Wilmington is awful! This past weekend I could comfortably wear jeans, now I’m back in sundresses (which I love but I still hate the humidity). Even my dogs are unhappy with the weather, this weekend they were running (or hopping around as the arthritic one does) and playing like puppies (they’re 13), now they’re sacked out on the couch and don’t stay outside longer than a few minutes at a time.

  3. 4

    Yay, you’re coming to my town this weekend! Have fun and enjoy Shenandoah, you will have beautiful weather!

  4. 5

    I’m up in Boston – no humidity here, but a lot of rain!!

  5. 6

    Do you know what trail you are going to hike? Old Rag is my favorite! I just did it on Sunday! Trying to get lots of Shenandoah hiking in before it gets too cold….

  6. 8

    The humidity is finally letting up here! I struggled with it a lot this summer.

  7. 9

    There is crazy humidity here! Its like the weather can’t make up its mind if it wants to be summer or wants to be fall.

  8. 10

    There is a lot less humidity here in Florida – so thank you? Ha ha. It’s supposed to cool down this weekend – I can’t wait!! After spending the entire summer training in 180% humidity (not even an exerggaeration), I get to do my last long run in 60 degree weather. About damn time!

    Enjoy your weekend – I’m sure it will be fun!

  9. 11

    We are rainy and misty today. I actually opted for my skinny jeans and boots today, which I love!

  10. 12

    Down in TX it is still humid as ever. and 90 degrees:( I can’t wait for it to cool off. I had to have a smoothie for breakfast today. I tried to do oatmeal yesterday and while it was delicious, I was sweating through breakfast.

  11. 13

    Humidity, I wish! We’ve been in boots and jackets for a month now here in Vancouver. Rain almost everyday and cool temps in the low 50s. I suppose I can handle the cooler weather, but boy, do I ever miss the sun.

  12. 14

    Hey Anne! I’ve seen you around the blog world and checked out your blog a bit, and thought I would finally come out of the woodwork to comment because I saw today that CNN Money named dietitian as the #3 job in their “Best jobs for saving the world.” I know you’re studying to be one, so congrats on the career choice! :) I made it a second career as well. (I reflected on the article a bit at

  13. 16

    no humidity here, it’s been gorgeous! Although very rainy today…

  14. 17

    It was so hot here in Los Angeles yesterday! I washed my car and was beet red. We had a glimpse of Fall but it went away. I’m wearing my lightest sundress today.

  15. 18

    What a great quote!
    It is cooler here in Chicago, but it looks like it is going to be rainy the next few days…

  16. 19

    We are headed straight into rainy season here in Portland. Only another 8 months till the sun comes back out. Must. Stay. Positive. :) It’s really not that bad (as long as you have a quality rain jacket, umbrellas are frowned upon, lol).

  17. 20

    HAHA I love that quote!

  18. 21

    I *love* that quote. I’ll remember it the next time I feel bad about running slowly. It’s SO true. :D

  19. 23

    Charlottesville?? I live in Charlottesville! Which trail in Shenandoah are you doing?

    I’d love to meet you while you are here! Hopefully I will bump into you.

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