A Mexican-Inspired 5 Minute Packed Lunch

Hello friends!

Class was cancelled today for University Day (whatever that is…) — yesssss! We have SO many assignments (including a take home midterm exam) due this week and I’m grateful to have a whole day to tackle what I haven’t gotten to yet.

In other news, I have a new obsession. Whole Foods guacamole + salsa:


Isn’t that genius to combine the two?! I know I could just buy guacamole and salsa separately… but whatever, this makes it way more fun. ;) Clearly I’m a sucker for Whole Foods’ marketing. Whole Foods: 1. Anne’s wallet: 0.

I busted it out last week for a delicious 5-minute packed lunch!


I started with a whole wheat tortilla topped with about 1/3 of a package of 90 second brown rice. I know 90 second brown rice is not the most cost effective, but it’s just SO amazing for these quick packed lunches where I haven’t been smart about planning ahead. It’s funny because I’m very organized with my workouts, daily schedules of homework/to-dos, etc., but I can’t meal plan for the life of me. And I’m okay with that. 


Next, I added some canned black beans (drained and rinsed) to the mix:


And then brought the guacamole salsa out to play! Yummmmm


A sprinkling of sharp cheddar cheese…


And a handful of fresh spinach later…


And I was ready to rock. :)


For a sweet ending to lunch, I also packed an orange. I go through phases where I’m really obsessed with oranges, and this is one of them. :)


No snacks were packed because it was a short day at school, but it was a delicious lunch! Want to see more of my 5-minute packable lunches? Click here: quick and easy packed lunch ideas.

Are you a meal planner? Or do you do best flying by the seat of your pants like me? I do try to keep healthy ingredients and favorite staples in the house so I can throw things together easily, but that’s as far as I get with planning. :)

Enjoy your Wednesdays, friends!

p.s. Speaking of lunch time, at noon EST today I’ll be hosting an #attune chat on Twitter! This month’s topic is how you balance treats with healthier foods — I’d love if you joined and shared your thoughts (or picked up some tips from others)! See you there!


  1. 1

    Delicious and quick lunch…I am definitely a meal planner! Does the tortilla get soggy with the guacamole/salsa combo?

    Have a great day!

  2. 2

    Looks great. I have used that rice before, good when you are in a hurry.

  3. 3

    My gym bag is always packed before my lunch so I guess I’m in the same boat! This looks yummy. :)

  4. 4

    “whole foods: 1, anne’s wallet: 0” that cracked me up! but it’s so true!!

    • 5

      Hehe. Sooo sadly true. I only went to Whole Foods to use the Living Social $20 coupon thingy I had… clearly spent a bazillion dollars. Damn them!

  5. 6

    I’m the same way. I plan my workouts and everything else in my life, but I CANNOT meal plan. I would save so much money!

    • 7

      I used to be that way also – try making staples (like a bunch of grilled or shredded chicken) at the start of the week and then incorporate into different meals throughout the week. It’s easier if you pack the night before instead of when you’re racing out the door! Takes some getting used to but your wallet (and your tastebuds) will thank you for nixing the take out habit :)

      • 8

        Oh I never get takeout! I always pack my lunch, but I just do it last minute in the morning. Hence my whole 5 minute packed lunch thing – it’s just what works for me. :)

  6. 9

    Love this easy lunch idea! I’m in grad school too and always have the hardest time figuring out what to pack. Thanks for the great idea. :)

  7. 10

    Costco actually sells some brown rice packages that are two servings each and take only 90 seconds to cook, as well–they might be more cost effective given that they are from Costco. Check them out! They are one of my favorites, especially since my rice cooker is sooooo sloooow.

  8. 15

    I used to meal plan, but then I realized that I get different cravings EVERY day. So now, I try to fill the kitchen with ingredients I like/use often, so I have most of those things available when a craving strikes.

  9. 17

    I only plan dinner. Lunch I automate! same thing every day.

  10. 18

    I usually just wing most of my meals because I never really know what I’ll be in the mood for. I’m also the kind of person that when I find a new recipe, I need to make it now.

    Like you, I love Whole Foods, but my wallet does not. I love their guac/salsa combo!

  11. 19

    I like to plan my lunches! Your’s looks great :)

  12. 20

    I like to plan so that with meals+ leftovers I only have to go to the grocery store once or twice a week. Otherwise I feel like I live at the grocery store!

  13. 21

    Omg that looks amazing! I love love love burritos and that has all my favorite ingredients!

  14. 22

    I try to meal plan, but sometimes I just get exhausted by it! Also, since I live alone, it makes the most sense (money and time wise) to make one batch of something and eat it all week. But by Wednesday and Thursday I am so sick of it! I like this burrito idea though, I’m going to have to try it out!

    • 23

      Yeah I have that problem too – I’ve been trying to make smaller portion recipes lately so I don’t totally OD on stuff before it’s gone! Or… freezing is also my friend. :)

  15. 24

    I fly by the seat of my pants, but within a plan ;-). If i have lots of leftovers in the fridge, I plan to eat all of them for lunch throughout the week. If not? I buy cans of tuna and make boiled eggs. I think it’s easier that way.

    • 25

      Haha love this description – fly by the seat of your pants… but with a plan. That’s how I am, too – I always have a good idea of what I need to use up in the fridge and then randomly throw something together based on that. I HATE to waste food.

  16. 26

    Burritos and wraps are perfect for me, throw in some random items with cheese and call it a meal :) Doneee.

  17. 28

    looks delicious! I also pack my lunch for work, much cheaper than the hospital cafeteria food! This week I made a salsa salad- so good. (and everyone was asking what it was! haha)

  18. 29

    This may sound like a sillly question, but what would you consider a serving of black beans in the wrap? It looks so yummy!

  19. 31

    I plan for our dinners, but breakfasts and lunches I usually just “wing it”. I buy a variety of healthy options to throw some sort of meal together for breakfast and lunch. I’m the same way with oranges – I totally go in phases with them!

  20. 32

    I usually fly by the seat of my pants and whip up some strange but delicious wraps or salads…unless of course there are left overs to be had! Your concoction looks deeeelish.

  21. 33

    I’m a meal planner all the way!

    I plan out 7 days of dinner and do all of my shopping on one day. I plan on using up the tender vegetables first (i.e., fresh spinach, asparagus, etc.) and save frozen or root vegetables for later in the week.

    Lunches are usually on the fly, because I like having that option for spontaneity too. ;) Your sandwich looks fabulous! :D

  22. 34

    I don’t plan too far ahead because I don’t know what I’ll be in the mood for. When I pick up my CSA box on Thursday, I figure out a couple of things to cook over the weekend to use up some of my veg (and whatever’s in the fridge that needs to be used up). Then we use that for lunches and dinners through the week. I hate rushing in the morning so I always get my lunch ready the night before–usually leftovers.

  23. 35

    I love wraps like this, they’re one of my go-to lunches, too! I’m awful at meal planning…especially because I usually wind up not being in the mood for what I planned to make!

  24. 36

    Trader Joe’s also has the guac+salsa combo and it is too good! Usually I just eat it with tortilla chips.. or a spoon heh.. but this is a great use too! Gotta love Mexi

  25. 37

    This is a great and yummy quick lunch! Did you find the salsa and gauc made the tortilla soggy by lunch?

    Luv the blog!

    • 38

      Thanks! :) And no, it wasn’t soggy at all – I think the rice/beans/spinach helped to buffer the wetter stuff – just try to keep the wet ingredients in the middle of the rest!

  26. 39

    Excellent. Salsa and guacamole in one container? Dang you, Whole Foods. They win every time!

    I’m definitely a planner, although lately life as been crazy and I’ve been doing less of it. Wraps are my go to lunch nowadays.

  27. 40

    we love this blog! just now starting our own- check it out, we need some readers!

  28. 41

    Just had it for lunch….awesome! definitely a keeper recipe for lunch!

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