Italy Highlight: Rome!

If you missed any of the previous Italy vacation adventure recaps, check them out first!


The first pit stop on our Italy adventures was Rome! I’ve been to Rome before but Matt hadn’t, so we decided to spend a few days checking out the sights. Here are some of the highlights in photos!

The Spanish Steps + a beautiful blue sky. The steps were insanely crowded but still pretty.





The Trevi Fountain – my favorite spot in Rome – again, very crowded but so pretty.




The Pantheon:





Walking over to the Colosseum:





The Colosseum:







On our last day in Rome, a Sunday, we decided to go check out the Vatican. We had lunch and then arrived at the Vatican in the early afternoon. When we arrived, we were greeted with this sight:


Um… what the what?! “Jeez,” I said. “I remember the Vatican being crowded last time I was here, but it was nothing like this!”

There were so many people we couldn’t even get anywhere near St. Peter’s or any of the other touristy areas, for that matter. We were so confused. What on earth was going on?!


We wandered around looking confused for about 20 minutes until we found someone who spoke English. “The Pope is coming!” they said.

Tourist fail. I guess we should have looked online at schedules first. So much for sightseeing at the Vatican! :)


It was wild – apparently it was some big special appearance (not a weekly thing), so there were thousands of people around. It was seriously like being in downtown D.C. on Inauguration Day or the 4th of July or something. Matt and I hung out for awhile waiting but eventually figured out that he wouldn’t be appearing for a few more hours, so we decided to walk over to Castel Sant’Angelo instead.

We had some lovely views along the way!




There it is!



Views from the top of the castle:




Stay tuned – more Italy recaps to come! Next up: Pisa & Lucca, the two towns we stopped in on our drive north to Cinque Terre.


  1. 1

    Something is so special about Rome! I love your leather jacket! I regret not getting one in Italy, expensive but would have lasted forever. I was at the Vatican on Easter, that was insane too!

  2. 3
    Suzanne C. says

    Were you there on a Wednesday? When I was in Rome a few years ago, the Pope would do a weekly Wednesday audience. It was like a pep rally for the Pope, people from all parts of the world screaming for the Pope, holding signs! So funny!

  3. 5

    Ah! Your photos brought back so many memories. I was an exchange student in Rome in high school and passed by many of these places going to and from school. I think a return trip soon is a must! xo

  4. 6

    The Pope gives a weekly address on Sundays from the balcony in St. Peter’s. That looks a little more crowded than I rememer, but I wasn’t there in the height of tourist season like you, with a very new pope! That being said, it’s never a good idea to arrive in St. Peter’s square in the middle of a Sunday! Definitely arrive earlier rather than later, if possible, especially considering that St. Peter’s is still a functioning church and holds extra mass times within the basilica on Sundays.

    • 7

      Yes, live and learn! Apparently it was a special appearance – not a standard weekly thing. That’s why it was so crazy crowded!

  5. 8

    Amazing pictures!!

  6. 9

    That blue sky is amazing. I was so amazed about the ruins in Rome. So, so old. Hard to wrap my mind around.

  7. 10
    Pat Elsberry says

    The pictures are amazing, as always!! You really take the best photos!! :) We are heading back to Italy in October and struggling with one thing – driving while there. What was your experience?

    • 11

      It was an adventure – if you want to check out smaller towns and the countryside and have more flexibility, a car was nice. But if you’re sticking to main cities, you won’t want it. It was a big pain in Rome and Florence.

  8. 12

    Rome is one of my favorite places I’ve ever visited. There’s beauty everywhere you turn! Great photos. Looks like you got lots of sunny skies.

  9. 13

    I just love Italy!! So many great memories from my own trip there looking at your photos!

  10. 14

    Amazing pics! Looks like you got some gorgeous weather!

  11. 15

    Beautiful, Anne. My dream is to visit the Vatican.
    Thanks for sharing

  12. 16

    Wow! Everything looked so awesome! How was the weather?

  13. 18

    These photos are amazing! What camera did you use? They’re super crisp & vibrant.

  14. 20

    Ah Roma!! It is such a beautiful city with so much history. Are there still tons of stray kitties hanging around the colessium?

  15. 22

    Superb photos, as always. Thanks for sharing. Brought back great memories. The Pantheon is my favorite building in Europe.

  16. 23

    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! We almost booked Italy for our honeymoon…definitely want to get over there soon!

  17. 24

    Isn’t Rome beautiful?

    Not related to Rome but when I visited the UK, they cleared the streets and we were able to see the Queen drive by. It was the coolest. Hate y’all didn’t get to see the pope in person.

    • 25

      Well, when we came back after Castel Sant’Angelo we could see him on the steps of St. Peters, but he was like an ant. :) He was up on the big screens, though!

  18. 26

    Just joined the 21st century and got my first smartphone….I wanted to download some good healthy eating / recipes / food apps. Any suggestions?

  19. 28

    You take such gorgeous photos! Wow. The Vatican looks crazy. I wonder what it would have been like to be there on the day the new pope was announced!
    And I love your shirt! Where did you get it??

  20. 30

    Great pics! Roma is such a wonderful place to visit and explore.

  21. 31

    Che bellezza!

  22. 32
    Anel Perez says

    Great pictures! So much to see!! That’s a whole lot of people there!

  23. 33

    Oh the wonderful Italy! I like all your photos in this blog. Is there a restaurant which you can recommend if I visit Rome?Thanks

  24. 35

    When I did Rome they were fixing the colleseum up on the inside so you could only see the outside. I went years ago but seeing your Italy recaps makes me want to go back and do so much more :)

  25. 36

    Wow- your pictures are beautiful!! Rome is definitely on my list of places to go and visit! Especially after seeing your pictures!

  26. 37

    Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous trip! It is my dream to visit Italy and your pictures are making me more and more antsy to go! :)

  27. 38

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics. Hubby and I are off to Italy too next month. Both our first times soooo excited! :)


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