Just when I thought I avoided getting sick…

Well friends… it’s official. Just when I thought I might have avoided the sickness that Matt and all my friends were laid out with last week… BAM. I’m sick :(


I’m not sure if it’s food poisoning (I had a burger at a restaurant last night and now never want one again) or some sort of flu (it’s very similar to what Matt had, except I don’t have a fever and he did), but either way, this morning I was reminded how much it really, really sucks to throw up. Ugh. After texting the girls that there was no way that I’d be making our 10 mile training run, I proceeded to spend the rest of the day like this:


Such a bummer since it was BEAUTIFUL out today, too! Thank goodness for comfy blankets and sweet boyfriends. When Matt was sick last weekend, I fed him lots of liquids, applesauce, juicy fruit, and soup. Today was his turn to nurse me back to health :) All I wanted this morning was coconut water:


Mmmmm. Nature’s electrolyte drink! Sooo awesome when you don’t feel well (or when returning from a sweaty run). And throughout the day I’ve slowly been adding in some tea, applesauce, popsicles, crackers, toast, etc. I’m starting to feel a bit better now and I think it’s due to these cookies:



Matt made some Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookies this afternoon and they are SO good! He even “healthified” them. I’m so proud :) I’ll be sharing the recipe soon because they are AWESOME! The perfect mix between healthy and indulgent.


We’re bummed because we had invited Matt’s brother Chris and his wife Jess over to make homemade pizzas tonight, but we had to cancel considering I can hardly eat/stand. Here’s hoping I’ll be all better tomorrow :)

Question for those of you that are runners: As you know, I’m training for the DC National Half Marathon in March. Should I try to make up my missed 10 mile training run in the next couple days once I’m feeling better? Or just call it a wash, continue with my shorter Tuesday/Thursday runs this week, and pick back up at 11 miles next weekend? I’d love to hear your thoughts :)

~  ~  ~

At least yesterday was awesome, though! I went on a bike ride after class with my friends Lauren and Jillian and we had a complete blast.


We drove the 10 minutes or so out to farmland and parked at Maple View Farm — cutest ice cream place ever :)


Our plan was to have a nice bike ride and when we got back to our cars, treat ourselves to ice cream. Yay!


It was completely gorgeous out yesterday and perfect for biking. I’m totally a fair weather biking fan — I only like it when it’s super warm and pretty, like yesterday :) It was almost 80 degrees here, crazy!


We ended up biking a little over 10 miles around the beautiful winding, hilly farm roads.

014 006 008

Pretty much the perfect way to spend an afternoon, as far as I’m concerned. Especially when ice cream is involved :)


Our friend Libby came to meet us after our ride for ice cream, too! She just got over her own sickness and we missed her :)


Speaking of biking — I mentioned yesterday that I was going to try out Jillian’s road bike to see if I liked it. And, I did! But I’m torn — her bike has straight handlebars, not the dropped curved ones like most road bikes have. I’m not sure if I should stick with straight handlebars or go ahead and invest in dropped handlebars? I feel like I’d be faster and more aerodynamic with dropped handlebars, but they would also take some serious getting used to.


Any thoughts from you bikers out there?

I’m off to return to lazying around. Bleh. I hope you guys had a better Saturday than I did :)


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    I’d call it a wash – especially since next week’s run is a one mile increase. Just make sure you’re really feeling better before you do the shorter runs next week too! The last thing you want is for this to drag out longer than it absolutely has to by pushing yourself too hard too fast! I hope you feel better soon!!!

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    I love my drop handle bars. I actually prefer riding in my drops rather than sitting up straight and holding onto the top part of the bar.

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    Jeanna Basnett says:

    I experienced the flu while training for my 1st full marathon this past winter. I would encourage you to do a longer run, say if you have a 5 mile day, make it a 7 miler, and then resume with your 11 miles next week. In my mind, you want to ensure that you get in all of your miles for the week, but rest is more important than running at this point.
    I got a road bike about a year ago and LOVE it! I would suggest getting dropped handle bars. They are great and dont take as long as you’d think to get used to them. Plus, youll look super cool!
    I hope you feel better.

  4. 4

    I would call it a wash. Your body will thank you. Get well soon.

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