fANNEtastic Homemade Pizza Night

Good morning, friends!

Thank you for all the well wishes and running advice on my “I’m sick” post — I’m happy to report that I am officially back up and running now! Actually — I felt more or less fine yesterday, too, so I’m thinking it was definitely food poisoning vs. a flu. Either way, I was happy because we were able to belatedly have Matt’s brother Chris and his wife Jess over for dinner (we were supposed to have them over on Saturday) last night!

On the menu? Homemade whole wheat pizzas!



Clearly Matt is more of a pizza dough flipping pro than I am ;)

We used this awesome whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe’s — it’s only 99 cents and super easy — just roll it out and add toppings!


The key to homemade pizza?

  1. Sprinkle some flour on your baking surface (we used Chris and Jess’s pizza stone) so the dough doesn’t stick, and
  2. Bake the dough for 2 to 3 minutes (at 500) before adding the toppings, to make sure it doesn’t get soggy.



(Everything I know about homemade pizza is thanks to my girl Elle and her pizza nights!)


Then, the fun begins! Add your toppings :)


Matt was our pizza chef for the evening and he used a combination of sauce, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, orange peppers, prosciutto, and zucchini.


Then, toss it back in the oven at 500 for 6 to 10 minutes (depending how crispy you like it) and you are ready to rock!

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We made two pizzas and they were both delicious :) I especially like the second one because it was super saucy!


To have on the side, Chris and Jess brought a homemade Caesar salad with them, including AWESOME homemade dressing!


Matt and Chris’s dad is an amazing cook (as you’ll remember from my epic Thanksgiving feast post) and Chris used his dad’s signature Caesar salad dressing recipe. It’s very authentic and made with anchovies (!), lots of garlic, lemon juice, dried mustard, and more. SO good!


Chris even chilled our salad forks in the freezer — so gourmet! Their dad would be proud ;)

Don’t they look alike?


They also brought dessert — cookies! Jess made the cookie dough at home and then baked them here so they would be fresh and hot. They were delicious — Chocolate Oatmeal Walnut Cookies!


Don’t worry, I got the recipe ;)

Here I am with Jess:


We may or may not have all had milk with the cookies. We were joking about how parties have changed so much for us nowadays — instead of kegs and shots, we now end our parties with cookies and milk. Win!

I’m off to class — busy day ahead! I took all of your advice and abandoned my training run this weekend — I was debating a shorter run yesterday, but decided in the end that rest would do me better. I started my day this morning with some power yoga and I’m excited to get back to running tomorrow morning with my Tuesday speed workout!

Have a wonderful day :)


  1. 1

    Glad you are feeling so much better! And pizza nights are always the best. I don’t think I could ever get sick of pizza personally.

  2. 2

    Looks awesome, Anne — and glad you’re back to “full duty!” Good luck with the resumption of training…

  3. 3

    MMM…. homemade pizza! Looks so good! :) Seriously, a night in making homemade pizza is one of my favorite things these days. If College Me could see me now…

    And the highlight of my weekend may or may have not been crumbling frozen peanut-butter blondie pieces on top of ice cream.


  4. 5

    Glad you’re feeling better! And thanks for letting me know I should pre-bake the TJ’s crust. Last time I just put it in with all the toppings on it and it was a bit mushy…now I know!

  5. 6

    Yummm Pizza night is such a great idea! I like in Philadelphia where good pizza has proven extremely hard to find. I think I am in the in-between stage where I would have a pizza party with beer AND cookies.

  6. 7

    I tried TJ’s whole wheat pizza dough and I hated it! So tough and dry. I like the plain kind MUCH better. What did you think? Your pizza looks delicious !!

  7. 9

    I would sooo love to go to a milk and cookie party! Too baller!

  8. 10

    That is such a great idea, to bring the cookie dough and bake it at the party!

  9. 12

    mmm yeah i think a party that ends in cookies and milk is definitely successful!

    glad you’re feeling better :)

  10. 13
    Amy Skretta says:

    Try making a pizza in a cast iron pan. I had a pizza stone till I cracked it, and then I tried a thick-crust bad boy in my cast iron skillet. Oh my goodness! Best pizza I’ve ever made.

  11. 15

    Looks like a fantastic evening! I don’t have a Trader Joe’s near me (so sad), but I’m going to visit my family in Atlanta next week and I practically race to TJ’s when I arrive. Having seen how delicious their crust looks, I am now even more excited to go. It’s very possible I am a total weirdo for this, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re deprived.

  12. 17

    I love homemade pizza nights – always so fun.
    Glad you’re feeling better! :)

  13. 18

    Glad to hear your feeling better, just in time for another week of school & training :)

  14. 19

    Whoa! Complement Matt on his pizza skills, he looks like a pro!

  15. 20

    My brother hosts pizza night whenever my mom is in town. We usually use pitas, but trader joe’s dough is awesome when we’re feeling super fancy.

  16. 21

    You recouped very quickly. Looking good. That pizza looks delicious, especially the second one. I love all of my cast iron cookware. You can’t beat it. And yes, Matt and his brother look very much alike, who’s the oldest? Handsome young men. That’t like my family, everyone says we all look alike and can tell we are all related because of the strong “genes”. My parents looked enough alike to be brother and sister. Hmmmmm.
    I shouldn’t say this, but, I will, you are the prettiest.

    • 22

      I may have spoken too soon… feeling kind of sick again today :( Not sick to my stomach, but just exhausted. Boo!

      Chris is the oldest by a year – they also have a younger brother :)

  17. 24

    So glad your healthy again, I hate being sick!

  18. 25

    So glad you are feeling better! That pizza looks amazing!

  19. 26

    Love that TJ’s pizza crust! This reminds me to pick up some on my next run! Cute pizza dough throwing pics! :)

  20. 27

    I tried a TJ’s homemade pizza a while back… it was soooo bad. So next time, you come over and make me one instead, okay?

  21. 29

    I LOVE my pizza stone! Slash giiirl yous a pro flipper! They look like twinnies:)

  22. 30

    i love veggie pizza and making it is so easy:D

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