Lazy (Wo)Man’s Salsa Chicken

Hi friends! What’s shakin’?

It’s beautiful here in DC today – we seem to have gone back to spring after yesterday’s crazy heat! Whew. I slogged through a track workout yesterday morning and man, the humidity definitely made it tougher than usual.


Yesterday’s workout was a pyramid workout – we started with a 400 (one lap around the track), then briefly rested, then did 800 (two laps), rest, 1200, rest, and finally 1600 (4 laps – 1 mile). I was feeling really worn out yesterday (the adorable miss Zara decided she really wanted to play at 4 a.m. and wouldn’t leave me alone, awesome), so our coach had me finish with three 400’s instead of coming back down the pyramid. I worked on making them speedy and finished feeling pretty good! The times on my watch above are for the workout only – not the rest or my warm up/cool down jog.

Refuel: high protein flour free breakfast pancake FTW. Plus water and an unpictured whole milk latte, obviously.


On the dinner front, I threw together a crazy easy meal on Monday that I thought some of you might like to try. I call it “Lazy (Wo)Man’s Salsa Chicken.”

Step 1: place raw chicken breasts in a greased pan over medium to medium high heat and dump salsa on top.


Step 2: Place an enormous amount of fresh baby spinach on top and put a lid on it.


Step 3: Wait until chicken is fully cooked through (I think it took about 10 minutes?) and spinach is wilted.

Step 4: Eat. On Monday I served mine atop some leftover roasted potatoes, but yesterday I had the leftovers for lunch atop 90 second brown rice and that was really good, too! Add a little extra salsa if it’s too dry.


Easy and tasty gets two big thumbs up in my book. Give it a shot and let me know how you like it!

Have a great day, guys! And if you like this “recipe”, here are some other similar really fast and easy ones to try from the archives. These would also work with firm tofu, too, for my vegan friends!


  1. 1

    The humidity and heat’s really been affecting me as well! It’s been in the upper 80’s since Friday. It finally got a bit cooler today and it feels so much better! I have a race on Saturday and I hope it’ll stay nice and cool. The chicken looks delicious!

  2. 2
    Julia B. says

    Anne- what kind of chicken do you buy? Organic? Free range? Conventional? All of the chicken options can get confusing!

  3. 4

    This sounds like my kind of dish! Easy, quick, healthy, and delicious!

  4. 5

    Keep sharing these recipes, I love them! I made your pesto salmon with veggies the other day- so good and easy!

  5. 7
    Caroline says


    I have a random question – what do you workouts look like the week before a race you want to “race” in? I have a half this Saturday and I really want to get my PR. I take running classes, similar to yours but they are on Thursday evenings. I’m wondering if I should skip this week’s workout to save my legs so that I’m fresh for Saturday! I don’t know why I’m suddenly second guessing myself, it’s not my first race, I just really want to do the right thing and be able to go hard Saturday!

    • 8

      I usually keep things super low key the week of a race – I generally get in two easier runs and then maybe a yoga class or a swim to stretch out. I’d skip your Thursday evening workout and rest those legs! Good luck on Saturday!

      • 9
        Caroline says

        Perfect! Thanks for the advice – that was my plan too! I’m going to do yoga today and take tomorrow if I could just get the pesky rain forecast to change for Saturday!

        Thank you!!!!

  6. 10

    I do something like this with a crockpot (which only works when I’m planning ahead, obviously)! I just dump salsa on top of chicken breasts and set it on low for several hours to let the chicken cook, sometimes adding beans or corn a little later. This looks like a nice quick version of that :) Yum!

  7. 11

    Basically anything with mass amounts of salsa wins in my book. I gotta try this!

  8. 12

    I just cooked a Blue Apron meal the other day where I had to boil the chicken for 10 min. I had never done that before but it was so easy! I love how there are so many different ways to cook chicken.

  9. 14
    Roadrunner says

    Great workout — and great looking chicken!

  10. 15

    Love your chicken idea! I now add psyllium husk to my protein pancake and coconut flour, awesome consistency! Well done on getting through the early morning workout, sets you up for the day. Do you usually train on a empty stomach? Maybe you just needed something a little extra that morning! :)

    • 16

      No, I always eat something before I work out – usually toast with nut butter and jam. The protein pancake was my post workout fuel!

  11. 17

    Hi Anne! I decided to give the salsa method a whirl with tilapia. Worked beautifully! Served it with grits for a taste of the south.

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