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Hey friends! Matt, Riese, Freyja, Zara, and I enjoyed our first full weekend in our new home! 

We did a fair amount of eating out because there are so many great places walking distance to us now, which we love. 

First up: burgers on Friday night at Holy Cow. 

holy cow del ray

Plus truffle fries + sweet potato waffle fries shared with Matt. So good!

We spent the rest of the night working on unpacking and organizing around the house. I’ve been slowly working my way through ALL my clothing trying everything on one by one and am basically donating or consigning about half of it. Feels really good to declutter!

On Saturday morning, we had a simple cereal breakfast:

Then took a nice family stroll, dropped Freyja off, and walked over to the Del Ray farmers’ market!

We used to be walking distance to a farmers’ market at our apartment back in the day and LOVE being able to walk to one again. 

farmers market del ray

These peaches were so good! We bought a bunch of them, as well as some other fruit and veggies for the week. 

farmers market del ray

Other non-produce farmers’ market finds (I’m hoping Riese likes the veggie burgers):

That watermelon gazpacho was so good. Riese didn’t like it but we did! Similar to my watermelon rind gazpacho recipe. :)

This pasta with kale pesto was delicious, too – we saved it for the week and will add some beans and a salad on the side to make it more of a filling meal. 

We picked up breakfast sandwiches from Hog Haven Farm at the market and then walked home for lunch. I added some greens on the side of mine with a simple olive oil + lemon juice drizzle and some fresh dill. 

The rest of Saturday was spent doing more house stuff!

We did as much as we could while Riese was napping, and then when she was up we went to Target to get some random odds and ends, and also discovered this awesome pillow that my fellow Stranger Things fans will enjoy. I was seriously tempted to buy it. ;)

We were hungry after unloading everything back at home so we decided to walk over to Tacqueria el Poblano for dinner.

We started with some guac (which Riese loved) + chips, and then I had the grilled fish platter. Everything was delicious!

tacqueria el poblano del ray

We had a bunch of leftovers so Matt threw together a huevos rancheros variation for us on Sunday morning for breakfast.

Also, Riese randomly slept until 7:45 and it was the most amazing thing ever (she’s been getting up anywhere from 5:15 to 6:15 lately, so this was a really nice change). 

Post-breakfast we took Freyja for a walk, but Riese refused to get in the stroller (#toddler), so the first part of the walk looked like this until I bribed Riese with a pouch to get her to sit. ;)

We met friends at the pool on Sunday mid-morning and had lunch there – their blackened salmon BLT wrap is so good. 

And then we did a lot more work around the house that afternoon before my parents came over for dinner! We had our usual: grilled steak + salad, so I didn’t get a photo, but it was delicious. 

It feels good to be getting more and more settled into our new house and neighborhood! I’m actually testing out a new co-working space in Old Town Alexandria today which is fun – before Riese was born I used to work out of a co-working space in Dupont Circle in DC, but since she arrived it has made more sense to work at home due to nursing and not wanting to waste time unnecessarily commuting while paying for childcare, etc.

But now that she’s weaned and we are settled in our new house, I decided it was time to mix it up! It has gotten really hard to work from home nowadays because if she sees me and then I disappear again she gets really upset/tries to get into my office. Plus, I can hear her having fun with our babysitter and that makes me sad! So, yeah. I decided it was time to find a separate space to work, take calls, and meet AnneTheRD nutrition clients on my 2 childcare days per week.

I’m liking this space so I think I’ll sign up – it’s cheaper than my old co-working space so that’s a win, especially since I’ll only be here twice a week! And it’s a really short drive or bike ride away. Easy!

Have a nice day and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday! I have a great giveaway coming for you marathon runner readers… get pumped. :)


  1. 1

    wow you guys eat out a lot!

    • 2

      Haha yeah we did this weekend! We mostly eat at home during the week so it’s nice as a treat, although we don’t usually eat out quite this much on weekends. :) Just been fun to explore the new hood!

  2. 3

    That’s awesome that you are walking distance from restaurants AND a farmer’s market! Being able to walk so many places is huge. We can walk to a grocery store, Starbucks, liquor store, and the library from our house which is really nice.

    I can see how it will be great to use a co-working space. I bet it will be nice to have that separation so you can 100% focus on work during those 2 days!

  3. 5

    Holy Cow is my FAVORITE!! Welcome to Del Ray! It looks like you haven’t stopped at Dairy Godmother yet?!

  4. 7

    All of your food looks absolutely phenomenal!! Being able to walk to the farmers market sounds like a dream. What a super fun weekend, and I absolutely LOVE that pillow! I would’ve struggled to resist buying it. Thank you for sharing, and good luck on securing your work space and organizing your pretty home!

  5. 9

    Our favorite cashier at Holy Cow asks if we’ve been ok if she doesn’t see us once a week :) We love that place. If you ever want a change up from the regular burger, I love their veggie burger. Second best thing after the sweet potato waffle fries!

  6. 11

    Steve is one of my favorite characters from Stranger Things. I’d love to hear more about your co-working space. I worked at one for a few hours last week and got so much more than I usually do at home. I was shocked.

    • 12

      I know, I’m way more productive because I’m not distracted by house stuff (or by hearing Riese) and can focus! It’s a co-working space that offers either open desks or dedicated offices. They have call and conference rooms too. I’ll just do the open desk thing – I don’t need a dedicated office!

  7. 13
    Roadrunner says

    Nice to see you get settled into your new home and new neighborhood! Seems like a very nice, walking friendly area, and there is a lot to be said for that! And interesting to follow along as you establish the new routine. Good luck for powering through the end of unpacking!

  8. 15

    Neighborhood tip – you can order Holy Cow from the bar at Pork Barrel – so if you each want both it’s a win there!

  9. 17

    I’m always so impressed that you are able to eat out with Riese. My son is 16 months and a terror at restaurants. Any tips for taking toddlers out to eat?

    • 18

      She’s hit or miss but I think since we’ve done a lot of eating out with her over the past year she’s gotten used to it! We bring lots of distractions – crayons and paper, a watercolor book thing, plus food that takes ages to eat (like cereal or freeze dried fruit – piece by piece).

  10. 19
    Mary Stevenson says

    look at the “use by” date on your noodle bowl. 7/22/19

  11. 21

    Getting rid of clothes is always an accomplishment! Was there any reason you waited until after you moved, instead of doing it before so you’d have less to pack up?

    • 22

      I started decluttering while packing but basically just ran out of time. :) I feel like I’m in a better mental space to de-clutter when unpacking, anyway – I can take my time and be more intentional about where I put things, whether there is space for them, etc. But yeah probably would have been smarter logistically to do it pre-move so we didn’t lug it with us… oh well!

      • 23

        Fair enough! At least it was a relatively local move so it’s always a little bit easier to pack first, declutter later.

        • 24

          Exactly. We didn’t have to pay for overnight storage or anything so what’s a few extra boxes?! ;) I do wish I had thought to get rid of one of our desks before we moved, though… it’s upstairs in my office but isn’t a great fit in there so I’m going to get a new smaller one, and it’s so heavy… will require some friends to help us get it out of the house! Oh well.

  12. 25

    Nice! Glad you’re getting settled, exciting that you found a good local coworking space!

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