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Hi guys! It has been a weird weather week over here – warm and rainy yesterday, but REALLY cold earlier in the week! On Tuesday, I enjoyed an early lunch break and took our dog for a quick couple mile jog to get some fresh air after mostly being indoors over the long weekend. There was a really icy wind, but the sun made a huge difference and we both had a nice time. :) 

On Wednesday morning, I was originally planning to go to a yoga class, but Matt had an early work meeting so instead I did a quick 20 minute YouTube yoga video (this one) at home. Getting out to a studio is always a big treat, but this was really nice, too, and reminded me that even if I can’t get out, there are still great alternatives. Even just a short flow helped stretch me out and gave me a moment of calm before a busy day with the little one. 

As for Thursday morning, I was up and out early for a boot camp class with the girls – we hit up a new favorite spot called E60 via ClassPass (<– they are offering a special “first month free” deal through the end of January, so that’s my affiliate link if you are interested in trying it! I’ve been ClassPassing for years now and love it). I forgot to get a photo but it was a good one, and so fun to see my workout buddies as always! I don’t write about our workouts as often anymore (we are usually doing the same few studios, so I figure it’s not that exciting to read about the same thing over and over), but we still meet up at least once a week for an early morning workout and I love it. 

I apparently didn’t take many food pictures this week, but here’s one of the highlights: enjoying more of the leftovers from the ingredient prep cooking sesh I mentioned in my Friday Faves. Stay tuned for a post next week talking more about ingredient prep tips! This salad had greens, barley and farro, shredded chicken, roasted acorn squash, pomegranate arils, roasted squash seeds, sliced pear, and feta. So good.

I gave Riese a mini de-constructed version, as you can see above, with peeled squash, barley and farro, shredded chicken, and some peas, and Riese really liked the whole grains in particular! Love that chew. 

One more food highlight: stuffed peppers! My friend Jen has come over for lunch a couple times recently (she has an adorable boy only a couple weeks older than Riese), and this week she invited me and Riese over for lunch at their place. I <3 stuffed peppers! (see also: my mix + match Stuffed Pepper Recipes blog post!)

These were stuffed with quinoa, ground meat, corn, salsa, and cheese, and we stirred in some plain yogurt for creaminess too. Riese didn’t really eat much of hers (she was way more interested in eating melon… she’s teething so I think the cold fruit felt good, and she’s going through a phase now where she mostly just wants fruit, bread, and dairy – sounds like my pregnancy diet!) so I took hers home and ate it myself for lunch the next day. ;) 

Speaking of Riese – we officially have a climber on our hands! Still not walking, but all about that climbing life – she tries to climb everything she can. We have the crib as low as it will go and I’m hoping that + the fact that she still sleeps in a wearable/zip-up blanket will hinder her ability to climb out of the crib and fall over the side… yikes.

Have a lovely weekend my friends – see you back here on Monday!


  1. 1

    Love the pictures of your happy dog and you – and of the little climber! Very nice!

  2. 2

    I stumbled on your blog in spring 2017, and when I realized we were both pregnant with very similar due dates, I started following along. I’ve meant to tell you for a while how much I’ve enjoyed it, especially since our girls are so close in age (mine was born 11/25). Now I’m delurking because my daughter is going through the same fruit, dairy and bread phase and, like so many things in motherhood, it is always so nice to find similarities when you’re navigating each new chapter with a little one! Keep up the good work :)

  3. 4

    Omg, love Freyja licking you, hilarious.
    Also go Riese! I mean, be safe girl but, she takes after her parents clearly on the no fear of heights front ;)

  4. 6

    Oh man…visions of my future are in that picture of Riese scaling the crib. I’m guessing my son is a few weeks behind her but will figure it out soon. Life is never boring!

  5. 8

    Ha! My 19 month old climbs everything as well – We’ve had to set up a gate around our oven because he decided to boost himself up on the drawer and climb up it 😩He’s also jumped out of the crib while he was napping which was the biggest scare of my life!

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