Making a Splash

Hey guys! I’m back with part 2 of my weekend adventures in Maine for my friend Lu’s wedding. If you missed part 1, please check that post out first: Out of the Oven

Where I last left off, we had just had a delicious brunch on Saturday.

Our next stop? A hike!

Matt found a spot nearby called “Oven’s Mouth” – appropriate given how hot it was outside – that sounded like a nice, low key jaunt, so we headed over mid day to take a stroll with friends Turner and Will. 

hiking ovens mouth east maine

It was a pretty trail – not strenuous and with nice views of the water, which we reeeeally wanted to jump into but there was a ton of seaweed/grass by the shore that didn’t look super inviting. Boo!

Since it was so hot we kept it low key and were out there about an hour.

ovens mouth east hike

ovens mouth east hike

When we got back to the car, I was determined to find somewhere for us to swim and cool off! 

Luckily in my google searching I stumbled upon Barrett’s Park, a short drive away in adorable Boothbay Harbor. 

barrett park swimming

We were thrilled to see the following scene when we arrived:

barrett park swimming maine


Forget the swimsuit or towel…


We swam around for about half an hour before needing to head back to get ready for the wedding and it felt amaaaaaaaazing. The water was perfect – cold but so refreshing. 

A short while later, and we were wedding ready!

Aren’t the flowers beautiful? Loved the mason jars!

The wedding was short and very sweet – it was a beautiful outdoor ceremony with the bride’s brother officiating which was a nice touch. 

The reception was casual and held in a pretty barn right next to where the ceremony took place. 

Sidenote: wearing flats to a wedding was soooo amazing. Three cheers to my feet not hurting!

We enjoyed drinks and appetizers while the happy couple took some photos.

These watermelon + feta skewers were so good!

watermelon feta skewers

They had wood-fired pizza for dinner which I was super pumped about!

Everyone helped themselves before making their way to their seats. 

I went back for more pizza. :) The one with kale on top was my fave – it was like kale chips, really crispy!

The only photo I managed to get of the bride and groom all night is this blurry shot of their first dance, but I’m so happy for them! <3 

Dessert was awesome – the cupcakes were very lemon-y.

And the strawberry ice cream hit the spot on such a hot night!

In between dancing up a storm in the barn, a few of us snuck off to grab a quick album photo cover.

(We were walking around exploring the area and I was like you guys… if we had a band this is definitely where we would take our emo album cover. And so we had to do it, obviously. Lol.)

Such a fun night celebrating Lu and Connor – congrats again you two!

On Sunday, we slept in (glorious) and then Matt and I headed out for a run with Turner and Will. 

We decided to drive back over to Barrett’s Park so we could end our run with a dip in the water. ;)

We did a short out and back with a pit stop at the turnaround point, which was a beautiful waterside area. 

It was sooooo hot out already at 9 a.m. – oof. I think we ran about 2 miles and that was perfect. I definitely wasn’t feeling anything extra!

Remember the rock I jumped off of the day before? Well, we hadn’t thought about low tide – we were able to walk right up to the rock this time, and the water was really shallow. Fail!

We ended up just wading in and cooling off our legs before heading back to quickly check out of our AirBnb and head to the post-wedding brunch, which was back at the barn where the reception was held. 

Grabbed a blueberry muffin + latte for the drive back, obviously:

And then an hour and a half later we finished brunch-ing at the post-wedding event with fruit, egg-filled pastries, and scones. Yum.  

Matt and I rode back to Portland with Turner and Will, but their flight was earlier than ours so we checked our bags and then hopped in a cab to Portland to grab a late lunch before leaving town. 

We wanted to explore a bit, but the heat index was in the 100’s by this point in the day (what the heck, Maine), so instead we quickly found an air conditioned spot down by the water to grab a bite to eat. 

We ended up at Old Port Sea Grill which I’d recommend if you’re in the area – it was really delicious!

Had to get more oysters, of course, to start:

old port sea grill portalnd maine

And for lunch I had the fish tacos with a side salad.

I loved the vinaigrette on the salad – really bright and refreshing – and the fish for the tacos was perfectly cooked with a slightly crispy outside and a tender inside. So good!

old port sea grill portland maine lunch

We were sad to say goodbye to Maine, but not to the crazy hot weather! I want to go back to Boothbay Harbor in particular sometime – such a cute little town and I think it’d be fun to bring Riese to explore and swim next time, too. 

We arrived home on Sunday evening around 8, so sadly just missed Riese (she goes to sleep between 7 and 7:30), but Matt’s parents had dinner ready to go for us, which was really kind of them! 

We enjoyed some grilled tuna, grilled asparagus with parmesan, savory sweet potatoes with feta, and a veggie-packed salad. Everything was delicious. 

Another huge thank you to Matt’s parents for taking such good care of our little one while we were away – sounds like they had a blast together! 

Do you have any trips planned this summer? Where are you off to? 

I have two more trips coming up: one to Monterey, California for a press trip in August, and the other is a local trip with Matt and Riese for Labor Day weekend. Should be fun!


  1. 1

    You definitely should come back to Boothbay . Let me know if you do and I can recommend all kids of kid friendly activities and where to eat!

  2. 3

    Yay! Love our album cover ;)

  3. 5

    Sounds like a fun weekend! Definitely come back to Maine—it’s pretty much never that hot! There are so many incredible places to eat in Portland and amazing beaches!

  4. 7

    I love your flats you wore to the wedding! Where did you get them? And what brand/style are they?

  5. 9

    You both really live life to the fullest, and it’s always so fun to read your recaps! I love that you all spontaneously found the pretty area to swim. Such a treat after a hot run! You looked beautiful at the wedding, and the idea of specialty pizza sounds amazing. I love all things lemon, so the cupcakes complete with ice cream would be perfect. Love the post-wedding brunch, and the rest of the food and fun sounds amazing! I’m so sorry the weater was uncooperative, but kudos to you all for getting out and about despite the high temps!

  6. 11

    Looks like such a fun trip! I love the dress you wore to the wedding! Any tips on leaving the LO at home?! My husband and I are off on our first trip without our son, this weekend and I am losing my mind! Totally excited, but so nervous!

    • 12

      My tip would be try not to check in too often… seriously! Take the time to be present and enjoy – whoever is watching your child will reach out if they need help, so let them do their thing. :) I find I’m always really sad to say goodbye to her of course, but once I’m gone I’m fine (and so is she). I’ve read it’s best to actually say goodbye/let them know you are going vs. just ghosting, so be sure to say bye and that you’ll be back, but try to not make a huge deal of it. Anyway – obviously I really miss her whenever we’re gone but it’s also super nice to have some time to just be by myself or with Matt or friends! Have a blast!!

  7. 13

    What a fun wedding! And I’m all about wearing flats to weddings, especially outdoors ones where you might be walking on grass or sand or something like that!

    We are going to my parents’ lake home for 5 days in August. Most of our trips are for 2-3 nights so I am looking forward to a longer trip up there so we can really relax and settle in up there. My mom will be there the whole time and my dad will be there part of time so I know they are super excited to hang out with Paul. We are planning to do a date night one night. We rarely go on dates because it feels like a waste of money to spend $15/hour to have someone watch our baby monitor! ;) Our son goes to bed at 6:30 since he barely sleeps at daycare so the babysitter maybe has 30-60 minutes of time with Paul. We’ve considered day dates but we see so little of our son since we’re away from him 50 hours/week between work/commuting and then we only get 1.5 hours with him before he goes to bed which goes soooo fast. So I have a hard time giving up time with him on the weekend, even though the days can get long with a toddler! ;) So long story short I definitely want to take advantage of free babysitting from the grandparents during our getaway!!

  8. 15
    Roadrunner says

    What an awesome weekend, lovely location, and nice wedding – with such creative catering. Too bad the heat wave hit, but I’m sure it was better than the Washington, DC area!

  9. 16

    I find it really inspiring that you guys fit extra into your plans- like rather than sitting around waiting for the main event( wedding) -you guys just fill up the day with all sorts of fun things! I need to be more like this😊

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