Out of the Oven…

And into the frying pan!

You guys – it was SO HOT in Maine this weekend! Well, Friday was absolutely lovely, but the crazy heat arrived there on Saturday, too. So much for escaping the weather in DC!

We had a blast in Maine, though – we were there for my college friend Lu’s wedding and it was so fun to see old friends and to explore. I <3 Maine, even in the heat! And it sounds like Riese had a blast with Matt’s parent’s here in DC, too. :)

dockside grill falmouth

Matt and I arrived on Friday around lunchtime and met up with my friend Turner and her husband Will. We grabbed our rental car and started to drive north (the wedding was about an hour north of Portland), stopping for lunch along the way!

We ended up at a spot called Dockside Grill in Falmouth that was on our route and right on the water, which was clearly a must. 

There was a long wait for a table but luckily we snagged a spot at the outdoor bar with views of the water. Perfect, especially since on Friday it was a beautiful, not too hot day. 

Beers all around! I had a local summer ale that I can’t remember the name of now… it wasn’t what the pint glass label says!

dockside grill falmouth

We shared some oysters to start which were phenomenal.

dockside grill falmouth lunch

And then I had the burrata and watermelon salad and some crab cakes.

The views here were better than the food (it was good, but definitely not amazing, except for the oysters), but it was still a really fun lunch. 

dockside grill falmouth lunch

After lunch we headed farther north to our AirBnb near the (super cute) town of Wiscasset, stopping at the Maine Brewing Company along the way for some provisions. ;)

When we arrived, we ditched our bags and took a stroll! 

There’s something about being near the water that’s just so calming. 

We hung around at the AirBnb for a bit and then got ready and headed out to the first of the wedding festivities: a casual welcome dinner at the bride and groom’s house near the town of Bath. 

Remember when I was here in March and we cross country skied on the pond/lake by their house? Well, it wasn’t frozen this time. ;)

They had a lovely spread of food and drinks out for everyone to nosh on.


Here I am with the college ladies, minus our friend Hunter who hadn’t arrived yet – the bride is in the middle next to me!

It was a really fun night – we all hung out on their deck, played lawn games, and watched the sun set. 

By the time we left Lu’s a little before 9, we were all hungry again (we ate dinner around 5:30) and decided we needed to hit up Red’s Eats near our AirBnb for their famous lobster rolls! It came highly recommended online and usually has long lines (every other time we drove by it was INSANE), so we figured right before they closed was the time to go. 

Online it said they closed at 10, but it ended up being 9 – luckily our friend Hunter and her boyfriend got there a few minutes before us just in time to put in an order for everyone – phew!

reds lobster how to beat the crowds

It definitely lived up to the hype – the lobster roll was DELICIOUS and it contained a ridiculous amount of lobster. The buttered toasted roll was really good too!

Two thumbs up – just be sure to go off peak hour or else you’ll wait in line forever. :)

reds lobster maine

On Saturday morning, the day of the wedding, Lu invited us back to her place for a ladies yoga session before the madness began. What a treat!

It felt so nice to stretch, especially after the travel the day before. And Matt enjoyed sleeping in and relaxing with his coffee. :)

After yoga, we said farewell to the bride and headed to the town of Bath and got coffee and strolled around a bit. It was already getting HOT out there!

After a little while, we met the guys at Starlight Cafe for brunch. 

starlight cafe bath maine

It was busy so we snagged an outdoor picnic table instead – it was in the shade so it felt nice!

I had the bacon, gouda, and veggie scramble with home fries which was delicious. 

starlight cafe bath maine

Plus a blueberry scone I picked up at Cafe Creme earlier when we got our lattes.

I <3 scones and this made me want to make my Vegan Strawberry Scones or Cranberry Yogurt Scones again ASAP… mmmm.

cafe creme bath maine blueberry scone

This post is already getting long and I have a bazillion more photos from the weekend, so I’m going to stop there and make you wait in suspense for part 2 of my weekend recap, coming on Wednesday. ;)

Stay tuned!

Have you ever been to Maine? 

I went a couple times as a kid when we were visiting my great grandparents in New Hampshire, and have since been back a lot mostly for blog-related trips, like my Cabot Fit Team adventures (so fun: 2013 Cabot Adventures in Maine + 2015 Cabot Adventures in Maine) – and I also did a trip to Maine in 2014 with the Wild Blueberry Association of North America!


  1. 1

    I’m sorry the heat followed you up there but it looks like you had a great time regardless. A fun mini-college reunion! I look forward to part 2.

  2. 2

    SO much fun this weekend, loving the photos & can’t wait for recap part 2!

  3. 4
    Roadrunner says

    Always loved Maine in the summer – except for how cold the ocean water was! Looks like you had a great time, despite the heat. (Did you get to try the ocean?)

  4. 6

    Love love love Maine! My family is in Bangor, and I used to spend summers at my grandparents cottage in Dedham and February vacation was at the Samoset in Rockport. My husband and I definitely want to retire up there!

    And Wiscasset is adorable!

  5. 7

    Darn, I was hoping you’d get to enjoy some cooler weather up there! Too bad the heat followed you guys! I have never been to Maine but I really really want to go. My husband doesn’t, though. He feels like the views would be similar to being up in Northern Minnesota on Lake Superior. I mean he kind of has a point as Lake Superior looks like an ocean since it’s go ginormous and there are tons of lighthouses and such. But they don’t have lobster rolls! I am determined to go to Maine, though, so I might just have to go without him on a girlfriend trip or something.

    Sounds like a really fun wedding weekend. I love that they did a low key welcome dinner. And the pre-wedding yoga session sounded fun. I went for a 4-mile run with my sister the morning of my wedding. It was an awesome way to start the day!

  6. 9

    Burrata and watermelon salad”!! Love that. It’s my kind of food.

  7. 10

    Yay! Fun times! :D

  8. 11

    I live in Maine, outside Portland now, but grew up on Southport Island off Boothbay Harbor. It’s so funny to read an outsider’s perspective on all the places I go all the time. We always stop in Bath, either at Cafe Creme or Starlight cafe on my way up to my Mom’s. Sorry it was so hot- it’s never that hot here and we don’t know how to handle it!

  9. 13

    I have never visited Maine but I certainly want to one day! It looks like an incredible visit despite the heat, and your food looks and sounds phenomenal. I can’t wait to read part two including the wedding!

  10. 14
    Maxine Isaacs says

    My parents, sister, and I moved to Portland when I was a little over 2, and I lived there until I went to college in Boston. From our front window I could see the Atlantic Ocean and a 5 minute walk down the hill to a sandy beach. I refer to the Maine coastline as my tranquilizer—the smell of the salty air and the wind in my hair—paradise!! Had it not been for our 2 grandchildren here in Pittsburgh, I might have convinced my husband to retire to Maine.

  11. 16

    Love Maine!! We honeymooned in Maine last October! We rented a lake house and it was awesome! So close to Portland! Highroller Lobster Co. was so good in Portland. Fall is beautiful up there!

  12. 18
    Maxine Isaacs says

    Sebago Lake is also one of my destinations. We have friends who live there for 5 or 6 months a year. Sitting on the dock as the sun goes down can’t be beat!
    Ironically, I couldn’t wait to graduate from high school so that I could go the the” Big City”. Now, in my older years, I long for the tranquility of Maine.


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