I’m running Marine Corps Marathon! Plus, Bib Giveaway!

I have some really exciting news for you guys today – in October I will be running the Marine Corps Marathon, my third full marathon!


Even more exciting: I’ll be running the race sponsored by my friends at the Watermelon Board – AND they are giving away 2 bibs at the end of this post for those of you who also want to run it!

As you guys know, I’ve done a TON of half marathons (18 – whoa – you can see all my races and finish times on my race recaps & PRs page), but I’ve only done 2 full marathons. Before doing my first full, I spent years saying I’d “never” do a full marathon. I thought they were totally insane. “No thanks,” I said. “I’ll stick with halfs and 10 milers.”

But over the years as my running improved and longer distances and half marathons got a bit more comfortable, I started thinking “well, maybe… someday.”

Someday ended up being the fall of 2013. The year before, I had spectated the Marine Corps Marathon and watching all those people cross the finish line, some of them stumbling, some walking, some running – but all of them beaming with pride – it planted a seed in my mind. Maybe I could do a full marathon, I thought. And even more importantly – maybe I actually WANTED to.

And so I rallied my friend Kathleen and her sister-in-law Rachel, and we signed up for the Richmond Marathon.

Then we ran. And ran and ran and ran and ran. And it was as awesome as everyone says it is.


I absolutely loved the Richmond Marathon (<—recap) and had a great experience at it – I felt well trained and strong. Marine Corps was my original goal race that I had in mind when I decided to do my first full, but after looking at schedules and logistics Richmond was a better fit timing-wise for the three of us. I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a smaller and super well organized race – it was excellent.

richmond marathon original photo

Flying high from my first marathon experience, I ended up doing a second full marathon only a few months later – the LA Marathon (<—recap) in March 2014. It was hot. REALLY hot. And I had trained in REALLY cold. So – I dialed down the pace, took in the views, and enjoyed the experience.

asics la marathon

After LA, I was totally burned out. My body was ready to go back to the shorter (at least by comparison) distances and I wanted to work on getting my speed back since I wasn’t smart about doing speed work while building my endurance. I took the rest of 2014 to do races “just for fun” and to run happy – and then in January 2015 I joined my track group to start building back my speed. As you guys know, I’m still going to that track group now – although I usually only go once per week now vs. twice a week at first. It’s been a fun way to meet some new running buddies and has been huge in building my speed back so I could set some new PRs!


The Marine Corps Marathon has been on my bucket list for years now – everyone raves about it and it’s right here in my own city! I knew I wanted to do it – I just wasn’t sure when. I considered entering the lottery to run it last fall – but at the end of the day I wasn’t ready, and I wanted to make sure that when I did another full marathon I’d be ready for it mentally.

I was already considering signing up for the MCM lottery this year on my own when the Watermelon Board reached out to me about this partnership a few months ago. I took a few days to really think it over. Was I really ready for another full? I’ve always wanted to do MCM – was this my year? Finally, I emailed them back saying I was all in. My bucket list race fueled by one of my favorite foods? Sign me up – let’s do this! What an amazing opportunity – I would be crazy to turn it down.

The Watermelon Board is an ongoing sponsor of the MCM race series – both the marathon and the 10k. They give out free watermelon after the race – I remember being really excited to see them handing out watermelon when I finished the MCM 10k back in 2014!


Nothing better than cold, juicy watermelon right after a sweaty run. I get excited anytime I see watermelon at a race! Did you know watermelon is 92% water? I’ll be eating a ton of it this summer to rehydrate after my long training runs, that’s for sure! And not only is watermelon delicious and a great way to rehydrate after a run, it’s also very nutritious.


  • Is a source of potassium, which can help with water balance and avoiding muscle cramps.
  • Contains Vitamin B6, which helps with protein breakdown, hemoglobin production, antibody creation, and more!
  • Has antioxidants which can help with recovery after exercise.
  • Contains Vitamin C to help bolster the immune system.

You can learn more on their website via their Watermelon Board Healthy Lifestyle Guide! Their website also has a ton of healthy and delicious sounding watermelon recipes – I’m currently eyeing the Lemony Quinoa and Watermelon Salad and Scallop and Watermelon Kebabs – yum! Stay tuned because I’ll be posting two fun watermelon recipes on the blog this summer as part of this partnership. :)

So – it’s happening! My third full marathon and I’m finally going to get to experience the Marine Corps Marathon. I’m really excited – and also nervous!

I’ll be following a similar training plan to the one I used for Richmond (more details here: marathon training plan and marathon training reflections) that has me running 3 days per week and doing 2 to 3 days of cross training (a mix of yoga, swimming, and boot camps). I’m a big fan of the Run Less, Run Faster approach; I find that mixing it up and continuing with the cross training (rather than just running all the time/more days per week) works really well for me, so I’m sticking with it! For Richmond, I never ran more than 35 total miles in a week – I know that’s crazy low volume for some/most people but it’s what works for me. I got in one 20 miler and one 22 miler for Richmond as my longest long runs – planning to do that again this time. The 22 miler is a nice confidence booster!

I’ll be kicking off my training officially next week – thankfully I’m already in good shape from a spring of half marathons. For those interested in following along, I’ll be sharing my training adventures here on the blog as I work to build my mileage back up (with the help of running buddies, of course)!


And now, I’m thrilled to share this giveaway with you guys! The Watermelon Board has very kindly offered to provide 2 of my readers with bibs to run the 41st Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday, October 30, 2016! There are no requirements involved and we won’t have any events or anything that you need to attend that weekend – it’s just a no strings attached bib! That said, I would of course love to hear how the bib winners do – please send me a photo post-race! – and the Watermelon Board would love if you stopped by their booth for a photo at the race expo. That’s it, though!

Enter below – anyone from anywhere can enter to win – you just have to be able to get yourself here for race weekend (no travel stipend is included, just the bib) and obviously train for/run 26.2 miles. :) Good luck, and happy running!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A huge thank you to the Watermelon Board for sponsoring this post and the giveaway – and for providing me with a bib for the race, too!

Who has run MCM before?! Any tips? I should be ready for some hills, right? Eeee! I assume many of you guys will be out there running in October too – hoping to see some of you on race day! :)


  1. 1
    Sarah Evans says

    My fva way to enjoy watermelon is poolside in the sun after a run! :) And I would love for MCM to be my first marathon back post-baby!

  2. 2

    LOVE watermelon after my runs… best hydration! also it is so yummy sprinkled with some salt on it, or better yet tossed with salty feta cheese and a squeeze of lime! i would love to run marine corps marathon (would be #8 for me), definite bucket list race :)

  3. 3
    MaryBeth says

    I’ve always wanted to do MCM! I’ve heard nothing but great things about that race! (And my dad was a marine!) :)

  4. 4
    Caroline says

    I LOVE watermelon. Plain and simple :)

  5. 5

    I love freezing watermelon cubes and adding them to smoothies! (Even chocolate smoothies! It’s like a Wendy’s frosty!)

  6. 7

    I wish they offered the bib for the 10k. I am not ready to run a marathon :(

    • 8

      I’m sorry! The 10k should still have plenty of bibs available if you want to buy one — Matt and I were able to buy bibs about a month out I think when we did the 10k. The marathon is always sold out, though – they do a lottery system!

  7. 10
    adrienna frazer says

    I did the 10k a few years ago, and it was a great experience! The full would be amazing — and two weeks before my first 50k would probably work out well.

  8. 11

    It would be my third marathon too! I am going to start eating watermelon for recovery this summer – did not know it had K.

  9. 12

    I love watermelon after a hot, sweaty run! It is such a refreshing snack after being out in the heat. But, let’s be real I’ll eat watermelon after any workout or no workout for that matter, it’s always so good and refreshing! Definitely a go-to summer snack of mine. I would love to run the MCM because it has always been a dream race of mine and as a military spouse myself, I love the atmosphere and environment around the MCM and the support for our military.

  10. 13
    Brittany says

    I’d love the MCM to be my first marathon. The Marine Corps Historic Half was my first half marathon a few years ago! And I’m engaged to a Marine!

  11. 15

    I eat watermelon like CRAZY! We go through about a half a melon a week in our house. My favorite is to cut it into big slices with the rind and eat it outside with the kids. That just screams summer to me. I’ve run Marine Corps Marathon once before and loved every step of it. I said I would totally run that race again if I had the chance.

  12. 16

    I’m a DC native and have been running for more than 12 years now! I’ve never run a full marathon, but has always said that if I did, it would have to be the Marine Corps!

  13. 17
    Amber S. says

    I ran the 39th MCM and it was, by far, my most favorite marathon of the 10 marathons I have run. I took a break from longer distances after my 10th marathon last fall to focus on strength training. I would love to run MCM again as my comeback marathon!

  14. 19

    I’d love to run the MCM as my first race in DC – one of my best friends lives there and it would be a great excuse to visit, plus after following your DC running adventures for years, I’d love to experience a DC run for myself. Watermelon is my number one favorite summer snack – I look forward to it being in season every year. It’s a big part of my lunch today!

  15. 20

    I love a watermelon smoothie with lime and mint! Good luck training for MCM!

  16. 21

    My husband has always wanted to run the MCM. Maybe I could join him and run the 10k :)

  17. 22

    My cousin is doing this race and it’s been a bucket list of mine. If I won this bib, I would have to rearrange my fall racing schedule :) it would be so exciting!!!

  18. 23
    Stephanie says

    I love watermelon just by itself. I have a few friends who have run the MCM and they have raved about it. One friend is running it for the 3rd time this year. Would love to go and experience it. I an planning to run my first marathon this fall, but haven’t decided on which race yet.

  19. 24

    Watermelon slushees!

  20. 25

    I just love watermelon – period!

  21. 26

    I love sitting in the sun and eating watermelon with a spoon! :)
    I want to run the MCM marathon to challenge myself physically and mentally in a city I love and miss.

  22. 27

    MCM is one of my favorite races (this year, I’ll join the 5x club!) and it’s become a favorite for my husband, too! I’m running, but he didn’t get a bib and would love to race it again. It’s so special!

    I love watermelon in cocktails. So refreshing!

  23. 28

    MCM is on my bucket list and I didn’t get in via the lottery (sad!).

  24. 29

    I love fresh watermelon with a bit of salt on top :)

    This would be my first marathon and I’d love to win this!

  25. 30
    Charlotte says

    I have never run it but am inspired always by it!

  26. 31

    I wanted to run the marine corps marathon but missed the deadline – I would love to run it as my fall marathon!

    My favorite way to eat watermelon is with a spoon straight outta the rind!

  27. 32

    I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 2012 and it was the BEST race! I’d love to run it again!

  28. 33

    That’s Awesome Anne! Good luck with everything! I’ve recently been converted to only running 3 days a week as well. I used to run 5 but have finally accepted that my body just can’t handle that type of mileage. It will be interesting to see how things go with training for a /2 marathon only running 3 days a week (I’ve never done that before). I’m looking at your 3 day a week marathon plan now. I wrote them off awhile ago when I kept on getting injured but the 3-day a week thing is giving me new hope :)

  29. 35

    Just had a baby and want to get back into running (it would be full #3) before thinking about baby #2. MCM has always been on my list! And watermelon is best by the pool in the summer.

  30. 36

    Wow good luck with your training! I’ve never run a marathon, but I can’t think of a better first than MCM. It’s a very emotional race even for a spectator!

  31. 37
    Amanda Caston says

    I’m a purist…just plain chilled watermelon is perfection!

  32. 38

    I love just cutting open a watermelon end eating it with a spoon! This marathon looks amazing!!

  33. 39

    Such an awesome giveaway! I’m dying to run a BIG bucket list Fall marathon, but I manage a nonprofit’s charity team for the Chicago Marathon (so I’m unable to participate) and I didn’t get into the NYC marathon :(… My fingers will be crossed- MCM would be the perfect option!

  34. 40

    I enjoy eating watermelon at the pool with my family! I have always wanted to run the MCM, but have never picked. I am trying to get a sub-3:35 marathon and would love for it to happen at MCM!

  35. 41

    I did MCM as my first marathon last year and it was incredible. There were some hills at the beginning (and a ton of crowds) and you have to push through the 14th st bridge but the rest is pretty smooth sailing like most DC race courses! I had watermelon handed to me when I was looking for my family after the race and it was everything. I think I ate it in about 20 seconds.

  36. 42

    I remember running into you during the Richmond marathon! Would love to run MCM this fall.

  37. 44
    Lauren F. says

    I’ve been interested in running this race due to the respect for the marine corps, would love the opportunity to get a chance to make this my first marathon!

  38. 45

    I would love to run this race! I ran the rock n roll dc full a few years ago and loved it!

  39. 46

    I love watermelon water. So good and refreshing!
    MCM is my ultimate dream. I absolutely LOVE DC and have heard so many great things about MCM. I have run one other full – it was super small and not very well organized. For a long time I vowed “Never again!” but, similar to you, as the half distance got easier, another full sounds more appealing. I would love to visit DC again this fall and run MCM!

  40. 47

    So awesome! The MCM was my second marathon and it seriously FLEW BY! The crowd support is absolutely amazing! It is definitely a PACKED race, so try to get up as far as you can towards the front! So exciting!

  41. 48

    I love watermelon, sadly my son and husband don’t, so I enjoy it out in cocktails these days :) I’m currently 2 months post-partum and would love to have this marathon as a goal race to get back in shape! (Never run 26.2, either!)

  42. 49
    Katelyn Engen says

    So exciting that you are running it this year!! The blue mile (mile 12) is a beautiful and sobering set up that reminds you of who you are honoring while you run. As emotional as it was, it’s easily the best part of the race.

    My favorite way to enjoy watermelon is in a huge fruit salad with berries and cantaloupe! After training for MCM with my mom for months, she was plagued with intense back pain at mile 14 (what we later found out was herniated discs!) and we walked the remainder of the course. As a Marylander from just outside of DC, I would love a chance to really race my hometown course!!

  43. 51
    Stephanie says

    Watermelon is best served cold with a little salt. Sounds crazy, but it is so delicious and really brings out the flavor. In 2014, after battling a health scare earlier that year, I decided to attempt a full marathon (having only ever run 2 half marathons before, I was super nervous, but very determined). I ran the 2014 MCM on behalf of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and it was AMAZING. The crowd support, the emotions related to having a Marine put a medal over your neck, the race course, itself, EVERYTHING was wonderful. I would love to experience it again! Regardless, you are going to love MCM :) Good luck training!

  44. 53

    Since I’m not a huge watermelon fan (unfortunately!) for me, it is best served in a smoothie with other fruits and veggies!! I do turn 30 the first week of November and would LOVE to run my first full marathon right before that happens!! Also, my dad was a Marine so has a special place in my heart as well. Semper Fi!

  45. 54

    How exciting for you! I ran MCM for the past two years, and it’s so awesome to be able to run essentially in your backyard. It’s makes the training easier, too, as you can familiarize with the course. It’s an incredible experience, especially the Blue Mile on Hains Point and the final climb where marines are lined up to cheer you to the finish. You will love it!

    • 55

      Running in your own backyard is totally the best — so nice to know what to expect and to have friends/family around to cheer you on too! And to be able to sleep in your own bed the night before. :)

  46. 56

    I love getting watermelon after a race!! The Baltimore Women’s Classic always has some – and it’s perfect on the hot June day!

  47. 57
    Melanie H says

    I ran it last year as my first marathon and loved it! The Rosslyn hill at the beginning is tough.

    • 58

      That hill is so tough – I used to run it a lot during training runs… will have to reintroduce it for training purposes!

  48. 59

    I’d love to run the MCM as my comeback race! I had foot surgery 4 days after CIM last year and have been running halfs but haven’t tried a full yet.

    I love watermelon as a snack- plain and simple. We eat a LOT of watermelon at our house!

  49. 60
    Michelle H. says

    I love a feta and watermelon salad. So refreshing and a great mix of sweet, salty, and textures!

    I’m interested in running the MCM because I’ve always heard wonderful things about it. I ran the Richmond Marathon a couple years ago and have been contemplating challenging myself to another one!

  50. 62

    I am so excited for you to run this! It is on my bucket list too!!!!

  51. 63

    I live in MD just north of DC, so when I finally do a marathon, I wanted it to be the MCM. I had planned for 2017, but hey, if I get a free bib, I’ll do it this year. :) I did the MCM 10K in 2014 and 2015. Just don’t tell your sponsors that I don’t like watermelon… :)

  52. 65
    Emily Maher says

    I love watermelon in a salad with mint! I have always wanted to run the MCM and after almost a year off of no running due to injury I have been working hard at building back my endurance since March. I also have friends in the area and would love to do a race plus a visit!

  53. 67

    Watermelon, with a little salt on it is the best! I have entered the MCM lottery twice and have never gotten in – definitely on the bucket list!

  54. 68
    Jessica Razook says

    I have been thinking about doing another marathon for awhile. My last one was May 2012. This would be a great opportunity!!!

  55. 69

    I love watermelon. I usually eat it straight up. I’ve cut one in half and just eaten it with a spoon before. Delicious!

    MCM was supposed to be my first marathon long, long ago, but I ended up injured for years. I’ve run two other marathons now, but I’m still excited to run MCM. My dad was a Marine and a marathoner, so the race was always on both of our lists.

  56. 70

    MCM is on my bucket list! Would love to run it this year!!

  57. 71

    I love to eat watermelon plain – and I’ll generally eat about half of it while cutting slicing. So good! Perfect summer fruit!

    I’ve run three marathons already, but the MCM has always been on my list. It seems like a really incredible experience and I’d love to be a part of it this year.

  58. 72

    I’m a latecomer to watermelon, but ever since I got into running I’ve found it to be one of the most refreshing post-run treats around. I’d love for MCM to be my very first marathon!

  59. 73
    Jessica K says

    I looove watermelon after a run! I love cutting personal watermelons in half and just eating them with a spoon! I would love to run MCM, since my family is close by they can come cheer me on!

  60. 74

    I like it cut up, cold or frozen.

    • 75

      Also, I want to run the MCM because I live close by and I’ve been wanting to run a full or half for a long time!

  61. 76

    I’ve run 4 marathons, 3 of which have been MCM. My favorite race ever. I’m really bummed I”m not running it this year. I am taking my year off from long distance and my body is thanking me for it. I hope you have a great time with this one, it’s so much bigger than just the run and that’s what I love about it!

    • 77

      It’s good to know when it’s time to dial it down in terms of running – makes us come back stronger and more excited when we’re ready!

  62. 78

    I love watermelon margaritas! Especially after a hard run or race on the weekends. MCM has been on my bucket list for a few years. I just ran my firat boston in April and would love to complete this one as well. Plus I have never been to DC!

  63. 79

    I would love to run the MCM! My husband is in the Navy and we recently moved to Virginia. It’s my goal to run it while we are stationed so close to it!

  64. 80

    I love watermelon, especially on a hot day! I like to puree it and add it to my iced tea to give it some extra flavor. I’ve never done a marathon so MCM would be a first! I would love to win a bib.

  65. 82
    Brenda G. says

    Hot wheather calls for watermelon flavored ice cream from Sweet Frog. I want to run the MCM because I want to do it for myself and make it my passion.

  66. 83

    I love watermelon at the beach! I would love to run the MCM as my first marathon – my sister is a former Marine and has run it herself, saying it was a fabulous experience!

  67. 84

    You will never forget this race. It is so inspirational from start to finish because of the marines and their families. OOOrah!!!

  68. 85
    Jenny Paxton says

    Yay Anne! So glad you are doing MCM – you will love it. I’m running it for the third time this year. I also do a 22 miler each training cycle for mental strength :) The hill at the end (that you’ve done in the 10K) is honestly my favorite part of the race because it is lined with encouraging Marines, spectators and you can see that beautiful finish arch the whole time. I hate hills with a passion, but this one is the exception.

    • 86

      I was always impressed with the great crowd support at the end of the race – both when doing the 10k and when spectating the marathoners! So much love out there! Good luck with your training – see you out there!

  69. 87

    I’ve been considering running a marathon, but broke my ankle last year and slowly working on building my running up again.

  70. 88

    Congrats on #3! It was great to be there when it all began!!! 😀

  71. 90

    I’ve always wanted to run my first marathon here in DC, and this would be the perfect opportunity!!

  72. 91

    I love frozen watermelon ice cubes, especially on a hot day! I missed out on running MCM last year. I would love a chance to run this year, and hopefully qualify for Boston!

  73. 92

    Sitting around the campfire with family is the best way enjoy watermelon. MCM is high on the marathon bucket list.

  74. 93

    I love watermelon straight up!

    I want to run MCM for the second time (first was in 2014) to have a better race experience. I finished in a reasonable time in 2014, but it was a crappy race for me…literally :( I’d love to feel better while running the course so that I could truly take in the sights.

  75. 95

    My favorite way to enjoy watermelon is in a margarita…might not go hand in hand with marathon training though! I would LOVE to run MCM b/c it would be my 5th time running it. Then I would have my life time registration guarantee.

    Tip: Wear a hat or sunglasses. The sun will be in your eyes when you are going up hill over the bridge into Georgetown. I would also say do not get discouraged by the hills in the beginning. You can easily make up the time on the rest of the course.

  76. 97

    This is awesome, Anne! Thank you for sharing this opportunity! I want to run the MCM because it would be my first marathon, also in my hometown :)
    My favorite way to enjoy watermelon is straight off the rind in simple, triangular slices!

  77. 98
    Sasha Ostapenko says

    I’m so happy for you, Anne!

    I would love to run MCM because DC is my favorite city! My friends and I are actually on vacation there as we speak. Unfortunately, I was rejected from the MCM this year, but I know it is my dream marathon after completing my first last year.

  78. 99
    Christine says

    I enjoy watermelon plain or with salt and lime.

    I want to run the marathon because it now is my local race: This will be my first fall of living in D.C.

  79. 100

    1. cut watermelon in half

    2. take spoon and GO TO TOWN

  80. 102

    I used to live in the Imperial Valley of California. It’s a big farming area, and people were allowed to pick the fields after they have been harvested. One year, we picked a watermelon field, and we broke some open right in the field and scooped out the hearts with our hands. We were sticky and ecstatic. That had to be at least 35 years ago, and I’ve never forgotten all that juiciness and sweetness! Nothing in the world beats ripe produce right out of the field.

  81. 104

    It is my goal to run a marathon before I finish law school and this would be the perfect race! I use running/exercise as a way to relieve stress & relax, so I have no doubts that training for and running a marathon would be really rewarding and satisfying! :)

  82. 105
    Roadrunner says

    Great to hear, Anne. Should provide wonderful focus for your training. And anything for watermelon! Good luck!

  83. 106

    Watermelon straight out of the fridge on a hot summer day is the most refreshing snack! I love it! I would love for MCM to be my second marathon.

  84. 107

    I ran a few years ago and it was a great race – would love to do it again.

  85. 108

    Great opportunity! Thanks for sharing!

  86. 109

    The MCM attracts the biggest and most enthusiastic crowd of any race in DC! I love watermelon drizzled with a balsamic reduction!

  87. 110

    I love eating watermelon in fruit salad! And I want to run the MCM because it’s a big event supporting an important cause. I am running my first marathon on October 16 (and start training this week…eek!) so I might as well run another while I’m already trained!

  88. 111

    MCM was my first marathon last year! I loved it:) That passive agressively placed small hill up to the finish hurts and Crystal City turnaround at 22=not my favorites but overall, incredible race with unparalleled support through most of the miles. Such comraderie from the starting corrals to the finish & it’s definitely a race I’m SO looking forward to returning to one day. Hope you have a fantastic training cycle! Would love to win a bib for myself and a friend and see you there. That watermelon at the end is seriously the best–everyone raves about it and it’s the only thing that sounds remotely delicious to me after a race ha:)

  89. 112

    I have never run a full marathon before… only half-marathons! I’ve heard of this race via other bloggers but I’ve never lived in the area, so it’s never been a possibility for me, until this year, because I’ll be living in VA starting August!

  90. 113

    I would so love to run this race! It’s a bucket list one for a lot of runners, I think, and the lottery makes it that much tougher to find the right year to do it. My favourite way to have watermelon is post run! Super cold in cubes from the fridge orrr in some wine a little later :)

  91. 114

    I love thinly sliced and really cold watermelon!! It is my go to in the summer! I don’t think there is a more perfect summertime fruit :) I’m in the area as well and have always heard great things about MCM! My birthday is in October and I’m turning 26 this year so I think it would be fun to run 26 miles too – haha only runners think this way :)

  92. 116

    I love watermelon and have been on the fence about signing up for a FIRST marathon. So maybe your post is a sign! Thanks!!

  93. 117
    Mary Reynolds says

    When I was pregnant , I craved watermelon. This craving occurred in January-in Michigan- but my husband managed to find some. I like it simple , cut up in little slices to snack on all day !
    I am excited Anne , that you will be able to run this marathon! It is festive , upbeat, and patriotic! I think you might find The Blue Mile and finish line both to be emotional and humbling ..
    And.. I would be excited for me as well if I got to run it this year. Thank you for the opportunity !!

  94. 118

    I’d like to run MCM because it would be my first marathon. Freezing watermelon cubes is pretty refreshing too.
    Can we get some more Zara pix please? Do you allow her to go outside, or is she an indoor cat?

  95. 120

    i love frozen watermelon and i unfortunately didn’t manage to get a bib this year

  96. 121
    Caroline says

    Hi Anne! Lol my family & I have an ongoing debate about the best way to cut a watermelon. Cubes, planks, or balls. I’m team plank :)

    I want to run MCM for my finance! He did this race back in 2011. He is currently deployed overseas and doesn’t have a way to run outside (treadmill is the only option) and misses a good, sweaty, mind-clearing run desperately. I’d run with him in my heart! He already has 2017 marathon his calendar for his return home. Running is such a gift, I can’t ever forget that!

  97. 124
    Lauren K says

    I’m so excited for you! I need to look into making watermelon part of my summer running routine. We did use watermelon with the football team when I was working in collegiate sports nutrition. We had a special ‘watermelon day’ complete with a watermelon queen!

    Can’t wait to follow along (and if i’m lucky enough, join along!) for your marathon journey. A great journey is ahead for you!

  98. 126

    I like eating watermelon freshly cut. MCM has a great vibe and located in DC too!

  99. 127

    My favorite is just plain straight from thr fridge! I’d love to run the MCM because I used to live in DC and never got the chance to run it. I have a 10 miler PR from the army 10 miler though! Would be a great excuse to come back and visit.

  100. 128

    Watermelon I’m a summer gazpacho is so refreshing!

    As Sarah said, it would be good motivation post baby (and my first marathon ever).

  101. 129

    Awesome! So cool! You’re one of the reasons I a) decided to finally commit to the marathon distance and b) ran Richmond (after reading how much you loved the race!). Can’t wait to follow your training!

  102. 131

    I have always wanted to run MCM!


  103. 132

    Watermelon is a life saver for a southern summer! This would be my first marathon.

  104. 133

    Legit watermelon related question, Anne: Can you eat too much? I am currently OBSESSED with watermelon, but is there anything to fear about eating too much (I mean, besides getting sick of it and never wanting to eat it again)?

  105. 135

    Your post actually inspired me to buy a watermelon! yum! I love watermelon plain, or with a little lime and mint mixed into a mojito. :)

  106. 137
    Stephanie says

    I’d love to run MCM to honor my brother, an active military member who passed away two months ago.

  107. 139

    I haven’t run MCM before, but I’ve only heard good things from my runner friends and my running group! It’s a bucket list race of mine!

  108. 140

    I enjoy watermelon best when we are grilling out on the back porch! And I would LOVE to run MCM again – I ran in 2013 as my first marathon and to date it is my favorite race.

  109. 141

    Favorite way to enjoy watermelon: cubed and frozen!

  110. 142

    Cold watermelon after a long day in the heat is always the best! I have always debated signing up for the lottery for MCM every year but always chicken out. This would give me a reason to actually do it :)

  111. 143

    I love watermelon after a run!

    I’ve been contemplating another full marathon (I’ve only run one) for the fall but just haven’t taken the leap. I have a few friends running this one so it would be awesome to tag along with that crew.

  112. 144

    Looks like a fun race!

  113. 145

    I got in via the lottery! It’ll be my first and now I have something to keep my mind on during the race – Watermelon at the finish.. yum. They always have watermelon at the end of the Baltimore 10 miler and it makes me sooo happy!

    I’ll be running the DC 20 miler to prep in September if you’re looking for a race to prep with.

    Good luck!!

    • 146

      Awesome – see you out there, and enjoy that watermelon! Thanks for the tip on the DC 20 miler – I’ll give that a look!

  114. 147

    I Love MCM, I have run it 6 time and Richmond the year you ran it! It so nice running a race in your home town. I also 100% agree with your training, less it more! That’s how I always train and it works. Hopefully I will see you out on the course! I will be hopping in to run a few miles with a friend who is running her first full!

  115. 149
    Rebecca Cooley says

    Wow that so cool my professors wrote that book! Good luck your going to KILL IT this october Anne!!


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