I always get nostalgic for something before it has actually changed – does anyone else feel that way? 

This was our last week in our first home, and all week I found myself already feeling super nostalgic for certain things when I was actually still living them. 

Like playing in the field near our house after dinner with Riese and the dog (everyone sprints around like crazy and chases each other – Riese LOVES it and so do we – and the dog!). 

We are really excited for this next chapter, but it’s always hard to say goodbye, and we have made some great (and of course some not so great, too – life isn’t perfect) memories in this house – most notably bringing Riese home for the first time

We met the new owners earlier this week though and they seem super cool and are really excited to move in, so we are happy to know the home will continue to be well loved. :) 

We are in the middle of moving madness today, so I’ll keep this short. 

On the food front, we were working our way through some freezer and pantry stuff this week in anticipation of the move. A few months ago a friend of mine hosted a meal prep party and I still had 2 of the meals in the freezer (oops, forgot about them!), so I pulled out the gumbo and thawed it overnight in the fridge before putting it in the instant pot at dinnertime.

freezer gumbo

The recipe (which you can find in my post about the meal prep party) called for a slow cooker, but I cooked it 20 minutes on high pressure in the instant pot and it came out beautifully. 

instant pot gumbo

It was a little too salty (I’m guessing the cajun seasoning we used had salt and then whoever in our group threw this one together added extra salt too, not realizing it), but once it was cooked I stirred in a bunch of fresh veggies we had on hand (asparagus, baby spinach, zucchini, and squash) and that helped – as did serving it atop an unseasoned grain (farro). 

prep ahead gumbo

Another night this week we enjoyed some leftover chicken that Matt’s dad grilled while they were here over the weekend with some leftover baked beans and a big salad to use up some of the other random veggies we had in the fridge. 

And now, back to the packing/moving madness I go!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you guys back here on Monday from our new house. :)  

p.s. Remember how I mentioned that I had a blog redesign in the works a billion years ago? Well, it’s still in the works (coming soon for real now, hopefully… still waiting on the go ahead from the developer to start tagging all the recipes so they are searchable – that will be the final step in the process!), but for now, if you want to see my new logo + vibe, I put a new header on my fANNEtastic food Facebook page that will give you a sneak preview!

p.p.s. I found this post on a fellow dietitian’s blog interesting/useful (as a girl mom, I’m starting to think about this stuff for later…): 5 Things That Harm a Girl’s Body Image. Worth a read if you have a daughter or are around young girls a lot!



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    Good luck with your move! Big changes definitely prompt lots of feelings of nostalgia. Even when I’m ready to move on from a place – like many years ago when I moved out of my suburban condo that I had grown to hate because of the commute to move into a downtown condo, I still felt a pang of nostalgia as I owned the condo so it would always be my ‘first home purchase.’ I’m sure we’ll feel a sense of nostalgia when we move out of our current home, although we’ll be staying in the neighborhood so we’ll still go to the same parks and take similar walks, etc. But it’s the first home my husband bought and where we brought our son home so it will hold a special place in our heart! We still drive by the duplex where he lived for 7 years after college whenever we are in the neighborhood, so I imagine we’ll also drive by our current home after we move out to ‘check in’ on it! ;) I’ll also be sad to say goodbye to our neighbors. They love Paul so much so I have a feeling we’ll stay in touch and stop by for visits occasionally.

    • 2

      That’s so nice to have wonderful neighbors! I hope that we can make some good friends for both us and Riese in our new neighborhood. :)

  2. 3

    I so understand what you mean about nostalgia! As Matt & I still look for our first home, I’m already anticipating how I’ll feel when we leave our townhome. We have made it our own over the past four years & have made amazing (& not amazing, as you said) memories here. We helped our middle purr-baby get his wings last year in the comfort of our home, so it will break my heart to leave. I know he’ll always be with us, but it’s the last home he knew with us physically. Sorry to get so deep, but I really understand what you expressed. All of the food sounds fab, & I love your new header!

  3. 4

    Your gumbo looks so dang good! Never thought of adding veggies. Being a southern gal, it’s always been of course onions and celery and peppers but I may consider the additional veggies to make it healthier. Have a good weekend! It’s getting up to 110 on Sunday, I believe. Time for a dip in the pool🏊🏾‍♂️

  4. 5

    I’m the same way about nostalgia, I hear you! Good luck with the move!!

  5. 6

    Dear Anne,
    I am really glad for you and your beautiful family l can say that I love Riese and it brings me joy every time I can pass through your blog!

    I was tempted to tell you for long time; but I said,,well (after some years been here in US),,those guys US people I mean ,they will not give up on something they are like a culture to Freeze Food and defrost and eat!

    For me is not OK,,once you cooked something,,eat and NO leftovers and I believe you know that a good health is 80%good nutrition and 20% exercise.

    I think you as a nutrition person have to try to make people understand that frozen and keeping food in the freezer ( I even meet situation like few month and defrost and eat,,omg),,can be not contributing to a good health for long therm!

    Don’t take me wrong,,but when I sometimes is happening to visit a friend who even wants to serve me lunch leftovers, telling that is not my style,,, there is not good I am like an Alien,,how come,,are you kidding me,,NO,,Im not kidding,I just don’t eat leftovers.

    I am saying again and again The Health and Education are the most important priorities in anyone life!

    With all my love fore Riese!

    P.S congratulations for the new home!

  6. 7
    Roadrunner says

    Good luck with your move!

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