My First Half Marathon!!

Exciting news!! While enjoying my cereal this morning…

…I signed up for my very first HALF MARATHON!!! Yay!


I’ll be doing the ZOOMA Half Marathon in Annapolis, MD on June 6! I’m super excited and also a little nervous.


If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll remember that I had some knee trouble while training for the Army Ten Miler in the fall, but was still able to finish strong with the help of a knee sleeve (which is on the hidden leg in this picture):


But so far this spring’s Cherry Blossom 10 Miler training has gone really well! I’ve been faster, stronger, and pain free (knock on wood), without needing to wear a knee sleeve.



I’m hoping training will continue to go well for the half! I have a few ideas about why my training has been so much better this spring that I’ll be sharing after the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler race this weekend.


My training buddy Ashley and I have been talking about signing up for a half for a while now, so we decided to finally bite the bullet! The timing is pretty perfect considering we’re already most of the way there with our Cherry Blossom 10 Miler training and all!


Our friend Sarah is going to run it with us too, and the three of us are going to make a fun weekend of it in Annapolis. I love Annapolis! It’s so beautiful and I can’t wait to run through it.

The ZOOMA race series is supposed to be really fun, too. It’s only a half marathon and 10k, not a full marathon, so we’ll be the main event, and they have a bunch of other fun perks like free GU Energy Gel along the course, technical race shirts, and massages and wine tasting at the after race expo! Sounds good to me ;)

Guess I’d better get started making a new training plan, huh? Wish us luck!! :) I know it’s only 3 more miles, but for some reason half marathon sounds SO much scarier than 10 miler!

What’s the longest running race you’ve done and where was it? Have any of you done the Annapolis half before?


  1. 1

    So exciting! You are going to LOVE it! And June 6th should hopefully be gorgeous weather in MD!

  2. 2

    YAY!!!! I was so excited when I signed up for my first! I run it the weekend before you run yours!!! Half twins!

  3. 3

    Ahh awesome! I’m somewhat jealous…but does this mean you’re bailing on the North Face relay marathon that weekend?

    • 4

      Yes, sadly :( I emailed the girls I was tentatively doing it with to let them know – boo! When I said I was interested in doing that I didn’t realize it was the day before this half we’d been thinking about! Bummer there wasn’t another half in the area on a weekend I’m in town. BUT… I will definitely be there to cheer you girls on :)

  4. 5

    I’m doing the Cherry Blossom 10 miler which will be my longest race to date, too. I’ve done 2 10ks and 4 5k’s, and want to run a half this year. I was looking at that one a few months ago, but I’m going to be traveling for work. Boo!

  5. 6

    If you can do 10, you can do 13, trust me! Good luck!

  6. 7

    Congrats to you! I am sure you will rock it. :)

  7. 8

    What sort of knee sleeve did you use? Did you like it?

    And congrats!

  8. 10

    That’s so great! I love Annapolis, too. My Dad’s a Naval Academy grad and I have a bunch of family in the area, so we’re in the area a lot. You know, you could probably do a half marathon now. Most people don’t do a training run longer than 10 miles for their first half. You’re way ahead of the game, dude!

    You should look into the Annapolis 10 Miler in August. It’s a great race!

  9. 11

    I’m so excited! We will be in shape and ready to go… and we get massages after the race! :) Long training runs will be easier ow that its not negative 20 degrees out too.

  10. 12

    My first half marathon is coming up in less than a month!! I am also considering doing the ZOOMA half marathon in Annapolis! It sounds like a lot of fun!

  11. 13

    My sister did the ZOOMA and loved it! I couldn’t believe all of the perks—wine, massages, etc. It sounds awesome!!

  12. 14

    You can definitely run 13 if you can run 10! For my first half marathon, the longest training run I did was 12 miles. The friend that ran the race with me had only completed 11 miles, and she was fine! I wouldn’t recommend that, especially if you are aiming for a certain time, but it is definitely doable.

  13. 15

    Congrats! You’ll love this race and your first half. That’s a great idea and it will be SO easy for you! Good luck!

  14. 16

    Hooray! You will do great! I’m also running the Zooma Annapolis Half! Annapolis is gorgeous. I am so excited to run through it! AND by that time there will be a Menchies in Annapolis. We may have to do post race fro-yo!

  15. 18

    WOO HOO! Best of luck for great training :) You’ll do great!!! xoxo

  16. 19

    I’m volunteering at the Cherry Blossom race in hopes of getting in next year. Signed up for my first 10-miler later this month, and that’ll be my longest race! Yikes! Congrats on signing for the half!

  17. 20

    Very exciting!!! I did a half marathon last fall in Louisiana and really liked it. I’ve got my eye out for another one to do this summer or fall.

  18. 21

    It sounds scarier because it has the word MARATHON in it! But you’re right, it is only a couple more miles so you’ll be totally fine. Congrats for signing up :)

  19. 23

    That is so exciting!!! It’s my favorite distance to run! You’re going to LOVE IT!

  20. 24

    i’ve never run a race, but the longest distance i’ve done is 8 miles at once and then played a game of basketball (so however long that is!) i’m excited to hear about your training plan!

  21. 26

    YAY! That sounds wonderful. If you girls want a cheerleader that weekend, let me know :)

  22. 27

    The best [and ONLY] way to run a half is if you are the main event, in my opinion. :D

    Good luck! You will do awesome, cause you a baller!

  23. 28

    yay! I don’t know what you have been waiting for! Your mile splits are amazing, and you will do great! I recommend the Runners World Smart Coach. It is an individualized program, and it’s free! I love it!

  24. 29

    Very exciting!! I have done 2 half marathons in Memphis (where I live)!!

  25. 30

    very exciting! I’ve done multiple half marathons and love them! the longest race I’ve done is a marathon and I did the Ridge to Bridge in Morganton, NC. It was beautiful! good luck with the rest of your training!

  26. 31

    How exciting!! You are going to do great! I am going to be doing my first half-marathon in July! Oh, and the winetasting after your race sounds like a bonus!! :)

  27. 32

    Very exciting! I’m actually doing my first half marathon – the Maryland Half in Timonium – at the end of May!

    Good luck this weekend! :)

  28. 33

    Hooray! So excited to read your race recaps for your 10 miler AND your half!

  29. 34

    Congratulations! I’m also doing my first half marathon beginning of June!…a little scared but I’ve done a 15K before and 4 miles more isn’t that bad…? A little jealous that there is no wine tasting after mine though…

  30. 35

    Good luck and congratulations! You are totally right, a half marathon sounds so much longer than 10 miles. That word ‘marathon’ is scary!!

  31. 36

    That is exciting news!! Congrats girl. You will do so awesome.

    Did you ever get a chance to call the restaurant for lunch on Saturday? I am so excited Anne! :)

  32. 38

    My first half marathon was the ZOOMA Annapolis Half last year. It’s a great course and the after party was a great perk! Our race schedule is identical! I ran the St. Patty’s Day 8k, and am running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and the ZOOMA half marathon too :) Good luck!

  33. 40

    Good for you! I am a “new runner” (about a year now) and I just ran my first half! It was intimidating, but it’s such a thrill to do the training and finish! I ran the Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon- a couple of weeks ago! Love your blog- can’t wait to read about this adventure!

  34. 41

    Congrats!!! That is wonderful news..good for you, Anne! Good luck..I know you’re going to do great! Enjoy the sunshine and this beautiful Spring weather…

  35. 42

    Congrats on signing for the half-marathon, girl!
    You´re tough :D
    Have a wonderful week!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  36. 43

    I am so excited for you!! This weekend is my first half marathon!!

  37. 44

    I’m pretty new to racing. My longest race so far was an 8k. I’m training for the Hood to Coast Relay. It’s a 197 mile relay race this August!

  38. 45

    Congrats girl!!!! I was supposed to be running a half marathon this coming weekend but because of a stress fracture I got back in December, I’m STILL not able to run or do anything at all. It sucks, majorly. But one day i am going to be back at it!

  39. 46
    Melanie says:

    Yeah! I’ll see you there. I’m doing it too, just the 10k part. It’s my big 40th birthday that day as well.

  40. 47

    So far my longest has been the Half (VA Beach Rock n Roll and Shamrock), but I’m also signed up for the Zooma Annapolis!

    It worries me more than the other two because VA Beach = flat. Annapolis? Not so much. But there’s the Cherry Blossom before then, and enough time to train for it! (And I have a wonderful running group in Arlington to train with!).

    Glad more people are signing up for it, I’m still having a hard time convincing my friends to bite the bullet!

  41. 48

    That’s awesome! Good luck! ;)

  42. 49

    Congrats on signing up for what will be an awesome achievement! You will ROCK it. :)

  43. 50

    Yay! My first half was actually the one I did a week ago, and I signed up for my second that night! You’re going to get addicted, too ;-)

  44. 51

    Terrific. Go for it… You’re an inspiration to all of us!

  45. 52

    Way to go, baby girl!! I’m rootin’ for ya :D

  46. 53

    Congrats on registering for a half! I’m training for my first half on May 2nd and it’s super fun and exciting! I’ve only run in 5K’s, but I actually prefer longer runs. Good luck with training :)

  47. 54

    Congratulations Anne! I agree with what’s been said above, if you can do 10 miles, 13 is going to be no sweat (well, maybe a little sweat…) My first is in just three weeks – ahh! I am not going for a specific time and know there will be more than one walk break. I am just doing it accomplish a goal and prove to myself I can go from not being able to run .2 a mile to completing 13.1!!! Best of luck!

  48. 56

    Woo hoo, you will rock it! There is a Zooma Atlanta half-marathon and I’ve heard good things about it. I’m sure the Annapolis one is the same.

  49. 57

    This is super exciting, Anne! I just signed up for my 3rd half for October…that is, if I get into the lottery!

  50. 58

    Oooh, that’s exciting :) Good luck with the training and the ten miler this weekend!!

  51. 59

    congrats on signing up for the half!

  52. 60

    How exciting about your first half! I just ran my first half last Saturday and let’s just say, I think I’m addicted! Can’t wait to start training for my next race!

  53. 61

    I did the Army Ten-Miler, too, this fall, and then I did my first half in January. Due to a knee injury, I never got into double digits when training for the half, so my 10-miler three months earlier was my longest run before the half — and I was absolutely and totally fine!


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