It’s okay! R.D.’s eat chocolate chips!

Fun dinner last night! I met up with Heather, a local blogger and R.D. (Registered Dietician) — the title I’m working towards at the moment!


We met up for dinner in Georgetown, one of my favorite areas of D.C.

On the menu? Sweetgreen!


Sweetgreen is an awesome salad and tart frozen yogurt place. Love it! I hadn’t been in ages.

I had the “Sabzi” salad, which is baby spinach with spicy quinoa, white beans, raw beets, radish, basil, sprouts, and dried cranberries, all topped with a carrot chili vinaigrette. It was divine.



Since it was so nice out (and Sweetgreen doesn’t have any seating) we took our salads across the street to a little park to chat and nosh :)


I love being in the city on warm nights like last night. It felt great being outside!


It was really fun hanging out with Heather and hearing more about her job, too :) I love meeting like-minded people through the blog — we had tons to talk about and she was really cool!

After finishing our salads, we clearly headed back to Sweetgreen for some fro-yo to go ;)


I am SO obsessed with tart yogurt. Sweetgreen’s is great because it has live active cultures and is all natural — it’s actually made using Stoneyfield yogurt! Fun! We enjoyed our yogurt while strolling the streets of Georgetown. :)

Have you jumped on the tart yogurt train yet? I tried it for the first time in Tampa last summer and haven’t looked back ;)


  1. 1

    What exactly is tart yogurt?

  2. 3

    I love that these yogurt places are sprouting up all over town! I’ve been to Tangysweet in Chinatown with coworkers a few times.

  3. 4

    I’ve never even been to a frozen yogurt place let alone a tart yogurt place! I can’t wait to go to one though once we move back to the states! Looks like you had a great time! I LOVE talking to people in my career field!

  4. 5

    We have no frozen yogurt places here, and I am so envious!

  5. 6

    I loooove frozen yogurt. There’s a place on 14th and I NW that I frequent called Yogen Fruz. They mix frozen fruit or different natural flavors so the tart yogurt gets flavored. I LOVE their green tea kind. Delicious!

  6. 8

    never even heard of it . . . but now I feel like rushing out to have even regular frozen yogurt!

  7. 9

    Hi Anne!

    I lived in DC for about 3 years before moving back to Atlanta. I love seeing where you go in the city–Sweet Green opened right before I left and it was actually started by Georgetown students who wrote the business plan for a school project which is pretty cool.

    Pre SweetGreen my friends and I frequented Thomas Sweets for their tasty soft serve fro yo. And by frequented I mean made trips their daily. Don’t judge :)

    • 10

      I remember hearing that about Sweet Green! So cool :)

      And omg… I LOVE Thomas Sweet!!! That’s my very favorite regular ice cream place in the city. I didn’t realize they had fro yo as well! I’ll have to try it! No judging ;) heh

  8. 11

    LURVE tart yogurt. There’s a small mom and pop yogurt shop (hello, rhyme!) in my hometown that has been selling it since I was a little girl, so I like to think I was ahead of the curve in my tart yogurt obsession :-)

  9. 13

    You better believe RD’s eat chocolate chips :)

    We still need to make some time to meet up :)

  10. 15

    Next Stop – FroZenYo in Metro Center! ;) as mentioned last night – you will have entered froyo *heaven*. seriously…

  11. 17

    I love tart yogurt!!!! Especially topped with berries! That salad does look divine!

  12. 18

    i haven’t found a tart yogurt place in the Denver/Boulder area, but i adore yogurt and am pretty sure i would fall in love :) your salad sounds amazing…i wonder what’s in the spicy quinoa?!

  13. 20

    I want some frozen yogurt, need to see if there are any places like this in my area.

  14. 21

    I love tart froyo, but the one around here is defintiely NOT made with stonyfield. i don’t know if it’s even yogurt…

  15. 22
    Katherine says:

    ohhh that salad sounds amazing! i love israeli cous cous so much!

    i’ve never tried tart frozen yogurt unless popping my regular yogurt in the freezer for a couple of hours counts? ;) i live in new york, so there has GOT to be somewhere that sells it. i’ll be on the hunt now, considering it was 90 degrees here yesterday!

  16. 25

    LOVE sweetgreen! They are opening another store front soon – though not close enough to my office in Old Town! I also LOVE tart yogurt – check out Mr. Yogato on 17th st if you haven’t already. My fave!

  17. 26

    Tart yogurt is the stuff! Glad you enjoy it, too. And there is nothing like DC in the spring, is there!?

  18. 27

    I’m definitely going to have to check that out when I’m up there this weekend! It looks totally YUM!! Since I’m trying to ween my tastebuds off sweet, that would be perfect!

  19. 28

    I’m kind of obsessed with tart yogurt. YogenFruz in Tysons… yummm. I doubt it’s organic or made with live active cultures, but it sure is delicious! Mango is my flavor of the moment!

  20. 29

    Nop, never tried tart yogurt! :P Maybe I should..?

  21. 30

    YUUUM – delicious eats!
    No meal in complete without Fro-Yo – holy YUM!
    Have a great day, girl!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  22. 31

    Would you believe I’ve never had tart froyo? I keep meaning to check out Sweetgreen.

  23. 32

    I love fro yo, any kind, tart or not. I am slightly obsessed…just slightly.

  24. 33

    LOVE tart frozen yogurt. Sadly there’s only one place (that I know of, at least) in Baltimore City that has it. So I go whenever I’m in the neighborhood. Yum!

  25. 34

    I get so jealous every time I see a blog with fro yo! We have nothing of the like in the south/midwest!!! Curious taste buds want to know what I’m missing out on!!

  26. 35

    I REALLY wish we had a fro yo place in town :(

  27. 36

    I love Georgetown and what great weather to experience it in! I l.o.v.e. tart yogurt too! I don’t eat it too often, but trust me next when while I’m working in San Diego – and Pinkberry is directly across the street from my hotel – it will probably show up in my blog a lot! :-)

  28. 37

    I need tart yogurt in my life! I have yet to try it because we don’t have any shops in the area. I’m planning to get my hands on some soon. Love your photos of GTown…so much fun!

  29. 38

    I’ve been riding that train since the first Pinknerry came to NYC in 2007. YUM.

  30. 39

    I love tart yogurt although I went to Sweetgreen (in Bethesda) and was kind of disappointed that they only had one flavor. That’s kind of dumb, because at my local place, I always get the original flavor anyway!

  31. 40

    The SweetGreen truck stops near my office a few times a week and it’s totally my favorite thing!


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