Outdoorsy Weekend

Hi guys! How were your weekends? I’m feeling much more rested (I mean, as rested as you can be with a 3 and a half month old…) after a low key weekend. On Friday night, Matt had plans to go out with some buddies for dinner and drinks, so my mom brought sweetgreen salads over for dinner and we had a girl’s night with Riese!


I had their Harvest Bowl, which is kale, brown rice, sweet potatoes, apples, goat cheese, chicken, sliced almonds, and balsamic vinaigrette. It’s soooo good – really hearty. Riese went to bed at 8-ish and I was so exhausted from the week that I went to bed with her. It was glorious and such a good call – I felt way better on Saturday!

We spent most of Saturday outside because it was nice out – sunny and not too crazy cold. What a treat!

afternoon walk with baby

Funny story – on Saturday, we headed out for a nice long walk and when we were about a mile and a half from the house, Riese had a TOTAL meltdown. I thought we’d easily have another hour or so before she was hungry, but I brought her to a friend’s place for breakfast that morning and I think she was too distracted to fully eat while we were there, so she decided it was time to eat halfway through the walk, and once she turns on a dime there’s no going back until she eats. We ended up having to rush around for a few blocks until we found a bench where I could feed her awkwardly under Matt’s jacket. I’m glad no one was walking by because there was definitely some time where I was not 100% covered while we tried to get her to calm down and eat. Whew! Also, Matt suggested we bring a couple diapers and wipes with us just in case (we don’t normally on walks), and I’m so glad he did because we ended up needing to change her on the bench, too! Quite the adventure.

breastfeeding outside

On Saturday night we were feeling cozy and craving Italian food so we did UberEats and ordered ourselves chicken parm from Alto Fumo (formerly Faccia Luna) in Clarendon. It hit. the. spot. We got an order of tomato and mozzarella to share as well and added some arugula to it to make it more of a salad.


On Sunday morning I treated myself to a yoga class, and when I got back we had some leftover thick garlic toast from the restaurant that Matt used as the base for avocado toast with fried eggs. So good. I think the bread was grilled originally because it had a nice smoky flavor, and Matt reheated it in the oven so it got nice and crunchy again.


We spent most of yesterday outside, too – Matt and our friend Shane wanted to kick around the soccer ball for awhile so once I fed Riese I got her in her little snowsuit and we walked over in the stroller to watch them play.

baby stroller at soccer field

The rest of yesterday was spent relaxing on the couch and playing with Riese. Over the weekend she gave us her first giggles – they were SO CUTE! It’s so much fun to see her get more interactive as the weeks pass. <3

little and loved

I hope you guys have a nice day! I’ll be back tomorrow with a postpartum fitness update… stay tuned.


  1. 1

    Happy for you, Anne! She’s growing up! She is looking a little like Matt in that last picture!

  2. 2
    Christine says

    If you’re 10 minutes from home, please go home and feed your baby. Doing it in public is rude and it makes people very uncomfortable. Better yet, pack a bottle so when the need arises, you’re ready.

    • 3

      We were a 30 minute walk from home, so that wasn’t going to work. It certainly wasn’t my intention to make anyone feel uncomfortable – I just wanted to feed my baby. We purposefully found a secluded bench on a side street not in a main area.

      • 4

        Anne, I totally disagree with Christine. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world and if anyone feels uncomfortable with it, it is that person’s problem, not yours. It is what breasts are for! You should feel good that you were able to do it, despite feeling flustered at the surprise. Way to go! I am appalled that anyone, especially a woman, would suggest otherwise.

    • 6

      Yeah, disagree. I feed anywhere, anytime without a cover. It’s a nipple, you see them on men at the beach all the time. If anything I have felt more judged bringing out a bottle where I live. People should just feed their babies however they need or choose to.

    • 7

      Are you kidding me, Christine? It’s 2018 and it’s pretty much known and accepted now that mothers can feed in public. Many businesses have even been sued successfully because they’re not pro public feeding. Public feeding is NOT rude to me, and perhaps if you think it’s rude, then that’s just you. You can always go a different route or go home yourself if you don’t like it. Just wow.

    • 8

      Is this a joke? I sincerely hope this comment is a joke, Christine. Nothing rude about feeding your baby when she’s hungry, anytime, anywhere!

    • 9

      This has to be a joke! Feed your baby wherever you please! You’re doing great mama!!! 😊😊💖💖

    • 10

      This is a joke, right? You’re 20 days early for April Fool’s Day.

    • 11
      Christina says

      that is SO rude. Girl, bye.

    • 12

      This may be the most ridiculous blog comment ever. Anne was feeding her child as nature intended. Perhaps if you’re so easily offended at a mother using her breasts for their purpose, you should stay home.

    • 13

      Feeding your baby in public is rude? Lady, you are out of your mind! Wow. I cannot believe people still feel this way! I was actually reading her description and thinking she should have just fed her without the coat. I have fed my daughter in public so many times. Sometimes I have my cover with me, but usually I just feed her without!

  3. 14

    I remember those j must eat now baby days! Glad you got a restful weekend.

  4. 15

    It’s really interesting how different cultural norms can be around breastfeeding. I am in an admittedly fairly gentrified part of Ottawa, Canada and I rarely see anyone try to coverup while nursing. I used one of those cover things a few times in the beginning with my first but pretty quickly abandoned it as I found it hot and finicky. My kids both ate at least every two hours, often less and I just couldn’t be bothered. Not a good or bad thing just interesting how it can be different!

    • 16

      That is interesting. I wish it was more like that here!

      • 17

        Both my babies were born in Singapore and they’re super pro breastfeeding there, I fed without covers literally everywhere, on pathways, on the train, in the museum, wherever. So great. Occasionally people stared or commented but I just ignored that, I could absolutely not be bothered with covers or bottles or Making a hungry baby wait

  5. 19

    Aw – that comment above is so unfair and unnecessarily shaming. It’s nice you responded, but certainly wasn’t necessary. I’m floored at the negativity people feel compelled to put out into the world.

    I wasn’t able to exclusively breastfeed and, if I had, I personally would have chosen to cover up – but that’s my thing. If it makes people uncomfortable, that’s their thing. It’s a baby who needs to eat. Not to mention, walking 10 minutes with a screaming baby sounds like torture. For you and for her!

  6. 21

    It sounds like you had a lovely weekend, Anne. And while I’m sorry you had to worry about Riese having a meltdown, I think you handled it perfectly. You saw that her needs were met in the best way you know how. And personally, I would not have been offended one bit if you had flashed some boob in the process. You’re just trying to be a good mother! ;)

  7. 23

    Wow, the comment above shocks and upsets me! I have a 7 month old who still has meltdowns when she wants to eat and I would never hesitate to feed her wherever I was. I use a cover but only based on personal choice. To think it is ok to make a hungry baby wait to walk home to be fed is mind boggling!! Keep doing what you are doing and feed that little girl however you choose :)

  8. 25

    Also shocked by comment above. If you don’t want to see a breastfeeding mom – don’t look!

  9. 26

    I know others have already written, but I just can’t hold back. Do I want to see a woman’s breasts? No, but it absolutely does not bother me when it happens as they feed their child. We sexualize them so much in society anyway, so why is this different? I am appalled someone would troll and take the time to write such a nasty comment. I pity those types of people. You take care of your little girl and brush off any of that negativity!

  10. 27

    Anne, I am so sorry that people feel the need to be continuously RUDE. You certainly don’t have to look at someone breastfeeding if it makes you uncomfortable! Riese is adorable.

  11. 29

    You keep on feeding Riese wherever you want Anne! A girl’s gotta eat! When my parents were escaping Cambodia at night, I am 100% sure that my Mom was not concerned about what others thought when my 15-day-old self was fussy. (Side note, in other countries, people don’t even bat an eye lash) Riese is so cute – it looks like she’s going to be a strawberry blonde! Miss you!

  12. 31

    It’s interesting to see the direction these comments have gone. When I came here to comment, it never even crossed my mind to comment on your choice to feed your sweet daughter in public. I agree with the majority, though. I don’t care if I see a woman breastfeeding in public. I’m not a mom myself, so I don’t have personal experience to back it up, but it really doesn’t bother me. Anyway, just wanted to show a little more support, and now I’ll get on to the real reason I wanted to comment. :) I’ve been following your blog for years, so I have known for a long time your focus on intuitive eating and exercise (I completed your joyful eating course way back when), but for some reason, it really struck me today when you said you “treated” yourself to yoga. I’m certain you’ve used that phrasing before, but it really touched me today for some reason. In this diet culture world you just get so used to hearing about treating yourself to xyz kind of food (which doesn’t always equate to a negative relationship with food, but I think it often does), so it was just nice to think about treating yourself to exercise and to view it as a treat and not an obligation or requirement. Thanks for continually inspiring me to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise!

    • 32

      Thank you so much for this sweet note, Ashley! Changing your perspective on exercise to view it as something you get/want to do vs. have to do is life changing… makes movement so much more sustainable (and enjoyable) long term when it’s a treat rather than a punishment. <3

  13. 33

    I cannot even with the comment above. Obviously as you can see from the rest of the comments here, that kind of thinking is in the definite minority. I am SO proud of you for nursing outside your home – i’m still not that good at nursing in public lol but it gets easier every time, and I only use a cover if I feel like it, which is less and less often these days. It gets way too hot under there – for both Penny and me!!

    Nobody has ever said anything or given me weird looks or anything anytime I’ve breastfed Penny in public – it truly is becoming more and more normalized (as it should be!) and I certainly have some choice words ready for the poor soul who ever does say anything to me as I’m feeding my child… ahahaha

    • 34

      I’m definitely not great at nursing out and about either – it’s hard to get the position right without all my pillows, lol.

  14. 35

    I have breastfed my children in 1000 locations and (being a southerner with summer babies) only used a cover for the first few weeks with my first. I only heard positive comments and enjoyed my breastfeeding experience. Try to relax and know that this is a normal experience!

    • 36

      That’s awesome. Yeah… trying to feed in hot weather under a cover would be intense… it’s already too hot under there and that’s right now in the cold weather!

  15. 37

    Such a cutie pie! Don’t mind those rude people. Breastfeeding is essential to a child’s health and we shouldn’t be ashamed of doing it even in public. Thanks for this!

  16. 39
    Roadrunner says

    Great to see you get out. Spring is arriving at the right time!

  17. 40

    She’s such a cutie! And omg that bench thing sounds like quite the adventure! Your food looks so delicious, and I love the idea of adding arugula to the restaurant meal to get more veg.

  18. 41

    very beautiful baby.

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