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Hi guys! Wow, this week went by quickly – how is it already Friday? It has been a really busy week over here – yesterday in particular I had a ton of AnneTheRD client meetings and calls and before I knew it it was 6 p.m. and I still hadn’t written my blog post for the day. Oh well! I’m sure you guys survived without me. ;)

Let’s kick off the almost weekend with a round up of some eats and fitness from the week, starting with last night’s dinner – a really easy salmon, quinoa, and sauteed spinach combo.


Matt didn’t get home until about 7:30 last night so quick was definitely key for dinner! He cuddled with Riese while I threw this dish together – the salmon was baked at 450 for about 14 minutes, and I topped it with a dijon mustard/pure maple syrup/olive oil mixture before tossing it in the oven. Yum! Everything came together in 20 minutes – my kind of dinner. It was a massive piece of salmon so I just made the one and we shared it – it was plenty!


The rest of the week’s dinners were Blue Apron, as usual – more on that next week!

Breakfasts this week were more of the same – either my microwave banana oatmeal or my flour free breakfast pancake or avocado toast with a fried egg. This morning I mixed it up, though, and treated myself to a biscuit egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich from Bayou Bakery! Delicious. Plus an unpictured whole milk latte, obvs.


I was out and about early today because I met my friend Chelsea for a morning workout! We hit up Bodymass Gym in Arlington via ClassPass (<- affiliate link for $40 off) as usual.

bodymass gym workout class

We were actually there on Tuesday morning, too, with Kathleen! It was a new-to-us class that we took on Tuesday – a more CrossFit/strength-focused class vs. the boot camp style one we usually do on Fridays. I like the boot camp ones better because they are faster paced and have more variety, but it was still good! The focus on Tuesday was deadlifts – my lower back and core are really weak still so this was probably good for me, although I had to check the ego and go really light on weight and also do only one round vs. two rounds like everyone else. No point in trying to be a hero and injuring myself! Slow and steady is key right now for me with fitness.


I’m feeling pretty wiped today and looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend! I’m such a light sleeper and anytime Riese makes noise in her bassinet next to me I wake up with an adrenaline surge and then can’t fall back asleep, even if she does. Sigh. At least being up early means I get to enjoy gorgeous sunrises from the window, right?! How insane was this one from Tuesday? I really miss seeing these via my running shoes! I might attempt to jog next week at some point and see how it feels since I haven’t tried recently… the last attempt was a few weeks ago I think.

gorgeous morning sunrise

I will leave you with two photos – first, of my little shower buddy! Riese is still a velcro baby and doesn’t really like being put down during the day for more than a few minutes (even for naps – she wants to sleep on someone all the time – so grateful that at night she’s okay on her own in the bassinet now though), but I’ve discovered I can take a quick shower with her in the bathroom in this chair and she will usually entertain herself while I’m showering/getting ready. :) And if she is melting down, at least I can see her/know she’s okay!

shower buddy

And for my Zara fans – she’s been working on her tummy time, too. ;)

cat usurper

I will leave you with a few recipes from around the web I want to try. Have a great weekend guys!


  1. 1

    I’ve slept sooo much better since moving my daughter to her own room (she was born the same day as Riese!) she still gets up just as much in the night – and actually more than when she was a newborn – but I don’t wake up to EVERY little grunt. I know moving them to their own room is such a personal decision though. I moved her around 11 weeks and sobbed the first night. Hope you get a good night of sleep soon!

    • 2

      I am an incredibly light sleeper and decided very early on I would put my son in his crib the day we bring him home. I received soooo much backlash over that choice, even though his nursery was just a few steps away.
      I slept so much better and still woke almost immediately to any cry or cough, certainly quicker than my husband who sleeps like a log. Such a good experience we did it with my daughter as well.
      In the end it is an extremely personal decision that should be decided by the parents as that is who it directly impacts. Rock on mommas!

    • 4

      Thank you Amber! Congratulations on your new addition too! <3

  2. 5

    The photo of Zara is hilarious and cute, and Riese is so adorable! That sunrise is just gorgeous. Ohmygosh that breakfast biscuit, yum! Hope you have a great Friday!

  3. 6

    That sunrise is spectacular!! Also, your salmon meal looks amazing. I find myself being so jealous of people who have husbands/significant others that share the same tastes for sophisticated dishes. My husband could live on corn dogs and Hot Pockets and wouldn’t dare let a veggie touch his plate! Sign. :P

    • 7

      I’m lucky Matt is on board for eating most food that I make – although he definitely prefers some things over others (like meat rather than fish or vegetarian stuff).

  4. 8
    Laura Swanson says

    We started sleeping soooo much better once we moved Emma to her own room! She started this habit of lifting her legs up in her sleep and slamming them onto the mattress. It was so loud so we had to boot her from the room around 10 weeks as we could not sleep through it.

  5. 10
    Kaitlin K says

    Thanks for the Zara update :)

  6. 12

    Which activity gym is that? It’s really cute!

  7. 14

    Egg, bacon, and cheese sandwiches on a biscuit have been my main pregnancy craving recently!! I could eat them everyday!

  8. 16

    I was the same way with our boys and the noises kept us both up at night. Finally I started transitioning to their room. Even if it wasn’t all night but part of it and it made a huge difference, but do what feels right for you. Sleep is important, for mom and baby.

    • 17

      So true. I’m not quite sure I’m ready to have her in another room yet… but we will see how things go. I do need my sleep too!

  9. 18
    Roadrunner says

    Glad you are getting in your gym time and that Riese at least lets you shower without crying! Nanny working it, too?

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