Postpartum Running Update + Marine Corps Marathon Bib Giveaway!

Morning friends! Popping in for a running update because I officially have my first postpartum race on the calendar! Plus, check out the end of this post for an awesome giveaway. :)

I took advantage of a break in the rain on Sunday morning and met my friend Sarah for a run date! We did a run/walk and enjoyed the sights and catching up. Nothing like a run with a good friend – always such a treat to have that dedicated time to chat. It was a pretty morning, too – storms were on their way but hadn’t yet arrived and the sky looked really cool. There were a ton of people out and about taking advantage of the break in the rain!

I’m curious to see if I get the urge to run more often or farther as the weather cools down, but for now given the heat/humidity and the fact that I’m still easing back into running postpartum (both physically and logistically) it has felt good to run about once a week, occasionally twice if they are shorter runs or run/walks. I don’t have the energy to do more than that and that’s totally fine! I’m just listening to my body and usually my body says that yoga would feel better. :) If/when I feel like I’m ready to ramp things up again, I will, and until then, I’ll keep it casual.

I’m excited though because I officially have a race on the calendar: the Marine Corps 10k in late October! Unless a race inspires me before then, it will be my first postpartum race – and my first race in well over a year. I haven’t done a race since the April 2017 Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, which I ran while 8 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe how long it has been – wow. For awhile I was doing a race practically every couple months! It will be fun to get back out there.

The Marine Corps 10k is part of the Marine Corps Marathon weekend festivities and my friends at The Watermelon Board have kindly given me and Matt bibs for the race as part of my ongoing sponsorship with them. We were actually supposed to run the 10k with them last year (I ran the full marathon with them the year before – here’s the recap: Marine Corps Marathon 2016 race recap) but, considering I was about 35 weeks pregnant by race day last year the 10k didn’t seem like the smartest idea. ;) I’m already excited about that post-race watermelon!

Over the past few months I’ve slowly been building back up my endurance and confidence with running. I’ve made it back up to 5 miles, although usually with some breaks. Some runs have felt better than others – obviously how much sleep I’m getting is a big factor, but so is the weather – the humidity wears me out even more than it used to nowadays! I’ve also noticed that I tend to not have as much milk for Riese right after I go running – I don’t know if I’m not fueling or hydrating enough, or if it’s just because my body is busy doing other things vs. producing milk, but that has been an interesting observation, and is another reason I’m not looking to seriously train for anything right now. Nursing/pumping mama readers who are runners – has anyone else noticed this? Maybe it’s just me!

I’m not planning to follow an official training plan for Marine Corps 10k training, but will instead just make sure to continue to run at least once per week for now, and probably closer to twice per week as I approach race day. I also want to make sure to do at least one 6 miler without breaks/stops before race day so I’m comfortable at that distance. I don’t have any time goals for the race – just looking to have fun out there!

Since Matt and I will both be doing the race, I see a lot of stroller runs in our future as we train together! I figure the stroller resistance is good extra training for Matt… and it will help slow him down to a comfortable pace for me. ;)

And now for something exciting: I have two FULL MARATHON (not 10k!) Marine Corps Marathon bibs to give away courtesy of my partnership with The Watermelon Board! I’ll be selecting one lucky blog reader to win both, so the winner will get a bib for themselves and one for their training partner. :) Details:

  • Travel + lodging are not included, and you must obviously be available/able to make it to DC for race day, which is October 28! You don’t have to live in the U.S. so long as you are willing to pay your way to get here for the race.
  • I will randomly select the winner on Tuesday, July 31, and will notify them directly via email.

To enter to win, head over to the Watermelon Board’s recipe page, then come back and comment on this blog post letting me know 1) why you want to run the Marine Corps Marathon and who you’d invite to run it with you, and 2) which recipe from the Watermelon Board’s website you’d most like to try!

Training for a race? Check out these tips:


  1. 1

    Yay for a race! Was kind of hoping these would be 10k bibs, haha, since the full is WAY out of my league right now, but what a great giveaway! We shared a little watermelon with the pup for the first time weekend before last and she just *inhaled* it – such a great treat for everybody after a hot run or walk!

    • 2

      Haha yeah a full is way out of my league right now too. Sorry about that! Last year I did a giveaway for both but that was because Matt and I weren’t using our 10k bibs! :) And yum, watermelon is the BEST!

  2. 3

    I would love to run this race, especially with my friend Sarah – we used to live about five minutes from each other, and now live states away, so I miss running with her almost every day. I would really like to try that Greek Pita flatbread….what an awesome idea to add watermelon!

  3. 4

    I’m almost 5 month post partum and so far I’ve only done some running intervals during stroller walks. Now that I’m back to working full time, I have the hardest time fitting in exercise because I’m so exhausted – especially since I’m exclusively pumping to so I have to get up extra early to pump. But I even have a hard time fitting it in on the weekends because I only like to do cardio right after pumping, otherwise I find it really uncomfortable. :/ I can’t wait to be done pumping so I can (hopefully) get my pre-pregnancy chest size back! I HATE being fuller chested. But I’m reminding myself that this is a season of life. And when it’s cooler out in the fall, I will have more options for fitting runs in since I could go in the late morning or mid-day, etc. Right now I would only want to run early in the morning or in the evening since it’s pretty warm/humid in Minnesota (nothing like what you have in DC, of course, but it’s unpleasant to run after like 10 in the morning usually).

    That’s exciting that you have your first race to look forward to!!!

    • 5

      Totally agree about doing cardio only when your breasts aren’t full of milk – so uncomfortable otherwise! I’m still nursing all day but in the past 2 months I’ve noticed my chest size has gone down a bit overall – still bigger than usual but not out of control anymore. So hopefully that will happen for you soon too! And yeah, hot weather running is the worst – have to go early in summer!

  4. 6

    (1) I want to run MCM because it is my FAVORITE marathon, and I’d invite my friend Perri to run it with me because she has recently fallen in love with distance running but hasn’t done a marathon yet (2) Grilled Watermelon Burgers!

  5. 7
    Christy Rogers says

    1) I haven’t run a marathon in about 3 years because of burn out (still been running many 1/2s though!). I’ve been going through some big stress with an adult child for about a year & have found myself really craving the long run zone outs so I’ve decided to run a full this fall & have always had Marine Corps on my bucket list!
    2) I would invite my friend Diana to run with me because she has also been going through some big stress with her aging father & has decided to run a full this fall for the same reasons as me. It would be great to have a girls weekend getaway together & this would be a great reason!
    3) I seriously want to try the watermelon grilled cheese…I’m a HUGE fan of grilled cheese & have made it with pears & peaches but never thought of watermelon!

    • 8

      Okay now I need to try watermelon grilled cheese too – yum!! And I hear you on the long run zone outs – so great for stress relief.

  6. 9

    It’s not just you, I can’t even go for a long walk without my milk supply dropping drastically. I am itching to get back to the gym (baby was born 3 months ago) but I’d rather be able to feed my baby girl – I have my whole life to exercise but only a year or so to breastfeed!

    • 10

      Absolutely! That’s a bummer that it’s even impacted by walking, though – wow! I haven’t noticed mine dropping from walking or yoga, but definitely from running and occasionally boot camps if it’s super intense. Makes sense, I suppose!

    • 11

      p.s. Congratulations on your little one :)

  7. 12
    Carolyn M says

    Yes, running affected my milk production. I didn’t get back into running until I was done nursing/pumping.

    • 13

      It’s interesting that it doesn’t seem to affect it for everyone – I have friends who were able to run with no problems! Maybe it just depends if you’re an exact producer (like me) vs. have an oversupply…

  8. 14

    I just checked out the Watermelon Board’s recipe page, and the fish tacos with watermelon and radish slaw jumped out at me IMMEDIATELY. I’ve been on a taco kick all summer (I know you have been lately too) – breakfast tacos, fish tacos, ground beef, I want it ALL.

    I’ve been wanting to do MCM since I moved to DC four years ago, but I never worked up the courage to try for the lottery until this year (and obviously didn’t make it). I ran my first marathon in January, and I’m doing the Navy-Air Force half in September, so I think I could actually be decently trained for MCM! I’ve done the 10k twice and LOVED it, but there’s something to be said for our hometown marathon! I would ask one of my best friends to run it with me – she’s been going through a rough time with relationships lately and has discovered a love for running. She ran her first half with me in March (DC Rock n Roll) and has maintained her fitness levels, so she could definitely tackle this as a first marathon!

  9. 15
    Maggie Krzywicki says

    I want to run to help get back in shape. I would run with my husband! The fish tacos looks amazing

  10. 16

    My youngest daughter LOVES watermelon so I purchase them on every trip to the grocery store all summer. Great ideas for some recipes- thank you!

    I would love to run the Marine Corps marathon. My parents have run it and we just lost my mom to cancer earlier this month. While I would love to take my dad with me, it’s probably not in the cards for him right now. So, I would take my long-time running partner who has been the best support for me through years of ups and downs.

  11. 18

    Hi Anne! Good for you for getting back out there to run while listening to your body! You go, girl!

    I would love to run the Marine Corps Marathon in honor of the memory of my grandfather, who served in the Marine Corps during World War II and passed away last year. He was a very proud Marine who always flew his Marines flag, wore his Marines regalia, and often said, “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” I know my sister would want to run this with me so we could share the experience together.

  12. 21

    Oops! I clicked “enter” before I had a chance to say…I would have to say I want to try the watermelon margarita on the rocks with chips and the watermelon guac and pineapple salsa! Can’t go wrong! Yum!!

  13. 22
    Colleen M says

    I would love to run this race, again! I ran it in 2015 and it was my fastest marathon. I loved training for it in DC with my run crew District Running Collective. But I have since moved and would love to come back to run it with my older sister who is training for NYC Marathon too.

    Steel cut oats with watermelon! Sounds so interesting would love to try

  14. 24

    Hi!! I would invite my partner to run the MCM with me – he’s starting business school this fall and we’re starting long distance while I finish up my PhD in our current town. We run together and having something like a shared marathon plan is one of our favorite ways to connect here and would be a great way to stay connected via distance.
    For #2 I would (and am!) trying the tacos – I loved your watermelon rind salsa in the past so I know that would be a great addition to the tacos!

  15. 25

    I would love to run this marathon as it is for an admirable association and would enjoy trying out a new state for a run (I live in Georgia)! My husband would definitely be my partner, an avid runner himself, and it would be a perfect little getaway just the two of us!

    Also, went to the Watermelon Board’s recipe page….let me just say that the fish tacos with watermelon and radish slaw looks awesome (kind of similar to your idea on a previous blog post!)

    Thank you for this offer!

  16. 26

    Thanks for the bib giveaway!

    1. I want to run to prove to myself that I can do it, once I became a Mom I lost a lot my athletic confidence and I’d bring my husband since I got him started running.

    2. I love the Watermelon granita mocktail recipe – althought I think I’d make into a full on cocktail :)

  17. 27

    1. I ran the MCM last year, but it was HOT and I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped. I’d like to try again. Also, I just found out that a new colleague at work is a runner, so I’d invite her.

    2. I would like to try the Fish Tacos.

  18. 29

    Its great to see you listening to your body when you run. I used to run a ton (back when I exercised obsessively). Now I run only occasionally and for much shorter distances. My pace has (understandably) decreased. Even though I KNOW I’m in a healthier place with exercise and since I don’t LOVE running, it makes sense that I only do it occasionally (when I’m in the mood), I still struggle with not getting down/judgmental about how my pace when I do run. It looks like you have such a positive attitude about your running even as your stamina/speed evolves through the seasons of life, do you have tips for keeping that positive mentality. Like if you went for a ‘good’ run last week, and this week are much slower/can’t go as far, how do you keep from negatively judging yourself?

    • 30

      Great question! I think the key for me is the intention/the reason behind why I run. Look at the run as your special time – whether it’s your time to be social, or to decompress on your own, or to enjoy the sights, or whatever. All of those things will still be true regardless of your pace/distance, right?

  19. 31

    Would love to win an entry for the marathon! I am adding the ingredients for the green tea to my shopping cart!

  20. 32

    I think I would try the steel cut oats just because I love them and it sounds super unusual! I would love to run the Marine Corps again mainly because I am totally nervous about running the Baltimore Marathon that I am training for…I would totally skip that for Marine Corps! And I would love to run it with my former training buddy Mark so we can have a revisit of our 2015 run!

  21. 33

    Thank you for offering this giveaway, Anne! I would love to run Marine Corps since D.C. is my favorite city to run in – so much history through the streets! I’d definitely try to convince my best friend to run with me…he is perpetually in great shape.
    The watermelon steel cut oats look great! Would love to try that. Very summery way to enjoy a warm breakfast classic :)

  22. 34

    I would see a decrease in milk supply each time I did a lot of walking (which is a given in NYC) and especially after a run. Increasing carbohydrates and water helped a little but nothing fantastic. My boobies dried themselves up on the earlier side thanks to my nipple situation and always having to pump 24/7, so running has been easier lately. My mood, strength, speed and energy levels have also improved in the exercise arena since weaning the baby, so there was silver lining to the disappointment I had when my milk dried up. :)

    • 35

      I’ve heard from a lot of people that running and exercising felt a lot easier/better physically once their baby had weaned – it makes sense! I’m impressed you exclusively pumped as long as you did – you are a great mama. <3 xo

  23. 36
    Roadrunner says

    Bravo on scheduling a race for yourself and Matt. There is nothing like a “date certain” to prompt focus and training! Well done –

  24. 37
    Juliet H says

    Yay! I’m running the MCM 10k this year (with my awesome 77 yr old Mom) too. Hubby just scored a bib transfer for the marathon so we’ll all be there. We are celebrating 10yrs since we ran the MCM marathon together (my only marathon).

  25. 38

    I’ve had running a marathon as a goal of mine for two years – this would be the perfect opportunity as I’ve been itching to get back to DC! I’d run it with one of my fellow lululemon coworkers :) as far as a recipie to try… the cold watermelon soup!

  26. 39

    I would love to run the Marine Corps Marathon! I have run one marathon in the past and was considering running one this fall but with all the travel costs associated with residency interviews I decided the costs associated with a big marathon may not be in my budget this year. I think this race would be so inspirational to run and it is almost a local race for me (I live in Charlottesville, VA). I’d probably ask my good friend Ellen to run with me- she ran Marine Corps last year and had a really hard time with the heat so I know she’d love a second chance at a course PR.

    The watermelon fish tacos look amazing! Definitely want to try that recipe.

    Thank you!!

  27. 40
    Sandy Betz says

    Running a marathon scares me. The distance, the training commitment, the inevitable wall at mile 20. But I also have this desire to push myself to see if I can complete the 26.2 miles. I’ve completed two half-marathons, the same one you did in 2015 Nike Women’s in SF (!) and last Fall the Maine Half Marathon. The idea of 26.2 seems impossible, but back when I weighed over 360 pounds 13.2 (and 3.1/6.2 miles) seemed beyond the realm of possibility. So yeah, I want to run DC, to prove to myself that I can do hard things and conquer the big scary distance.

    I would run it with one of two people, both are my running inspiration, my friend Becca who refuses to accept my excuses and is a multiple marathoner herself or my high-school friend Walter, who encouraged me to sign up for my First 10k (Beach to Beacon) and constantly inspires me to try harder and be better, plus he’s an Ironman AND he has run DC twice so he knows the course for sure.

    Ahh the recipes – I’m definitely making the sweet and sour cucumber salad and that watermelon margarita needs to make an appearance on my back deck. :)

  28. 42

    Hi Anne,

    Funny how everyone is different postpartum! My little one is 9 months old and I’m training for the Chicago marathon. I don’t really notice a chance in milk supply when running, so hopefully that continues. I do find that I drink a ton of water and I’ll even drink more gaterade when I’m running a lot, so maybe you could try being extra hydrated? I often jock I should wear a CamelBak at work- I have a desk job!

    Woohoo for your first postpartum race!

  29. 44

    I maybe notice a small difference, but not a huge one. I like your term “exact producer” – that’s what I am, too!

  30. 45

    Hi Anne,
    I would love to run MCM because I have some unfinished business to take care of at that race! I ran it two years ago and was not prepared for the warm weather and humid day, so I finished much slower than I wanted to and was disappointed. I’d invite my friend Lauren to run it with me. She moved to the DC area last year and I love to get down there to spend time with her!
    The Red Hot Beet Salad looks awesome! 3 of my favorite things- beets, watermelon and cheese!

  31. 46
    Stephanie says


    I would love to MCM, it located in one of my most favorite cities. I would invite my best friend Danielle to run me, she is always a good time. That mojito salad is calling my name!

  32. 47

    Hey Anne
    1) I would love to run MCM because it’s been 4 years since my last marathon so it’s high time to get back into it!
    2) I would probably try either the pineapple salsa or the firecracker guacamole, although the savory pizza definitely looks fun..

  33. 48

    i’d run this race w/ my husband and the grilled watermelon burger!

  34. 49

    I’ve heard wonderful things about this race!! I’d love to run this race with my sole sister, Hannah. We actually met at a race years ago! The watermelon soup looks light and refreshing….especially after a hot run!!

  35. 50
    Kelly Franks says

    I would love to run this race for my Dad! He is a marine and served in the Vietnam war. He’s so proud to be a Marine. It’s truly like a fraternity of men and women. I think I could sucker my cousin to run with me. lol!!

  36. 51

    Grilled watermelon burgers. I would love to run with my friend lizzie.

  37. 52
    Gillian Power says

    Stop. The. Lights! What an awesome giveaway! I’m from Australia and would just love the opportunity to run abroad! My BRF Jen & I jus ran our first postpartum marathon and we have the big to do more! We’re trying to decide where next but we don’t have many races here. So we’d love to get the opportunity to not only run in DC for such a monumental and iconic race but to take a trip together.

    I’m going to have to try 2 recipes. Watermelon fish tacos and steel cut oats. Oats and tacos are my 2 fave foods so I couldn’t decide!

    Thanks for considering us!
    Gill x

  38. 53

    I majored in history with a thesis on the defense strategy – esp. the USMC – during the Vietnam War! Would be amazing to have a chance to run this marathon and would try and drag my boyfriend along with me! Thanks to the Watermelon Board for offering this opportunity! They have sooo many great recipes, but I would love to try the watermelon jerky or watermelon sherbet.

  39. 54

    1) I’d love to try the Granita Mocktail, but not mocked…:)
    2) I’d love to run the marathon with my fiance. We’re getting married two weeks after the race and it would be fun to do one before he’s my husband…and maybe another one after!

  40. 55

    I’d love to run MCM!!! I’m not sure who I’d invite since my BRF (best running friend) is already registered to run. I’m sure I could rally someone! I’d love to try any of those watermelon recipes but the steel cut oats in particular sound great!

  41. 56

    I love this race so much, in a small way we get to pay respects and honor to those who fight for our country, and the weather in DC is always amazing in the Fall. I’d love to take my friend Jon. He’s been literally training for a marathon for two years now, but with having twins and life, he’s never bit the bullet. He has a great base, and I know he can do it. He works with Shepherd’s Men from Shepherd Center in Atlanta that helps raise awareness about PTSD for vets. He would lose his mind if he had this chance.

    I would love to make the pineapple watermelon salsa, bc adding that to fish tacos sounds totally amazing in my head… as a matter of fact, updating my grocery list now, and inviting friends over for a summer treat.

    Happy Hump Day!

  42. 57

    I tried to enter so apologies if this is a duplicate!

    Would love to run this marathon for a multitude of reasons – thanks to the Watermelon Board for offering two bibs! Their site is great! So many innovative uses of watermelon – would love to try the watermelon jerky and watermelon sherbet! Crossing my fingers I could convince my boyfriend to run with me…

  43. 58

    I’d love to run MCM!! I am not sure who I would bring since my BRF is already registered for MCM. I love watermelon and all the recipes look delicious but I am especially intrigued by watermelon oats!

  44. 59

    I would love to run MCM with my running bestie, Steph. We are new to the DC area and it would be a great marathon to welcome me into the NOVA running community. The watermelon mojito salad looks soooo good!

  45. 60

    I have only run 1 full marathon down in Memphis, TN. It was quite the experience. I would love to try it again and what better place to do it than in DC. If I won I would drag my friend Lauren along with me for a fun trip.
    I went to check out the Watermelon Board Website Recipes and the Watermelon Malibu Surf drinks look awesome!

  46. 61

    I would love the fish tacos! My bf/husband haha (because we have been together so long :) ) was in the marine corp for 6 years and we have talked about wanting to run a marathon this year, and had mentioned this one. After recently relocating to Charlotte, DC is much closer than it was before!

  47. 62

    Chilled watermelon soup seems like a good post run food to try, especially with the humidity lately!

    I want to run because it would be my 2nd one – the first I just did for completion, I’d like to run a 2nd with the confidence of having completed one already. I would invite my sister, who always talks me into races! It would be her first full postpartum!

  48. 63
    Jennifer olszowy says

    I would love to run this race because it would be a reality check for the 50k I am currently training for. I would ask my husband to run with me, not sure if he can but we have done a race in the past together. I would like to try the fish tacos recipe, looks interesting!

  49. 64
    Erin Gates says

    I would love the run the MCM because I am currently training for a fall marathon that I have not yet decided upon! This race would be so meaningful to me because my 3 brother in laws and my father in law are all veterans and have a strong tie to their service. I would love to honor those that have served and lost loved ones by running the MCM someday. I would invite another local mother runner, who is hoping to run her first full this fall.I love to experience a first race distance with another runner, it brings me back to that moment myself. I would like to try the fish taco recipe. We already love fish tacos in my house, but the watermelon twist looks so fresh for summer.

  50. 65

    The MCM has been on my marathon bucket list for quite some time. Even though I’m happy for all the finishers, seeing the race photos posted various places online always makes me jealous! I’ve never visited the area and think it would make an awesome racecation with my wife. She would either jump for joy if I win or strangle me, but to me…its worth the risk! I checked out the recipes posted on the Watermelon Board’s website and since I’m a pizza guy my choice is for the Savory Watermelon Pizza. Those flavors marry so well together.

  51. 66
    Heather Kuennen says

    I would love to run this marathon bc I need to get back to D.C. since it’s been years and it’s such an amazing area! I would like to try the chilled watermelon soup recipe, sounds so fresh!

    • 67

      I forgot to say that I would choose my husband as my running partner. We’ve never done a full marathon and I think we’d do well running it together.

  52. 68

    1. Would love to run because since starting CrossFit 1 year ago, I haven’t done many big running events!

    2. That watermelon lime granita looks awesome =D

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